I Paid $145 for 2 BROKEN Spiderman PS4 Controllers - But Can I Fix Them?

čas přidán 12. 02. 2021
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I Bought 2 BROKEN Spiderman PS4 Controllers - Can I Fix Them? One of the controllers had a stick drift issue so I removed the worn potentiometer and replaced it. I also replace the screws because they were messed up. The other controller just needed to be cleaned up but was working fine.

Spiderman PS4 Pro Repair Video Here: cs-tv.org/tv/video-Puv-UfeofwQ.html

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  • If you haven't seen the video where I try to fix the two Spiderman PS4 Pro consoles I think you'll like it: cs-tv.org/tv/video-Puv-UfeofwQ.html

    • Where you buy the 3D Sensor Joystick from cause buying controller is expensive. Some controller doesn't like PGA Tour 2k21.

    • Does wd-40 work the same as bw-100 for cleaning the analog sticks ?

    • Could you fix the wii u

    • I noticed you're working too hard on those potentiometers all you have to do is slide them out pull out the sensor isotopic alcohol on the green part and then maybe put in another one of those sensors in that's it you don't even have to solder if you don't want to

    • $145 dollars seems to be very expensive. I'm my country dollar is worthy $5 by $1 . And I pay way less than $500 for a original new one

  • what analog sticks you recommend? on your page I cant find any sadly...

  • you are amazing

  • I bought this console in August of 2018. Happen to walk back to electronics and look at games and a employee had a buggy with 4 pro versions and 6 slim versions. I bought a pro model and I'm happy. However, my controller battery stopped charging. I changed out battery, charge port chip,and the ribbon. Still nothing.

  • I have one of the Spiderman consuls. And they only come with one controller per unit. So if you saw these and include two controllers with each unit, then the buyer has done quite well for themselves.

  • This man can fix a broken heart after a break up

  • Hey man , I have an issue with my ps4 . It turns on but only loads the ps4 logo when turned on and then turns into a black screen with a white light . I’ve tried everything in the safe mode no progress please help

  • What is the app you are using to test the controller?

  • Any suggestions to fix a broken/Semi death battery PS4 controller. [when connected to PC after fully charging it DS4windows shows 100% battery, but the controller looses connection quite fast [about 5-10 minutes before disconnect] even when connected by USB cable]

  • I would like to see you fixing some retro consoles in the future

  • I was cleaning my potentiometer because of stick drift, then my Dualshock 4 v2 suddenly won't sync to PS4 or even PC via cable or bluetooth. the controller only responds to 3 things: 1.)pressing PS button, 2.)pressing reset button, and 3) plugging it in. Its response is two orange blinks, but it doesn't charge or connect. Have you had any controller like that? thanks!

  • I need 3 PS4 controllers fixed. Where can I send them? Can you do it?

  • very good job XD

  • I really need one of those microscopes👍

  • How the heck could someone mess up a Phillips head screw that bad 😳 🤦‍♂️

  • Awww, u didnt show the jcpcb spider boards. Would have been perfect to go with the controllers

  • Yes

  • Another awesome video, thank you for sharing.

  • great fix steve 2 nice looking spiderman joypads :)

  • I am totally surprised that you don't have a strip screw bit... they seem to be far less hassle than getting out some kind of grinder or a cutter to make new like Flathead screw heads

  • Hello! I am about to replace a analog stick with a higher tension analog stick from battle beaver. When applying the new one, are there any calibration issues I may run into when installing the new one? I'm assuming if I apply the contact pins correctly I will have a properly calibrated thumbstick correct?

  • I would love to be able to do this! I’m confident with my soldering and I can tear down and put back together no problem but I jus KNOW that if I bought a broken ps4 off of eBay that I’d get one with a catastrophic failure that I couldn’t fix 😞

    • @TronicsFix I don’t currently have one but thanks so much for the offer! I’ll stick a 📌 in that for later 👍

  • @tronicsfix How did you manage to just solder those pins out? I can never get all the solder out to remove the potentiometer, let alone the whole stick. Share your knowledge sensei 😍

  • Do u have to solder when fixing drift

    • Not always...watch my video coming out at 8:15am today.

  • TronicsFix have you ever covered or heard of the ps4 safe mode loop?

  • Not sure if you've done this before or know how to fix the problem, but I recently bought a used PS4 and just being on the menu, it started freezing up. I did take it apart and cleaned out the fan and heatsink and made sure it had good airflow. I will be putting new thermal paste on the motherboard as well. I have tried redoing database and it seemed to help the system slightly but it still freezes the screen after a while on menu and in gameplay.

  • Nice vid. I have to re-comment, cus last one was spammed...gaming laptops cough cough*

  • I wouldnt pay that much for 2 brand new controllers

  • Great video 👍🏾

  • I’m guessing no, but do you do a mail in repair service? After seeing you fix the annoyingly loud coil whine issue on ps5 I wondered if I could send mine to you. It makes me wanna ram my head on the wall🤣

  • 7:35 That's how you can end up with a screwdriver inside your hand.

  • Hi, based on Nexus memory on ps5 is very hot. If we add thermal paste or thermal pad. How much will l reduce then temperature

  • can you upload work on gaming pc's???

  • Your videos are awesome! Greetings from Brazil.

  • Why are the prices for the broken items always absolutely ridiculous?

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  • My ps4 controller is about shot so thanks for the video on fixing them

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  • This man so smart... It is the king of fix games console in the world.

  • What type of flux you're using? I'm currently fixing the HDMI port on a PS4 FAT from my friend.😃

  • I think I have a new video for you, Fixing the YLOD on the PS3 by replacing the NEC Tokin Capacitors. Looks like it would be a fairly long video. This is great news to bring many of the older backwards compatible consoles back from the dead.

  • hello I have a question I recently bought a ps4 (console used)after 30 minutes I feel in the room strange smell coming out of the power supply(something like a hair dryer,burn) I changed the thermopaste thermopads but it still stinks I think it's a power supply Do I think right? what can be done about it?

  • Do you know when you gonna make another apple video I enjoyed them

  • I think the screws saved the life of that poor controller. Imagine the person who did that to those screws actually trying to solder on the board!

  • Geez, I was holding my breath while you were unscrewing that first screw on the second controller. Thanks for making it pretty quick or I might have passed out:)

  • It’s kind of funny that, after watching hundreds of hours of these types of repair videos (and doing very few repairs myself), i’ve turned into quite a competent repair guy. Replace displays, caps, switches, resistors, batteries... no problem.

    • I have yet to fix my ps4's wifi bluetooth adapter so my controller stops lagging and randomly disconnecting...but ill hopefully be able to fix it tomorrow

    • Amazing bro 👏

  • @tronicsfix have you tried any hardware modding? Like xbox 360s?

  • Hello, I would like to see the dualsense drift repair

  • Hi can you like donate one of does Xbox one elite controller to me😅

  • What software is it you use to test the controllers?

  • You got me into soldering and repairing stuff man. Didn't know i could make so much money from the parts section on ebay. people have no idea how good their equipment is

  • If you buy 20 PS4s and all 20 works can you do it give away

  • what is the liquid u use to resotter the pins on the controller?

  • Wait, what does he spray into the analog sticks? I have the samee issue, but cant get rid of it.

  • I have insane stick drift, but I'm too scared to fix it. I'm also too broke to get a controller. Brokelife sucks

  • I’ve heard if you use a rubber band on a stripped screw it’ll grip it enough to get it out

  • Really neat. I've fixed a few PS4 controllers myself. Do you think you'll ever create a video covering PS3 systems, particularly, the fat models or is that too much for you to handle?

  • get yourself some reverse drill bits for stripped out screw heads

  • Hey does anyone know where to find replacement shells for the new nintendo 3ds xl. I serched up everywhere put i could find them in the internet.

  • That’s definitely one of my favorite limited edition PlayStation consoles. In fact, i preordered it and is still part of my vast PlayStation consoles collection.

  • Another impressive mission accomplished Steve.

  • So there are alot of lawsuits involving the stick drift you just fixed lol. When I heard about the lawsuits I thought TronicFix explained what causes stick drift.. especially with the dualsense.. its because sony using the same joystick hardware as the dualshock.

  • You could just clean the sensors with alcohol and a qtip. Worked for me on 2 xbox controllers

  • hey man, do you have any ps3 controller to do a repair tutorial? i have one that just died and tried to diagnostic it using a multimeter but i dont know where to find correct parts. the problem is 4 small capacitors that doesnt have energy passing.

  • whats that software you use to test the controllers? is it available on linux?

  • Your camera's a little out of focus or something going on with it just to let you know it might need to be clean the lens maybe love the videos keep it up

  • Me: 3 screw heads stripped. I hope I'm able to get at least 2 out without drilling them out. 60 minutes. TronicsFix: 3 screw heads stripped. Removes all with screwdriver. 5 minutes.

  • I got here at around 350k and I blinked and you are almost at 800k!! Wow! You deserve it Steve!

  • I'm not sure what you do with the rotary tool you mentioned. But one trick I try to remove stripped screws is use a tiny drill bit. Drill just a little until its in the screw and then use the drill bit to rotate the screw. Often the drill bit gets enough purchase on the screen to get it to rotate. Nice repairing. :)

  • can u fix my controller for payment my scuf vantage had a drift problem when I bought it but I ignored it and when I finally sent it back for repair they said they didn’t have the parts and at this time they stoped selling vantages at that time I have nowhere else to repair or send it to repair that I know of if u can’t do it so u know somewhere to recommend I’m willing to pay a fair amount to get the controller fix if u can do it of course

    • @TronicsFix try scamming someone else

    • @TronicsFix gotchu bro 👍

    • @TronicsFix ok 1 Subscriber really try harder

  • What software do you use for game pad testing?

  • oooooo can i has one

  • I have a question my PS4 pro if i put a disk in IT wont Read IT, but if i then hit a couple of Times on the place above the disk drive he reads IT. How can i fix this?? If i can fix IT at all.

  • those screws were ruined 😂

  • I wonder between WD-40 and de-oxit what is the better choice. Adrian's digital basement squirts de-oxit into any potentiometers on the old electronics he repairs. It makes a huge difference. Not sure about wd-40. But he has old tvs that work 10x better just from a little de-oxit. The various knobs were causing the problem.

  • They are complete now. Great!

  • Almost at 800k subs!!!

  • How you never have problems with L2 and R2 triggers? 😃 I have bunch of controllers where those are not going up to 100% and needs rubber pads replacement.

  • For removing stripped screws try placing a wide rubber band between the screw and the screwdriver. It greatly increases the grip. Edit - someone already suggested the rubber band trick. Left handed drill bits also work very well.

  • Hey it would be really interesting if you could test if the different fans on a ps5 have better cooling than one another. Like if the louder fan is better at cooling than the quieter one. No one has done this and I think people want to know.

  • Awesome video man I’m learning a lot from you

  • Mad respect man! I hate stripped screws.

  • Spiderman, spiderman, plays ps4 like a spider can.

  • Pls can i have one of the ps4 pls i don't have any consoles pls and download fortnite on it pls our wifi is so poor

  • Use a rubber band with screw head to get a better grip

  • I have had success turning out stripped headed screws using a rubber band across the screw head then use a screwdriver to get some turnage on it. Sometimes it works, it is just another tool in the arsenal of ideas. Nice find on the controllers and thanks as usual for the well produced, informative vids!

  • What software were you using to check the controllers ?? I wanted to check my controller too

  • Love you bro

  • What programme are you using to check the controllers? I couldn't see it listed along with the tools. Thanks.

  • Whats the name of battery connector piece on the motherboard? Im working to on a controller but i didnt finish it cause i cant find this piece.

  • Best way to remove a stripped screw is a rubber band between screw and driver works great

  • I love fixing controllers. People basically give them away as faulty and buy new ones whereas the old ones need repairs that cost about 1$ in parts. Your videos helped me fix at least 5 different controllers so far! I'm working on one right now that I can't fully fix though.

  • What program /app did you use to diagnose that it had a drift at the beginning

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  • Man I can't find the part you replaced for joystick sway. I have 3 controllers that are basically brand new and do that annoying drift.

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