I "Eat" Every Flavor of Takis

čas přidán 5. 03. 2021
You've been eating Takis wrong your whole life but that's okay. My review will show you the CORRECT way to fully enjoy Takis.
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  • This is not in my watch history, my watch history is pushed

  • Mark u just made me set a orphanage on fire.......

  • i love spicey stuff but i havent tasted takis

  • my watch history

  • lie i took it off and came back

  • don't get me wrong here, but with this haircut he looks like John Wick

  • Who the hell eats Takis like this wth

  • john wic i mean um what nooooo

  • weird

  • If you like the powder so much why don’t you just crush the talkis? Trust me it makes them so much better. But I usually crush half the bag.

  • everytime he puts one in his mouth i think hes going to chew it lmao

  • bruh you understand takis the same way i do and also at 3:31 i can really relate to

  • i love POWDER!

  • Why do u look like John wick

  • Give mark taki powder!


  • So how does he eat Takis in public if he doesn't eat the shell of the taki.

  • The way you eat takis makes me uncomfortable in many different ways

  • Just me or 1:16 - 1:19 Mark sounded like thanos?

  • Um can someone explain a word he just said

  • he clearly knows what he's talking about, as he's comparing takis to drugs- .-.

  • The way Mark eats Takis is gonna be my new sleep paralysis demon

  • I watched this and at the moment he said I couldn’t remove it from my watch history I quickly moved to my history and removed it then went back to watching for literally no reason other than a small smile.

  • I've never eaten takis before....

  • i can get a new youtube account if it actually didnt come off

  • eat the takis not the powder and don't show us you spitting it out of your mouth!

  • 2:06 lol

  • Mark: oh it’s a good bag Me: lol I love the good bags

  • Mark sounds like Joseph seed

  • im kinda like him but i actually suck of the powder THEN eat the takis

  • My watch history is off

  • The thing that bugs me about how Mark eats Taki’s is, not is it gross, it’s wasteful. Does he just throw away the takis after spitting them out?

  • When he went on a tangent I died

  • Whenever I see this video, it makes me want takis in every flavor

  • Your making me want some now lol

  • I'm hot da baby

  • that ending was scary

  • I love this comintaet

  • I’m literally not watching this video because he’s not eating them... its just wrong on many levels. Im still liking but that’s where I draw the line.

  • I eat them like Mark, they are way to glass like for me and I eat Captain Crunch as an adult without milk.

  • 2:06 that fat kid in class be like

  • im so mad bcz i want him play john wick

  • i eat my takis like i suck the powder of one part then i do the other part and today is the first ever day i tried takis and you don't need anuff water you need anuff of starbucks

  • my prediction was that youd think ur outside or at a mexican resturant

  • I came back to this video just to say that Mark is on to something with his theory of the multiple locations for packaging... I've bought two bags of Fuego Takis and they had jagged cut edges. While they weren't completely smothered in powder, there was a GOOD amount to really enjoy the flavor. I finally bought a small bag of the Blue Heat Takis, and it has a smooth cut edge. There's virtually NO powder on them! I taste too much tortilla, so I can't figure out if I really like the flavor as a potential purchase! Mark, they need to sponsor you for the sake of testing flavors now.

  • 0:00 dude im mexican i eat takis like cereal why woudnt i will be strong enough Bv

  • "that's the right word" LMAO

  • Can we all just agree that Mark doesn't like Takis, but just enjoys flavored saliva?

  • Lets be honest marks zombie takis commercial would actually be a good commercial for it.

  • When ever I see Takis anywhere from my mouth water comes out

  • i've been entertained by a man licking takis

  • When I want to try TAKIS but I’m in the uk 😥

  • Boi?! That ain’t eating?!

  • Tomorrow (or today technically speaking) I'm going to 7 11 and buy a bag of takis bc I want to and I haven't had that runny nose epicness in like 2 years

  • This should be a war crime

  • POV: man eats hot chip and lies, gets millions of views on funny video website

  • I feel like mark is slowly become a god

  • They used to have a yellow bag of takis called salsa Verde or verda some like that i think rip to that flavor I don't see it anymore

  • The worst crimes of humanity tier list: 3: theft 2: murder 1: opening a chip bag sideways, sucking the dust off of them and spitting them out

  • You are a psychopath for eating takis like that

  • 😂 he sounds like Liam neason from take at 19:20

  • hearing markiplier saying fuego its a bless

  • The crunchy fajita flavor is my favorite because its delicious but only if you eat the full chip

  • "My fate is sealed in the bag and I will not know what is it until I open it" lol thats me everytime I open Pokémon cards in hopes to get something good

  • I will forever look at markiplier a different way for the reason he SUCKS takis and doesn’t eat them

  • I thought I was the only one who ate Takis like this

  • I have never been more frustrated with how someone eats than I was with this video

  • I made a HUGE MISTAKE watching this video while eating

  • Alternate title: I Suck every flavor of takis

  • I found one of the best bags of takis a few days after watching this 😂

  • "this is like shrek's turds"😂😂😂

  • Its like DrUgS

  • Shame

  • Oh it’s a good bag 😂 0:24

  • I never knew he used a voice changer

  • me eating takis while watching this

  • I happened to be eating takis at the time of watching this and they were just POWDER.

  • DNA gets SPICY

  • He is really good

  • the fact that u only suck the powder off... it will give me nightmares :o

  • Fuego means fire. just clarifying. :[

  • Taki's needs to give Mark a Bunch of Taki's at least XD

  • I removed the video frome my watch history u lied

  • itl taste like a fan outside of a Mexican restaurant blowing into his mouth

  • Nice stuff

  • He bit the gwackanole!!!!!!:)

  • Most of the Blue Heat Takis don't have that much powder. So I'm gonna' start pouring the leftover powder from it into a zip lock bag, then dip plain tortilla shells into it.

  • You gotta get the family size bags, those always have maximum juice!

  • crunchy flavor

  • I like the Habanero flavor

  • Are you ok bestie

  • This felt like some weird hallucinogenic cult leader indoctrination sermon video, with the combo of that shirt and the cut glass in the background

  • I couldn't bare see him suck those Takis SO HARD it makes me sick

  • 6:29 does anyone know which video he is talking about?

  • I just wanna see you review the off brand takis 😂

  • I love how in the start of the video he said electronics make you relavent then he said "john cena did a commercial a few days ago or a year ago i don't know"

  • Markiplier would be the friend who never stops speaking and never give anyone a chance to speak

  • Something we both have in common is...I like powder too, so we're basically the same person

  • They should sell like packets of the flavour to pour in the chips, kinda like extra salt on fries

  • My brothers are dead