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    • Future Autoalex vid "I bought a written off Aston!" 🤣

  • Jimny 👍 Wrenching with mates 👍 MCM flag on the wall 👍

    • Is this now the best 4wd channel in the world?

    • Yasssss!

    • The first thing I saw... MCM banner!!! Had to check if I had picked the right vid 🙂

    • Imagine the day Auto Alex / MCM collab feature film 🤔

    • @TyDontDy YES, this would be a hit video for the car community for this year 🏁

  • Love how taylor explains everything so clearly but funnily at the same time , absolutely love your duo guys

    • @A B good 1

    • @Dab you're a relative of mine, through your mother

    • @A B why you so triggered? Is Taylor a relative of yours?.

    • @Dab Actually, it doesn't. Auto Alex implies Alex is in charge, not Dab. So go find other content

    • @Confectionery Corner tbf I think it might just be his accent

  • Can we all just appreciate the fact that Taylor has 2 S4 B5's in the workshop and both are the best colours you can get on an S4? Gotta love Imola Yellow and Nogaro Blue

    • Are you Kentucky Ballistics' British cousin? You look like you could be his cousin.

    • 205 gti as well 🤘🏻

    • @Stjepan Lukenda yeah same here. The Netherlands doesn't have nice cheap cars.... But they're so amazing

    • @Manoah they look and sound SO good, I want one, but in my country every good car is so expensive..

    • @Stjepan Lukenda yeah I am a big B5 fan, own a Brilliant Black A4 B5 1.8T from 1998 myself I love those cars

  • Warms my heart seeing an absolute dog of a car get some much needed love ❤️

  • Make sure you get the correct diff ratio to match the rear. They varied over the years and between models

    • @Jesse Brown I am not familiar with the Hardrace ones . I took a look at them and cannot see an "adjustable" one. If they do one I would be very cautious as these arms take a lot of battering and people have had experience of some aftermarket arms breaking in use, I would imaging that any adjustable element might weaken them

    • Martin Sir, do you have any experience with the extended radius arms? I'm looking at the Jimnybits one's but I think the Hardrace ones are better because you can adjust their length. I don't like the Jimny lifted currently because the castor settings are not good.

    • The legend himself!

  • This is reaching Clarkson, Hammond and May levels of Top Gear awesome fun. Keep this up :D Love this channel

  • The reason there is water in the diff is because it dosnt have extended diff breathers and when it's gone in the water the heat has crated a vaccume and Sucked the water into the diff. You need to extend the breathers front and back, and the gearbox and the transfer box. Run them into t pieces that Finnish at the top of the snorkel.

    • @David Holden on Wranglers too, lift them and the breather hose comes off. You notice when its too late

    • I had that happen on a Series III Land Rover, totally wrecked the diff. Extended breathers were fitted!

  • I fucking lost in when Taylor said unloading cocain and Alex got excited xD That is a massive amount of cash being put into a prime shitbox, but then again, its a jimney. So far, this is my favorite video. Love the work you guys are doing.

    • @Dani Santabárbara They’ve closed Rufford!

    • Project Jimmy has to go through Rufford ford or similar at some point. Please mates

  • This is the Taylor we like,informative and funny with very little camp stuff. " I need a holiday" "I need a shit" 🤣🤣 Good episode 👏

  • Yes, more Taylor!

  • Both the camera operator and the editor are incredibly professional; you can feel it with some of the closeup shots and the cuts like when the bonnet is removed. Fantastic! Such a shame they are not named on CS-tv! They deserved it!

  • Rory cracks me up, he's clearly the voice of reason amongst the chaos :D

    • I feel like these builds would take at least twice as long without Rory stopping them pissing about the whole day 😂

  • Taylor's laugh is brilliant, its very infectious. He's also brilliant, a properly good addition to the channel

  • Amazing as usual! Great banter and great laughs! Taylor and Alex are the best combo there is!

  • I actually love this channel never fail to make my day better! Alex, Taylor and the team, you are amazing!!!!

  • Not me (someone who doesn’t own a Jimny and probably never will) going onto the jimnybits website because they sound like absolute legends for sorting the lads out with goodies 😅

  • Taylor bloody rocks 🤘🤘🤘 just perfect how he "acts as if "he didn't see the bonnet lying on the floor.. just mint..

  • These are the sort of videos we wanna see! Progress on the cars! Will be so good to see this built up into a little beast.

  • I love this project so much, can't wait an upgrade and see that Jimny in some offroad action.

  • I love these follow up videos. This is the type of content I signed up for. Can't wait to see more content with the Jimny and X-trail🔥. Love from Kenya 🇰🇪

  • Enjoying this series on the cheap cars. Also the Mighty car mods flag in the back ground fits this episode well, MCM the best 4x4 channel on CS-tv.

  • I love you two! It's such great chemistry! You were the heart of car throttle. I'm glad you've done your own thing and it's great

  • Fantastic video as usual, really enjoyed this one. It’s made we want to do more work on my Jimny so I think I’m finally going to get round to doing my front wheel bearings and all the bushes on it.

  • Alex and Taylor together are brilliant. Love the vids, keep em coming.

  • What a Jimmy episode thanks Alex Taylor Dan and cameraman for making this follow up video and all the teams that collaborated and made it possible providing everything. Time well wasted on this one 👍

  • such a dynamic duo you and Taylor make, he's an awesome addition to your channel, can't wait for the next one

  • Random person- "Wow, that DB7 is absolutely wrecked, who would even..." "SOLD!!" - Mat Armstrong

  • The big little Jimny shall conquer all!!! Nice stuff though that looks sick!

  • I usually think the antics are a bit too much, but this video had the right mix of cars, fun, things in the shop, telling the story, etc. I really enjoyed it 😀

  • Car throttle suffers without you. You've gone and made your own crew and it's great

    • It was so obvious in their last video, some pairs work like Alex and Taylor but the Throttle chaps need a third person.

  • Great stuff, but the diffs need to be filled via the hole in the middle of the diff not the top. It looks like you topped it off from the top of the diff via the breather port. Oil may seep out of the bearings if shes too full

  • Taylor is sooo knowledgeable and looking forward to his xtrail upgrades , great episode guys 👍

  • My favourite channel.this. I look forward to every upload. Taylor is so knowledgeable and explains everything really good. Alex is just proper cool. Also shout out to the mighty car mods flag

  • Brilliant episode guys, having a great laugh with your mates while getting that little Jimny pimped 👍

  • Great video as always. Love Rory being more vocal from behind the camera, he truly has become the third musketeer.

  • The absolute talent that this channel oozes it just amazing!!! KEEP IT COMING!!!

  • I almost want to say I liked the old wheels better. Especially considering how much lighter I'm guessing they were too. Would probably have cleaned up nicely with a rattlecan or two and some bigger tires.

  • Love the chemistry here, well done. Glad you have your own channel now.

  • Bruh, you're absolutely killing it with these videos! Glad everything is going good with the (new) channel ^^ Keep it up

  • Man i loved this vid! Big thanks for JimnyBits for sending all this cool stuff!

  • I love this duo. I love Jimny's. Great video as always, Alex!

  • Fun to see Alex actually working on a car :D

  • You guys are absolute gold together!! Comedy and auto together. DUDE!

  • Alex, Taylor and Rory - the ultimate trio is finally back! We missed Taylor didn't we guys?😇😊

  • I've not even watched this video yet, but I've liked it and added it to my watch later. I'm waiting until I get home so I can sit in front of my big-ass TV and give this video my full attention. You've built something great here, Alex.

    • @Autoalex Cars If it ain't broke, don't fix it. The format of your videos that is, not the shit cars... They'll always need fixing!

    • @Michael Lachevre I'll still be driving shit cars, that much I do know 🤓

    • @Autoalex Cars Can't wait! The hard work you put into all of this is incredibly clear. Just a constant stream of quality entertainment - no letting up on your part, and that hard work pays off. Seeing you making appearances on AutoTrader is nice to see. Who knows where you'll be in a few years from now!

    • Thanks Michael. This one is definitely an episode to be enjoyed on a big screen 🤓

  • Love your enthusiasm Alex it certainly puts smile on my face

  • Great video, Jimmy Jimny looks great! Good choice on the Wildpeaks but watch for premature cracking between the tread. I had a set a few years ago and they started splitting in less than a year. 😕

  • I lost it when Alex drove over all those components at the end. Every video released has my crying with laughter

  • Fantastic build, brilliant video as always, hilarious!

  • Honestly the best content there is, keep it going!!! Loving every second!!!!

  • Taylor is an absolute knowledgeable gent. Love that guy!

  • i cant wait for more 4x4 videos. Id love to see it getting painted with off road paint

  • As a proud owner of a 2004 Jimney this was a joy to watch 😂

  • Good to see a classic Alex video, more of this stuff please 🙏

  • I'm actually in love with Taylor. He's so funny 🤣🤣 and informative

  • Good to see Taylor laughing his ass off at Alex's antics! The innuendos are always funny to hear

  • I really enjoyed this video. I enjoy them all, but this one more than normal. You should show more content like this

  • Man that thing is a beast! Can't wait to see it finished and in action 😁👍🏻

  • Should of taken the front axel that came with it 😂. Love seeing the jimny being restored to its former glory

  • Must say that the new alex channel has a lot of what the old wheelers dealer had and what mike and ant then tried, and imo failed, to replicate. Taylor is just ed, and alex is mike. Loving the content

  • I get a warm fuzzy feeling seeing absolute shit boxes getting some TLC. Even when it's not economical to repair. Makes great content. Better than watching brand new sparkling motors. Great stuff as per usual Alex 👏 👍 👌

  • Amazing video! Greta to see the build process more and the explanations!!! Really really good video :)

  • honestly love you guys, this is amazing can't wait to show it to my dad

  • Love the video lads! I own a 06 Jimny got it 2 years ago on 17k (now on 24k)... Was literally thinking of selling it and going back to going on finance. But after watching this vid has give me hope and inspiration to get parts upgraded and make it even better. Am not mechanically knowledgeable about the in's and out's of cars so I do need to search for a local expert (north west). Parts I'll be looking to upgrade are suspension (car hates speed bumps meaning my back now hate speed bumps), engine (if possible...) I don't know if my car has the issue because the previous owner (who was in his 60s) put twin exhaust on it but my car is extremely loud and the RPM is a issue when I feel I have to be in 5th gear to be going over 30. If anyone has any advise or know where to direct me would be much appreciated.

  • Definitely the closest thing we've had to what just seems genuine friendship and chemistry between presenters since JC, RH and JM. Yeah I no, another Top Gear mention but it's a positive because I really enjoy watching these two idiots bounce off each other and it not feel forced. Also Taylor's mechanical knowledge and explaining is brilliant.

  • Brilliant, thank you so much for making videos that are funny and instructive at the same time. Cheers

  • Real role reversal, Taylor is the only guy that can turn Alex into simply an assistant.

  • Keep up the amazing content as always Alex and the gang

  • you must put a turbo kit, would be good with the rest of the upgrades

  • Killing it with the vids Alex Rory and Taylor 🔥🔥🔥

  • Been too long since I’ve laughed and enjoyed a CS-tv channel as much, love it alex keep it up 💪

  • As a jimny owner I can tell u now there one of the most fun vehicles to own

  • Off roading videos are so much fun to watch

  • I laughed way too hard about the seal joke 😅

  • Without doubt, Taylor is the real star of this channel! Dry as hell and quietly funny!

  • I do love a Jimny! Can't wait for the next episode on it. As for shit cars, I am thinking of buying a lovely 2001 SLK 320 with a manual gearbox. Seemingly, the roof works, long MOT, all new brakes, and serviced. I've been wanting a drop top for summer... going to get it bought before summer is here.

  • Tbh just seeing a Christmas tree still makes this video worth it, great effort again guys such a funny duo, bet Taylor shits himself when Alex has something in his hand to throw with all the motors inside

  • 13:15 * loud background noises * * Camera pans around * Rory: WHAT'RE YOU DOING!? Alex: "THAT'S THE BLOODY BONNET!!" Taylor, absolute nonchalance on his face: "Sorry it was in my way" Fucking cracked me up, couldn't stop laughing for a whole min. Taylor is a legend

  • Hello Alex, I've always wanted to know. How do you actually go about registering your cars? In the Challanges you buy a car and then go straight to the track with it. Can you simply take over the registration in the UK or can you have it transferred online? Here in good old Germany it is always a huge act until a car is registered in my name. Greets from Hockenheim

  • Another great video. Love the laughs and humour 😂

  • Enjoyed this with a cuppa and a good chuckle. Keep doing what you doin lads :)

  • Keep the videos coming lads carnt get enough love the banter

  • 11:00 tip for young players, always undo the fill plug first because you’re going to have a bad day if you’ve dumped all your oil and can’t fill it again!

  • The rear diff stood no chance swinging down against Alex's chiselled face... 🤣

  • More vids like this please! Very funny and entertaining!

  • Haven't even finished yet and it's fucking amazing 😂 EDIT: Fucks sake Jordan 😂 as useless as that prop shaft

  • Alex, I think you need to buy Taylor a nice oxy acetylene set up to repair all your bailers. He would definitely give you a reach around for a present like that!

  • Alex forgetting the propshafts is the funniest thing on this channel so far lmao

  • Following you for a while Alex! Love your channel. And love even more you doing a jimny, especially using jimnybits! Good sponsor! I had a jimny and bought parts from jminybits. Thing was a weapon! The only car I regret selling!!!!!

  • I remember driving my old Jimny back from and off road day. I managed to break the transfer box mounts, snap one of the badly corroded body mounts and the head gasket blew. We cable tied the transfer box up with many many cables ties and filled up as many containers as we could with river water and began the normally 1 and a half hour journey home. We made in home in about 3 hours only stopping around 20ish times to fill up Mr Jimny on river water and allow him to cool down a little. What a machine!

  • Can't wait to see more on this

  • Yes more Taylor!! I cant believe you pilarks forgot to put the prop shafts back in. Did make me laugh out loud 🤣

  • I love the fun and laughs with you duo

  • Big shoutout to Jimny Bits for hooking up this video.

  • Never change guys, you are the modern version of Laurel & Hardy but of the car world 😂🤣😂

  • This lucky jimny got a new life. Well done Alex and Taylor 💯

  • Should have hit the rear axle with a wire wheel and a quick spray just to give it a 10% better look

  • I work in Tourism in New Zealand and we have a fleet of 10+ early 2000s Jimnys for people to drive around in and all the problems and noises sounds like another day at work lol. Especially that starter motor at the beginning lol. Generally for our use a starter motor will only last 3-4 months.

  • Got sort of a Mad Max vibe going on after the upgrades - I like!