I Drove 1,000 Miles to Surprise My Wife With Her old Truck!

čas přidán 22. 12. 2022
1,000 miles in Blowing snow, freezing rain, finger drifts, and black ice - PERFECT! My son Bentley and I set out to give my wife the biggest Christmas surprise yet!


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  • This is my favorite vehicle story ever! Husband recovers sentimental truck for wife, father and son road trip, perfect story! Merry Christmas to the whole Vice Grip Garage family!

    • From Minnesota!

    • I agree 👍💯 % and believe / think/ feel / just the same exact way / thing !!!! THIS IS AWESOME - THE FACT THAT DEREK'S 🤳📸 GAVE HIM 💩👇 LOL 😂😆, it had it's moments anyhow! But BEAUTIFUL 🤩, AND 💪 BEASTLY

    • Me to, love this family and all the great vibes they put out

    • yep, it's just so awesome. it's a Christmas miracle. ;-) loved it. Merry Christmas y'all

    • Your son is a trooper and so well mannered. Most kids today couldn’t make that trip. Then to see your wife smiling from ear to ear had to make you feel good. If you get a lead on where who owns my wife’s 1986 Nissan Pulsar is let me know!

  • This is so awesome. Jessica was clearly so thrilled. Nicely done Derek.

    • Longmire is awesome,the show and this truck! Maybe a custom elk/antler custom pistol grip shifter knob for a Mother’s Day gift👍🏻more brownie points as if you needed ‘em

    • yes serious husband brownie points there... SERIOUS. wink wink.. points. :) Happy new year!

    • She didn't even recognize it

    • I clicked on whim and this was wonderful. Commentary is aweesome.

  • You're an awesome dad and husband . I'm impressed with how you are raising your kids . I wish more folks would follow your example . Your love , respect , and caring for your wife and kids is something that we need to have more of . I wish more people would be like you and put others ahead of themselves . The world would be a much better place . Thank You Sir for setting such a great example for us to follow .

  • Nothing like having a copilot. And he's lucky to have the most laid back dad in the universe. Great road trip.

  • The way your wife was looking at you at the end...holy cow. Just priceless. You are an amazing husband. So thoughtful and thanks for inviting us along with some cold snacks. -Dan

  • Little man was a absolute legend! Never complained not one time and that looked very cold riding for that many miles. Hats off to him!!

  • ATTENTION: "Vice Grip Garage" is the ONLY verified user on youtube. Anyone else claiming you won something or wants you to contact them is a SCAM! HAPPY HOLIDAYS - APPRECIATE ALL OF YOU SO MUCH!

    • What would it take to put power steering in something like that?

    • @Sean Crawford well Sean I hope you find your way and stop attempting to scam people. Admitting you have a problem is the first step!!!!

    • Do you have caps for sale ... id like one Thanks

    • @Timothy Geiger 😂

  • enjoyed the heck out of this. When a poor, single dad, my son and would take cheap trips to nowhere and he still talks about those road trips and the fun times of togetherness. Hes pushing 50 now and a passel that he's responsible for. Great show Derek. God bless you and your family. Keep on keeping on.

  • That's amazing! I can't wait to se what you do to mod the truck. It's been 10 years since you've lived with it. Keep the 5-speed, but honestly, I think it deserves new floor boards, and some modern stuff like power steering, and maybe some traditional coil overs so you don't have to play with bags and all the goofy stuff that can go wrong with them, but man it is the perfect Christmas gift! I hope you and the family had a very Merry Christmas!

  • Just my opinion: This was the best episode in a while. Every episode is good but seeing you put so much effort into doing something special for your wife is really nice. Also, including your son was great. I am certain you all made a ton of memories that you will carry with you.

  • The sparkle in her eyes and that great big smile makes it all worth while. Great job Derek and to Bentley as well. Your two trucks look pretty badass at the gas station. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Minnesota.

  • Derek, how awesome it is that you bring your boy with you on some of these trips. Some of my most favorite memories was of my Dad bringing me him to work on logging equipment and old trucks circa 1967 in the dead of winter. I remember most clearly his making sure I was warm enough just like you were doing. I watched my Dad intently as he he dealt with the adversity that comes with these challenging jobs and he always made me feel like I was his priority regardless of the challenge at hand. I was always so proud watching him knowing that he was my Dad...as I am absolutely sure your son is and will be so proud of you. Derek, my Dad is long past and my son is 25 already. I would give everything I have to get my 8 year old son back in my truck heading for a job on a cold winter day. Hold on to every second with your children with all of the strength you have. It goes much too fast. God Bless you and your beautiful family.

  • This is crazy! This truck was in my family for three generations! My Grandfather bought it and when he passed, it got passed to my father. My father then drove it around for years and then gave it to my brother to restore. My brother then sold it to Derek. It’s so exciting to see the truck that I shared many drives in with my dad still on the road!

    • ​@Tristian Hudson then how does that make sense

    • @Shawn Leider my father has the paperwork to prove that this truck was in my family three generations. Whether you believe that is your choice

    • Great story. However completely untrue considering he explained he had this exact truck TEN years prior. So u clearly didn't have it for 3 gens passed down

    • That’s great. I’m 44 and I remember being under my dads long bed with him working on it all the time. He had a vette 327 in his and boy it was fast with 3:90 gears and posi. I remember it like it was yesterday but that was 35 years ago. Good times and memories I’ll remember for a lifetime. Derek your sons will remember these things you do with them forever brother. Keep up the great work.!

    • Sweet. Cool old rig

  • I’m recovering from open heart surgery and enjoying your videos very much. There’s so much love in each one. This one really stands out though… your love and caring actions to take care of your boy, your excitement to surprise your wife, your love for the machines and the process…. Please never forget how to love your family. That’s the gold. Thank you guys!

  • It brought a smile to my face just pretending I was in your shoes for a minute like I usually do but to see the joy and shock of receiving something that once was lost or sold and to bring it around again for a loved one is truly special as with you and your family. I hope you all had a great holiday season and look forward to you sharing more of what you do and your life with the world and thank you very much for doing so!

  • I must apologize I do not comment on every single one of your videos but I have to do it on this one. Well done, Derek...not only a great video but a great story behind it and probably the best Christmas present a guy could find. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, it's been a busy but hopefully successful year for you and your family. I really apreciate every single video you release on CS-tv and there have been tons of great videos. A guy can probably only imagine the amount of work you put in all of this, especially with doing Roadworthy Rescues on top of all this here. However, I hope that there's still enough time to relax with your family so you can enjoy doing what you're doing for years to come. I'm wishing you all the best for 2023, hopefully it will be another great year --- Cheers! Roland

    • Roland said it best of all, o, look , isn't that the truck I mentioned would make Jessica's Burnout Truck, way back???? When u Rescue ed the ,C 10?????? Great video w, Bentley. Ty.

  • I've watched you for years and this is one of your best episodes. It's so nice to see you work so hard to make your wife happy. Jessica smiles when she saw her old truck warmed my soul. Blessings to your family.

  • lol I love you guys man! Your family and your videos always make the day better! One day I'll have this '90 325i running properly and I'll meet you guys out somewhere again. :)

  • Your channel has become one of the few things I can count on for positivity and warmth, despite your trip here through the cold. In this crazy world full of bad news, watching you doing your thing with Bentley, surprising Jessica with her old truck - just every single VGG video really - is my antidote for all that. You make me miss my dad, when I was the youngest human he was responsible for. I want to thank you and your family for what you do, and what you have come to mean to me. Corny - I know, but I mean it.

    • This comment 100percent truth

    • exactly. same here. 99,9347% exactly the same. there is an extra frequency on this channel.

    • I totally agree with this!

    • well said brother. Now days.. everyday that goes by when you do not watch the news. Is a better day. PEACE Friend. Merry Christmas from me to you. We will get through this eventually. Faith in God and his ways for a real life. Not what we hear but what we know.

    • Thanks for the kind words

  • there is nothing more exciting than finding a old vehicle that you really miss, and being able to buy it back! the smile on her face just tells it all. you just can't put a price on that! God bless you guys for all you do.

  • Happy wife, happy life. Derek, great to see the lengths you will go to put a smile on your Jessica's face. A real inspiration to couples everywhere.

  • The memories you are making with your kids is priceless. My grandfather did the same for me traveling the US in a motorhome. Truly priceless.

  • Another great journey and the bonus was seeing your wife's reaction. You are blessed. Love the channel! continued success!

  • I just love your videos of your adventures. This one is my favorites so far. I wished I had experienced what you are now back in my youth...doing what you love AND making a living from it. I was 17 in '69 so I got to drive some serious muscle cars between what I owned and my friends and watching your adventures brings me pure pleasure. I drove from Maine to California, where I got stationed in the Air Force, after basic training and tech school in my 1970 Cuda back 1972. That was an experience that I will always cherish…coming up on the approach of going across Hoover Dam at night and “Do it Again” by Steely Dan cranked on the radio…yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. Anyway, great video of an adventure for an even greater cause. A very Happy and Prosperous New Year to you both! Oh…and if you ever have the chance to resurrect a 1963 Ford Galaxie 500 XL Convertible, I would love to see that. It was my first car at 16 years old. Blessings…

  • You are a great man Derek! Jessica's smile says it all. Merry Christmas to you and your entire family.

    • The love light in her eyes is something else. All of us should find someone like that (I did). Cheers and Merry Christmas from frigid Denver

  • Favorite episode hands down. Love all the family content. As much as I love all the funny episodes with all your crazy words you use to call things this was hands down the best video yet brother. I hope she is still smiling about having the ole truck back in the family. Also you guys do a great job with the kids. .most kids his age would have been complaining but he was a trooper. We gotta keep these kids involved with stiff we are doing and teach them good things that they can one day pass down. Good stuff brother. Happy for you guys and all the growth the channel has made.

  • That was awesome! I was holding my breath waiting to see Jessica's reaction when you gave Longmire back to her!!!! I LOVE surprising someone with something that I know they're gonna enjoy! Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to you all!

  • What a cool adventure for your son. Your family is just precious. Thank you for sharing all this. God bless y’all

  • Another outstanding show on parenting and how to be a Dad! The motorhead stuff was a BONUS. Great stuff Derek.

  • She couldn't stop smiling 😅. Live for those moments 🙂 love you guys much.

  • VERY well done Derek. Very well done. Jessica is what you call the back bone of the whole operation.the flights, reservation's allowing ya to go an buy another project car/truck. Thank You jess. HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO EVERYONE AND TO THE VICE GRIP FAMILY! Keep up the amazing vids.

    • @Mauricio Escobedo Doing the right thing doesn't always feel good, like saying no to that hot chick when you have a good woman at home. You're a good man for doing the right thing. 😉

    • I sold my 63 c10 short bed about 5-6 month ago. It drove like a cream puff. We had lost my youngest brother a few months earlier and land lord asked us for the rental home back because they were having there daughter move in so didn’t have much time to look for a place with enough parking for my cars. My sister kept two of my other projects at her house and I kept the 63 with me but had to park it on the streets and eventually just got so depressed because everything happened so quickly. Put the truck up for sale with what I thought was a pretty high price tag because I didn’t really want to sell it. A few months went by and this young man well younger then me and his wife show up at my work wanting to look at the truck. Shortly after they say said they would take it. I didn’t believe them and they said if I would deliver it and I replied for the full asking price I would and they said deal. So I drove it down to them about 45 minutes away and a few months later I regretted it. And my 4 year old son constantly reminds me telling everyone that his dad sold his truck.

    • You mean merry Christmas and happy new year right

    • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    • That was prettyyy prettyyy pretty neat.

  • Seeing your lady so happy puts a smile on my face.

  • This was so awesome to see!! So glad Jessica got her truck back! All the love from Maine 🇺🇸 Merry Christmas guys!!

  • Love this vidya!! So awesome you got Jessica's truck back for her! Your family is blessed and we are blessed that you take us all along. Thank you and a belated Merry CHRISTmas!!!

    • .what do you have in your tool case you take with you

  • gotta say dude you seem like a totally decent man with an amazing family, have a great new year!

  • lol .. I do not comment on videos usually but this one is special .. I love and like them all and have seen every one but this one had me me smiling start to finish .. Your a good man Derek and an even better husband and father.. This world could use more good people like you and Jessica .

  • Gets me right in the feels EVERYTIME to see the way that a guy interacts with his Precious family. What used to be normal & commonplace not too long ago is now rare & unique in this day and age. Very refreshing to see wholesomeness making a comeback in America!! God Bless to you & yours this Holiday season & ALWAYS, Derek. Keep making Quality entertainment & we'll KEEP watching!!

    • Gotta be honest, as a guy who lost the kid lottery, I'm green with envy. But it does me good to see good humans making more good humans. Raisin' my cold snack to ya, Derek, for raisin' them littl'uns up right. 🍻

    • Indeed.

    • @Spartan265 Amen to that. We are out there, and I think the Dererk, Jess and Fam + the VGG community embodies that. Keep paying it forward, fellas & fellettes

    • It's still pretty normal. News only shows you the worst of the worst. Most people are decent people. And strong family is still very much a thing.

  • This was the first video I have seen for a couple months. I lost my wonderful wife to cancer and have been busy with other things. The last time I was caught up on viewing, you had flooding in your new garage etc. I wondered then if you would get too stressed or too busy to pay enough attention to your family. This video did my heart good as it shows they are never to far from your heart. Nice job, even though I'm seeing this in February it still makes me happy that you remember what is important in life! Once they are gone it's too late for caring! Great family and video.

  • Another great video, I love all the family / holiday stuff ! Keep up the great work , we appreciate y'all

  • Your an inspiration. I love your videos and have a huge amount of respect for you.

  • Great job Derek!!! Bestest rescue of the year! Seeing Jesica’s face when she realizes it is her old truck was priceless.

  • What a great video loved how your son enjoyed the journey and how happy your wife was for her special gift!!!

  • The stories that your son will be able to tell his grandson will be priceless.God Bless your family.

    • Not only that he can show them

  • I feel so happy seeing Momma so happy! Good job Brother D !! ❤🖖🏼🇺🇸

  • I loved this video, and especially your wife's reaction when she realized it was actually Longmire!! Great job, brother!! Bentley was a stoic copilot... as long as there were sprinkles, he was good to go!!

  • Well done, Derek! Late Merry Christmas and Happy 2023 to you and your family from Arcade, Georgia, USA. Looking forward to more videos and (hopefully) more episodes of your new MT show soon.

  • Wish you all a wonderful 2023 year! Thanks Derek for a great ending with Jessica driving down the road is her brand new old pickup truck. Take care and God Bless the whole family.

  • pretty cool adventure for you and your son ,glad you have great family values ,he will learn from your outlook,what family is all about thank you

  • I’m so glad she got that truck. Nobody sees the work Jessica puts in, she is always working just like Derek. I’ve been down there at 8pm and she is out there working, helping in the shop, mowing, always doing something and always a smile on her face. This whole episode was awesome. Merry Christmas guys

  • I still have many great memories of my childhood, riding along with my dad when he still was a trucker. Im sure Bentley will greatly value the memories of your road trips together as well. Happy holidays to all of you and i wish you a happy new year filled with many sketchy road trips.

  • Derek: thanks for sharing that trip and moment! That look on her face when you gave it to her, all worth it ! Pu a big grin on my old 75 year old mug! Thanks again for all you do keep up the good work, be safe and best of the Holliday’s to you and yours! Regards Mad Mike….

  • Love this episode it's the smiles of giving for me man I hope you guys had a good Christmas and hope 2023 is even better sending love from Pennsyltucky

  • I sincerely hope that You, Jessica, and all the little humans had an awesome Christmas, and wish you all the best in 2023. Thanks so much for what you do, and sharing it with us!!

  • The look on her face when she recanized the Plates on front fenders wad just priceless what a beautiful Gift To get the truck your wife missed back amazing Video Derek @Vice Grip Garage

  • My wife passed away from lupus in 2021 but I can still appreciate when a man goes to the extreme to make his wife happy. Well done, Derek and Merry Christmas. Just two things an old boy noticed. 1) The truck looks a lot better with Jessica driving it and 2) It don't sit as low with her as it did with you. ;-)

    • So sorry to hear that your wife passed!

    • @Ron Eddington It does indeed. Cancer took mine in November of 17. Sure miss the little stink, she made life so much better as I'm sure yours did. The rest of you guys cherish every minute, it can be gone in a single breath.

    • @Ron Eddington sorry to hear mate

    • Sorry to hear about your wife!!

    • I lost my wife of 35+ years to cancer in February of 2017, it sucks! 💔

  • Wow what a story and road trip ! Also a very well put together video I also like how Derek talks and how calm he is during this adventure

  • Wow. Her gratitude for the gift made me emotional. She was so calm and collected, yet so appreciative.

  • Wish you happy new year you and your family love your show so much thank you for being there for us.

  • Best thing I watched all week! Yes I know its been posted a while, I'm a little slow. Great family you have there! So cool your wife was into it and your son braved the elements with you Best of luck with the new show and hope there's more episodes to come.

  • GREAT job derek , well deserved jessica ...love your channel and you all !!!

  • You are just an awesome human being Derek! Such a great father and husband. And as always you take us a long for the ride. I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas and hopefully you get some down time to spend with them.

  • Man, I like the video's with your little humans. As a father of an 18yo daughter and 12yo son, I love to see y'all together. This really is the most wholesome content on CS-tv. God Bless you, and Happy New Year's to you and the family.

  • I swear Derek is a top notch guy,this channel is by far the best on CS-tv hands down, family first and be blessed with the family time you have now because we can't turn back time,kids grow up to fast,but Derek love the videos brother and you have a beautiful family stay humble thanks for all the great content and time you put in your channels

  • That was a great episode! When y’all were outside the closed restaurant - Little man smiles just like his mom! So cute! It’s a really special truck - glad you got it back.

  • Looks like it took a bit for Jessica to believe it was really Longmire. It was fun to see her glowing with excitement about it!! Hope to see it on future episode getting a few upgrades and repairs, such as fixing shifter for Jessica, and cab leaks?

  • Love this truck. What a great and thoughtful gift for your wife. You the man. Glad your son came with you.

  • You folks must be the nicest family on CS-tv. Thanks so much for all your hard work this year, it’s greatly appreciated ❤

    • A very merry Christmas to you, Jessica and the boys from my family up here in NYCTo yours!

  • Dude. 1000 miles in the snow to give that back to your wife is devotion. You are a keeper mate.

  • Awesome bud what a special video for you to share with us. Happy belated Holidays to you and your family ❤

  • A very merry Christmas to you and yours! Thank you for all the time and work you put into your shows! We appreciate all of it and love watching your channel! From RT WeGo / Lonewolf Reviews... Merry Christmas!

  • How cool would it be to watch Derek appreciate your work on his old truck in a video. Props to that guy!

  • you brought a tear to an old mans eye.What a great present for Jessica

  • The realization moment must’ve made that drive totally worth it. Well done Derek!

    • It was changed just enough to bottle her mind but things came back pretty qwik. What a great family. Good eye Bentley catching that hub cap. 👍👍✌

  • I just want to say you are an amazing man and seeing the love that you guys share truly warms my heart god bless you all .

  • Wonderful video, great editing too. Beautiful to see the love and a family. It brought back a lot of memories for me of cruising around in an old c10 all black, 1976 ish, with my cousin Nick. Drinker door never latched right, he would grab you by the elbow when he turned left. Lol. Rest in peace Nick wish you were here to cruise with. Thank you for the beautiful story today. Merry Christmas there VGG family.

  • It’s super cool what you did for your wife one of the reasons I love your show keep it up

  • The edit, right at the moment of reveal proves that she didnt realize it was her old truck, but it was awesome seeing her realize it in real time during her walk around! It really is a cool truck!

  • Awesome video mate, hope you and your family had the best Christmas ever.

  • This is without a doubt, the most awesome VGG video ever.That smile on Jessica's face,was absolutely priceless, as well as beautiful. I think my most favorite part of the entire road trip, was you telling Bentley he can have the sprinkle donuts,but don't tell his mom.That makes a fella pretty special to the youngest human he's responsible for, 😆. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the entire VGG family, be very Blessed 🙌

    • @Vice Grip Garage i thoroughly enjoyed it,tyvvm.Looking forward to another year with great VGG content

    • Glad you enjoyed it!

  • Man almost missed the end because someone started cutting onions and my eyes got all watery! Such a cool surprise for Jessica! Hope you all got to spend some time together since im sure those times are far and few between. Thanks for all the great content and Merry Belated Christmas!!

  • Love this channel. Derrick you are truly blessed , beautiful wife, beautiful children please never change. I wish you and your family a wonderful, prosperous new year and thank you for sharing your life with us.

  • you know you've done something right when she's speechless

  • Huge kudos to Bentley he never complained about being cold or anything else just get him a sprinkled fat pill in the am and he's good to go 500 mi. That's a trip w/a guy he'll have the rest of his life. Great job D!

  • Massive pointage to you Derek!! Seeing Jessica’s face was awesome!! Best rescue EVER!!!

  • Even after the years of watching I never miss an episode. What a great one. Man I got some dust in my eye. Youre crying im not crying. Merry Christmas to Derek, Jessica, and the boys!

    • Hey James I got a little dust in my eyes also, I think its from all this strong wind we are getting lol

  • Bentley is such a nice boy! Wishing your family many more blessings in 2023

  • Good day Derek. What an awsome dad you are brother. That's so cool you found your wife's truck. Appreciate very much your wonderful wonderful story on the truck brother. All the best man and happy new year

  • WOW, what a wicked Christmas present. Just something special about buying back stuff you love and regretted selling. Same feeling exactly with guitars that you get back after many years of regret. Way to go Derek, your special lady deserves this big time. AND you got to spend some time and create special memories with one of your little humans. Doesnt get better than THAT. Yes, it does, WE got to watch it all unfold. Thanks

  • What an awesome husband you are. Kudos to your son for the idea.

  • Derek, you are the kindness man I ever saw and a great Dad and Husband Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  • Great job Derek!! All of us long time watchers know that Jessica is the glue that holds this whole thing together. That smile on her face was priceless. Thanks also for always making me smile. Merry Christmas to your family. Much love from Ga.

  • " I have my youngest human with me" lol.. nice that you had him go along to get this present for mom.. and good dad time with him as well. Made me smile to see the Happy face on Jessica as well. Smiles for miles.. Be sure to get the Minnesota Body Modifier out of ALL the nooks and crannies so he will live a Long life in his new home.

  • What a wonderful trip your son is having! Time with Dad,bringing home a surprise for Mom.😍😎

  • This episode made me warm inside, I know many men watching this show wish they had a daddy like you bro!!

  • I love how you always include your family I started doing better with my family because of you

  • What a very nice pressy for Jessica good to see you put a Happy face on your wife Derek and to get back what was once her truck well done Derek and Merry Christmas Jessica Derek and your 3 kids and have a safe and Happy New Years..... you brought tears to my eyes mate you bloody ripper...... love your shows and keep it up from one car guy to another car guy........ Vice Grip Garage from Scott.

  • Derek & everything he’s created with VGG, is just absolutely amazing. I love ur videos brother, you can talk to any audience and teach people things without making them feel dumb or like it’s super complicated. You always include your family in your endeavors and as a whole you’re just a good man. Merry Christmas to you ur family & all VGG viewers.

    • Jessica created this too…. She does a lot more than people think for this channel and looks after three kids when he’s not home.

  • I love the family together videos! Jess is so cute you two are rock stars in your own right! Just some sprinkles and we're off again. lol

  • Great job, a truly wonderful thing to do for your wife... perfect. I like that you included your son

  • Congrats Jessica! You deserve it.