I Made 100 Players Simulate 1000 Days of Civilization in Minecraft...

čas přidán 31. 03. 2023
The end is here… sit back and enjoy 100 Players Simulate Civilization for 1000 Days on my Minecraft SMP

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100 Day concept inspired by @LukeTheNotable
Civilization concept inspired by @WilburPlays

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Thank you ClownPierce for the epic clips: / clownpierce

00:00:00 - Intro
00:01:00 - The Beginning (Day 1)
00:16:50 - The New World (Day 100)
00:27:23 - The Apocalypse (Day 200)
00:36:53 - The Flooding World (Day 300)
00:45:17 - The Amplified World (Day 400)
00:52:47 - The Arctic (Day 500)
01:01:35 - The Floating Islands (Day 600)
01:10:30 - The Cave World (Day 700)
01:19:09 - The Shrinking World (Day 800)
01:32:39 - The Finale (Day 900)
01:50:30 - The End Is Here (Day 1000)

In this video, I attempted to create Civilization with 100 Players for 1000 Days in Minecraft. It’s a 1000 day challenge, and it’s super intense. I had a lot of fun and laughs! I love doing these challenges!

Not Minecraft, But Hardcore Minecraft 100 Days, or Minecraft, But I survived hardcore Minecraft for 100 days and this is what happened, or any other 100 day challenge like that. This is I Spent 100 Days in a SCP Minecraft and Here’s What Happened with Luke the Notable and Forge Labs or 100 Days as a Shapeshifter with Silver but 1000 Days To Create Civilization In Minecraft

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  • You fools, It was never about Peace, Anarchy, War, Chaos, or anyone in that matter, and I tried to warn you. Those shiny artifacts you get for what? Fighting. But you’ve been fighting the wrong person this entire time. It’s not the watchers, burgeria, upuc, lunaris, GRC, or anyone for that matter. The real enemy is [REDACTED]. I tried to warn you, what did you think those 1v1s where for? But it was all useless. We could have stopped him, gained all the power in the world, but no. You just wanted your shiny artifacts and to prove that your good at pvp or good at building bridges. Well guess what, that doesn’t matter, you thought you won? no, he did. Why do you think he gave us artifacts in the first place, to fight over. He wanted us to fight, he wanted this to happen, and we could have stopped it, but you fools where too caught up following false idols and fight pointless battles. The right man in the wrong place makes all the difference in the world. And I was the right man. I foretold this, and you all left me in the dust, now you all shall feel his wrath, for spoke has won.

  • I like how there's all these nations and clownpierce is just like"frick it I guess imma john wick all the civilizations at once" what an absolute unit

  • I just imagine a traveler coming across the ruins of mountainia and just admiring it all, knowing a story they never heard.

    • @Ocital I would do it but I have bedrock and little internet access if you ever host any others and I have java and good internet access let me know because that sounds pretty damn interesting

    • @Ocital nice

    • This is modern history

    • Exactly!

    • @Ocital if you do it again I’ll play

  • Lets take a moment to remember, the fallen kindoms that used to be. My favorite was mountania, its was the first dominant civilization to exist.

    • burgeria >>>

    • Mountainia is overrated. It looked like they got overwhelmed easily with no defenses while having more people. Their guys didn't even look armed

    • @Hyper Zniper lmao, remember grc vs anarchy? yeah, think before you speak

    • Yeah, i really liked the farming nation, too bad they didn't last long.

    • Anarchy, it is the best, no one shall withstand the chaos cause the power of anarchy, it if just not possible, I would’ve joined, tho I lost Internet connection, else the anarchy would be stacked with tnt duplicaters.

  • If I'm gonna be honest, these events didn't feel like civilization events. They just felt like pvp servers with some extra steps So much senseless killing happened, and you needed to be good at pvp to actually get anywhere and have fun.

    • I think the only way to truly stop this is to make a few mods for technological advancements, culture building and politics. The ones who get together will advance and rise, while the ones who only try to fight will be wiped

    • @Leo Williams Wow. I actually changed someones mind on the internet. How many other lies have I been told by the council? Thanks for the debate my friend. It takes a strong man (or woman) to change their mind and admit to it

    • @OR56 actually yeah you're right

    • @Leo Williams no. it would be watching CIVILIZATION. There would be diplomacy, and building, and, yes, some fighting, but it would be more than an anarchy server with teams. Because, I came to see civilization, not anarchy.

    • @OR56 yeah but doesn't just waiting around for people to do stuff seem boring too

  • To think this started with players making a nice friendly base on a mountain, it's insane

    • Not if you know history. It's expected.

    • @Russka TheRealOriginal Yeah. They should have reborn mountania

    • I can expect some random civilization suddenly worshipping Mountania as a holy ancient god kingdom or something like that.


    • “But civilization wasn’t created without humans” Apes

    • Hi terry!

    • Why are there no reply’s? Anyway love the vids terrain

  • I know it’s a part of real life too but I feel like griefers/anarchists always ruin these, they are still fun it’s just really annoying when these pvp sweat lords come out of literal hell with lava rock armor when everyone else was chilling and having fun. Still these are always fun to watch

    • @duckface nah

    • True they legit have no goal just to ruin the entire sever and it is really boring

    • civilization vids are always fun

    • @FunForU it gets annoying when the griefers / anarchists are too powerful when both are equally powered it gets fun

  • Before my speech: Spoke this was very fun and I met lots of new people from something I started with two people, so I really couldn’t have done it without you, thaddayyus, and Jasongamer9000 Thanks for probably the best game of Minecraft I’ve played in a while

    • @Xylobomb he's not the doctor, he's the cure

    • @Babyrock Productions I volunteered to fight in Vietnam

    • Hello 049 how have you escaped containment

    • hi mr Pogchamp

    • @Ilyas Fakhimovic he's not the disease, he's the doctor

  • The situation of Clown Pierce getting all the different artefacts in the call was hilarious. I just imagine a big tall intimidating figure just going up to people trying to smile and giving them gear while everyone knows him as a murder and one of the most powerful people.

  • Damn, flashbacks. I never knew how fun these could be, you see ji first started out as an anarchist and thought all that was worth in these events was being recognised by spoke, but I've learned that, that's not the fun of the events, the fun of the events is making friends, grinding, and.. trying to create civilization. All the memories spoke, from the Ranchers to Gru Inc, TPC and finally: UPUC.. I've made so many friends, so many fond memories, I don't think you realise this. Thank you Spoke, for making these events. Thank you Fjunior, Pink Boy and Silent gamer for helping me and Peter form TPC, Thank you PeterInuk for not killing me, and instead accepting me to join him, allowing us to form the TPC. And, B1llst3r.. I want to thank YOU so MUCH for letting me into the ranchers, thank you for allowing me to realise the joys of civilization and peace. Oh, and Gru! For being a great friend in real life, and in-game. These events have been a blast, I'm sorry I couldn't explain this in Shadows video.. But that was yours, not anybody else's. And for everybody else, please: TREAT LEADERS AS HUMANS, I've gotten harrassed so much by random people thinking I'm bad, or an attention seeker, were humans, here to have fun. I can't wait for season 2, and as always: FOR PEACE! FOR PROSPERITY! TPC ON TOP!

  • Can we appreciate how much effort is put into these videos ❤

  • Just got done watching... I need a cup of tea.

  • This was a super fun experience old man. Gave me something to look forward too each saturday. Such a shame its coming to an end. Cant wait to see what new content you have planned. The watchers will be waiting :) ~Abbx of the watcher clan🤓

  • Thank You Spoke for all of these 100 days events. These events pulled together so many of my old friends and also introduced me to many more from your community. These events also gave me and so many of my friends more clout like Scarecrow and ShadowShowz's channels which got so much more support with the event. Most of all I would like to thank you for giving me so much fun these past 7 weeks in which the events I participated. I speak for all of The Watchers that we had some of the most fun we've ever had online. These events also pulled together the Watcher community even closer than you could imagine. Thank you Spoke, I hope to see you grow further and host more events for the community. ~ Chalchis_10 of The Watchers

    • A new war has begun

    • @Ibrahim Hassan what

    • @Plague__ Doctor49 plague

    • ​Lilithan Chrispiford the 4th do you have discord? i'd like to be able to send you some images.

    • Lilithan Chrispiford the 4th dude we do claim territory usually moving after everyone logs off and we've never hid underground to grind for gear and we kill other people for there wealth and gear :/

  • Hey everyone! These events meant a lot to me and helped me reconnect with a lot of people I never would've played with otherwise. I've gotten easily 3x better at pvp since I've started and the events were overall a great time and even a challenge for the last one since it was us versus everyone. I do want to say that I hope everyone had a good time and have a nice day. :D -Encrypt of the Watcher Clan

    • @Jeremy Wallace they ended a long long time ago, spoke doesn't do them anymore

    • how do yoh be apart of these man ????

    • @encrypt64 hes just jealous of you

    • did we ask

    • @apollo Bald

  • Spoke: “The Beginning” 80 percent of the people there: Full Enchanted Netherite

    • Dam tryhards

    • Its between day 1-100

    • @duckface Having tons of everything you could have and at least 1 giant epic build

    • @Mahad Baloch lmao whats end game to you then? a minecraft emulator made of redstone?

    • Fully enchanted netherite isnt really hard to get Its kinda early game

  • This was a fun ride Burgeria. Thank you for the incredible experience Spoke. It was one like I had never had before. But for now; GOODBYEEEE

    • @Turkey he said "for now"

    • 2000 days in minecraft civilization???

    • Pretty sure its specified under another comment that this is the end of season 1. Implying more are coming.

  • Thank you spoke for hosting these events it really has been really fun you must have to go threw so much stress running these like dealing with server lag, hackers, and making sure everyone has a good time so from the bottom of my heart thank you.

  • It's interesting how these turn out, usually there are possitive and negative sides that rise and fight can't wait to see how it turns out!

    • @Smith ik maybe they could implement a rule around the wars and how often they occur or maybe add natural disasters so that they have less focus on war

    • Yea they are fun to watch but I wish that conflicts would be a little less prominent so we could see cites/civilizations develop

  • got the popcorn, here we go!

  • Man I wanted more of this, probably a bit more organized. Maybe someday.

  • Let's pay respect to all the legendary players out there: Astralix, the Queen of the mountania. Clownpierce, the most powerful player on the server. Hamburger, the leader of the burgaria. Sinister_Apollo, a true burgarian. TravisTheMiner and N3ghtmare, true anarchists. M1ni0n, leader of the peace collittion. Plaguedoctor, glorious supreme leader of grc. (He forced me to write this) Cookies, a great griefer. Shadow, the dragon slayer. Sn0rlax, leader of the wingdings. Sbup, the Farmer. MonkeLeader, the rich guy. And Scarecrow, a true soldier. And thank you all the nations, mountania, chaos, anarchy, Grc, the wachers, burgaria, wingdings, farming, sky, UPUC and ellipce. In the memory of the fallen mountanians and all the others, Who brawely defended their homeland and most importantly, in the memory of Reggi the Dog. (Suggested people from comments: RRHS, RjustRiz, Goldrush, Blizn. I can't remember everyone, okay, my brain capacity is limited and this comment is already like three months old.)

    • where am i >:(

    • @Kylerrr depends on Who you are talking to. I don't have one.

    • Awesome stuff bro. You got discord?

    • @Gamerman971 same im crying super rn

    • @Gamerman971 you know, i just can't remember everyone. I'm adding "suggested" section where i will put people.

  • I just found your channel. One of the best days of my life! This is exactly the content I LOVE but I can't find enough of! I'm definitely gonna binge all your videos! Thank you so much!

  • It was a great long and overall enjoyable journy, i met so many new people and got to make many new experiences that i never expected to find in this block game. All these events that ive been in (7) and all the friends that i made along the way. These are things that i shall cherish on forever, thank to everyone and spoke for this great journey and also MILK NATION ON TOP! Walt_Alt (Sorry if there are any grammatical errors, english is not my frist language)

  • damn, not only the video itself is crazy in the most incredible way, the editing is golden as well, Your videos always put a smile on my face!

  • Thanks spoke for hosting these events it was really fun I made friends and met cool people that I still talk to. Thanks spoke! 😁

  • Maybe you can do something similar, but make the players search for preexisting artifacts well hidden in a custom map

  • I never really participated in the events, but i loved watching the streams and videos, maybe there will be another 1000 days? maybe with the earth map or modded?

    • Same !!! I want to be part of such a project but I just don’t know how you come across one …

  • Needs to be a ongoing series. Would tune in for every video.

  • I was already laughing out loud by the time he said we wouldn’t be where we are today without civilization

  • There better be a season 2 for some sort of civilization serires becuase I never got the chance to participate :(

  • MY GUY, WHO WON. THE FINAL BATTLE?! YOU SHOULDA TOLD US! But, that aside, holy crap. This was incredible. Definitely worth the 2 hour watch. The last words, the rising of the watchers, the eventual turn from anarchy vs peace to upuc versus the watchers, which was the same at heart. Civilizations rose and fell, and i won't forget this for a while. Beautiful show, my dude!

  • This is just making me wanting to play more minecraft

  • I kinda wish for there to be a season 2 of civilisation events.

  • the watchers were at first the worst thing to ever happen to the Anarchyists, but later on I realised that they were in fact the best thing that could have ever happened to them: A nation so powerful and threatening that peace as a whole could not exist, Anarchy won, through the existence of the watchers.

    • there were so many wars to start an era of peace but peace never started so chaos/anarchy won ez clap

  • I loved this. It was incredible,all the different nations and leaders. Snoralx speaks the truth in his final words.

  • Damn you should put this in theaters cause this is a masterpiece

  • In the future I'll tell this story to my children, this is a MASTERPIECE thanks Spoke I enjoyed your content and vids. It taught me a lesson about civilizations, this is like the real world.

  • The bad part about the gamemode was the Increasing lag so many players and half the time you cant get in because of the sheer number of players.

  • never underestimate the might of clownpierce, he's a very good pvp'er (32:26)

  • I think it would be better if nametags and cursor maps didnt exist and lava casting was an insta ban Also every civilization should have a town hall that when destroyed or re-populated gets taken over by changing the color or a beacon

  • Honestly, if I could manage to get a group together in something like this, I think I would make a facade on ground level of small farms and homes and seem like a small group of people and have a bunker society hidden a little deeper in a forest. Living underground as a defense would be extremely effective, and if organized right could easily be the most prosperous. The key to it is keeping it hidden at all costs, otherwise you'd have to move the location and that would be a pain.

  • Clownpierce was the best villain in this video imo. He single handedly destroys nations and he forces nations into hiding also by himself.

  • Well, this was truly great and well put together! Great effort :)

  • I think the artifacts were a nice addition to the lore

  • I love how at the end he's lecturing about a peaceful world when this is the entire point of the events

  • amazing dude, the wingdings finale words were very wise and was just perfect this experience was amazing and I always wanted to join one of these

  • Dude I’m so hyped these events were loads of fun

  • This series is truly awesome!

  • I’m so excited to watch this while eating some pizza tonight! i’ve been following through the entire series through this long journey

  • when he said "that's a nice bridge!" I really felt that, truly deep stuff man

  • An epic tale of friendship, betrayal, tragedy, chaos, emotion, and forbidden truths.

  • Wow! Awesome video! Though it's a bit more PvP heavy than other CS-tvr's Minecraft civilization experiments, it's very entertaining. I have an idea for a final battle, as the arena-battles are a bit messy (lots of things happening at once), I'm thinking of having players spawning in a huge labyrinth, where they have to group up and fight with a bit more tactics.

  • I love how clown pierce went down in the books he was a straight legends

  • I love how clown pierce has a main role but will become one of spokes biggest enemy’s!

  • I want this event to go on forever


  • Should have a custom resource pack for the server so enchanted gold slash netherite look like crowns! Would be quite nice to see

  • It kind've all turned into PVP battles half way through, didn't it?

    • It was pvp since the beginning of the video ngl

  • i want to participate in one of these events so i hope there is a sequel to this series ;)

  • Notice how ppls builds was actually looking good in the cave world bc no one had fought yet for their bases to get destroyed, the watchers were even able to get a whole tradeing hall started

  • You gotta do a modded sequel of this!

  • The Wingdings seems to always have the best base architecture

  • As soon as I heard, "Mountania is a place that welcomes everyone" i just knew it was gonna get destroyed soon

  • aCookieGod: Obsessed with leaves Spoke: Obsessed with bridges

  • I think this should be called "100 Players simulate Anarchy for 1000 Days" Instead.

  • man, I want to join a server like this

  • This was sick! Wish I found this channel previously

  • Because of this video, ill subscribe to you This takes serious dedication and planning, that its absolutely amazing Great video

  • When you next ever decide to do this add a mod that allows players to talk to eachother in-game

  • It would be awesome if you made an artifact that needed the cooperation of two teams

  • I loved this series it was so good!!!

  • It has been such a great journey playing your events Spoke! I loved having something to look forward to every weekend. I can't wait for your new content!

  • At the end, we grew and fell, but at the end, the only thing that reminds is the world that you walk on, you were the first but never the last, and though you are gone, your legacy will be told, and that was why you fought.

  • You should have done a nether world with a bastion, crimson forest, basalt delta, and fortress. That would have been very unique.

  • In a challenge like this if there was no border the first thing I would do is travel tens of thousand of blocks out with a few friends and just start a hidden group that wouldn’t be found unless by accident

  • cookies is an actual chad dude. all alone but still doing so much to change the course of the game.

  • Ah, I'm really sad this story can't continue, unless, yk you continue it, I think a lot of new viewers will like to join the story. And as you said "the war was never won, nor was the war lost, the war hasn't ended, the battle for power continues". So, if you can, do it, because this story didn't really end.

  • If I’m not there on time imma just wait till the end. Because I wanna see every last bit of this

  • CC: You are now the official leader of mountinia, this is a beautiful moment Someone in chat: YASSS SLAY QUEEN

  • this looks cool i want to do something like these and be in it

  • I never did any of the events, i think i came in a little too late! But if you are to do a season 2 I will be sure to join in and have some fun :)

  • this is so good i watched the whole 1000 days twice

  • What it meant to be a peace nation was forgotten

    • @Plague__ Doctor49 if i were in the event i wouldve used wither turrets and silk touched respawn anchors and army of raid mobs anarchy wouldve ez clapped grc with this

    • @apollo HA BALD

    • hi

    • @Plague__ Doctor49 plague_doctor69

    • Conbramble

  • These events helped me met many new friends and... Plague_Doctor48, thank you Spoke for the good time.

  • Bruh clownpierce was a madman. Also watching the meta change in every event was interesting


  • Played in events since Water rising event and good to be in the upuc thank you spoke for making these events I will be waiting for season 2! :) - Fakeio

  • This looks promising... time to make myself comfortable!

  • Suprise no faction formed with the intention of collecting all the artifacts

  • Thanks for all the fun events spoke!

  • because of clownpierce's kind act in the last challenge, im gonna sub to him. its so wholesome!

  • this was legendary, thank you so much

  • Been with you since 9k subs, love watching you grow my man ❤️⭐️

  • honestly spoke you put so much work in these videos if i could i would give you the best youtuber in the world artifact

  • i watched this entire video and this was epic it has been quite a while since i've watched the entirety of a 1+ hour video

  • I loved watching this, it was like a movie, watching the rise and fall of many nations. It was very entertaining. And I gotta say, my favorite nations were WingDings and Watchers. Also loved Nightmare, Scarecrow, Snorlax but my favorite, ClownPierce. Loved his no mercy and absolute dominance, and then his peacefulness toward the end. Also forgot abt shadow, liked him too. But my favorite thing out of everything was the Cave base bye WingDings, it was great looking. And respect to the Watchers for not destroying or griefing it. Even they knew it was too nice to destroy. Overall, great video

  • Please keep doing these kind of videos love em

  • Clown pierce always dominates in these so the fact that civilizations have to team on him to beat him is insane🤣