I Joined The #1 Cheer Team In America

čas přidán 12. 08. 2022
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    • Im ur biggest fan and i havent missed a video

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    • I’m very excited to see the next challenge excepted

    • Literally can’t wait for this video

    • Can you try being a nail tech please

  • You did SO good 😭 and your partner was the sweetest. This was really inspiring

  • Obviously she wasn't gonna make the team y'all. Cheering is their life. CS-tv is Michelle's life (along with doing MANY other things / challenges). I do think the coach showed Michelle some grace by allowing her to continue (and no, not saying she did bad, just others did better). Still, she definitely impressed the judges, her partners, us, and even herself. Amazing job for making it THAT far! 👏👏 I wouldn't call that performance a failure by any means. Not to mention, this was trying out for an ELITE team. 💀

    • I think they were impressed by how fast she improved

    • She did great! She should be proud of herself.

    • @angeseest Yes, that too. She is a quick learner for sure!

    • Well duh she wasn't gonna make the team. But she said she didn't take spot from someone who really wanted to be on the team.. not sure how that's possible unless she was just picked as an extra to advance.. if that's the case all the "oh my god I can't believe I made it" wasn't necessary

    • She did an amazing job for 10 days. If she couldn't tumble or fly before, that's amazing progress. But as a former college cheerleader and co-captain of my high school cheer team, her flexibility and tumbling wasn't nearly where it needed to be for her to be even considered. She really shouldn't have made it past day 1. But her energy was really good and she's obviously very physically fit. She would make most high school teams I know of and they would feel confident in being able to train her up with more tumbling and flying skills. Unfortunately college teams generally expect you to show up fully trained with the skills they expect and need.

  • I think cheer leading is her calling. She always has a great attitude and she’s always hyping everyone up. I always feel enthusiastic watching her videos. Especially this one!

    • Well she started to late cheerleading starts literally at 5 for Kentucky .. she is lovely but cheerleader that make UK come out of the womb tumbling !

  • I’d like to take just a second to point out how great of a cheerleader Daniel is. I hope that he doesn’t think of himself solely as “Gabi’s stunt partner,” because he is simply remarkable. I cheered in high school and college, and if I could have been even a tenth as good of a cheerleader as Daniel, I would have never given it up.

    • Gabi could be so good because of him... he did a great job with Michelle.. pushed her confidence that she will do it.. great guy great personality

    • So true

  • That saying that University of Kentucky cheerleader said was a great motto "if your afraid of failure you dont deserve success" love that motto

    • Personally, fear of failure is always what has driven me. In high school I was a very good 800m runner, I even had an almost perfect year where I got 1st place in almost every race I did. The thing with the 800m though is that it's painful, literally sprinting for half a mile is the most painful thing that I have ever done. When I was going into the final 200-300 meters and all that I wanted to do was slow down so that I would stop hurting, I always thought about how much I wanted to win, but also how much I was afraid to lose. Saying that I didn't deserve my success because I used my fear as my motivation is honestly really disheartening and I don't think that it's a very good message. Fear is a big part of what drives us and there is a big difference between people who are afraid to fail so they don't try and people who are afraid to fail so they work harder than everyone else to make sure that they succeed.

    • @Sydney Peck cool

    • @Sydney Peck yeah, I don't it's a good philosophy, for me at least. Maybe I don't deserve success, but saying it outright just prevents me from trying. I want to try and try again until I succeed, not be disqualified from the start. But I can see why it works for some people

    • i screenshotted that quote haha

  • As a former cheerleader who couldn’t compete well due to weak ass wrists, your spirit alone is what cheering is all about. We were always taught to smile when you mess up and keep going and no one will notice and you seriously smiled through everything that you outshined so many of the other teammates just from your spirit! You made everything look so effortless and you were having fun while doing it.

  • I love how supportive your cheer partner was. he seems like such a nice guy

    • even the other dude who dabbed at 23:03

    • And a good coach too.

    • @Thyme S. he was being the “K” in ‘UK’ haha

    • He was the real MVP and such a team player!

    • That’s just how you talk to each other in a stunt group, it really does help you to push through even when you feel like every muscle in your body is about to give out. I’m so proud of her though! Like seriously I’ve cheered with girls for years that didn’t make the progress she made in 3 days! It warms my heart in every way and had me smiling from ear to ear ☺️

  • Daniel is such a supportive partner I love him

  • When she NAILED those stunts for auditions day 3, I wanted to run up to her and scream and hug her in excitement!!!! She DID IT!! Her calling should be cheerleading. She’s so talented!!

  • You should train with one of the top college dance teams! Dancers don’t get enough credit for how hard they work, especially on the collegiate level.

    • Ohio State University dance team is incredible!!!

    • @Leslie pliego Are u being serious, or is that just another unfunny "Ohio" joke? I'm only asking because I keep seeing those "Ohio" jokes floating around the internet, and to me, they're just not funny. 🤷🏻‍♂️ And no, I'm not from Ohio.

    • @Silent Andy im pretty sure they were just making a suggestion

    • I dance and I think it’s definitely Is something that Michelle could do, learning different skills like leaps, turns, even some tricks like backhand springs and incorporated in dance

    • @Silent Andy How did you get offended for a state you're not even in? Do what your username says and stay silent because you're getting heated just for the sake of an argument. Obviously they're making an suggestion that was way more positive than negative

  • Given the amount of time she trained for and to make it THAT far is truly astonishing. Some of those cheerleaders were doing practice like crazy. More time than Michelle and didn't make the first cut. Truly amazing.

  • alright even though you didn't make it the fact they said you impressed them and the team can learn from you as well as saying you were not that far off from making it would 100% make me have a smile for days. they where truly surprised how fast you learned the skills to be where you where witch is crazy i know people in there 20's that do this as there profession and still haven't perfected things yet. i give you props for being where you where and giving it the good old college try.

  • Michelle I just need to say this video is awesome 👏 🤩 I don’t know anything about cheer but I was cheering for you the entire time. Great story telling and such great TV level video quality! Keep up the great work.

  • You really raised the bar for team spirit. Your energy and enthusiasm is real.

  • If I were that coach I would’ve instantly put Michelle on the team. She wouldn’t perform with the team at first but with her energy, willingness to learn and her capability of learning everything SO QUICKLY, I wouldn’t be surprised if after a year or two of training with a team like that she was on the same level as them. Her potential is INCREDIBLE.

    • That’s a stretch lols. I mean she 100 percent a fast learner but doing what most cheerleaders do it’s not a easy feat. Saying she’ll be able to do it in 2 years is disrespectful. The people there have been training since like 8 years old

    • She’s absolutely not up to level with everyone else. Her potential is good, but potential isn’t enough. She wasn’t good enough to make the team at all

    • @choccy milk connoisseur She wasn't trying to make the team and that was made very clear all throughout the video. All she wanted was to be given an opportunity to fulfil a lifelong dream and to experience the best people the sport had to offer. I don't understand how that point is so difficult for you to grasp.

    • @Invictus it’s not disrespectful. I mean, Michelle is a very fit person herself and seems quite disciplined with her workouts and had other experiences learning stunts in other challenges. While she won’t be up to par with those with years worth more of training, she could at the very least reach to the standards. Michelle did pretty good for her first time, though this attempt came with some challenges. I mean, cheer is a rather strenuous sport.

  • As a cheerleader- holy cow did you pick up such difficult skills in such a short time. so impressive good job !!!

  • She was really enthusiastic and she actually progressed really fast. Even with a loosened grading criteria and excellent coaching, it’s still awesome how great she was. If she was a 16 year old, she’d be scouted for college.

  • Given what happened to the UK coaches and team a couple of years ago, I can see why they were so appreciative to have you there and shed a positive light on them.

  • As a former cheerleader, Michelle made this look insanely easy she is athletic as hell! All the cheerleaders being shocked were genuine reactions most people can’t do the stuff Michelle did even a few months in!

    • She is a trooper and is using all the transferable skills from previous challenges. I love that she keeps some of what she learns with her despite going from task to task

    • @Little Wolf Taima yeah I just wanted to clarify because people love to talk about how cheer isn’t a sport… so they’d probably watch this and think she’s an average person and cheer is just super easy. No she’s just insanely athletic and determined

    • I totally agree!

    • Ikr! I’m a high school cheerleader with about 2 years in total of practice and I can’t even do that!

    • Bro I’ve been cheering for almost a decade. I’m 16 and I couldn’t dream of doing some of the stuff she did in this video. Granted, I don’t have to often as a backspot, but still. It was very very impressive. It was kind of inspiring, since I’m going into my first year on Varsity and it’s very nerve wracking, since, much like her, I don’t have very good tumbling skills. But, we’ve gotta try :)

  • I’ve been doing cheer for 9 years and can’t do half the things Michelle managed to do, this is genuinely so impressive

  • When people say "you can be anything u want to be" most of us just go yeah, sure... Michelle takes it 10x to the next level I swear this girl can do anything.

  • i seriously started cheering her on, her fun energy is so contagious. i’m so proud of her

  • Honestly, I think cheerleading is in her GENES! She has a great attitude and she isn't afraid of failure. She shows great athletic skills and she is very adaptable.

  • As a cheerleader I'm beyond SHOCKED at the skills Michelle was able to do in a bit over a week. Most cheerleaders practice for a decade before doing these stunts. It definitely helps a ton to have expert bases under you to learn, but still, this is extremely impressive.

    • She was athletic before so that helped too.

    • I would of done cheer back in high school ( the most I did was elementary school cheerleading) but I lacked self confidence in myself and I was scared of injury . If I could go back in time I’d tell myself to at least try the worst that could happen was I didn’t make it

    • To be honest its not very difficult skills base(tumbling) if u have the proper instructors and u are already more or less fit

    • I’m in cheerleading and I know she amazing❤

    • SAME!!! I’m so shocked

  • Michelle, you’re incredible! How did you manage to learn so much in 10 days?! You literally blew everyone away too. I had always wanted to be a cheerleader myself at one point too, it’s too late now but anyways. This was so moving to watch 😊.

  • I’ve been doing college cheer for 4 years and you did amazing!!! For only learning for not even two weeks this is super impressive and it’s definitely because of how fit you are and your determination!!!

  • You know I'm so inspired by michelle because she shows from a cheerleader to airplane fight attendant to secret service that if we believe we can make our dreams come too

  • Michelle is so incredibly athletic, its amazing to watch! I can’t get through one of these episodes without sobbing out of sheer amazement. Seeing her doubt herself and struggle and then kill it is so moving.

  • That was extremely expressive. Learning complicated stunts in a few days (and even just a few tries in the end) others take weeks and months for and bring so much captivating energy on stage even under pressure. Every cheer team would be happy to have you.

    • oops, I meant "impressive", of course

  • The genuine surprise on their faces when she did the 4 back handsprings and other moments when they were so impressed by how quickly Michelle was able to learn just made my day. They seem like really nice people to allow you to film while making these crucial decisions and it was obvious they were being as supportive and nice to you as possible.

    • I feel the need to let you know you have 3.7K likes just in case you werent aware

    • @Coral Reef thanks, i dont even remember writing that hahaha

  • You're so brave to throw yourself into all these activities, where you have little-to-no experience, and yet you become so adept in a short amount of time b/c of the dedication and effort you put forth. I really appreciate the fact that you give it your all in attempting all these skills. It says a lot about you, your work ethic, and the respect you have for those who've given you an opportunity to work alongside them.

  • I loved your confidence! and I love how the judges did not butter you up with wishful comments to make you feel better,but when you're actually not performing well. They were straight to the point and told you your strengths and weaknesses, that's what make you a better performer ,you improve on your mistakes

  • Don't cry you did AMAZING!!! I know you probably won't see this but I'm beyond proud of you. You did so well & i got so into it and your energy & that big beautiful smile were amazing and i aint gonna lie you made me cry when you started crying. your partners were incredible and im glad you got to live out your dream even if was just for a little bit. im so proud of you good job

  • Michelle, you did PHENOMENAL with such a short time frame. As a former allstar cheerleader, I was AMAZED at the confidence you had at not only attempting but performing these skills. It takes months and years to solidify these skills and you were just attacking them. Your energy and determination was so wonderful to watch. Thank you for trying our sport and congratulations on doing a wonderful job! 🧡

  • Seriously though let's be honest if there is anyone that can retrain their mind and body to do this its Michelle. I was definitely rooting for you to make it too. You are so freaking amazing!

  • why was i genuinely nervous for you to get cut that i kept checking how much the video had left

  • I was sick to my stomach for you at round three 😂 you did amazing Michelle! Your partner killed it as well. Your energy and confidence was mesmerizing! So proud of you ❤

  • I got stressed just watching this. You did amazingly. Your effort and enthusiasm for challenging yourself is honestly inspirational. You could see your improvement in one hour let alone 10 days or a month.

  • Way to go!! Lots of people are talking about your skills and everything, but I just know that the coaches kept you through the tryouts was because you are such a fast learner, you showed that you wanted to be there, the willingness to learn is such a BIG factor when it comes to picking a team. Coaches wouldn't be coaches if people didn't have that willingness to learn. If this wasn't such a competitive school and it was a D3 school, you definitely would have made the team, may not performing, but learning the skills and improving yourself. Fantastic job Michelle!!

  • This was so amazing and fun to watch Michelle! As a gymnast of 18 years and went to college for gymnastics, man do I have every bit of respect for this and what you accomplished. Your smile and energy is so infectious. I'm so impressed and emotional over here watching this video 💙

  • My jaw was on the floor, your whole audition. You are insanely good and a quick learner!!!

  • As an extreme introvert I can’t imagine how much confidence it takes to try new things and potentially fail, not only in front of the people in the room but in front of the whole internet. I struggle walking into Muay Thai each week and it’s a medium sized class and here Meesh is trying new things in front of millions of people on the internet.

    • I think that’s social anxiety not being an extreme introvert

    • @Gracie Agree.. people seems correlate being introvert as "Socially Anxious" when in fact being Introvert just how you recharge your energy, Introvert energy drained with social interaction while Extrovert fuelled by social interaction

    • Well I signed up for theatre not sure if am ready I sometimes wish that I shouldn’t have picked it but am excited aswell! Bc am an introvert aswell or probably SA?

    • Really most of this stuff is from outside sources like school teaching us you "can't fail" when life is a experience and adventure and mistakes and "failing" is the way we learn experience>perfection

  • You've already won girl by surpassing your fears and inspiring us all that - Nothing is impossible❤ Cheers to your absolutely pure energy🎉🎉

  • it takes soo much confidence to do something like this, being inexperienced in a new field surrounded by pros, def ain't easy, you go girl!!

  • i’m so incredibly proud of you. that has to be one of the hardest things to do and you learned so much in three days when it would’ve probably taken me three years. great job ❤

  • If I was in Michelle's position, I would have just cried and wet my pants...like Michelle doesn't realize how much of an inspiration she is ...looking at her trying new things and putting herself out of her comfort zone over and again is just amazing 👏

    • me too... esp with how intense that coach was omg

    • AGREED.Sometimes it's SCAREY trying anything new & meeting new people,it's like walking a tight rope over a sky-scraper without a net. LOL.

    • RIGHT!

    • @lilith She was intense, but honest. That's a great coach- a leader that doesn't tolerate BS. 👏👏

    • I'm a cheerleader with 5 gold medals

  • Michelle you did absolutely AMAZING!! I was a cheerleader since I was 10 years old and coached Varsity at my Alma mater! It took bravery and skill! You outshined a lot of those girls with your smile, your spirit and your energy!!! I’m proud of how far you made it and how quick you learned those very difficult skills! Go Michelle 🎉🎉

  • She makes everyone want to root for her ☺️ she's got the spirit of a cheerleader

  • For learning in 10 days with very little experience you did amazing. You should do indoor colorguard at some point, it's honestly not known about all that much but it's so fun and very worth it. I started colorguard my freshman year of high school and continue to perform and teach while I'm in college, and now im finally in an independent world class guard. I would absolutely love to see a video of you learning how to spin and taking on that challenge!

  • being a cheerleader I'm very impressed michelle was able to facials, the voice, sharp and stiff movements and everything else in the short amount of time it takes a while to get it all down so good job michelle!!👏

  • I’m so proud of her. You did incredible for only having 10 days. What a cool experience. Made me smile the whole time

  • I did competition cheer, cheer, and gymnastics and she WAS IMPRESSIVE!!!! Learning to fly and go up in the air isn’t just a physical thing it’s mental too. And ALOT of trust

    • I have ony done gymnastics (Borrowing my husbands YT haha) and the teust you need to have in the person learing you everything and yourself is crazy!! Si did AMAZING!!

    • Absolutely!!! It’s so mind over matter and not everyone can do that. She did! It was fantastic! Especially since she had never done it before. She did great!

    • Beep, bop... I'm the Philosophy Bot. Here, have a quote: "Know thyself" ~ Socrates

    • Agreed. The backhandsprings alone. Like, it takes a healthy amount of mental strength to jump backwards. Most tumblers (gymnastics or cheer) build up the confidence in their bodies over time. But here she was just doing 4 in a row after learning how to do 2 *that day!* And she also performed it all in front of a crowd which is its own mental hurdle

  • Oh wow. I am so damn proud of you. That was an amazing video. Your cheer partner was such a blessing to your success. He was a awesome guy

  • This was so cool! I went to a UK football game this past October and I joined the cat walk (a welcoming for the football players and cheerleaders) and I got to see some of the cheerleaders in this video!! It was such a cool feeling 💗

  • The coach looks like the proudest mom when watching Michelle and I love it

  • you never fail to make me cry with your videos. you’re so inspiring

  • I am so very glad to have had your channel come up in my recommendations today. Definitely not the type of channel I would normally watch, you have truly inspired me to try things. Cheerleading isn't a thing over here but I wish it was as it looks fun! Checking out your channel, I'm very happy to see that there are so many different jobs showcased - you will help so many people who are going through university (I'm Australian so yes, we call college Uni), to be able to have a look at different jobs and see what they entail - as well as being able to check out hobbies and loads of different subjects. New subscriber here - thank you for being so inspiring and putting in the effort to upload these topics to CS-tv.

  • I was..."happy" that you didn't make the team. NOT because I thought you were bad or because i was rooting against you...only because it keeps the stakes and skill level really real. They didn't hand you anything just because of your vlogger status. This was a real audition and they were grading you just like they were grading everyone else. You learned and improved so much in what was probably a total of 2 weeks and that is TRULY amazing! Honestly, I think if you went at it full time you could absolutely make a cheer squad within a year if you kept up this level of intense training. You always show us that anything can be achieved with maximum efforts and that is priceless.

    • Then again, she did really well still and made it past a cut so, it is sort of embarrassing for the cheer community that a person can compete with them with just 10 days of trainibg

    • She said earlier that she would not be taking the space of a college student. She’s there for the experience

    • @Sam I mean you have to think about it this way, Michelle isn’t just your average person trying out for the Kentucky team. She literally does things like this for a living. I don’t don’t an average person with no cheer experience can get as far as she did.

    • @Sam Did you watch the video? She could not "compete with them" .. she made the cut cause of her attitude and improvement. Not because she had the skills lol

    • @TVtrio101 she could compete tho, she had some stuff that others didn’t have and she was chosen over some girls who probably did this for a couple yesrs

  • I cheered school, all-star, and college and I am BEYOND impressed with how well you did!! There are universities that would love to have you on their team! Thank you so much for helping show others what real cheerleading looks like ❤

  • Literally you are every coach’s dream cheerleader! Your hard work and dedication is what coach’s look for, and I’ve seen it in my own team where the least skilled who had the passion became a complete powerhouse in just a few months!

  • I got goosebumps watching this and cried multiple times. So proud to watch you accomplish this Michelle.

  • Amazing, Michelle! you absolutely work harder than anyone I’ve trained. So proud of you!

  • I was actually a cheerleader for the university of Kentucky it was so hard but so much fun I just wanted to say that you were so talented and brave we were so happy to win and how we all worked together

  • What a great coach! No wonder they’re so successful. Honest feedback, straightforward, and you can tell she doesn’t put up with bs!

    • I was impressed with her TOO,what a LEADER.The 3 things you said about her were GOLDEN.She reminds me of myself,I did 4 deployments to Iraq with the Texas National Guard ( I volunteered for all 4 tours) I WANTED ALL THAT SMOKE !!! LOL.Did 2 tours back-to-back.Wanted to prevent future attacks on America,wanted to do my part against the war on terrorism.I'm not rich,but,have a certain skill set and a BURNING desire to SERVE.During training I was like this coach,hard-charging,correcting people,not taking anything but people's best.Behind my back the soldiers called me-MAD-DOG !!! LOL.My co-workers at my civilian job thought I had quit,because I was gone for 2 yrs & 8 months ( that was because of my 2 deployments back-to-back )When you REALLY want to do something,you'll make a way-SOME HOW.The last 2 tours,I did year on,year off.Year in Iraq fighting,then year on civilian job. LOL.Was it DANGEROUS ??? Hell yeah !!! LOL.Nothing VENTURED,nothing GAINED.I rarely ever talk about my deployments-EVER,but,felt inclined to because of that coach.She's the ALPHA in that Kentucky wolf-pack and that's why they're champions.

    • Lol, she's just a big talker, in reality she's ran that program into the ground.

    • @BIGBOYMATD wait fr? I don’t follow cheer so I don’t know anything about them, I thought they just messed up at that one competition? Did they screw up again?

    • @Dan the Man this show is from the 2019 season... she took over U of Kentucky in 2020 and ran a program with 24 national titles into the ground.. she talks about her standards being so high and like she knows what she's doing, but she's not any good.

    • ​@BIGBOYMATD I am from uk i don't know much about cheerleading , can u tell which are best cheer. teams in USA right now ?

  • You did incredible! Just hearing you say “I literally thought i was gonna come here and look bad and i probably did” Girl don’t even have that thought for 10 days of training you did outstanding. I definitely couldn’t have done what you achieved in that short of time. I was cheering you on the whole time. So happy you got to achieve this!!

  • Your cheer partner took me back to my cheer days with how supportive he was during routines!! U killed that fight song for sure! Even better than some.who had been cheering for years!

  • I’m taking this energy and good supportive vibe with me everywhere

  • dude the amount of courage she has to do this stuff is unimaginable

  • You did so good and I love that they put their loving words to you and it’s ok and be proud of that effort 26:16

  • Daniel seems like a lovely guy and a good teacher too. Not overbearing and just super chill but encouraging

  • Your cheer partner was absolutely amazing I love how supportive he was. You did amazing! You did something most people are too scared to do, you’re a huge inspiration Michelle. 🤍

  • This was amazing! So proud of you! You committed and it showed. Enjoy seeing your male partners as well!

  • WHATT Michelle deserves 10 millions subscribers or more. I have a low attention span and I go through all of her videos without skipping or doing something else. I’ve been seeing her since her buzz feed days. Her transformation and dedication beyond me. I’m so proud of her! Very interesting and cool videos and personality.

  • This was such a cool video because I’ve always wanted to live the life of a cheerleader too and you really showed us that anything is possible and it’s never too late! ❤🔥

  • This made me so emotional even though I don’t know squat about cheerleading. So so cool to see what all goes into college cheer!

  • I'm from outside of Lexington and I was blown away that you were here. I've been binging your videos, and I have to say you are such a inspirational and beautiful person inside and out. Keep the content coming and I wish you nothing but the best!!!

  • As a past cheerleader and flyer, the skills you learned took me years to get down, this is very impressive. You should be extremely proud of yourself and thank you for giving a REAL glimpse of the mental/physical preparation cheerleaders experiences.

    • I’m sure half the battle for you was gaining the physical fitness to be able to do the skills in the first place. Michelle is crazy fit; she works out regularly and does a lot of fitness-based challenges for this channel, but I’m sure you can tell just based on her physique.

  • Wow! Just came across Michelle's channel and I'm so impressed. I've always had a personal motto of "fun over fear", but THIS girl takes it to a new level. I so enjoy the direction she is taking her channel and look forward to seeing more of her adventures.

  • Your courage, ability to quickly learn, adapt and conquer in whatever is thrown your way is amazing. 👏👏 I love watching you in these challenges.

  • Hearing the university of Kentucky made me so happy😂😂 we aren’t seen a lot but the men and women on that team are incredible I was a band kid which is equally as exclusive but watching that team was incredible and a privilege to preform with to say the least Michelle did wonderful

  • Dude I’ve been in cheer for 12 years and yet you’re still better then me after 10 - 12 days???? That’s crazy you are incredible

  • Even the fact that Michelle didn't end up cut the team...She's my favorite cheerleader not only in this but everything she does, she's fearless & hungry for challenges to conquer in all the videos that she does

  • As a former cheerleader, I have to commend you Michelle, on all of your hard work, dedication AND skill. It's not easy to pull of what you did. Your energy was absolutely amazing. You must be so insanely proud of yourself and your performance.

    • Yas she better be she is amazing

    • Her partner for training and tryouts where both genuinely nice guys

  • She was so freaking excited the whole time it was so unbelievably wholesome, I don't really follow cheer or care much about the sport but watching her love it so much made me love it a little too and I think that means she's the best cheerleader if you think about it. 😂

  • I love you energy!!!! You genuinely look like you’re having a great time, what a great experience❤

  • This was my first time seeing one of your videos and I have to say I look forward to seeing more. You were such a ray of sunshine even though you were nervous AF and it rubbed off on everyone around you. Just more proof that positivity is sometimes more important than winning.

  • I mean did she do amazing given the time span absolutely! But would she in reality have made that team? NO! She wouldn’t have made it past day 1! You HAVE to have tumbling down to even be considered. But that dedication of hers is so admirable!!! Amazing job! It’s so much harder than people that aren’t involved will ever realize!!

  • Michelle is a great athlete. Amazing how quickly she picks up some of this stuff.

  • Only 10 days of training, yet it felt like you had the most spirit out of everyone. You were literally the light and joy out of all of this and it’s AMAZING AND STUNNING. Sure you couldn’t do all the stunts the professional and more experienced cheerleaders could do, but it was still so beautiful and amazing Michelle!!

    • Yeah I feel like after doing the sport for a while the fun and joy of it gets....muddled. It becomes a job of sorts with how much work and money goes into it...easy to forget to bring the joy to all moments.

  • wow!!! Wow!!! wow!!! I am 27 and two kids and no physical endurance as before my kids and I joined adults gymnastics at my rec center and I'm so inspired to ask the gymnasts to teach me tumbling. That 19:45 is amazing!!!! And 21:49 is just jaw dropping!!!! 22:38 I'm crying from being so proud of you Michelle!! The courage you owned gives me so much courage bc i know I can do it and I like a good challenge and you've just encouraged me to try and get out of my comfort zone. Thank you for your CS-tv channel. Literally so genuine and you become a well rounded person by exposing yourself to new challenging situations. I was just telling my daughters about how I feel about you. Everyone should be exposing themselves to try new things, even things that we may feel were "too old" for or dreams we feel we need to toss because were not young anymore. A special thank you again sister.

  • YOU ARE A TRUE INSPIRATION TO MANY MICHELLE! You are the epitome of “you can do anything you put your mind to” 👏 👏

  • I found it interesting, that you seemed to be the main person pushing the spirit aspect with spontaneous cheers, which the judges noticed.

  • this was sooo inspirational that i cried. Thank you for your confidants and never giving up. 🥳 (btw, i just subscribed)

  • Michelle you absolute killed it! I was blown away with how much you learned. Your nr 1 superpower is that you just keep going and trying until you get it. Btw that cheer partner you had was incredible. I bet you would have actually been able to get high enough scores if you trained with him for a while.

  • As someone who did competitive cheer for 10 years I AM BEYOND impressed. You did amazing and you gave me so much nostalgia seeing you give it your all and having a fun time. Great great video.

  • its so adorable how they work together and cheer each other up. I get that this is team sports, but I have seen some sports that convince me that this has very high team spirit, its so cute

  • I clapped so many times when she hit everything !!! Ahhhh love her.

  • Damn, Michelle is the living proof of the power of "Jack of all trades and a master of none"❤❤!!! Took so much effort to do this and she did it with ENERGY!!!! She never once took any challenge lightly and that's what makes her entertaining!! Ofc the judges were slightly lenient on her considering she had 10 days of training and not 10 years 😂! If she had 10 yrs i'm sure she'd ace the shit out of this! She did crazy regardless with the surprises she gave the panel and her own partner! Props to the Coaches for taking Michelle and team in for a good exposure too!

  • Girl put in all the energy and had the perfect cheerleader attitude