I Busted 100 Myths in Destiny 2!

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Today I tested 100 of the craziest myths in Destiny 2 to find out which ones are true and which ones are busted! We tested some absolutely insane things like: can an arcstrider travel faster than anything else in the game? Do some of your favorite exotics have hidden perks that you never knew existed? Can you prevent enemies from teleporting away and making you miss your shots? All of that and so much more is included in this video. I hope you enjoy and learn something interesting! Actually, I can practically guarantee you'll learn something new -- many of the myths in this video are not well-known!
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  • For the finisher speed one, you don't have to be on the air, the target needs to, if they are it defaults to the base finisher and it does feel a lot faster

  • 4:10

  • By “finisher in the air,” I believe they meant when the enemy is also in the air, you perform a fast finish on an enemy that immediately defaults to your default class finisher.

  • For the hunter's strand melee, I've noticed that if you go invis from a charged melee kill with the assassin's cowl exotic equipped, the rope dart will almost always fail to return back to you

  • Oath keepers do decrease draw time by about 30ms. It's too small to be super noticeable but making it any better would make it too strong, so Bungie removed the text from the perk description in forsaken.

  • 22:22

  • FOR CALUS. You don't have to come out from under the stairs. Move forward when his first health bar is depleted, like he did to start the engagement, then back up again, then scoot over to left or right as far as possible, start firing and the Tormentors & Calus will move over to the right or left sides where you can shoot them, takes a little longer but you don't have to worry about being killed and starting over.

  • 14:10

  • Oathkeepers does increase draw time slightly. Aztecross made a damage testing video and he found out they increase the draw time slightly making the damage increase

  • 21:37

  • To add on to this myth @

  • 9:40

  • The bonus loot from Terminal Overload myth also has another really cool effect. Equip crafted weapons that you need to level up, and each time you loot the chest, it gives roughly 27% per chest loot per weapon

  • You need to retest Oathkeeper, it does decrease Draw Time, but it doesn't go below the minimum (500 for Lightweights, 540 for Precisions). It's roughly the equivalent to a Draw Time Masterwork. So try out a Lightweight with 540 or above or any Precision bow.

  • Love your content man! We all can tell you put a lot of work into these and greatly appreciate their entertainment value

  • I have a fun one in the Tower, I think we all know that you can do the floor is lava minigame in the tower to gain the quickness perk to jump and run really high.

  • Myth: if you kill an enemy with your finisher while the enemy is in midair it will be faster and always do the default finisher

  • @Shadow Destiny Fun fact: Pineapples if I'm correct on the lore tab, they do exist, Eris asked a Titan to find her a pineapple as a joke to get rid of them, but they took it as a serious request and it took them awhile but apparently pineapples disappeared for almost a century, just to suddenly reappear all of a sudden, even though it was only a few

  • The airborne finisher requires the enemy to be fully in the air, but also certain finishers get the kill earlier in the animation which is very useful for stuff like Aeons. It more reliably spawns the ammo when the enemy is still under fire from allies or DoTs