I likea da truck - Rivian R1T

čas přidán 4. 06. 2023
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Alex has been testing EVs on ShortCircuit for a while now, but nothing has made him as excited as Rivian's R1T has. With a quad-motor setup, great range and acceleration, and a ton of included extra features like a gear tunnel, removable speaker, and tonneau cover (well, kinda), this EV seems to be setting a new bar for all vehicles to come. Does it all work together, or should you stick with a more established brand?
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0:00 THIS is an EV!
0:27 Junk in the Frunk
1:01 Exterior design, charging, tires, and storage
4:08 Trying out auto-leveling
4:50 Interior tour and software impressions
8:12 Sponsor - Grammarly
9:00 Driving impressions (it's fast!)
16:13 Sound system and Labs results
17:28 A downside for heavy truck users
18:09 Overall thoughts
19:59 Outro

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    • Fiat 500e

    • Review the F150 lightning now as a comparison :D

    • I understood that the spare tire was present. Does it depend on the selection of the tire?

    • You leveled the truck while you were in it then got out to check the level of course it would then be out of level as you shifted the weight by getting out

  • Can we have Alex do an EV 101 at techquickie and explain how all the plug type, charging speed and battery size relationship? felt like he is the only person in LTT can nail this job

    • If you are in US and own anything other than a Tesla or an old car, it will use CCS. If you live in Europe anything new will use CCS including Tesla. If you live in Japan or have an old Nissan leaf it will be a CHAdeMO. In China will be see GB/T.

    • Technology Connections has a fantastic video on EV charging including explaining all the different fast charging standards and charging at home, I'd give that a watch

    • I've been pushing them to do this for years. The tech behind DCFC and all of that is worthy of a video or two!

    • TechnologyConnections has one and it is very good. It even has annotations for every topic he goes over.

    • Can we have an Alex appreciation day, he is a one of a kind honorable member in LMG, always delivered incredibly on the job.

  • A lot of USB ports, but no spare tire. Classic 2023 insane design

    • And a frunk!! Am I the only person who would gladly trade the frunk, which if you have a truck you aren’t used to having anyways, for having double the battery life? Is there a reason they can’t jam the whole front with batteries so maybe I can tow something more than 50 miles?

    • @Ryan Hamstra It may be similar to a rocket (as in the more fuel you have - the heavier it is, so you need more fuel etc) where a frunk packed with batteries would end up weighing a huge amount, negating pretty much all benefits it would bring as the extra weight would lower your range etc. It would also make the vehicle nose-heavy so you'd have to have some sort of counterweight at the back, further reducing range otherwise your handling would be scuppered. There's also the cost as traditionally the biggest expense in any EV is the batteries.

    • to be fair it does have a built in air pump, so that should be enough in most scenarios to get you by before getting to a tire repair shop.

    • @AnarchyEngineer yeah, but trucks are used to being nose heavy. I live in a farming area and everyone drives diesel trucks. Those engines can weight over 1000 lbs. I kinda figured it was more of a safety issue…. If you rear end someone your batteries become your crumple zone and leak battery acid all over stuff and start a fire… I’m guessing, I don’t actually know tho

    • ​@Ryan Hamstra The most expensive part of an electric car is the battery... sure they could fit more range into the frunk, but It'd make it front-heavy, less safe due to filling in crumple zones and expensive as fuck.

  • Alex is the perfect host for these reviews

    • He didn't even need to use the Millennial Pause. Linus would be jealous.

    • ​@Tinitis Wan show 😂

    • Yeah I'm suprised they haven't forked these off into a Car's specific channel that Alex hosts like MKBHD did

    • @Tinitis Millenial Pause?

    • @skiorsnowboard That brief pause after the video starts where the host is making sure they're live before they start talking. Linus talked about it on a WAN show once or twice.

  • "It corners pretty darn well" - Alex Also Alex - goes into the other lane on every corner I have ever seen him take.

  • Previous reviews of the R1T have mentioned that the cargo tunnel is really solely designed for long items like fishing rods, long guns, golf clubs, etc. So yeah, don't put anything else in there because it'll flop around away from you. As for the vehicle itself, the R1S I know has the same drivetrain as the R1T, and is basically the take your family around town SUV version of the truck.

    • I thought that had the option of being a slide out piece of equipment, such as a whole camping kitchen/cooker.

    • @Vladinski I believe that is also an option, but I wasn't sure in my own memory if that was a thing. for general storage use it is a long item storage.

    • @Vladinski it was shown on reveal of the rivian but i don't believe it's been brought to market yet, at least not by Rivian themselves.

    • It was clearly designed for longer items, not sure why he’s putting stuff in there that requires him to crawl in.

    • @Double Edged then why the access from the cabin?

  • In addition to all the other compliments already mentioned in the comments below I would like to add that the scenery for this hands on was really beautiful and fit the outdoorsy truck theme very well. Well done Alex and the entire production team behind the scenes!

  • I always thought that the headlights were kinda funny looking but damn the features that these are packed with are amazing.

    • I don't like the look of them at all, it would definitely put me off of buying it.

    • @BrianBCG +1

    • I agree they look goofy. It's like the truck has tiny little beady eyes like Terrence and Phillip, which might explain why the Canadian doesn't think they look odd. :)

    • That lights remind me of to your friendly hippo friend

    • idk it's kinda like a truck miata where it looks like a face. Frog Truck if you will

  • Yay!!! An Alex car review!!! 18:34 Man, no doubt. I grew up in the rural midwestern United States where a truck was truly a utility vehicle people purchased to beat the hell out of it on the farm or in the woods. I don't understand why cul-du-sac warriors buy massive vehicles at all. I could see a large SUV/van if you're the Brady Bunch, but the vast majority of "city truck" owners never use them as intended.

    • Yup, this Rivian is the best truck for city pick up owners. Too bad a bunch of them would rather choke on their own coal rolling than buying an EV

    • ​​@mcslendereah cause dealing with massive amounts of computer issues, no third party repair, must have a house or approved apartment complex that your local govt even allowed chargers to be installed, Long charging (everything is slow compared to filling a gas tank), and a stupid key that doesn't even work so you basically have to use your phone sounds great. And it's really ironic you'd even compare "coal rollers" when most trucks I see are gas not diesel on top of the fact this Rivian weighs over 7000 lbs. Nothing about this truck is really that green especially if your just going to lease it and get a new one in 3 years. Then its factually and proven to be worse than just buying a gas car

    • It's all just marketing and profit. Light trucks like modern pick up trucks and SUVs are easier and cheaper to manufacture (because they're not regulated and don't have to be as safe as normal passenger vehicles) but manufacturers can sell them for a higher price since they're big. Boom, massive profits. On the other hand, modern pick up trucks are so different to actual utility vehicles that they're basically useless for any sane amount of work (wrong bed dimensions, wrong suspension, they can't take a lot of heavy use...) and are ironically less safe than normal passenger cars despite being massive.

  • Alex being legit into cars makes him do so well in these

  • I definitely don't want to rely on using my phone to turn my car on or open it. That's something all electric car manufactures should get right the first time - make your key work.

  • This dude lowkey kills me when he gets behind the wheel. Casually hilarious

  • anyone else ever get that little panic moment anytime Alex cuts the corners? 😅

  • I’m not exactly a truck person, but I’ve always been curious about the Rivian. And although this isn’t something exclusive to Rivian, it feels both really fast and really slow how everyone’s been adopting USB-C in cars. Not even my family has fully caught up.

    • I recently bought a 2021 KIA Forte and it's the first car in my family to come with an included USB-C port. It's unreal how slow the auto sector is to incorporate modern tech in their products. I guess that's the beauty of selling a product that's essential to maintaining access to work in America. We've gutted our public sector to enrich the private sector: and look how well we're doing! 😮‍💨

    • Ignore me, made this statement off of invalid information. It's always hard to adopt new standards and how expensive all the retooling and adjusting for the new standard is. It's just like how many auto makers are being (at this point, almost told) asked to change from larger process nodes to the more modern 9nm and 7nm processes. It's just cheaper to keep the same things in production than keeping everything up to date.

    • @mc mann No one is manufacturing a 9nm node, and I'm pretty cars don't need 7nm when there are cheaper nodes like 16nm(tsmc) that is still production

    • @Snoww Thanks for the correction.

    • USB-C is a thing in European cars for close to a decade by now. I will never get what ppl find appealing with these tanks. Even more nonsenseical when electric.

  • Nice it has a type-C port at the back so you can just charge the truck with that. Infinite range.

  • The car reviews are my favourites on this channel, so I'm happy every time I see that they keep coming!

  • Alex needs flash cards to help him with vehicle specs.

    • If you didn’t say anything, I would have. These videos are so well done, but there are a lot of fact corrections. Weight, horsepower, battery capacities.

    • @KaizagadeI didn’t mean to come off as rude. I used to sell cars, and I know how hard it is to recall all the specs while trying to perform. That being said, these guys are all fantastic!

    • And I very humbly apologize if it was.

  • I really like the style of your reviews Alex, very honest and fair, and it feels like the views from an "everyday driver" perspective and you're answering the questions that normal people would ask particularly around usability, space, and problems you've encountered. If I could, I would buy one based on your review. Top marks, keep up the good work!

    • Can you review an F150 Lightning?

  • I've seen many a reviews of the Rivian now, but everytime a new channel does it, I still watch it. The car is just so beautiful and well-engineered. It's a shame their stock is not doing to well. I want this company to keep producing cool vehicles, and not succumb to the silicon valley bubbles and pressures.

    • The way they did their tech is such a shame. This vehicle will be EOL in 5 years which is not what you want on something this expensive.

    • I would like Rivian to survive, but I don't think it can be said it's well engineered when it's costing double to produce than what it sells for.

    • @danomitepoop yep someone finally said it, the things are impressive because they lose money.

  • Always love it when Alex is truly loving a vehicle and or having a great time.

  • I'mcurious about the charging port in the winter time. Around here, cars will freeze over from time to time and I'd be interested to see how it handles that

    • Rivian owner here, in the PNW. Having had it since Oct. '22, It took the winter pretty well. Didn't freeze over the charging port too badly, and if it did, a little coercing made it open. The only problematic thing was when we left it charging overnight, and when returning in the morning, the water from the night had frozen on/into the weatherstripping on the truck in the charging port door, which took a bit of scraping with a flathead screwdriver to get the door to close properly. Other than that, never had issues with the charge door or flush door handles for that matter during the winter.

    • ​@Xe_Legend they should really put in a small resistive heater to melt the ice, my last Subaru would freeze around the gas cap so bad I had to keep a flathead screwdriver in the car to pick it off so I could put gas in my car

    • Another R1T owner here to chime in. I live in the Twin Cities where we get plenty of below 0 days and had no issues with the door handles or charge port door

  • It’s speed even on all terrains is really impressive. Wonder how fast it would get with some grippy tires.

  • I liked how Alex gave the Canadian horse power numbers, and the editor had to on screen the real number.

  • Absolutely love the car reviews! Alex you’re doing a great job ❤

  • Such an amazing review. I especially love how you actually put in the work and cover the details that most news outlets and reviewers just gloss over or don't go into at all

  • Gotta be the Ford F150 Lightning next right? That's the competition for this and I'd love to see how it matches up to this.

    • I wish I could mash-up the best things about the Lightning and the Rivian into one truck. They each have some really strong points over each other from what I have seen. On the Lightning I especially love the ability to use the truck as a whole home battery backup in case of power outages. And the power output in general on the F150 really outshines the Rivian if you want to use it to do work. You can even run a welder off the F150. I am really afraid that power-station concept is going to be a one and done since it is kind a niche capability and must cost a fortune.

  • The Ioniq 6 seems like it deserves a video on here, especially considering the praise the Ioniq 5 got

    • Sure if they can access to one in Canada.

  • This has been an eye catcher for me for a long time, but I have to admit the F150 Lighting is a strong contender too. Please do it next.

    • You have almost 80K to spend on a truck with poor utility? Lol, that's quite a bit of disposable income.

  • I programmed the manufacturing line that built the motors for the R1T and got to drive one for a while, it’s an incredibly nice truck!

  • Stunning Rivian! I’m looking forward to get my R1T soon!! ❤

  • I've seen the F-150 frunk and I was impressed. It's nice that it's much more accessible from a lower height. I'd like to see Linus store is LTT backpack in that frunk.

  • the key thing is disappointing, you shouldn't have to rely on phone as a key or an app to make the vehicle work

  • It's worth checking out the Rivian story as part of Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boormans "Long way Up" series. I've been a fan ever since.

  • Alex, I've been waiting to see this review from you and the Short Circuit team FOREVER. I purchased my R1T in late June 2022 and knew that Rivian was going to be a hit with you and anyone else at LMG. Excellent review!

  • damn, that acceleration with this wind resistance. Basically like driving a castle. imagine this kind of power in a aerodynamic car.

  • I would totally love a Linus Automotive Tips channel, even if it only uploaded a couple times a month. Not only for car reviews, but deeper dives into how some of the car tech works? All the sensor arrays and stuff that the automotive channels touch on, but don't really go in-depth with.

  • There is never a real reason to get a truck like this for a real truck owner when you need truck things.

  • Can we give Alex a one-time bonus in the form of this truck?! Mans is a legend.

  • Thank you Alex for voicing a sentiment about trucks I also have (near the end of the video). I live near Toronto and so many people seem to just use a truck around here as either a status symbol (look how big mine is!) and/or basically... IDK... an SUV/minivan. Which also makes it a PITA when you're driving because you can't see past this oversized vehicle that someone wants just to show off. Yes, *some* of them are actually being used as work vehicles, but in the suburbs? People quite often buy them because they can, and it's big and shiny.

    • If you haul large and heavy things around most days, get a truck and use it like a truck. But if you're a normal person, living in a fairly large city who needs a car for getting around.. It should be almost illegal to have large, vasteful cars. Japan has the right idea for city cars. I love a big powerful V8 as much as the next guy. But I fix computers. Even if I were to carry a ton of "good to have" things, I could do that in a 80's Civic.

    • what are you talking about, youtube is riddled with 15 minute bug pod channels complaining about trucks.

  • Yay! Was looking forward to Alex's review of the R1T! Well done and great car insight's as always! Truly one of my favorite EV's at the moment.

  • The bike lock is low key one of my favorite features.

  • I didn't even think of it until Alex said it, but an Rivian R1H/W would be amazing. Volkswagen is apparently developing an ID.2 that may have the Golf branding which would be cool, but I'm not sure I'm on board with this whole curve everywhere concept EVs currently have to get the most out of range; I'll have to see it when it eventually comes out.

  • You have got to get your hands on the Ford F150 lightning. If you like how the R1T drive then you're probably going to like how the Lightning drives because the Rivian R1T/S were prototyped and built off of the F150 chassis originally. I think that the lightning after an over the air update can now do sub 4 second 0 to 60. We're looking forward to your review of that truck!

    • Not sub 3 seconds, maybe sub 4 seconds for the Ford Lightning with the update. While fast by most standards, still not nearly as fast as the Rivian.

    • @Matt Brown sorry, mistyped. Meant 4. Thanks for catching that! I've edited my og comment.

  • You guys need a separate car channel with videos this good now...

  • "And also we have, a very loud Miata. Hell yeah!" I like the way this man thinks

  • I love this truck already and This video made it even better! I have concerns about the placement of the First aid kit though, as it should always be stored not loosely yet not inside of something you have to open, preferably somewhere in the interior, so you don't have to worry it not being acceptable when you have a crash. In this vid it seems like i couldn't even access it when a car is parked too close next to it.

  • I've wanted an R1T since Marques did a review -- seems great. Headlights are a little weird, but in a fun way. IIRC, there's an option for a slide-out tray for the gear tunnel -- that way you don't have to crawl in, lol. I also don't recall him having the key issue like you did... maybe it liked him better?

    • If you're interested, I recommend JerryRigEverything's Rivian videos. I found them extremely entertaining.

    • @Howard Ying I’ll definitely check that out too! I only recently found out than man did things other than destroy and hardness test electronics, lol.

  • There is one large difference between the F150 and this Rivian trunk. With the Rivian you have to lift up your luggage quite far (over waist), while the F150 has the trunk edge below the hips.

  • Nice video guys! Alex never disappoints!!!

  • I remember that with the gear tunnel, you can edit it, and have like a full tent/kitchen setup. Looked cool

  • Alex, you know we love you! Excellent review and it was fun to see how much you enjoyed the R1T. I listen to your reviews a lot, without necessarily watching the screen. Would y’all consider correcting technical details like the trucks weight with audio instead of a visual asterisk? It would make a big difference to me, perhaps others.

  • With one motor per wheel you can do perfect torque vectoring. That is how they can make it corner so well for its weight.

  • I’m glad you pointed out the cupholders in the front and in the back! Makes me want to buy this truck.

  • I live about 30mins from where these are built, so exciting to see them on your channel! Glad you like them I see them almost every day around here. Hopefully one day they’ll have more affordable models.

  • I want to build a dual 10 Inch subwoofer box for that gear tunnel. And have the bandpass port directly where the center of the rear seats armrest open up. Wonder how this will sound.

    • I'm curious how an electric vehicle would respond with adding amplifiers in general. What kind of milage will I lose from my listening habits.

    • ​@Aaron B I'd just hook the amps up to a separate battery system. If you're setting up the subs, it wouldn't be that much more of a hassle to put in a standard 12 volt battery for the amps somewhere. And make the subs easy to turn on and off and then different EQ settings. Obviously.

  • when i first saw the headlights (online) i was like.. thats kinda funky, but then ive seen them multiple times around where i work and oh man.. ive grown to absolutely love them. I haven't had the chance to get a more indepth in person look at the truck but i would love to. But unfortunately their test drives are only limited to people who reserve one (last i checked)

  • Would love to see ShortCircuit check out Lotus' EVs whenever they become available.

  • I know it's not totally your wheelhouse but electric torque numbers don't apply the same for some reason. Real world torque will be and feel dramatically different. Like less than half. I'd love to see you guys do a video on it since Evs are relevant and the torque thing applies to all evs cars and motorcycles.

  • Yes never forget, always make sure to step on the gas pedal in an electric car 😂

  • You guys should really test out the hauling performance as well

  • Super expensive though most who buy it won't ever use it as a truck, so same as with 95% of trucks though

  • It was a treat to see how enthusiastic you were while reviewing the Rivian.

  • I cannot reach the cost of the Rivian but as new vehicles go, it is at the very top of my wanted list.

  • This was a great review, and that truck looks like a lot of fun. SUPER expensive, but you're right, trucks are always expensive (even used ones). You should see if you can get your hands on the Toyota GR Corolla. Give it the beans, throw it around a corner, and I'm sure you'll have a good time.

  • Alex for a high performance truck handling comparison try a 4th gen 4runner with and without X-REAS delete in either V6 or V8 and that's about as close to a "race track truck" you can get

  • Looks awesome! Seems like every other manufacturer is way ahead of Tesla now.

  • I couldn't agree more about the city trucks thing. It's the same in my area. Jeeps as well. I see so many Jeeps that you know never touch anything but tarmac.

  • man the shots with the car in movement is just outstanding

  • I couldn’t care less about trucks, but I enjoyed this video! Thanks, Alex and Co.!

  • This car looks awesome, thanks Alex for the nice video

  • Idea @LTT Lab: if sound in vehicles is difficult to control due the the reflection off of the glass, could you use one of those surface mounted speakers, that vibrate the surface to create audio, to cancel out the reflection? Quickly test this out and patent it for cars, theaters etc and build me and my two kids a gaming rig each as payment.

  • The Rivian looks interesting but I do wish it came in a regular cab long bed configuration. Some of us actually do use our truck as a truck.

  • I honestly am not a guy who has ever liked trucks but this is one truck that I genuinely love and hope it could be my future 1st (if i am luck) or more likely 2nd/3rd vehicle that I would own. 😍 very beautiful truck. andny 🤣 " I know something we can say" my fave segue so far 🥰️

  • My only problem with EVs is that when the batteries died you have a giant expensive brick where it's cheaper in the long run to just buy a new vehicle. The truck is cool, and the space in between the bed and cab is perfect for luggage for going on trips

  • Evs are cool and would be great to have but the infrastructure isnt there for them yet combined with the astronomical costs for some vehicles is insane hopefully that industry evolves quick

  • The gear tunnel is awesome for stuff like hockey sticks, camp poles, untreated 2x4 etc

    • would be better if the bed extended there, maybe then you could actually fit some basic plywood on the bed without it sticking out. Would be cool if it extended also under the back seats

  • Alex and his sound effects need to be on a sound board!

  • I just bought a Zero Motorcycles model DSR/X electric motorcycle. EVs are cool. Zero is a California company, been around for 15 years now. The electric motor does make a little whine, but it's very quiet and gets covered up by the wind noise at road speeds. Loved this review. The R1T looks fun.

  • Great reviews! Keep it up. For me I see too many things that are electronic that could be mechanical & will suck when they break. It's a truck of party tricks. I guess my problem is I'm think of a truck from a work perspective & this is just not that kind of truck. This is a luxury truck not a work truck. Really wanna see a Ford lightning review. See the pluses & minuses between electric trucks now that we have some. Cool stuff.

    • Unfortunately no modern pick up truck is a real utility vehicle. They're just terrible, heavy, oversized, unsafe, swollen passenger cars. Which is awful for everyone and everything - for people who actually need a utility vehicle, for the roads and cities, for pedestrians, for their own owners (both in terms of safety and fuel consumption)... For that kind of vehicle, the Rivian is pretty good, but it's not a good type of vehicle in and of itself. I'd like to see Rivian make a smaller car better suited for cities.

    • @Grejp Kelj you guys do know modern pickups have different SKUs right? the same RAm has a 6 wheeled utilitarian only skew with an uber expensive LARAMIE luxury version

  • Excellent video. I wish I had 85k for a truck that nice. I wonder if there could be a follow up video for vehicles that are actually owned by the team. A five year or whatever year later. Check on battery life and software support for the vehicles.

  • I like these car vids, I'm probably never ever going to be able to buy one of these, but alex still makes these entertaining to watch

  • more more more. Love Alex's reviews!

  • I'm with Alex, if I had the money this is the electric vehicle I would buy. I wish there was an electric sedan on the same level of detail, fit and finish but nothing is close to Rivian at this price point.

  • This is a pretty darn good review.

  • I want to see a Rivian R1T truck do major off-roading stuff like how a modified Jeep SUV would go. I bet with the proper tires, the torque from the electric motors would help it climb anything with ease.

    • JerryRigEverything has some good footage off roading with the R1t

    • problem is that its 7,000lbs body will be a death sentence in the snow or mud, you also have to be careful in not tearing the tires.

    • ​@odisy64 people can overland semi trucks, with a wide enough tread you can wade over any sand

    • @well as an expert I'd say then thats the issue, you have bigger tires that require more torque for a gear system that may not be designed for it. people brake axels all the time doing this. but tires like that would also kill range from the increase road resistance.

  • Cool truck. It's also great to see some Labs results.

  • Only thing I'm missing in the EV vids would be the battery specs. And by that I don't just mean how much kW, but the voltage and the architecture. Like is the rivian a 800V EV? Does it have Li-Ion or LFP batteries?

  • Would love to see a review of a Model 3 Performance vs a regular Model 3

  • we have several rivians around omaha now. one works near my house, and the guy drives it in all conditions. they do look good on the highway, and theyre so quiet when compared to anything else with a cargo bed. im a fan.

    • was behind one on the way back from Omaha.

  • Alex is a gem as always, I just really don't care for car videos at all, luckily they only fill up a small part of their portfolio.

  • That front view is HIDEOUS

  • Check out the camping cooktop and sink options. The slide into the gear tunnel

  • 1:35 Ooh that’s satisfying 😌 this is pretty nice. I’m not a truck kinda guy and if I was I’m still picking the hummer but this looks really good and I love the color I’m tempted 👀

  • The loud Miata was definetly the highlight of the video

  • I worry about all the electronic dodads over time. Charging port cover being needlessly automated is #1 for, I would be shocked if that doesn't break at least once over 10 years. I want a car to be a car first and have cool tech as a secondary, Rivian feels like cool tech first and the car is secondary.

  • On the subject of offroad capability, what's the consensus in the offroading community w.r.t. weight overall? I could see this having some issues on certain surfaces and inclines because it's just so damn heavy. The electric motors and the whole drive system will probably do fantastic work, but looks like current F150 also has the same width tyres (275s) and weighs about a ton less (depending on various things obviously).

  • I second the R1W. The road needs more wagons

  • The R1S is what Ive been actually liking. So expensive though 😢

  • I got mine last week in Vancouver, it’s absolutely the best car and truck I’ve ever driven

  • Pretty darn good review of a pretty darn good truck. I pretty darn enjoyed the pretty darn footage. Thanks, pretty darn short circuit!