I had My New Shop Sprayed with Hot Foam!! (Dream Shop Build)

čas přidán 29. 03. 2023
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  • Love the series on the shop build

  • can not wait to see the overhead crane installed. insulation and lighting top notch.

  • Nice foam! Don't worry about the acoustics. I think once you start stacking stuff inside it will cut down the echo. A wireless mic also helps. Fun video Matt 👍😁

  • The shop looks amazing ! Can’t wait to see everything once you get it furnished with tools and start wrenching!

  • Great to watch the shop come together, and very interesting to watch the insulation and painting crew working to get it done. Nice job.

  • I know the outside ceiling was a pain in the ass but you'll be so glad you did it! No roosting birds crapping on your stuff overnight!

  • This has been a great series on the shop, you should be really proud of what you've accomplished. Well done Matt!

  • So nice to see you so close to your dream Matt! You're enthusiasm to be at this point shows!

  • I have been in the spray foam business for 17 years. They did a awesome job! Good to see people representing our industry so well!

  • Congrats Matt!! One more big step to completion. It will be very nice to get to work inside that awesome shop!! Being out in the cold the rain and heat isn't very fun and it isn't conducive to creative thanking. You're killing it man I dig it!!

  • I have certainly enjoyed the shop construction series, Matt !! Great job and looking forward to seeing the next phase of construction - overhead crane, etc. You've come a L.O.N.G. way, Matt since I first found your channel !! 😂

  • Great job Matt, those outdoor lights look great!! Awesome job with the spray foam too. Thank you for sharing 😀

  • “I know it doesn’t look like a big job, but yeah, that sucked” is something I think every man here can relate to! Loving this series Matt, probably one of my favs. Keep up the good work from the other side of the pond 👍

  • Fantastic addition to the channel! It's really going to make all the renovation work so much nicer to do!

  • I think the gray paint made it look really good. At first I thought it was gonna be kind of frivolous, but it looks way better.

  • Looks like it will do well keeping the shop cool or hot depending on the season.

  • Great progress , happy for you ! It’s a long time coming and getting all you stuff together in one location and to be able to pull your array of apparatus in and work on them in all the seasons is really great , Good Luck Man .

  • You may want to fill in the vertical gaps where the outside tin meets the j channel on your overhang. If they are left open you'll end up with one big giant bee hive.

  • Love that shop and I've really enjoyed the seeing all the stages of it! I look forward to your projects in it. I'm sure getting your stuff inside will take care of a lot of the echo. Thanks for sharing and congratulations on its "near" completion!

  • The shop series has ruled! It makes me happy to see people make their dreams a reality! I always say "Dimming some one else's light doesn't make your light brighter" so when someone is letting the light shine, I am all into it !