I Paid $224 for a BROKEN PS4 Pro Death Stranding - I Was Disappointed

čas přidán 16. 10. 2020
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I Paid $224 for a BROKEN PS4 Pro Death Stranding - I Was Disappointed - The listing was for a broken/for parts console from eBay but no indication of what was wrong with it. After some testing I found it had the blue light of death (BLOD) but when I opened it up there was nothing obviously wrong so I'm guessing the problem is something with the APU chip. Since I have a working PS4 Pro motherboard sitting around I decided to put it in and see if that would work. Not a very practical fix but at least I was able to get it working.

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About This Video: I bought a broken PS4 Pro Death Stranding edition for $224 from eBay. No real indication what was wrong with it, just being sold for parts, but the box had an "inspected by Best Buy" sticker so this might have been a customer return or from a salvage lot. Unfortunately, when I got to testing it had the blue light of death (BLOD). Once I opened it up there was nothing obviously wrong so I'm guessing the problem is something with the APU chip. Luckily, I happen to have a working PS4 Pro motherboard sitting around so I decided to put it in and see if that would work. Not a very practical fix but at least I was able to get it working.


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    • $224 for a PS4 case um, ok

    • @TronicsFix I was wondering what tech I could fix that doesn't cost a lot of money to get so I can make money?

    • Is there any possibility that I can get my Astros A50 fixed?

  • I always wished I had that hands console... even if it was just junk.

  • You sure love your thermal paste.

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  • I mean... I'm no console repair expert, but I would have checked if the power button was stuck down, or registering a press at all times. Would explain why the console turned on by itself and gave incorrect lights?

  • Just one question how would I do this with the disc drive on the original ps4 because mine died some time ago and I bought a replacement but there’s a smaller board that connects to the motherboard and I’ve tried everything but cannot get it to work correctly. It will read the disc to an extent it will either show it as ps4 format disc but cannot play it or unknown disc is there some way of fixing this?

  • I got one ps4 pro wifi not working wen i connect to ps4 y?

  • Sometimes you hafta call Mickey Mouse for repairs :)

  • I didn't think the perfect amount of thermal paste existed , until now...

  • I find your videos oddly calming 😆

  • This model hace coil whine?

  • Reflowing it would probably work but but I guess a couple hundred for a defective PS4 ain't worth the hundreds to tens of thousands for a ersa style machine

  • I really wanted to start buying these and fixing them I have a friend that can reconnect smc on a pcb but honestly there is no reason to there is just no profit margin or any incentive unless you're making yt videos on it

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  • Me: putting away my ps4 so I can focus on my studies. Roaches: it's free real estate.

  • Death Stranding is a fantastic game.

  • How do consoles get infected like that won’t it like instantly fry the roaches or the system ?

  • Manage he’s the creator of ps4 the best fixer

  • I would comment on thermal grease application but it was perfect amount

  • I love you💜🙂

  • You should learn how to/get the tools to fix the Blue Light of Death, it would enable you to fix a lot more salvage consoles

  • I kind of wish I would have gotten this limited edition ps4. I think I might have been in the market for a ps4 around the time this edituon came out...

  • Wait isn't the motherboard linked to the blue ray logic board?

  • Good job 👏. I'll always like your videos. 👍👍

  • I remember a time when I used to pay 10% of the value for savage items. Now with ebay people pay way to much for savage items. back in the early 90's when I was a teenager I used to buy as is store returns directly from radio shack and repair them. used to sell them after repairing them for a nice profit. Now it's not worth your time repairing them when people over pay. Now if I was making youtube videos like you then it would be worth it as were you make the money is the video views.

  • I have that problem with my ps4 kinda I turn it on I wait until it reaches 100% and it freezes then I turn it off then I turn it back on it shows the ps4 simbol and then it does not load it just turns off

  • Why not invest in a bga rework station and reball the apu?

  • Great job!

  • Hey tronics! Are you a PS4 player yourself?

  • working grate? but you dont tested any game

  • Hey! If you're reading this I have a broken xbox one x that nobody seems to know what's wrong with it I was wondering if there was anyway I could send it too you!? And maybe you could check it out

  • I see at first glance that it is too clean in the console and the thermal paste is not original. someone was already in there and made it look like it wasnt opened. and for the hdd...the auction said "parts may be missing".

  • Ive got that console as a gift the only thing I worry about it that it gets hot fast is that normal please help it gets hot at the back of fans and the back on top of console gets hottest,??

  • Where is a good place to buy a used PS4 pro that has been gone through like this with the perfect amount of thermal paste applied?

  • brilliant

  • I wanted to do this with my death stranding dualshock, do you think it's crazy? I've been using the console and the controller for almost a year, I wanted to buy a black dualshock and change the components to make the limited edition look like new

  • guys help i think my ps4 is turning off by itself.I usually leave it on and when i come back to it i always find it turned off and not turning back on easily

  • Reball?pls?try

  • Why would you pay that much for a broken one? It's not even worth that working now

  • Amazing! Never thought I'd be finish watching this video!

  • Did ya get some money back from seller for no HDD, or no. Don’t blame yeah for salvaging Mobo from PS4 Pro case; as dealing w/ a roaches home.....just ain’t fun😉 Glad you got the PS4 working, even though wasn’t what expected, & now can recoup some money(like how some ppl think that when new generation consoles, hardware comes out....it makes the last gen stuff worthless; & funny when they offer you $50 for a Xbox One X project Scorpio brand new w/ mcsft warranty & tell you that not gonna get more money cuz new Xbox comes out in 1.5 yrs 🤦🏼‍♂️ ; gotta love the biz side of a biz huh 😆). Cheers✌🏼

  • how do you know how much to tighten the apu bracket?

  • Did the listing say the controller is not included, because it was shown in the listing?😑🔎

  • I’ll sell you mine and it still works still lol 😂

  • $224 for a PS4 case um, ok

  • Cool getting a ps5 for 50 bucks a good deal ???

  • You don't use thermal pads either I take it with the thermal paste

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  • Hi, which alchol is used for cleaning a electronic? 99 % rubbing alchol or isorophic alchol?

  • Can I send you my ps3 its acting up and it won't edgect or accept disk and doesn't read when I press the disk button it just turns it on

    • I reported you

    • Wait you’re the fake one

    • Never mind but thanks I fixed it myself but can you fix my iPhone 6 it just needs a screen replacement

    • Okay .

  • Isn't the disk drive married to the motherboard?

  • Ноутбук 31 поменял бы чип на изи.

  • Is not about this video but maybe can give me an idea. I have 2 ps4 with problems. 1 :L2 doesnt work,i cleaned whole controller,change pression plastic and nothing,but press left stick forward and walk and aim at the same time... 2: has right stick drift. I cleaned and changed the small white disc conectors but still drift(little less)... Any idea?...Thanks.

  • wanna buy my ps4 original cant get a controller to sync with it! and already replaced it now it just sitting around collecting dust

  • You can never do this with new Apple iPhones.

  • Watching you apply thermal paste give me so much anxiety. I have been using the same tube of thermal paste for years!!! GODDDDDDD DAMMITTTT

  • Death stranding What an amazing ... brain dead uber simulator xD

  • Damn that's alot of money for a broken ps4 even a pro I mean what's it worth fixed like $300 if that?

  • I would say its relatively safe to rinse totally in ipa or even distilled water. I've cleaned some smoker home mother boards under the tap even and they've remained complaint free so far.

  • I don't really know a lot about PS4s, but that seems like an awful lot of thermal paste man

  • PS4: Death Roach Edition

  • Excelent video! I replaced the memory thermal pads....and when i try to open it again...its attached to the metal part...i can´t open it. Any suggestion???

  • You need a Cotton bud sponsor next 😂😂

  • Love that you showed the actual listing so we see what we all can expect from the console.

  • You need to fill it with Chiral Crystals.

  • Best buy sell broken parts?

  • Can you buy my xbox one x for parts?

  • my ps4 turn on for about a second and turn back off please help

  • 6:30 thermal paste

  • Guys,reflow does not work on ps4s,stop asking..

  • hello, a friend has a broken ps4 pro, it does not turn on, when I press the power button, it beeps twice and turns off. where can the problem come from? thanks

  • i have seen where excessive heat paste will cause weird things because paste with a conductive property like artic silver can get in there by the little resistors around the cpu.. and cause weird lock up/ reboots.. i would have cleaned around the cpu a bit more and used a little less paste when reapplying.. but none the less another great video.. thanks for sharing.

  • I just recently subscribed to your Channel because I was trying to fix like 3 PS4 controllers and it helped significantly unfortunately I can't say the same thing for my PS4 optical drive but hey it's all working progress right thanks for teaching me man

  • dude i payed $400 for my Death Stranding PS4 Pro. best decision i ever made. I love this console!!

  • That PS4 looked brand-new, clean as a whistle no dust in fan or dirt,how can it have blue light of death? Wouldn't this be under warranty still (before u opened it obv). U should have tried to reball it. I thought blue light of death was from over heating?but no dust?

  • Someone plz!! 4:01 What's the ribbon on the disk drive called? It's the one that has the mini clamp. I keep buying the wrong one on Amazon and ebay.....

  • just a thought, could be worth doing a video attempting to fix an APU problem? fixable or not it could be good insight into the effort involved in trying to sort one of these?

  • Re-balling some chips isn't that hard, especially the smaller ones with the slightly larger solder balls. Is that a particularly difficult chip to re-ball, and does re-balling it actually fix the machine?

  • Hahaha Reading all the comments. It seems no matter what you do Steve, you will always get picked up on the small details. Anyways, awesome vid as always. Keep up the great work👍

  • You should try to fix monitors or tvs

  • @TronicsFix I have a problem with my left joycon, wonder if you can suggest a fix. Recently I've noticed that the click (when you click it down) is activating on the slightest touch of the stick, which is making some games hard to play. Just move the stick gently and it registers something like 4-5 clicks in one go. I thought it was a bad stick so bought a replacement and fitted it but this is the same. The slightest touch and it registers as many clicks.

  • put it in rice

  • Where can I buy broken ps4 controller

  • Give me a console ... I'm just a young kid from Russia and I can't afford it ...

  • hold power button , i think it peeps 2, or 3 times? to come in recovery menü

  • My PS4 slim disk doesn’t go in fast and struggles with taking it in all so my controller randomly disconnects even when full charge what do I do help

  • @TronicsFix - I am having some trouble... I can not find anything on google, maybe you could help? My Xbox one S 500gb will not play games. It will download apps and games fine, it will run apps just fine, but games... digital games, disc games, all of it. It doesn’t play it’ll just crash! I’ve tried every OSU1 method I could find, I’ve bought a brand new 1tb HDD and watched at least 18 videos to partition it properly, I’ve formatted both drives at least 6 times; I’ve done everything I found... it will not play games! It is updated to the most recent dashboard when I check on the console itself. When I check the troubleshoot menu it says I’m on dash 19041.4333 dev build. It will play dvds, it will read a game disc but they don’t play. Digitals do not play either! Help? What could it possibly be.

  • Yo bois I have a problem with my Ps4 disk drive its a Blackops 3 1215b I think . I notice overheating so I decide to take it apart again to clear all of the dust out since that what fix it before, and what do ya know it fix the overheating. But when I put the ps4 back together the cd drive wouldnt read the disc at all it would grab and spin but not read it, I even open a new one just to test if it was my discs. It wasnt my discs. So I open it up agian and decide to run it with out the caseing just to see if it was moving or not, etc. It stop moving entirely, the lazer, the claws, nothing moved after i open it agian for some apparent reason. Nothing looks damaged at all even the wires are in good shape also they are put in the right way. Everything works exept the cd drive. What yall could think???


  • Anyone can fix a broken PS4 if they have a spare working motherboard LOL

    • exactly,so much for a repair video..

  • I enjoy your videos but i noticed u still haven't learn to do complex fixes. Wud be nice to see u truly revive a dead ps4 from its grave, Not giving up or saying its unfixable when u knw there r people out there that can actually fix it. I hail all the way from Nigeria and the issue i have is I don't have a controller. All i get here are fakes, very fake they barely last 2weeks without developing some fault. I wud really appreciate a ps4 controller from you. Even if its a fixed one. Thanx

    • You should watch more of my videos if you think I can't do complex fixes. I don't do APU repairs because many times it's a complete waste of time...not because it's complex.

  • nice save on a beautiful case.

  • Is thermal pad change necessary

  • How can I learn how to fix electronics?

  • Once again the Perfect amount of Thermal paste saves the Day !!

  • I have a year old ps4 pro I cleaned fan but it overheats soon as I start up a game. Help

    • clean the vent and change the paste.

  • I need some help. My 3ds XL lost a part of the right hinge, and is frozen, cannot turn off, and the top screen is very lose. Anyone here can help me out?

  • Aren’t the disc drives married to the motherboard?? You swapped the motherboard and the disc drive still works.

    • i think only the Fat model has married drives.Slims and Pros dont need anything,like the later ps3 slim models did,those that had 3 ribons.