I Ran Away From Home to Become a YouTuber

čas přidán 13. 01. 2023
Today I'm telling you the Story of how I became SypherPK, but its ANIMATED. Enjoy!
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Hey everyone it’s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another video! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible! Hope you enjoy!
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  • It's weird how every content creator has the same story, amazing animation!!

    • I should run away from home then?​

    • It was a awesome animation

    • No way! its actually the Moron Master

    • What are you doing here


  • Damn Sypher and me could have been writing videos in back of college together before we both dropped out LOL

  • I'm probably one of your older viewers, I'm in my early 30s. Been watching you since the start, and this was great to see. Have always heard you talk about your journey to get where you are but actually seeing it, that was really cool. Hopefully this inspires anyone, no matter your age, to take that chance and bet on yourself for happiness

  • I still remember being in your stream after you left home. You were in a hotel, on the verge of tears with nothing but a dream. You told your stream with probably less than 100 viewers (me included) that you were going to go for it. I always had high hopes for you after that, and seeing your success through the years has made me very proud! Congrats SypherPK! :)

  • Sypher, these animated videos are absolutely incredible! You’re storytelling is so inspirational. Everyone involved in these productions should be extremely proud of themselves

  • Your parents always wanted the best for you, and you are a pioneer showing them a new way. Glad to see your family is United again. Great inspiration!

  • I'm not saying what he did is particularly good but his parents should've always supported what he believed in unlike mine, he's a massive inspiration now

    • @@dontreadmyprofilepicture5585 Stop, you are not fooling anyone

    • @Jack Wrath You literally have 0 videos💀

    • Damn, you got bad luck with your parents. Now, my mother, of course, doesn't think gaming can be a job, but my mom has always been supportive of most things. She is hands down a good mother. I do hope you can be a big streamer and pursue your dreams.

    • lmao Sypher just the goat tbh

    • Never blame your parents for failure

  • Loved it! Parents want what’s best for us but it’s hard for them to comprehend what’s actually possible. Moving forward things are going to be different for parents raising their children in an era of tech and social media where they know what is possible allowing them to be more supportive if their child shows interest in this path.

  • I can see this from a parents' perspective too. Once in a while someone makes it big in areas like pro sports, entertainment, etc. But the great majority of the time people fail at these pursuits and having the educational foundation to have fallback employment opportunities is important.

    • Exactly what i was thinking, at least 2 good years of college would have probably made them happy

    • Even finishing a degree in something like engineering and trying to begin a side career on social media at the age of 22 would be better than risking it like he did. Also running away is foolish I'd say.

  • What a touching story man… I’m so glad you got through it Sypher & I’m glad I got to see your Journey since the beginning of 2018 :)

  • so damn inspiring, I love how dedicated you were to chasing your dreams

  • WE LOVE U SYPHER!! Like rs bro when i get home from school or bored in class i just watch your vids. entertaining me. Thx!

  • I absolutely love these animated videos! They are fantastic. I wish there were more of them. Keep up the good work!

  • 7:00 dude that tears me apart.. I am so glad you were able to get to where you are now, and you deserve everything and even more positive things that come your way my friend.

    • Underrated comment everyone like it

  • This was such an inspirational video, Sypher! Im proud of you.

  • As an engineer AND a doctor, I'm sorry this happened to you. My son is going to college next year TO LEARN VIDEO GAME DESIGN. Amazing how things change. Thanks for what you do and the life you made. I'm happy to support you.

    • cap

    • ​@EasyEames not really, my sibling is a doctor and a lawyer.

  • man the ending quote you said really got me 10:22 i feel like i needed to hear that

  • What a profound journey you've been on, and what a way to tell the world how you did it! You must be incredibly proud of yourself for coming so far and achieving so much! Well done SypherPK!!!

  • Bro had Chung li picture in his room

  • Absolutely loving the cool animations Sypher! Keep up the good work❤️

  • this man is the goat and fan concept SypherAnimation story love the grined ❤

  • Sypher, I get chills everytime I watch the end, and your moment of true succession, I am so happy I have followed your channel for as long as I have, and I will follow for however long this goes for. Good luck in the next few years, I am excited to follow you on your journey!!!

  • Wow this was amazing to watch. i seriously think sypher is evolving to the next level. i personly don't want streaming and gaming to be a full time job, but Id want it to be a serious hobby. I'm still young but i don't think my mom even knows I've streamed before. I haven't really made videos cuz i suck at editing but i would love to try.

  • Such and inspiration. ❤ congrats on all you’ve accomplished and keep up the good work my guy! ✊

  • 3:27 gawd damm

  • This video REALLY inspired me Sypher. After watching this, I can't give up on my dreams of being a content creator. Even at the lowest points in your life, you still pushed yourself and worked hard, and this makes me feel like I'll make it one day.

  • I have really enjoyed these animated videos you have made so far. Please continue with the good work!

  • I love these animation vids and I love ur backstory bro. Keep up the good work

  • one of the best videos of sypher, keep up the great work

  • Dude I can’t believe I just started watching you, you’re such a inspiration and these videos are so good I tend to rewatch it every morning now as a motivation to pursue my career in profesional streaming. 🙏🏻

  • I absolutely love these animated videos! keep it up

  • I´m watching u since early ESO days and its an amazing way you were going through. U still one of my fav streamers even if i´m from germany. Keep the great work

  • The fact that you take the time to animate and color is amazing

  • I love your animations man. Ever since u started animating in ur vids, i have liked your videos even more.

  • Love the animated videos you should do more 😊

  • why am i crying at a sypher pk video, but for real awesome video and loving the animations

  • Respect for pushing through everything ,keep up the incredible work .

  • I love these animations sypher And I'm glad everything worked out for you in life 😊

  • Awesome. That’s a pretty crazy story, it must have taken a lot to put this out. We believe in you, Sypher!

  • I love these types of vids. So inspiring! Keep it up 👍

  • so relatable man! keep up the amazing work! I enjoyed this animation so much! congrats on your huge success!

  • 1:01 glad he mentioned Terraria. Such an amazing, original game!

  • This story of how Sypher became a CS-tvr is truly amazing and an inspiration to us all ❤

  • Love these shows. The Ending 👌🏽🥲

  • Literally the most motivated video I’ve seen in Years! SypherPk the great I appreciate you for the advice mann i really hope i could make my change one day

  • That moment when oni studio was fully build I bet it was the best moment in sypher's life

  • It’s different then other animations and I really like this series

  • Its nice that he pursued his dreams of becoming a streamer.And also i want to be a streamer as well so i hope i can be just like him one day.

  • These animated videos are the best !

  • Best motivational speech about streaming I've ever heard, this is why sypher is my favorite CS-tvr.

  • LETS GO! these animations are always amazing!

  • such a fun and emotional vid to watch you are a great youtuber you do you brother

  • Bro the animations that you make are insane🧐👌

  • This is honestly so inspirational. I really want my full time career to be CS-tv as well and this video really inspired me.

  • This goes to show that as long as you have a strong passion for what you want to do in life if you put your mind to it you will achieve it.

    • lets be fr here. During sypherpk's time, being a content creator was completely new concept. Now, everyone wants to be a content creator, the chances of you becoming one are one in a 100 million.

    • @@aspect4993 that's true tho

    • For most things in life this is true, but for gaming it isn’t. Not everyone can be an NBA player same way not everyone can be a content creator/professional gamer. Some people are just more naturally gifted.

    • @@zRevis True, setting up your expectations is not a good thing, try and achieve the best thing you can in your ability and if it isn't good enough say "i tried my best, no regrets" that's what we all should do with our dreams.

    • @@m3e92ismydreamcar Exactly. Definitely try for it if that’s what you want to do, but after awhile if you aren’t succeeding there comes a point where you have to be honest with yourself and realize you just don’t have it. That’s how it was with me. Now I just game for fun.

  • You know Hassan Ali AKA sypherpk is genuine when he tells you his; basically all his life story in one video. 💜 He is also a very smart creator!! U think so and I know so I believe in you buddy 💜 Don't ever stop streaming and playing games buddy, we all support you !! You don't who and why someone is watching your content and your videos just so they would feel better 🙂

  • I love the animation and his videos sypherpk keep up the great insane awesome work

  • Lol good animation! That beard in animation cracks me up!! 😂😂😂

  • I miss the eso pvp content but I’m glad you went to fort. You’re the best to learn off

  • 3:29 danmm sypher with the cake ha love your vids man keep up the good work you picked the right path

  • Nice animation bro🔥🔥 make more of these!!

  • Really relatable on how parents don't give craps but eventually just getting a job, CS-tv, and content could work but most importantly time and planning can work just it's very overwhelming but soon enough one day people should get recognized for their efforts and such

  • Hey sypher I love ur content man ur my favorite streamer keep up the great work

  • The message at the end has really motivated me. I’m really gonna go for a daily uploading now. Probably the best SypherPK video in a while

  • I've watched you since your RS days. I still play OSRS myself. Love all your content thanks for everything.

  • I just love that you can actually feel the emotions through these animations this just shows that sypher and his team really want to provide us with the best content

  • 4:59 what’s on your wall Sypher? 🤔📸

  • This guy really motivated me thanks Sypher bro you’ve given my motivation for the next 10 years

  • These Story Series are getting fully hyped up, It is very Inspiring also, Love the Stories and how u r making them with Animations

  • Great story it's truly amazing how you went from 0 to 100, also great animation. Keep it up!

  • As someone who was there from the early ESO days, witnessing your journey has been both exciting and inspiring. I was there when you played Fortnite for the first few times and barely held 100 viewers, and people kept joining stream telling you to hop on ESO or For Honor or any of you other games to get the viewers back. But you stood tall ignored anyone and everyone trying to convince you that this wasn't it. Which shows the mentality and endurance you possess and what ultimately paved the way to where you are today. Sypher is to me one of the most respectable grinders out there and someone who truly deserves every ounce of success coming his way. Keep on doing you thing brother, you are a beacon of inspiration and well done!💙

  • I feel like every scene of the animation gave me chills! Amazing work ❤

  • Love the vids man, keep up the good work!!!

  • This is a really cool video, I love when CS-tvrs make these animated videos about their story.

  • love ur vids sypher, keep up the good work

  • Sypher’s outnumbered ESO videos paved the way for so many 1vXers and content creators in that game a true OG. Congrats on all your success you deserve it.

  • Plz make more of these this is the type of videos I like Not a bot

  • 4:50: was that goku and ichigo on the top? Was that chun li?

  • Gotta love when your parents are the biggest obstacle behind achieving your dreams

  • Sypher had me acting like an npc with my reaction from this video i love your content bro been watching for 4 years😂

  • Wow i love these animated videos please make more!

  • Honestly this is such a motivational story to hear, always follow the passion you love!

  • Very good inspiring story! I watch you almost every new update you talk about in fortnite. I feel like I know you as a friend from watching your fortnite videos for years. Keep up the good work bro!

  • 0:10 chun li picture in the background🤣

  • Another banger from the Oni Animation team. loving these.

  • Super inspiring man! If you work hard enough you can get anything you want!

  • Amazing content. This video solidified you as my favorite content creator. ❤️Good stuff man

  • Who ever does these animations are great I love there art style!

  • This motivates me to become a good CS-tvr thanks sypher

  • 8:30 anyone gonna notice the Chun li video?

  • I like the new form of content, keep it up Sypher!

  • Inspiration! This video is truly wonderful. I love tha animation and the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Dad Basketball coach!

  • I like how his parents started pushing his brothers to streaming lol, amazing story doe 😂😊

  • I love these animations 🔥

  • Sypher You inspire me so much when you make these kind of videos.

  • I been here since the 4 honor days. It was magical to witness your rise and that you still go back and support your friends that you made a long the way. Thanks for being a real G, homie, and a bro.

  • Anyone else get goosebumps when he cut the ribbon 🎀 at the end 😅

  • Too motivating, thanks sypher for brightening my days

  • Man this animated story was awesome. Happy for all your success Sypher and glad you've gotten to live out your dreams.

  • This video really has made me look at Sypher with a new perspective and with much more respect.