I Met A TOXIC Arsenal Player, So I 1V1d him... (ROBLOX)

čas přidán 15. 02. 2020
We met a toxic player in game and he was talking trash so I decided 1v1 him.
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  • this is how many times Tanqr said thats insane dude thats crazy dude | | | \/

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="59">0:59</a> the mg42 it's the fastest firing machine gun in the world

  • Somebody in Arsenal reported me for "targeting them, and killing them" LMAO

  • TanqR is hack fast shoot or they mouse Is FAST... 👏🏻👏🏻👍

  • If TanQr is a noob then he would lose BUT HE WON so he’s 10/10 pro

  • *OMG.*

  • I Hate a TOXIC PLAYER in Arsenal

  • i see you in your house

  • First of all he practised arsenal second of all your a sore loser thats being jelous of him third if i was there i would roast him so badly he will rage quit

    • hes coplaining about his NOOBNESS not LAG

    • Hes fluck guys >:)

  • I got the mop

  • leave you my friend request in the roblox


  • "thats CRAZY dude" you re SO Be TOXIC ACCEPT

  • this guy is toxic

  • 1v1 2kmz or look him up in Arsenal

  • Cubathelegand

  • My name is

  • Hi TanqR I'm a fan but I'm not that good at arsenal but do u want to 1v1?

  • The person below me is right

  • This person is just salty because he is a noob and doesn't practice so he is bad and say ppl are hacking just is they get a 10 kill streak or something

  • Lol that is like a noob toxic kid

  • 1 like 1 punch in TanqR hater

  • Can we 1v1 please? username skyloverbeast thanks!

  • tbh i wanna know what is going on in there head while being toxic

  • I though this was 2019, everyone is so trash

  • You not noob you like pro master

  • This should be a condom ad

  • I’m trying to get the golden knife in Arsenal then win


  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="82">1:22</a> when you wanna get killed by a youtuber ( im talking about the guy that stayed on the ground before he got killed by tanqr )

  • If you here(Mean to toxic)you just a noob dude you are very very toxic you should just cry he good but you YOU ARE NOOB And *When people say "HACKER" in arsenal and have no proof*

  • Laksh: Omg reach hacks!!!!! Tanqr: Dude, its a *GUN*

  • TanqR uses hacks or super computer I bet super computer🤷

  • He hit a no scope and did not say anything

  • Does TanqR hack? idk but wanna

  • Bra you are so goood

  • When people say hacker: say what hacks am I using? Skillaura?

  • Why don't you just report them?

  • TanqR can u coach me pls I need to get better

  • A "noob" is a person that is new to the game not somebody who killed ya mate!

    • I mean like that toxic kid be like "OMG NOOB HACKER!!!" you be like "hm wut aim bot?"

  • is it just me or do i find lakesh in almost every video??

  • I’m gonna star code you! That guy is a noob and he’s a noob at arsenal

  • this is how many ppl found Tanqr toxic! 👇🏻

  • Is that zero two

  • If he joins my server and bullied me I will leave and then go to your profile then tell you (Laksh14 is bullying pls help me)


  • nice

  • Why was zero two in the thumbnail

  • fact:noob is not a insult but its for a new player

  • not to be mean but why do u always say thats insane dude or thats ccrazy dude alot

  • Next video laks will download hack to defeat tanqr

  • Half the hacks he talks about i don't even know

  • If you have a problem aiming at arsenal, then this channel is for all who wanna learn to aim well...

  • Toxic kids are the people who blame you for cheating whenever you do pro gamer moves

  • Şţřæf

  • New update now

  • I like u yt

  • He a noob

  • How u so good at the game can u tell me plz.?

  • So good at this Game

  • Dude he got killed like 10 times and then freaks out when he gets a kill

  • Damn he got skill

  • Tanqr suck salmander is way better tanqr loves to cheat everytime he plays

  • I hate the longest reloading weapon I always die when I reload because I always die when I reload because I always miss the shot why is it only one bullet

  • el arsenal de el tiene muy malos graficos xd

  • That toxic kid is just like my friend lol

  • Lol how is tanqR a hacker when the hater is losing

  • I think the dude at the end just gave up,was sweating,was so mad,or didnt even try much at taht point lol.I think he might've got very mad most likely.


  • bruh he’s my friend on roblox what should I do?

  • How many "Hacker","Noob" or "OMG" he say ?

  • Is this kid an over grown creature lol coz I am a creature as well ::::)

  • 1v1 me tanqr my username:DarkFrost2500

  • I know this guy he is a prankster he pranks people and he knows you

  • Lakch say tanqR is hack bec he dies but its bec laksh is bad

  • He rage he is a son of bitch


  • If i Met he to play and he is bulling me i will say shut up and play noob

  • the second round is basically a montage

  • This is the toxic kid say “How”