I Made The Legend of Zelda Boss Battles but they’re 3D

čas přidán 24. 07. 2021
I Made The Legend of Zelda Boss Battles but they’re 3D. . . Last time when I made The Legend of Zelda but it’s 3D, I said at the end of the video that I might continue on with the dungeons and boss fights in another video since I had never made a boss at that point. After a couple months I’ve finally finished up with doing all the different dungeons, along with the enemies and the bosses.

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  • Dude do you know where i can find that 3d game template. im just starting, any tips

  • What did you use to make the 3D pixel art?

  • Reléase this i need to P.L.A.Y I.T N O W

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  • remake undertale in 3d

  • Nintendo would make this 60 dollars

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  • oh it is almost whole game

  • I Made Sonic Dungeons - A Sonic Fan Game

  • You should ask Nintendo to let you use this for the Indi games for Nintendo switch

  • Nintendo should hire you.

  • 2:17 noice

  • You could've Made a color Shift Schäfer in shader nodes...Adam Cyounis Made a tutorial in that I think

  • And can you recreate pokemon red

  • Could you publish this final result i would love to play it

  • U USE KALI??!!

  • This looks so cool and good, I wish we could play it.

  • This is so Awesome! Looks like it’s made from real Nintendo!🤩

  • Hay cody how is this game name?

  • Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat how can u do this???!!!???!!!???

  • When will you release it?

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  • This is so awesome! Where can I play it?

  • make mario 3

  • This was originally called making Zelda dungeons he changed it though

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  • 5:47 mentioned a game ive played on a switch at my aunties house

  • 2:17 Oh sneaky.😈 Just look at the shape....

  • 12:26 "Ganon can disappear _and_ turn invisible" thats the same thing lol

    • No its not if its invisible you can still hit it but if it disappeared there is no way to damage it

  • New title idea: “Zelda: In The Backrooms”

  • Just take my fucking money and let me play this please 😩😩😩😩😩

  • Dude, release this. Mixmorris didn't get sued for Gun Mario 64 or SpongeGlock Squarepants

  • please remake the original pokemon red

  • were you intending to make the thumbnail look so dirty

    • Oh jeez I just realised that

  • 9:11 pause the video. Do you see the smiling face on link s hair?

  • I ❤️ You

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  • Please its my favorite game if you can

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  • Goon

  • Do we get a download? I want to make a 3DS port as I have a Unity for 3DS license.

  • Hey cody! Whats the theme for 1:22 like the music

  • i want to dawnload

  • Ayo

  • how do i play this?

  • i freaking love ur channel so much man

  • Be gone Thought!

  • Vary nice I grew up with this game in the 80's great job..

  • 5:43 and Minecraft slime

  • Zelda

  • Yay part 2 😃

  • Now do link to the past

  • In the first game you could name your player character... They are both Zelda.

  • I like your code

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  • WAIT, is it your game that is in EmuOS? It looks exactly the same

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  • Why are the enemy's able to move the blocks too

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  • The gell is like a creature from minecraft called "slime"

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  • Is there a download link of something?

  • At the end link is jammin out lol

  • please make a new gameplay with the dungeons now

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  • I always say Keese is plural for Koose and I always get yelled at by my friend, some one please agree with me

  • I watched the other 3 videos

  • i wanna play it!

  • I wish this available to play it looks so good

  • Can I say something? The two things on the door are circles that are decoration for the door and not lights

  • When I first heard you say “Death Mountain”: Think you said Mountain then gets confused when you said so it’s shaped like a skull. (I had to put the speaker in my ear to hear it lol)

  • Crate bomber 3 d game

  • 2:18 that's sus-

  • Pineapple

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  • POV: the patra has 2 blue patras and 100 red patras

  • My one problem is the font for the text

  • Plz make pokemon red,blue in 3D

  • OMG pokemon red and blue but in 3d

  • I have an idea of how you can make making textures a lot faster. So unity has a inbuilt function called shader graph. using shader graph you would beable to merge multiple textures/ emission map ( highlight certain textures in white and make a new texture). Because of this you can make one singular texture and just edit it in shader graph. Be warned my knowledge is kinda limited but from the looks of it im sure this will be of some help and there are plenty of tutorials out there that can help you if you find the need.

  • Are u using git-lfs?

  • the end of the video was so satisfying

  • Next make 3d games 2d

  • Way more effort than Nintendo ports

  • Try creating a 3d Kirby game or a 2d version of Mario 64