I Made A Giant 20-Pound Jiggly Cheesecake • Tasty

čas přidán 15. 06. 2019
JASMINE PAK - instagram.com/jasminepak/
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  • I never hard Alvin say sh*t

  • 1:44 how cute

  • Alvin: woo I forgot what a physical effort this is Me running 3 miles: huu what you say He is acting sooooooooooooooooooooooooo over dramatic (no hate)

  • can you make giant gummy bear?

  • Its funny how when hes done with the foods he makes he always says "Look it went through puberty "

  • the 2.7k people who disliked the video didn't have the arm strength to make this

  • this show would be NOTHING without Alvins WOOH-s

  • Is it just me or in the thumbnail does the jiggly cheesecake look translucent


  • What about the big spoon on the wall behind you for mixing? And why didn't you use the KitchenAids for doing egg white whipping?

  • Giat German Chocolate Cake plz fo it pretty plz with a cherry on top

  • You're a God! Alvin: Oh thanks Homie.

  • Dowud ich habe vergessen zu erwähnen

  • Giant stroop wafel

  • Shred from sml wants to know your location

  • Make a Big big taco

  • Beef Wellington Philly cheese steak sandwich steak

  • who came here just for the jiggle XD

  • Can you make a giant ice cream on a giant cone?

  • Make a Giant sushi 👇🏾

  • make the biggest samosa

  • So this is alexis I phone never said that she work with you guys !

  • I see these vedios only to hear alvin talk.. He is super fun😍

  • I think alix was kinda flkrting with him Just felt a little bjt

  • I got a giant dick

  • 4:01 to 4:05 was it only me that heared the THX intro

  • Jasmine is so adorable. And so is Alvin.

  • He uses essentially alot

  • I find him very sexy

  • You could buy the egg whites by themselves, i've seen them in stores and you can save a shit ton of taht you just keep time separating the eggs

  • I can't even make a regular one, even If I follow the recipe step by step, what the hell?

  • Jasmine- Alvin always cuts a bigger slice for himself Alvin- in mind *no I don't!*

  • 11:34-11:36 did they forget to blur out a word? 😂

  • Can you make a giant tiramisu?

  • First one i heard said thank you in this series

  • Can you make a giant taco

  • I ship inga and Alvin so bad😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Who’s with me!!!!!!!!!

  • Suggestion Giant crepe

  • She got home zoned

  • no. it was not giant(taller and wider)...just wider

  • I'll let you mix my batter with your arms any day. They're so gorgeous! 😍

  • "why is this so heavy? Its just eggwhites" LMAO

  • Can you make a giant macaron?

  • flips it: lifts up pan: Alvin: Holy S***

  • Giant taco! Plz plz. Like if you agree!

  • Alvin..can please make a giant caramel pudding..

  • U know what u should invite Sundyy the rock or John cena

  • You should make a GIANT funnel cake!

  • They were giant utensils in the back in the kitchen 😅😅

  • can you make a giant macaroon

  • ...Goku will love coming here xD

  • You are a good cook 👩‍🍳.

  • Can you make a giant Bagel-Egg-Bacon-Cheese sandwich?

  • Can you make a giant leche flan


  • Giant jiggly cheesecake? More like MINIATURE giant jiggly cheesecake. It's not hard to find youtube videos where in Japan they make them at least three or four times that big.

  • Apple Pie

  • Make a giant steak or burrito 😱

  • Ideas Chocolate chip cookies Macaron Macaroons Churro Waffle Mochie (can't spell that) Chocolate Croissant Cake pop Cookie shot glass I'll edit this and add more ideas when I come up with some.

  • Mom:Time for bed Me: ×2 speed...