I Finally Did It! - LWIAY #00120

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  • Me: *watches pewdiepie* Ad: pewdiepie app

  • .

  • I beat sive because i did it backwards

  • I’m a 9 year old, I’ve been watching his Minecraft series ever since episode 2


  • Sooo *ahem* 1.16 *ahem*

  • MASSIVE CLICKBAIT!! (make no mistake you will, a big fan i am)

  • I was floor gang last year

  • Fight Joe Rogan!

  • can this comment get 69 dislikes

  • me playing quitting minecraft and saying bye to all my dogs : /_ \ All 10000000000000 of my dogs : 👁👄👁

  • Plz grow your hair back out-

  • *sad Danish noises*

  • Video:turn down you speakers Me: *turns them a the way up*

  • ty for helping make the next generation such pvsscs

  • I like that when he says up-vote then big pp he makes a spit sound affect but leaves spit on his beard for the rest of the vid.

  • challenge Tyson Fury

  • Is pewdiepie and jack still friends with markiplier

  • Pewdiepie-"looking at myself is so hypnatising, and you can thank Sweden for that. "

  • That time laps just showed us his camera quality deteriorating 😳

  • The song at the beginning is traumatizing to those who did the chloe ting challenge

  • my man is HUGE

  • Wait until she sees Miranda sings and Colleen Ballinger

  • Lwiaygy

  • The tambourine will become so long it brings cheer to the martians

  • Drink gfuel sub to PewDiePie destroy your enemies

  • 0:21 your safe now

  • its sad that b lasagna and congratulations

  • Tambourine 🙏

  • 14:12 its the same picture as the thumbnail for the may NLSS on Northernlion's channel, coincidence? Probably man.

  • Floor Gang for life!

  • Hi pewds I have been watching u for 12 years and u have the most subs and I keep watching u everyday we miss what u upload and I’m also moving to Texas and I might not Be able to whatch u anymore pewds ur the best youtuber

  • hey what happened to measure your PP? I always laugh for that part lol

  • there is no such thing called floor gang because according to newtons laws of gravity everything falls to the ground. floor gang for the win!


  • Roses are red Violets are blue I'm searching the reddit link And so do you

  • Me( A Dane):Norway was ours and always will be Felix

  • I am ok for boxing match. I might get knocked out but at least I can say I was knocked out by Pewdiepie

  • Very Epic

  • If you like Pewdiepie You'll love LWIAY

  • Hitting video

  • if pewdiepie and felix is twins then who the hell is beastmaster64?

  • why you trick us

  • 11:35 hell, i would go as far as to say that women with big pipi are best women :v

  • 5:50 is a she you sexist monster!

  • The old intro is better. But yall arent ready for this conversation

  • Man I got pranked

  • When it trolled me that I can turn my Volume up my ears exploded

  • I happy to see that most of the artists I know got their art showcased here on lwiay, I hope to meet the same goal someday ^^

  • Woi ngopi Pediepew

  • 🕳👄🕳

  • 0:20

  • 0:25 brofist!

  • What's the difference between LWIAY and Meme Review Don't hate me I'm new ;-;

  • One like is one pray for tambourine

  • That photo montage was some dedication. The creator literally took the photos in a manner to have Pewds lip synch "Bitch Lasange". That's insane. I don't think Pewds noticed though. Bravo sir, bravo.

  • ahahahahaha i knew it, you almost had me at the start

  • I hope tambourine is better soon

  • When it said to put my speaker down I turned it to maximum

  • Pewdiepie isnt actually spelled pewdipie it is actually. Pew die pie. ;3 I'm not sorry

  • Hey, despite all the fornicating you haven't reached 106M yet.

  • Gu kha

  • It was mesmerizing to watch his beard grow lol

  • O

  • Ngl when he said to turn down the volume I turned it all the way up

  • floor gang

  • @12:50 Marzia: "Now you can focus on breaking my back like you broke that tambourine"

  • 7:59 I just come for it there

  • it is time to grow a long hair

  • Welp we got one 31 years old :3

  • Who else got a slap cop ad

  • Nice too get ear raped by pewdiepie

  • Every image of pewds was just burned into my retina

  • 5:26

  • 0:04 is 0:05 on countdown

  • 0:04

  • 18:35 :Sad danish noises:/

  • Man I became Floor gang yesterday and I got 20% muscle increase FLOOR GANG OUH OUH OUH

  • pewdiepie: says Denmark **shows a flag of Brazil**

  • 14:05 when worlds collide