I found a hacker in murder mystery 2.. (Roblox)

čas přidán 10. 08. 2019
I found a hacker in murder mystery 2.. (Roblox)
Watch until the end to find out what happens!
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  • i have no no twitter 😢😢

  • I. Am. Sad. And. Jealous. I LITERALLY ONLY HAVE TWO KNIVES AND THATS IT nu guns. only default. :c

  • I'm that dumb I lost all my 3 godlies

  • He is funny and I really want to meet you

  • i can use that hack /:

  • Yes maybe have I robu

  • Yo I have 50 godly you might not believe me but if you want if I’m playing mm2 you could join I will give you a godly for free I have 4 cromes I don’t no how to spell that but if you want one just join me

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="908">15:08</a> 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • Ant pls friend me i will play with you;) i will follow your Twitter my roblox username:scpppp096

  • pretty easy to hack. just download synapse x. and get a script and paste it into the exploit which is synapse x. and ur done. it shows u hacks on ur screen and u can teleport. doesnt have admin. its just the hacks making him fly

  • ;-; what the happen?

  • (When you realize)You don't have twitter and you don't how to make a acc

  • I have it tho

  • I. Can’t have it 🥺

  • he have admin

  • I want a knife for free j subbed but i gave my robux to Someond else User name is yoknoi2556

  • And detective im sorry if i spell it wrong

  • And i tried his game detectie and i voted for a map but it still said "0 votes"

  • I swear Ant sounded like PrestonPlayz in the intro

  • Ant kick him off the sever


  • Can I join friend me pls my username is iamnoob927

  • i have met a hacker in a game in roblox to in arsenal

  • Everyone lower lvl than me: has at least one godly Me lvl 500: doesn’t have a single godly Also everyone else: I NeEd A GodLy Also me: ;-; bruh

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  • I hate when ppl get in the way of the murd lol

  • I love ur mm2 vids

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  • The hacker give me MURDERER a lot and 100% :O

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  • Who else mad that he kept saying he was on 8% xD it’s a vip serv!

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  • Blade

  • I found a hacker too

  • HI ANT the a 0 percent that u will see this i just wanted to say your the best and antiona ya need to friend her!

  • I have experienced this two times a day it is very weird probably a new hack or download that people are doing

  • Ant in <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="14">0:14</a>: Pretends that he got a knife Me: Thats just pretending, not a real knife

  • LoL

  • What executor do he use to hack i use snypase x i have the same exploits as him hacking is different btw

  • I love your vids they are amazing

  • This is my favorite channel

  • One round I was playing with a bacon who had *ACTUAL BLACK SKIN* and was running 2X speed you should be at and when he was murderer he sweeper everyone *INSTANTLY* people were no happy and we all reported him when I said "Report him" and you will not believe what he did I am legit not joking *HE RAN INTO ME SEVERAL TIMES WHILE I WAS IN A TRADE AND I GOT FRICKIN YEETED OUT OF THE WORLD* it was pretty epic ngl.

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  • Ant: I dont know if thediamondpug has chatted yet TheDiamondPug: *_was literally the guy ant shot on accident_*

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  • What the namesssss

  • What the sup that is crash

  • Hey you have settings on vip server

  • There was a hacker in my sever too but she was just going out though walls so it wasn't a bad hacker

  • I don’t have Twitter :( x

  • Ant

  • (Mm2)

  • I met a hacker to in my old friends server They was flying and guessing the murderer And they knew it- And I kept getting 2%.. -.- He is a weird hacker u met Ok bai

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  • This was made 5 days before my birthday UwU

  • Ant glitched the game

  • He hads lots of body guard

  • I'm your fan

  • If someone is hacking just leave da server

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  • amagine the likes were the money for mC burgers

  • I'm just thinking that she is doing something like "Give 8% to 'Username' then done

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  • is it fixed yet??c( all the hacks )