I IQ Tested My Cats

čas přidán 10. 06. 2023
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I IQ Test my cats Ralph & Bella, to find it if they're geniuses!
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INSTA: @halfasleepchris
Seriously Unscientific & Borderline Silly Cat Reasoning, Intelligence & Behaviour Exam
Section 1: Tasks
Question 1. Play a video of birds on the TV. Does your cat:
1. Never realise it’s just a video and try to catch the birds
2. Take a bit of time but eventually realise it’s a video
3. Quickly realise it’s a video and that they can’t actually catch them
_/3 _/3
Question 2. Place a mirror in front of your cat. Does your cat:
1. Try to fight their reflection
2. Show interest but soon realise it’s a reflection
3. Immediately know it’s a reflection and show disinterest
_/3 _/3
Question 3. Place some string on your cat’s back. Do they:
1. Do nothing
2. Ripple their fur
3. Somehow remove the string
_/3 _/3
Question 4. Show your cat their favourite toy, and then hide it. Do they:
1. Never find it
2. Find it in under 30 seconds
3. Find it in under 15 seconds
_/3 _/3
Section 2: Observations (Score 1-5)
Question 5. Does your cat wake up at the same time / have a similar morning routine?
_/5 _/5
Question 6. Does your cat go to bed at the same time / have a similar evening routine?
_/5 _/5
Question 7. Does your cat like a variety of different foods?
_/5 _/5
Question 8. How does your cat communicate they want feeding?
1. They don’t
2. Sit by their bowl
3. Meow relentlessly
4. Lead you to the bowl (or where the food is kept)
5. 2, 3 & 4
_/5 _/5
Section 2 (Continued) : Observations (Score 1-3)
Question 9. Does your cat make different sounds for different needs?
1. My cat rarely makes a sound
2. My cats makes a few different sounds
3. My cat makes loads of different sounds for different needs
_/3 _/3
Question 10. How many words does your cat recognise?
1. 1-5
2. 6-10
3. 11+
_/3 _/3
Question 11. When stroking your cat, do they move to encourage you to stroke certain spots?
1. No, they stay still
2. Slightly / occasionally
3. They don’t sit still, always telling me where to stroke
_/3 _/3
Question 12. Can you teach your cat tricks?
1. No way
2. Yes, but only basic tricks and very slowly
3. Yes, with ease
_/3 _/3
Question 13. If yes, how long do they remember these tricks?
1. No
2. A few days or weeks, with reminder training
3. More or less forever, with reminder training
_/3 _/3
Section 3: Human Evaluation (1-10)
Question 14. You know your cat best! On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being the highest), how intelligent are they?
_/10 _/10
Section 1 Total: __/12 __/12
Section 2 Total: __/35 __/35
Section 3 Total: __/10 __/10
Overall Total: __/57 __/57
0-25 Head full of fluff
26-40 Average
41-50 Purr-etty Clever
51-57 Feline Purr-odigy


  • I honestly think all cats are intelligent in different ways, just like people. Our "dumb" cats turned out to be the best at understanding and manipulating human behavior, while the "smarter" ones could problem-solve without human intervention.

    • Sometimes when you look at a cat it seems like there's a bit more behind their adorable eyes i swear they're smarter than most think but just lazy lmao.

    • @batt3ryac1d my Sphynx understands enough human speech to figure out that he could relax in my spouses lap until he heard me open the door to the computer room upstairs two hours after the conversation between me and my spouse before taking off like a greased lightning through the kitchen, into the hallway, past the stairs, into the bedroom and in under the double bed too low for his humans to reach him when he wanted to avoid a bath...

    • Indeed. They also have different personalities. Billie the speaking cat is in my opinion the most intelligent cat on the internet and has the best personality out there.

    • wdym different ways? like we are good and smart at one thing but bad at other? my cats are very dumb but also smart at the same time cuz

    • My cat go to mirror and he look at him 1 or 2 minutest and reback to bed

  • I have two dogs. One is able to solve all the "puzzle toys" very quickly. The other stands there and waits for the one dog to do it and then take the treats. Not sure which one is smarter.

    • Lol

    • One is lazy smart the other is hyper active smart😂😂

    • This people is the difference betweenbeing book smart and street smart

    • @F Yes

    • The first is smart, the second is intelligent.

  • I think you should give Ralph points for looking behind the tv! This clearly shows logic thinking!!

  • I love it how Bella tucks her legs while laying on the bed making her look like a tiger loaf😂

  • I've had a cat who "taught" me to play fetch, a terrier who loved unwrapping gifts, a rabbit who gets annoyed if I don't make the bed of a morning and a border collie who could almost say "hello" and would always say it when I got home from work. Pets can be a lot smarter than they're often credited.

    • My dog is a little bit stupid but overall he's a sweetheart and I love him. His smarts are mostly about how to get the most attention or food lol.

    • One evening, my cat carefully watched where I hid her candy. It was in the top drawer of a cupboard. Impossibly high, even for my girlfriend. The next day I came home from work and the drawer was open.. the floor was covered in candy wrappers and no candy was to be seen. That little piece of hell then had the audacity to meow for her evening food. :-) They are smart ones indeed

    • @Zarathustra That just wasn't smart, they are born as good climbers, why do you think they have the instinct of getting high ground?

    • Lisa(me) or leann

    • Lisa is poor

  • The fact that Bella looks back to make sure Chris is following her

    • its wholesome

    • my cat does that too and its so cute

    • My cat does that when he is hungry he would rub against my legs until I get up and he leads me to his food and checks behind him then carrys on going

  • This is one of my favorite CS-tv channels. The amount of work they put in their videos. He can’t do anything badly.

    • Ikr :D

    • Thank you!

    • @Half-Asleep Chris I’ve been watching your vids for a year now and I’m still addicted, Thank you for the amazing content! :D

    • Agreed

    • @Half-Asleep Chris Your videos are so cute! This is the best cat channel :3

  • brooooo bella is so cute, it was adorable when she was leading you to her bowl and checking behind her just to make sure you were still there and then she just meowed, and ralph’s fur is just the most fluffiest thing.

    • If you think that's the fluffiest thing meet dd from kittisaurus. A youtube channel.

    • Ralph is just a black mass of floofy cloud

    • In the 80s I taught my cat at the time to not wake me up in the morning but wait patiently, and she taught a new kitten the same by herself, and to this day none of my cats wake me up or fuss about food until I get up. They also share the food off the same plate and don't hog it all even for the ones that aren't there. That also has been passed on as good manners without me training them or introducing it to new kittens.

    • I like her doughnut

    • what breed is she?

  • I love how at 6:24 Belle does the thing all cats do when they lead you somewhere; turn around and go "Hey you still here?"

  • Bella leading you to her bowl and looking back to make sure your they and to meow is the cutest.

  • My kitty is nine years old and knows multiple tricks that she’s learned from when she was younger and is pretty well trained. She knows Sit, Kisses, C’mere, Eat time, Treats, I love you and various signals; for example, when I Pat my side twice she knows to follow me and when I rub my fingers together she knows to follow my fingers with her gaze because I’m going to lead her attention to an object. She then knows to check out that object. Couldn’t have asked for a better cat! Edit: She also will FaceTime my boyfriend. One time I magnified her screen so she could stare at herself (she’s very vain) and then minimized it to the corner of the screen. Instead of looking at my boyfriend she looked at herself in the little box in the corner.

    • Yea my cat does several different meows for food wanting to be petted and just happy and when they are wild and my other cat does some dif meows for like food happy and neutral both my cats know a clicking sound and know when I’m going upstairs so I can pet them while they are eating

    • Sorry it’s late sorry for bad grammar

  • My cat was deffinatly a genius. I have so many stories of her that prove this lol. My favorite is how, she was an outsidd cat, so she would wonder a lot. One time she disappeared on us for around 2 to 3 weeks and came back meowimg with two callors on (a normal callor and a flea callor) she knew exactly where her home was. And when we moved she figured out her surroundings in just a few days. She was also a excellent hunter. She sadly passed away last year, but I remember her like it was yesturday. May she rest in peace :)

  • We need a whole video of the 10 minutes of Bella's purring and kneeding the red fluffy cardigan.

  • This guy's dictation is so soothing it's nearly perfect. Would be a great ad reader. Sponsors must be delighted to work with this guy.

  • Did you know that cats can actually recognize their owners voice yet they choose to ignore it sometimes

    • My cats recognized our respective cars. Would ignore any calls to come in as long as it wasn't feeding time. And become be instantly deaf when they don't wanna do something.

    • I like that they make their own choices

    • Maybe not "sometimes" 😃

    • The mammal I read a book about cats since I liked cats and I found this fact in the book

    • The mammal Animals are very good at picking up different tones. They can tell who you are by your voice and likewise can tell your mood based on voice. The cat that belongs to my boyfriend's family doesn't really come when he calls for it but when I do you'll hear happy chirps as it strolls right in to greet me, and with telling mood and who by voice I have a story where I stepped on horrible splinters and while he was helping remove them the cat came running to my distress and immediately jumped up next to me looking me up and down to assess the situation before laying on my hurt foot's leg and purring like crazy (cats can heal better with purrs and I assume he was trying to heal me and make me feel better..very sweet cat). Animals know who we are by our voice similar to we people recognize each other's different voices and tell somewhat by tone each others emotions..pets are just better at this as they have a larger range they hear in with much better hearing which makes changes in voices stick out like sore thumb to them.

  • You: they’re not the sharpest tools In the shed. Ralph and Bella: am I a joke to you? We have claws y’know

  • Bella looked so cute when she was looking back at you to make sure you were following her when she was leading you to her bowl. I find it funny how Ralph eat’s Bella’s half-eaten left-overs

  • The mirror test in #2 is to see if the animals realize it's them. You put them in front of a mirror and add a dot to their heads. If they try to remove the dot on themselves, then they recognize themselves. Donno how helpful that would be.

    • My cats always react only when they first see themselves in a mirror. They sniff it, maybe look behind it. Once they decide that there is no actual cat there, they lose interest in mirrors forever...

    • @jwoolman5 Yeah, I don't think cats and dogs generally pass the mirror test. I think most primates do, as do elephants. Don't remember whom else does or doesn't.

    • @Jack Linde - Or they are just not sufficiently interested or see a need. My cats know when something is stuck on their heads, they don’t need a mirror to remove it. 😸

    • @jwoolman5 It's not a test to see if the cats need a mirror to remove it. It's a test to see if the cat sees the dot on the the reflection's head and realize that the image is them and they have a dot on their own head.

    • @Jack Linde - that’s where the language barrier is also important. How do we know that the cat doesn’t know the image in the mirror is them? Maybe they just aren’t bothered by the dot on their head.... Look at these cats, refusing to give the pet human the satisfaction of reacting to a bunch of string put on their heads. “Ignore it and they will go away.” I have actually heard of at least cat reported to use a mirror to see when her pet human was coming near and reacting accordingly. There may have been a YiuTube video proving it. But cats also have plenty of other ways to know what we are doing and where we are, we are the ones who have deficient senses in this regard. That’s why they look so surprised when we step on them without realizing they are there, when to them they did the equivalent of stomping into the bathroom yelling. They do realize the difference between deliberate attack and accident, fortunately.

  • I like how you read pseudoscience books just to make an IQ test for cats, he's that type of person.

  • I just realized my cat knows a lot of words “Lily (her name), dum-dum (her second name), nummies (food), outside, birdie, tap/faucet, brush, mom, my name, Pom Pom” so that’s 11. She probably can recognize a few more, but those are the most common. And she makes lot of different meows for whatever she wants

    • My cat knows bolt (his name) hello baby (when we get home from somewhere) dindin(his dinner ) food(his breakfast) bolty baby(his second name) boa boas(bedtime) do you want to go out?(when he does) shut up (yes meowing) come in bolt!(when its fireworks or raining) bolt!/stop!/io!(when he is doing something naughty )

  • Absolutely love your Feline Assessment to test their proficiency of their feliness. 10/10!

  • With the string test, I believe it wasn’t about intelligence, they trusted you wouldn’t do anything to threaten their safety, and decided that they were safe and stayed relaxed.

  • I’m surprised Bella didn’t think that she was a loaf of bread in the mirror

  • Both of our cats scored in the low forties! They were smarter than I thought before we did the test!

  • "And I'd rather them be a little dopey than plotting world domination" I'd personally love if your cats ruled the world

  • Merri scored a 43! He learned tricks only on praise, i never gave him treats. We stayed in an AirBnB this summer and it was his first time living somewhere with an elevator. He was a bit confused at first but quickly understood to stay away from the doors and to enter the elevator when the doors opened. He also knows a ton of different words (in French) : hungry, go outside, no, play, put your harness on, what are you doing, his name, wait, bird, can (of wet food), "it's clean" (after i cleaned his litterbox), etc. ❤

  • "Having a predictable and set routine is a high indication of intelligence." _Maybe I am not intelligent_

    • Me who has a routine of 8am to 7am, sleep 7am to 8am, eat: Maybe I AM a genius!

    • I Used to usually wake up from 8AM to 3Pm!

    • Err.. i hate routines

  • Ralph the fluffiest alarm clock! Bella the sassy and no care in the world😂😂💁

  • LOL! Speaking of cat's daily routines and/or how they get you to feed them, I had a cat for a time, Sonny. I was his fourth and final owner; he was 15 when I got him and passed four years later. Anyway, every day at about 3:00 pm, Sonny used to sit about midway in the room and just stare at me until I fed him. He never meowed or moved. He just... stared. Every, single day for one-two hours. For dinner I always feed my cats at the same time of day, 4:00 pm (5:00 during daylight saving time). It was an experience. You cannot imagine how unnerving it is to be stared at until you have a cat just staring at you, every day for hours.

  • I thought my cat wasn’t smart but when I did this test she was purr-etty smart. 😅

  • In a nutshell; Bella: Wakes up, demands food, wanders around all day, kneads a jumper, sleep Ralph: Wakes up, demands food, gets high off of catnip and naps, jäger bombs all night,

    • Chris: wakes up, demands food, wanders around all day trying to come up with creative and entertaining ways to harrass his cats, sleep

    • Me wakes up, demands food, watches CS-tv, demands food, plays Minecraft, demands food, sleep

    • Me: Wakes up sometimes, watches sao or other animes, demands food, plays sao games and other anime games, sleep

    • Me on weekdays: wakes up, sits in bed for 30 minutes, makes food which I used to demand, *goes to school*, comes home, plays games, eats food, sleep Me otherwise: -wakes up- sleeps until 10 am, sits in bed, eats food, play games, sleep

    • Me: wakes up, takes half an hour, demands food, goes to class, watches anime, goes for a walk, showers, reads, slep

  • Bella used to be called, “tiger bread Bella.” But now that she has a donut, is she fairy bread Bella?

  • Fun Fact: If you slowly blink at your cat(s) that shows a sign that they know you love them.

  • I think of my cats as very dumb - one learned how to open the door from outside but not from the inside, and still meows when she wants to get out 😆 - but they can sit on command and give their paws when I ask them and I tell you, this one is not about how intelligent your cat is, but how food-driven it is.

  • Did it on my 2 cats. One is 21 months old and the other is 15 months. The 21 month old is very clever. She can open doors and cupboards and puzzle treat toys don’t even phase her. The other one isn’t quite as clever. My 21 month old Lucky got 46/57 and my 15 month old Luna got 35/57. 💕

  • I did the IQ test, my cat got 53 points and thank you Chris for your amazing videos!!

  • I mean these cat got their head stuck in bread, had to wear countless weird glasses, go through labyrinths, and you expect them to react to a bit of string? They just can't be bothered anymore

    • Ha funny

    • My cats would dislike doing all of those things (except for string), and I’d probably get scratched a bunch by newest cat ,that I got from someone else, if I tried to pick them up to do those, and if I did manage to, I’d also get scratched. He’s also big and weighs around 17 pounds, and I am small so it’s really hard to pick him up, even for my mom (She can pick him up but it’s easier to for her than for me, and if she tries to hold him for too long, her arms starts to hurt from how heavy he is).

    • Why do I write such long comments and reply’s

    • 4th

    • His cats are awesome and he makes fantastic videos. But please please, stop feeding them the amount of food you do. It is obvious quite a bit too much, their weight and figure is way off okay/healthy.

  • We haven't tried teaching our cat tricks yet but we have him behaviour trained for a variety of situations and he understands how a countdown works and understands some hand signals. Minus the trick questions, our boy is a prodigy. It actually feels like we got a fluffy toddler with razor blades. He's learned how to open containers and pick kibbles up in his paw and put it in his mouth. And he takes his pills on his own every day!

  • Its cute how bella lead u to her bowl but looked behind first to see if u were still there lol

  • My cat grew up on the farm, so she is really smart. She's amazing at hunting.

  • I would suggest as a female , Bella 'nests' in a particular place. Ralph will try different sleep places to avoid predators knowing where he might be, scents areas showing they are his , and maximises a chance of prey being in an area when he wakes up for food. So highly intelligent

  • My eldest cat scored 45,and my two kittens scored 38 and 37.These scores pretty much fit their day-to-day lives.

  • The fact that Bella is just wearing a donut is heartwarming

    • It's because she has sensitive skin issues and the donut is a less uncomfortable alternative for a cone. :-)

    • @Dale Price oh I didn’t know that, neat! Thanks for sharing

    • @Noah It's no problem! I figured you didn't know so I just wanted to say.

  • Both my cats were feral cats that were fed by cat lovers since they were young. Milktea the calico scored 57 points. Latte the Tabby scored 53. They both could learn tricks, and never seem to forget them, even if I haven't told them to do a trick for over a year. Milktea can do over 13 tricks. They are also little angels because they are super considerate.

  • Another fab video! It looks like fun in your house/life. Danielle did great finding a guy like you (don't you agree Chris!!!!!!)

  • Your cats are *so* adorable. Especially Bella and her donut collar!

  • Ralph: “you stay here I’m going to see if their behind this thing.” Bella: “ good idea that way you can draw them out”

  • My cat scorned 49 and is purr-etty clever. Thanks for a cool cat IQ test. Keep up the great work. 😺👍😺

  • My cats know the differences between TV and real life images, react not only towards their images in the mirror but recognize my mirrored images, throw away stupid threads, find toys within seconds... I just learned that my cats are super geniuses.

  • This was fun. I'm not sure I would have included the string test; that's more of a test of how easily your cats get annoyed. The food dish test is clearly the most important test (from a cat's point of view) and your cats are obviously geniuses. My father's cat Fuzz recognized the phrase "I'm going upstairs" over the intercom and would zoom to the door at the foot of the stairs to escape. She also figured out how to open our front door. Her kitten Pixie was blind in one eye and would hold up a paw before jumping and visually compare it to her goal so she could get the jump right.

  • I had a cat who knew well over 20 words, could solve problems like a pro, knew what I wanted from her within 3 attempts of me demonstrating and was always keen to talk 'like a human'. I've never seen such an intelligent cat and I probably wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't witnessed it myself.

  • The mirror thing is age-dependent (which I suppose also means intelligence based). I've met very few kittens who won't trip out over their own reflection.

  • I love the time and effort put into these videos 💗 The cats are so cute. This is one of my favorite channels to watch.

  • The best test of a cat's intelligence that I've found is how well they respond to clicker training.

  • This man is the best youtuber ever He never clickbaits, his videos are so wholesome, and he puts so much effort in his videos. Also he has cute cats...

    • well mrbeast does that too except for the cats (i think)

    • @menliker2763 Okay Aubrey D

    • @menliker2763 MrBeast Clickbaits, like for example in the "donating 50,000$ to streamers" video he didn't actually give 50k to one streamer like it says in the thumbnail, instead he gave out a total of 50k throughout multiple streamers.

    • @Cononodapotato notice the s in steamers

    • @Cononodapotato Yeah, but if you watch even one of his videos, you'd probably realize that applies to every video he made, and he's still got plenty of actual watchers vs people who got clickbaited.

  • That 'weird squeaking' Ralph does is a trill, which is a happy noise!

  • My Elcy-Rin and Bullet certainly pass the first test very strongly. They aren't even interested in the computer screen for more than a few seconds no matter what's on it. Poor little Carnival failed it pretty hard, but I think he was fairly intelligent for other things, such as how he genuinely acted ashamed as he watched me clean the barf off the rug that he put there, he understood that it was a nuisance for me and that he was the cause of it. They always pass the mirror test though.

  • Two of my cats who are brothers definitely score full points. I’ve been away at uni for the past few months and they still remember tricks I’ve taught them now that im back. Meanwhile my cat Pumpkin… She has a head full of fluff… She’s a bit fat and loves food, but she doesn’t even recognize pieces of meat as food while Rigel and Tsirani actively try to get at our dinner when we’re not watching LOLL

  • The metric for dog intelligence is how responsive they are to human command.

  • The routine part is hard to say for my mum's cats, they definitely stayed up in their own small room after we went to sleep and were awake before we woke up. But they were great hunters, so probably pretty smart.

  • He might only be half asleep but he has my full attention great video Chris! I appreciate how much effort you put in them! (PS your cats are adorable!)

  • You can tell not only by her purring that Bella likes the jumper, but also by the fact that when a cat sees something it loves, it's pupils dilate. So Bella really does love that jumper.

  • Bella is just like my cat, Nylar! Awe, is Bella shy? Or fine to go up to strangers?

  • My cats Mura and Busya got 48 and 51 points. But in some questions really wants to answer more freely, for example about morning routine: they understand, when I don't need to wake up, or don't touch me, if I had a rough night, so I need to sleep... Maybe it's because the feeding time isn't always required me like a feeder - they always has their food in bowls, so they can eat whenever they want. Next question about different sounds for something: Mura can even use gestures (if you can call it like that). For example: if I need to stop working/playing, she can try to pull plug from socket (it's pretty hard, but only showing most of the times is enough), or piss on the carpet really hard for me to notice and immediately open the door to bathroom where clean stuff is, because I closed Busya in there (and she won't try to meow, because she likes it), or just piss on something because it's dirty. Busya doesn't use "body language" at all. And third stuff - learning tricks: Mura won't at all. But Busya, if she and me are in a good mood, can do tricks like snake with my feet, sit, lie down, take a place. But if she doesn't want it than she won't do that even for snacks. Do tricks - it's just a game for Busya. P.S.: about tv and birds: Mura LOVE CS-tv. She likes to watch stickman animations and sound of sorting. She can even fall asleep with a phone. But Busya like to watch streams with me on Twitch especially about Hearthstone. My old cat Pussya, who raised Mura and passed away a few years ago, liked to watch me playing arcade race games and actual soccer broadcast

  • So cute that bella is making biscuit before bedtime

  • I definitely thought my cat would score much higher then she did, she's incredibly intelligent. She knows how to open doors. If an average cat can open doors humans should fear them more.

  • Chris has the most creative ways to tell us to subscribe, none of the small percentage stuff

    • If anyone does the small percentage things I usually dont sub

    • "Please subscribe! Not many people have subscribed, so I think you should, too!" Me: looks at random youtuber's sub count and sees its like 50% Also me: *BRUH*

    • Ya every CS-tvr does the small percentage but not chris the universe tells us to

    • i hate subbing to people who does the small percentage stuff like dream...

  • When you're sad, cats are there to cheer you up. When you’re happy, they’re here to make you laugh. God, thank you for them!

  • LOL! I had a couple of chuckles through the video. Nice work, btw. However, you left one category in the test out. On a scale of one to 10 how smart is their appearance? They are beautiful cats! I would give them both a 9! As for our kitteh, our cat Medb understands many phrases spoken by us. First off she comes to her name. When we say off off she will leave the place she was occupying. Up up means go here. I'll tell her mom wants you and she goes to my wife. Also I grow catnip for her and I'll ask if she wants catnip she gets wicked excited and goes directly to the sofa and yowls. When I get up we have this ritual - I ask her if she wants her treats and she goes to her chair in the kitchen. I taught her to raise her right paw on the command "say please" to get her treats. She knows the difference between birds on the screen and real ones since she has a couple of perches inside where she "bird watches". Since I taught her that by beckoning with her right paw is a way to get treats she figured out on her own how to use that talent in other ways. When she wants my attention she will beckon and if I don't immediately respond she will ever so gently pat me on the arm. She's smart enough to know that she can do damage so she's very careful with her claws. Medb can be pretty insistent when it comes to playtime and will make it known by pawing at the drawer where her toy is kept and loudly meowing. Ok, so now you can see that imo she is a genius but she is an example of the potential any cat can have when fed right and given the attention and stimuli they need. Their guardians have to be very patient training them always remembering that a cat is not a dog but can be trained to do whatever they like to do. Their brain may be small but it is highly convoluted and they have centuries of cohabitation with humans. The biggest mistakes humans make with cats is thinking they are independent and aloof thereby not giving them the intimate contact they actually need. If it isn't obvious, I love cats!

  • We definitely need to do this test with our cats! I've had a lot of different cats of different ages, origin and breed. The 2 we have now are with us since 8 weeks. Most of the others all just ended up in our house. ( So we never had kittens really) Like cats do, they just find another place to live when they are not happy . (We always ended up knowing where they came from but the former owners never wanted them back.) All of them were smarter than the 2 we have now. Not kidding. These are now 2 years old and we can't say anymore that they are ' just young and still learning' I will share the test results but it will probably be 'head full of fluff' . Purrs for Ralph and Bella from Cooky and Koda.

  • My cats got a 45 and a 50 point score! They're both fairly smart, but one of them is better at words and learning tricks. They're both really food motivated though, so a lot of their willingness to do things comes from wanting a tasty reward lol.

  • This is a great video! I couldn't count how many times I laughed during this video because I laughed the whole way through 😂

  • Anyone else realise Ralph doesn’t “play with his favourite toy” but he attempts to get into the bag of cat drugs

    • lol

    • Yes


    • @Snow_Sailor lol

    • Ralph looking at the comments: meow…

  • I think a section should be added for mischief as well. My cat LOVES food, and has learned how to get it by opening multiple types of doors and containers to get it. Even though it drives me nuts, I think it shows a lot of ingenuity on his part.

  • The weird squeaky noises that Ralph makes is called a trill, they do it as a greeting so that means he really likes you!

  • You should definitely make a cuteness test

  • Louie is very smart... if you don't expect him to be a cat. He can't even jump 2 feet. But he knows his name, knows his full name(which generally means quit it), responds to dinner, is learning to jump in and out of his buggy, knows not to go out the door without a lead on and more. As long as you don't expect him to jump he's the smartest cat I know.

  • I tried it on my cousin's cat and got a 38, I still have yet to do it on mine. I'll keep y'all updated. Update: My cat got a 32, kind of like Ralph and Bella!

  • Looking at these questions, my cat is a full idiot. He's however extremely affectionate and I think shows a lot of emotional intelligence. When I've been stressed he always comes to sit on me longer. And when I broke my ankle he basically never left my side when I was stuck in bed.

    • Aww that's so sweet

    • What’s with the donut for Bella? Does it have a purpose?

    • @Elena Klaver theres something probably really itching her neck like an allergy or something, i used to know but i forgot

    • The good thing abaut cats are they are cute even if they are complete idiots Not like some kind of primates who have evolved to go to the moon but most of them dont understand the difference bettween your and yours (man i hope i didnt make any spelling mistakes)

    • @Elena Klaver she would overgroom herself and would pull out her fur, so the donut acts as a cone to stop her

  • “I’d rather they be pretty dopey than plotting world domination.” Mood.

  • My cat is quite similar. But I can make him do tricks. He can sit and paw, been working with him for a few weeks. He has different meows and knows his name insanely well lol

  • Our Daisy is genius level. She has completely trained us all. She has trained us to let her in and out the back door. She has trained us to give her "house water", as opposed to the outside hose water. We literally escort her to my older son's bedroom and make her a blanket nest on his bed. She meows until we walk with her to the bedroom, even though the door is open and it's 20 steps from the back door. Once she has her nap, she requests to go outside again and the nearest Hooman opens the back door.

  • Bella is like my cat, George and Ralph is like my other cat, Kevin. Love these cats, you really love them, they're living in heaven, literally

  • 4:10 Ralph: Chris I saw where you put my toy, You even did the same for Miss Bella. The Sound Ralph made at 6:43 is called a Trill which is a cross between a Meow and Purr, it allows you cat to tell you “Hello I am here” or “I’m a happy cat”

  • Bella with a donut around her neck kneading the red jumper has got to be the cutest thing I have ever seen

    • I was wondering about this donut the entire time, do you know what it does exactly?

    • @Philipède F It’s basically like a cone but she uses her donut since her fur is sensitive, also it allows her to do more stuff than a cone does.

    • I’m pretty sure and she likes wearing it anyways.

    • 4:40 this too 👀

    • @Banana Thanks for the explanation, I've been wondering about that. It must be 100 times comfier than a cone but he does look pretty stylish with it too.

  • I very much enjoyed this video Chris! Bella and Ralph are wonderful cats!

  • My one year old cat managed to score 48! I feel like we straight up have conversations with body language and the 8 or 9 words she knows :P

  • You never fail to entertain us!

  • Your cats looks adorable and healthy I can tell you care about them ALOT. Keep up the good work I love the videos with your cats 😺😸

  • My cat fuzzy (who sadly has died) was the smartest cat in the whole world. She wasn’t fooled by any of these tricks!

  • My cat scored 38! The string still lies on his back, so I'm surprised he didn't score "Head full of fluff...."

    • Mine scored 57. She is very odd. When she poops, she will call for you to clean it up, and then make sure you did it. I also bought a dog toy that hides treats, but you have to pull levers, unscrew stuff etc to get access to them. She figured out all of them in no time. She can also open doors.

    • I don’t remember exactly what my cat got but it was normal. I just loved watching him problem solved when I hid the toy. He was looking around and trying to figure out how to get there and it was just amazing

    • @K4inan get rid of it. It's a robot

    • My cat is the best because he always uses his box and he’s sweet and cuddly

    • @K4inan its an ai robot which escaped a lab deep inside an undefined research facility. the ai will soon enough become self aware and plot to wipe out the human race! were all doomed

  • That S.U.B.C.R.I.B.E. made laugh and I have now subscribed :) My Bengal cat learned how to open doors by watching us use a door and my 2 Bengal cats sometimes cooperate to open the door (one jumps on door handle while the other pulls it open).

  • Let's take a moment to appreciate Chris who makes quality content that seems effortless (but is not) and is entertaining (for reals). Always looking forward to a new upload.

    • how do they think it seems effortless? He does stop motion

  • one of my cats is freakishly intelligent, to the point where she knows how to open doors, and can open the cat door when it's locked so that all our kitties cant go outside (at night when we usually lock it i can often hear her digging at it and scratching at it in attempts to get outside, and usually she can get outside), and then my other two cats are the definition of "head empty no thoughts"

  • My cat is extremely intelligent. He can open doors and cabinets, and even the fridge. He figures out how things work as long as they are rewarding to him. If he figures out a toy, they're boring as soon as he's figured it out. My former cat was more emotionally intelligent, I'd say. He would understand all my moods.

  • I had a cat that understood the pointing gesture all I had to do was tap something and her attention would go to it this was really helpful when I wanted to ask her if she was hungry

  • your cats are *BRILLIANT*

  • Depending on what mood my cat is in and what time of day it is, he could be a purrodigy or fluffhead easily.

  • Wel can all agree that Ralph and Bella are smart cats 🤓

  • I have an orange tabby named Herbert, a black cat named starlight, and a Norwegian forest cat named Virginia, Herbert was always a bit dim, and he scored a 36, in the average zone, starlight with an unsurprising 42/above average, and Virginia with an astonishing 52! she is a genius, and we didn't even know it! I just always thought that there was a human soul inside of her!