I Paid $1,359 for 8 BROKEN Samsung Phones - Ft. Star Wars Galaxy Note 10+

čas přidán 28. 02. 2020
I Paid $1,359 for 8 Broken Samsung Phones - Ft. Star Wars Galaxy Note 10+ This is my first time trying to repair Samsung phones but I think I did pretty well (Mostly!). I replaced the back glass on the 2 Galaxy S10 phones, replaced the camera lens on the Star Wars Galaxy Note 10+, and tried to fix the power button on a Galaxy S10e. Two of the phones didn't need any repairs and the older Samsung phones aren't worth enough to bother trying to fix. Overall I think this repair lot turned out pretty good!

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About This Video: In this video I'm trying to repair Samsung phones for the first time. I bought 8 phones: 2 older ones (which I didn't try to fix), 2 Galaxy S10, 2 Galaxy S10e, 1 Galaxy S10+, and 1 Star Wars Galaxy Note 10+. I was able to repair 5 out of the 6 that I attempted repairs on so not too bad! The one I didn't fix actually ended up needing more repairs by the time I was done...but hey, that's how I learn. :-)


  • That screen though! Really messed that one up! Who wants to see more Samsung phone repairs?

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  • Fundsmental question: where to buy ORIGINAL QUALITY Samsung parts? Everybody claims to have original but they are usually cheap imitation.

    • The answer: Samsung doesn't sell those parts.

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  • Aw. You killed the S10e's display. But that's fine. It's learning experience when dealing with OLED panels. They are not meant to be stripped off the midframe, not unless it was already broken and you have a new replacement OLED panel to go on there. BTW, why the hell did Samsung design that power button to buried under the display? AFAIK all the Galaxy phones I repaired had their power button assemblies on the logic board side.

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