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  • now this rlly would be an impossible try not to laugh challange

  • My goodness.. You will pass.. You will go to the ball

  • Omg love them both soo funny!!!

  • Gandalf: what will I do with my Beard? Girl:HMM GIrl plays skipping ropes Gandalf:oh wow

  • “What The Fudge Cakes Wrong With You?!” *”Everything”*

  • Tea party ya

  • Daz: runs around in a wizard custom Neighbors: LINDA! Start the car we’re moving the

  • “I need my placenta” is the only thing I made out in the running per

  • "10000 VIEWS' didnt even break half

  • Daz looked like my grandpa

  • daz has such a wholesome laugh

  • 2:48 and the Oscar's go to ....

  • me the entire time watching this: Oh I've been here! I've been here

  • OH my gawwwd it never gets oldddd XDDD Im cryingggg and literally destroyed the replay button..oh boi this is the funniest thing I've seen so far in my lifeu 1:28 2:07 2:48 2:56 XD

  • omg i live in brighton just feeling i coled of been there and seen you

  • you taught your daughter well daz black. 😂

  • And you just casually have boss baby on with no kids in the house

  • This was so amusing.

  • Why do you sound like David Attenborough😂😂

  • thank you so much Daz for making me happy everyday

  • *goes to class to learn* *turns on Daz while doing notes* Currently sitting in class at my university dying laughing 😂 *people looking awkwardly at me*

  • This is what happens when we give grown men access to the internet

  • Daz tbh you will be perfect as a tank crew that was some good shit If you would have said FOR KING AND COUNTRY that will be perfect XD

  • Fun fact of the day ! My uncle was one of the ghost riders in lord of the rings (the first he you see in the movie in fact)

  • If daz adopted us NO PEAGENTING!!!!

  • This is the best video on the internet

  • You actually have a good impression of him

  • 8:25-3:15 had me DeAd😂😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀

  • 5:37. .......Chungha is that you singing in the background gotta go or is it just me imagining it....??????

  • I have not laught so much in my life

  • I think I have died 20 times in total while watching this

  • I wish I knew what was going on. Someone explain.....

  • 2:58 it's a horse🤣😂 I honestly cant stop laughing

  • If that is every day in London or where you are tell me and I must make it my mission to go

  • they always see hay all the time

  • I know this video from 2 months but not point this so funny I can't breathe lmao 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Gandalf: *Ten points for Gryffindor!* XD

  • Who noticed boss baby was on the tv

  • 2:57 I'm crying of laughter

  • Daz why where you watching boss baby back in business