I Made Stuff With My Cat's Hair...

čas přidán 31. 01. 2020
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So today is a weird video. I've had this video planned for SUCH a long time LOL. I bought the book back in June, and I've been waiting for just the right occasion. Also, I needed time to collect the hair off my cat haha. I ended up not needed that much...I have quite a bit of fur left over. So if anyone needs a buttload of coffee colored cat hair, I gotcha covered 😂
I did have fun making this very weird cat themed craft. It's been awhile since I've straight-up crafted at all, so I guess making cat finger puppets was the perfect way to come back? If you're ever bored and want to make some unique crafts with supplies you have at home (if you have a cat), then I recommend trying this. Then give away your cat hair projects as gifts...your family and friends will loooove them and definitely not be weirded out at all. 😝
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In case you want to craft with your own cat:
The Crafting With Cat Hair Book: amzn.to/2uNF2gW
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