I Ran Away From Home to Become a YouTuber

čas přidán 13. 01. 2023
Today I'm telling you the Story of how I became SypherPK, but its ANIMATED. Enjoy!
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Hey everyone it’s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another video! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible! Hope you enjoy!

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  • It's weird how every content creator has the same story, amazing animation!!

    • ​@Luxito

    • Wow…Just watching this makes me feel like I made it, good job Sypher.

    • Explain content creators to Fortnite kid

    • Why are you here and also I subscribe to you you are the funniest CS-tvr that makes Fortnite content

  • Damn Sypher and me could have been writing videos in back of college together before we both dropped out LOL

  • Sypher, these animated videos are absolutely incredible! You’re storytelling is so inspirational. Everyone involved in these productions should be extremely proud of themselves

  • Loved it! Parents want what’s best for us but it’s hard for them to comprehend what’s actually possible. Moving forward things are going to be different for parents raising their children in an era of tech and social media where they know what is possible allowing them to be more supportive if their child shows interest in this path.

  • I absolutely love these animated videos! They are fantastic. I wish there were more of them. Keep up the good work!

  • I'm probably one of your older viewers, I'm in my early 30s. Been watching you since the start, and this was great to see. Have always heard you talk about your journey to get where you are but actually seeing it, that was really cool. Hopefully this inspires anyone, no matter your age, to take that chance and bet on yourself for happiness

  • I'm not saying what he did is particularly good but his parents should've always supported what he believed in unlike mine, he's a massive inspiration now

    • @NPC Cop erm maybe not you but me 💀 i clicked it 💀

    • My mom thinks I should be a scholar

    • Dude even you would be skeptical if ur kid said about job u don’t know anything about

    • Of chun li

    • They didn't know that then and he was a kid

  • This was such an inspirational video, Sypher! Im proud of you.

  • What a profound journey you've been on, and what a way to tell the world how you did it! You must be incredibly proud of yourself for coming so far and achieving so much! Well done SypherPK!!!

  • so damn inspiring, I love how dedicated you were to chasing your dreams

  • Man this animated story was awesome. Happy for all your success Sypher and glad you've gotten to live out your dreams.

  • Awesome. That’s a pretty crazy story, it must have taken a lot to put this out. We believe in you, Sypher!

  • I still remember being in your stream after you left home. You were in a hotel, on the verge of tears with nothing but a dream. You told your stream with probably less than 100 viewers (me included) that you were going to go for it. I always had high hopes for you after that, and seeing your success through the years has made me very proud! Congrats SypherPK! :)

  • The fact that you take the time to animate and color is amazing

  • 7:00 dude that tears me apart.. I am so glad you were able to get to where you are now, and you deserve everything and even more positive things that come your way my friend.

  • Wow this was amazing to watch. i seriously think sypher is evolving to the next level. i personly don't want streaming and gaming to be a full time job, but Id want it to be a serious hobby. I'm still young but i don't think my mom even knows I've streamed before. I haven't really made videos cuz i suck at editing but i would love to try.

  • This goes to show that as long as you have a strong passion for what you want to do in life if you put your mind to it you will achieve it.

    • @Trash And The Gang honestly same with me. I played og fortnite on xbox. Bought a pc awhile after and improved but never to the level of the best players.

    • @Justin O Me too, i was in Fortnite since season 2 on PS4. I was good on PS4 controller in comparison to my friends and many people but got destroyed by too many. I didn't know what to do to change that. When i got my gaming PC i switched to KBM, and i drastically improved, destroying my friends and doing very good overall, players that destroyed me was a rare occasion. But i will never become top tier player nor will i become a good content creator, so i play for fun now.

    • @Trash And The Gang Exactly. Definitely try for it if that’s what you want to do, but after awhile if you aren’t succeeding there comes a point where you have to be honest with yourself and realize you just don’t have it. That’s how it was with me. Now I just game for fun.

    • @Justin O True, setting up your expectations is not a good thing, try and achieve the best thing you can in your ability and if it isn't good enough say "i tried my best, no regrets" that's what we all should do with our dreams.

    • For most things in life this is true, but for gaming it isn’t. Not everyone can be an NBA player same way not everyone can be a content creator/professional gamer. Some people are just more naturally gifted.

  • Well done, Sypher. What an amazing story. You worked for where you are today. Nothing was handed to you.

  • Woah. Incredible story, Sypher. You should feel lucky in becoming a content creator. Proud of you man! Love the animation videos!!! Don't have a good day; have a GREAT day!😎 Stay Connected! 📲 and Good Luck in the future!

  • Such and inspiration. ❤ congrats on all you’ve accomplished and keep up the good work my guy! ✊

  • What a touching story man… I’m so glad you got through it Sypher & I’m glad I got to see your Journey since the beginning of 2018 :)

  • This video REALLY inspired me Sypher. After watching this, I can't give up on my dreams of being a content creator. Even at the lowest points in your life, you still pushed yourself and worked hard, and this makes me feel like I'll make it one day.

    • You will make it 100%

    • I’m just like sypher

  • This is honestly an inspiration. I've always wanted to be a CS-tvr full time and for the first time in my life I feel like I can do it. Thanks Sypher.

  • Your parents always wanted the best for you, and you are a pioneer showing them a new way. Glad to see your family is United again. Great inspiration!

  • I love these animations sypher And I'm glad everything worked out for you in life 😊

  • Respect for pushing through everything ,keep up the incredible work .

  • Sypher, I get chills everytime I watch the end, and your moment of true succession, I am so happy I have followed your channel for as long as I have, and I will follow for however long this goes for. Good luck in the next few years, I am excited to follow you on your journey!!!

  • I been here since the 4 honor days. It was magical to witness your rise and that you still go back and support your friends that you made a long the way. Thanks for being a real G, homie, and a bro.

  • You’re an amazing guy, glad you stuck to your guns and did what was best for YOU. Those dreams don’t become reality until you chase them down. Love the animation videos btw keep them up

  • This made me want to cry. I can just feel the emotion you felt with ninja and courage and it makes me feel happy for you. Well, well deserved. You were always supposed to be a content creator.

  • Super inspiring man! If you work hard enough you can get anything you want!

  • Dang, you've been through a lot brother. I can understand where your parents were coming from, Arab parents in particular are pretty passionate, shall we say haha! But yeah man, really glad you stuck through it and proved to everyone that doubted you that you were fully capable of turning this into your livelihood!

  • Dude I can’t believe I just started watching you, you’re such a inspiration and these videos are so good I tend to rewatch it every morning now as a motivation to pursue my career in profesional streaming. 🙏🏻

  • Absolutely loving the cool animations Sypher! Keep up the good work❤️

  • I have really enjoyed these animated videos you have made so far. Please continue with the good work!

  • Honestly this is such a motivational story to hear, always follow the passion you love!

  • Good job going for your goals and showing the world what humans with courage and perseverance can do.

  • The story of success! Anyone who has truly made it has had to fight hard to get there. To go through the Highs and Lows and keep going, never giving up! Sypher's story is a true example of wanting something bad enough to make it and that's exactly the point, you have to want it bad enough! Thanks for sharing and being open about your story Sypher, it's inspiring and you deserve every ounce of you success as you've given it your all! 😊 Jay

  • What an Epic Animation story! Great work Oni Animation Team! Sypher, you're such an inspiration to so many!

  • I can see this from a parents' perspective too. Once in a while someone makes it big in areas like pro sports, entertainment, etc. But the great majority of the time people fail at these pursuits and having the educational foundation to have fallback employment opportunities is important.

    • Even finishing a degree in something like engineering and trying to begin a side career on social media at the age of 22 would be better than risking it like he did. Also running away is foolish I'd say.

    • Exactly what i was thinking, at least 2 good years of college would have probably made them happy

  • Sypher’s outnumbered ESO videos paved the way for so many 1vXers and content creators in that game a true OG. Congrats on all your success you deserve it.

  • As someone who was there from the early ESO days, witnessing your journey has been both exciting and inspiring. I was there when you played Fortnite for the first few times and barely held 100 viewers, and people kept joining stream telling you to hop on ESO or For Honor or any of you other games to get the viewers back. But you stood tall ignored anyone and everyone trying to convince you that this wasn't it. Which shows the mentality and endurance you possess and what ultimately paved the way to where you are today. Sypher is to me one of the most respectable grinders out there and someone who truly deserves every ounce of success coming his way. Keep on doing you thing brother, you are a beacon of inspiration and well done!💙

  • its a really touching story it was really hard for you but you achieved your goal

  • WOW. This video was actually really really good, Sypher telling us the story on how he pretty became famous, met all these awesome creators, and how he pushed himself harder everyday. This video was amazing sypher, I can't believe the guy from fortnite pulled this off.

  • As an engineer AND a doctor, I'm sorry this happened to you. My son is going to college next year TO LEARN VIDEO GAME DESIGN. Amazing how things change. Thanks for what you do and the life you made. I'm happy to support you.

  • This is so inspiring. I have wanted to stream for years, but I just don't think I'm good/entertaining enough for people to watch me. Maybe I should just do it, I'll never make it if I don't at least try. Thanks for this video Sypher, really inspiring to people like me.

    • @Cj Laws think about it like this bro. its 8 billion people in the world. with different vibes & different personality's. not everyone wants to watch someone screaming and jumping or super funny. some people will relate to you for many different things and watch you because they connect with your vibe. I gotta agree I'm not the most entertaining person ever. but I'm super chill and say the most random things lol. I wanna be a gaming creator as well. but I cant let my negative thoughts stop me. I say go for it bro! you could be the next streamer that people really love to watch. it takes time, but great things happen in due time.

    • also Cj laws sounds like a badass streamer name

    • @Justin O ay don’t say that just try and mange you’ll get the same luck

    • That’s the thing with successful twitch streamers. At least the gamer ones. They aren’t just entertaining, they’re all essentially pro level players as well. Heck some of them have no personality at all, but they get viewers just because of how good they are. If you are up there in skill with those guys then definitely go for it. For me I could never do it.

  • I absolutely love these animated videos! keep it up

  • Pretty cool stuff PK that you followed your dream and made it work out. Not surprising to hear some push back from parents most don’t see the positives in it.

  • This is not just Sypher's story...It's Inspiration for all of us who have a dream!

  • I love these types of vids. So inspiring! Keep it up 👍

  • Hey! That was unbeliveable. Thanks! This animation was really supportive and is going to help me a LOT. Thanks for another super video!❤

  • This story of how Sypher became a CS-tvr is truly amazing and an inspiration to us all ❤

  • Yo Sypher great back story and animation bro as a Fortnite content creator myself I can truly understand the amount of tIme and effort it takes to keep making all this amazing content for the community keep it up and congrats on the icon skin as well !!

  • I feel like every scene of the animation gave me chills! Amazing work ❤

  • It's common for content creators to start without support at being made fun of and laughed at for making youtube videos or twitch streams. It's a great lesson to never give up on your dream even with much hate and little or even zero support from others around you. People don't believe in you but once you manage to achieve your dream they change and start regretting the time when they didn't believe in you. And Sypher... I'm glad you made it through and became who you are right now. You are a great example of someone who does content not mainly for money (because it could be someone's full time job) but from passion and love for viewers. If I ever get a chance to fly out to the US I wish I'll get a chance to meet you. Best wishes, ThePeterX 🇵🇱

  • this animation team is doing a great job man!

  • Damn you sypher. These tears are of happiness man. Enjoy it all, you earned it brotha ❤️

  • Literally the most motivated video I’ve seen in Years! SypherPk the great I appreciate you for the advice mann i really hope i could make my change one day

  • I didn’t know any of this and now Sypher has become an inspiration and one of the more popular Fortnite youtubers and streamers. The animations you make are always great Sypher.

  • These videos keep getting better and better 💥 this is absolutely entertaining to watch , SypherPK...ur amazing 🍷🗿

  • I didn't move out just for streaming, but I share a similar story. Everyone always says that video games aren't important, but you've gotta chase the dream. Everyone laughs, but it's others that find success that keep people like me going. Thanks for being an inspiration!

  • Damn that was super inspiring hope the best for you, keep it up sypher💪

  • Very good inspiring story! I watch you almost every new update you talk about in fortnite. I feel like I know you as a friend from watching your fortnite videos for years. Keep up the good work bro!

  • I have been following since ESO and I definitely remember when you ran away from home and where staying at like a motel or something. I wanna say that some ESO content creators (I can only recall like Deltia at the moment) surprised you with either rent money or maybe it was a deposit for a place of your own because they believed in you and supported you and that it brought you to tears. It’s been an incredible journey to where you are at now. I remember chatting with you once back in the day about Torchys Tacos lol Anyway, all this to say that it’s been a pleasure and joy to see how far this fellow Texan has gone! Proud of you Ali! 🎉

  • I totally didn’t see your growth like this. To me, you were established before the Friday Fortnite tournament but man seeing this animated journey was so dope!

  • So inspiring-Thanks Syph and oni❤️

  • These animated videos are amazing you and your teem is doing a really great job, BELIEVE IT 🍥

  • I´m watching u since early ESO days and its an amazing way you were going through. U still one of my fav streamers even if i´m from germany. Keep the great work

  • There will never be enough appreciated for the actions that Sypher has taken. Such a good guy.

  • This is a very inspirational video to show if u put in the hard work u can fulfill your dreams

  • This is honestly so inspirational. I really want my full time career to be CS-tv as well and this video really inspired me.

  • These Story Series are getting fully hyped up, It is very Inspiring also, Love the Stories and how u r making them with Animations

  • What a great video man!!! The animated videos are getting better every single time.Sheeeesh!

  • We are so proud of you bro!!!

  • This felt like a very good and inspiring short movie

  • so inspiring, love these animations from u!

  • Amazing content. This video solidified you as my favorite content creator. ❤️Good stuff man

  • This is exactly what is inspiring me to make more youtube vids. Big thanks bro.

  • Thanks for sharing your story! A big inspiration for sure!

  • The Animation videos are so go keep up the good work!

  • It's the same for me. But my parents realized how much I loved creating content for my games and how much I loved playing them. The process of creating video and how much effort i put into it really spoke to them to see that i was serious when I said I wanted to make videos. Ofc I still do well in school (mostly) and I make sure my grades come first. If you have the dream, pursue it. Make it happen. Let people see you're responsible enough to make it happen.

  • This man really gonna change alot of people's lifes

  • You grew a long way and you are still the best fortnite CS-tvr that I know ❤

  • Way to you on the anamashon sypher. Keep making amazing content. U can do this. We all believed in u.

  • That was so heart warming ❤ I love you SypherPk

  • LETS GO! these animations are always amazing!

  • Best motivational speech about streaming I've ever heard, this is why sypher is my favorite CS-tvr.

  • Well done dude so never never never give up even though it’s going tough don’t stop trying when your tiring and you’re out or puff NO!

  • What a beautiful and honest story, thanks for making it, I will definitely show it to my son.

  • I like the new form of content, keep it up Sypher!

  • I’m so happy you are where you are and I hope your dreams come true ❤

  • Love the vids man, keep up the good work!!!

  • That was very inspirational. I’m always trying to make videos and staying consistent but I’m always extremely busy with my job and school so I never find the time

  • Bro this is so inspirational. I was part of the generation saw the invention of video games. I was forbid to play with them on school days. I too was told to go to college and actually used my passion for electronics to get my degree as an electronics technician. After years in corporate America and now being laid off and over 50 I play video games on CS-tv. I sometimes think how much further I would have been as a game designer or pro player when gaming took off.

  • so relatable man! keep up the amazing work! I enjoyed this animation so much! congrats on your huge success!

  • It's great that it all worked out for Sypher back then when there weren't many streamers around. The problem these days is that everyone wants to be a streamer. There are so many streamers that it's now even harder to make an actual living off of it. Unless you stand out, get noticed and get popular real quick. So even though there is a disclaimer to leaving home to make it big, a lot of kids wanting the short cut to being rich and famous will gloss over the actual real life hardships and just see ... parents don't support me / I don't need my parents therefore I can leave home to make it big. Most will end up on struggle street without a back up plan.

  • Bro the animations that you make are insane🧐👌

  • In my opinion I understand why he’s parents moved there and wanted him to study on school. But you also have to remember he is a living person not a thing you can just set out to do something you want.

  • This video proves that Sypher is one of the best content creators

  • Sypher your story is awesome brother and like you I have goals I wanna reach but there always that doubt and fear that I won’t make it. I have a family now and all I want is to give them a great future. I lifted myself most of my life to have the life I have now and thanks to your story I won’t let that fear hold me back. It’s time to take that risk and live my dreams