I have a Girlfriend.

čas přidán 18. 11. 2022
i won

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  • So proud of Ranboo for growing his hair out all the way past his shoulders to make this video happen. Truly committed to the bit

  • after 18 years of loneliness, depression, sadness, fear, and no bihes, you've finally done it tommy.

  • Tommy getting a girlfriend but no longer able to use any of his past jokes:

  • Whoever plays Tommy’s girlfriend is a really good actor!

  • the fact that tommy flirting with ranboo actually ended up with him dating someone who is very similar to ranboo is insane

  • looks like phils' illness of thinking he has a wife has spread to you

  • Love how everyone's immediate reaction is doubt

  • Tommy is likely the only CS-tvr who says he loves his subscribers, then says he doesn't. Very bold.

  • "I'm actually golddigging you for happiness" is actually one of the cutest and most romantic things I have ever heard Tommy say.

  • When Tommy is nervous you know he's serious

  • can we just appreciate how he's deciding to be honest with his fanbase? takes a lot of courage for that and i love that from him!

  • Everyone should be very proud of ranboo and Tommy for this prank

  • Tommy is the one of the only people who, if he got a girlfriend, everyone wouldn’t believe him.

  • Its nice of Tom to respect her privacy and not pressure her into appearing on camera. Hopefully they can enjoy their private lives and the stans won't make a big deal of it.

  • Tommy, I’m sorry, but you’re one of the few people no one would believe actually has a girlfriend.

  • To be honest tommy, I'm proud of you. You've really come a long way. From a little child singing "Jump in the Cadillac" to a grown adult with a girlfriend. I always believed in you tommy. You're destined for great things.

  • Congrats Tommy! We love ya! But please don't ever feel pressured to share something private that you don't want to share, it's your life and we are just here along for the ride. You both have a right to privacy so if you wish to keep things private from us, please don't feel bad.

  • More surprising than dreams face reveal💀💀

  • I find it absolutely hilarious that everyone’s initial reaction to this wasn’t to congratulate Tommy or anything- but just immediate doubt