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  • “Done”

  • It got. 400k!

  • ...

  • Imagine his happened for real

  • Well he does not look like his twin

  • Alex looks like a flamingo but that’s not so bad

  • Brent and Pierson make a cute couple😍

  • Congratulations on your wedding for 24 hrs 🤣

  • Done

  • Kiss

  • Them:kissed Me:uhhhhhhhhh AM I interupting something

  • Hello

  • 💗❤️👌

  • Holy Mason is a millionaire

  • Any body noticed that when Pierson said u ruind my wedding in background alex was wierdo

  • Done

  • Are you gys really maried

  • U guys look so cute toghether

  • ok

  • Alex hair is so ugly

  • They are too cute together to be married only for 24 hours

  • Pierson was such a flirt in this video...

  • I am waiting this in real

  • This is the best video make more plz.!!!!!!!!!

  • Alex you really look good with pink hair.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ¡!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • When are you gonna tell us what happened

  • Now imagine this in real life

  • Mhm “best friend”

  • done

  • 6 I like it when you get married

  • Love it

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  • The video is bad

  • YOU RUINED MY WEDDING - Pierson 2021

  • Wan't the hotel suite from the movie "Now You See Me" ??? cuz they were in Vegas for the "steal from the French bank" performance??? Idk I just feel like it is. Like if you know what I'm talking about. lol

  • Brent in 10 years " And kids that's how I met ur mother

  • I like the pink hair

  • Get married in real life

  • Oof Eva watching this be like: this wedding was better than ours 😈😒😑😏

  • Love 💕💝💖😍

  • Background music in jet please

  • I love your videos because they’re so funny and I hope you have fortnight because I’m cracked at it in my name is green monster

  • I mean he looks good in pink hair lol

  • I like Alex’s hair

  • Get this vid to 1mil likes

  • Cringe 😬

  • Done

  • I hate you I hate it a bang

  • They got married for 24 hours

  • If only they did get married it would be yassss queeeeennnnzzzz lolll

  • BEN ➕ PIERSON ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍

  • I Love Lexi hensler she’s my fave I love her scream lmao

  • Please tell us what happened, spill some tea it's over 400,000 likes.

  • There is more than 724k likes we want to know what happened

  • "You and pierson should get married more often" - Jeremy 2021

  • Done!!❤️

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  • The video definitely has MORE than 400k likes... Soo when r u guys gonna tell what happened 😏🤨

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  • I wish you guys were a couple.

  • You guys said 400K likes and you'll tell us what happened with Brierson in Vegas😏..So it's more than 700K likes so we need to know now😍

  • Plsss marrie person for 1 week

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  • Hes hair is amazing tho

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  • I love it here maybe he should do a rainbow or maybe read I love it so so yeah and by the way I subscribed and turn on my PlayStation and I love your videos so yeah

  • You and Pierson should married for REAL your so cute.

  • What happend in Vegas with Brent and Pierson 5000 likes

  • Brent bringing breakfast for Pierson is the cutest thing ever

  • stokes twins

  • Done

  • Omg

  • Let's be honest we all need friends like this

  • 3:06 Brent is still sus

  • 2:55 Brent is sus like always

  • OOoooooooooooooooooooooo

  • its 724k likes TELL USSSS

  • Who else actually thinks that Brent and Pierson should actually get married for real...😆

  • Hey it past 4,000 likes tell us what happened with you in Pearson 😏

  • Hey U said U gonna tell the secret between what happened to you and Peirson when this vid hits 400k In Vegas (Like it up so he sees) and we know the truth about this lovely breirson

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  • Done this is best video ever

  • They got ALL that 😂Imagine if they had a real wedding

  • just make it official y'all

  • Just tell us what happen🥴

  • I love how mason does sooooo much for Brent and Pierson even when they are just getting married for 24 hours.

  • .

  • Wanna mbe my boy friend Allen

  • And hi stokes twins

  • Why ammo still so alone

  • Done

  • Are they actually married

  • Done

  • i ship you and pierson soooo much i wish you guys can get maried irl

  • My name is Julian I'm a girl I like to play I like to play like kids🥳🐕🍊🍑🍉🍎🍖🧇🏖🎁🧥👚👑

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  • Lexi H says pink hair is bad but she had pink hair before

  • Alex looks good in pink sad😭for alx