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Fortnite Ranking EVERY Season with my HONEST opinion!
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Thanks to Lachlan for the "Season Tier Ranking" video idea!
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  • The reason the ice storm event was so small was because there was going to be a HUGE event but the Infinity Blade was supposed to be part of it, and it's vaulting changed everything.

  • Great review, really agree with everything except for season 5 being in second to best tier, should have been top, great tier list

    • I agree chapter 1 season 5 was easily the best season

  • The reason that the season 7 event was bad is because the sword played a key part. removing the sword meant that they had to make a new event in a short amount of time

  • We have got to give credit to the cinematic trailers in fortnite. They are so professional and fit the art style of the game so well

  • One big reason people want the season 1 or 2 map is because everyone was pretty bad at the games as it was new and they think that if they go back they will be sweaty and everyone else won’t. I just want to say that’s not how it works . Also I liked season 7 mainly because it was the first season playing with friends as previous seasons I had to do fill or solo :/

    • G Carl if you can read then you can clearly see that I put season 7 was the first season playing with FRIENDS

    • Get friends then

  • My favourite season is season 8, I just absolutely loved the volcano and the jungle part of the map

    • Yeah i agree, it was the season i got so many solo wins. But the most fun overall was probably season 5 or 7. But the best og is season 2. I played since season one but i didnt play enought to gully understand the game.

    • That was when I started

    • Nah I quit for the first time in season 8, it could have been I was burnt out from the game as it was all I played from seasons 2-7 which was about a year but I just didn't like all the map changes. The best has to be season 3/4

    • @Th3Wo1f fax

    • Yeah I agree ☝️ I hope chapter 3 will have beautiful waterfalls and jungle areas

  • I love how ali a always put 100% in he's videos.

    • He copied the video from lachy

  • Season 7 was amazing, except for zombies but season 6 had it too!

  • I'm surprised he didn't talk about the amount of delays season 2 had to finally ending to season 3

  • Who here played back in season 3 / 4 and got so happy when you learned to triple ramp rush using combat pro??

  • 25:00 Because they wanted you to feel how it was in season 1, getting around the map was slow etc

  • Ali I love how you embrace your memes not get mad lol

  • Let's be real, a lot of us got hit with a huge wave of nostalgia after seeing the first few seasons of Fornite.

  • I’m so happy he put respect on season 8, I loved thst season! So much fun

    • Best season ever

  • I didn't play Season 1&2 and I didn't play 7&8. I kinda like Chapter 2 though, i felt like they removed a lot of the daft stuff and took the game back closer to season 3 which I enjoyed.

  • Chapter 2 season 2 was my favourite season I wish we could have a season like it again

  • I feel like S7 should be in the amazing tier just because of how the map changes and i just had so much fun with it especially with the christmas skins which were really hype at the time, and creative mode was introduced and now creative is such a big part of the game.

  • A lot of people hate season 7 but personally, I really liked it. And my fav season is defo chapter 2 season 5

  • For me hopping on at season 5 w the boys was the best there was no sweats like there is now in every game and it had skins like Rangnarok and drift which are still amazing today

  • I wonder if he would've been more ok with the mechs if they had a time limit. Like, it's a legendary weapon, but it's a one time use and it lasts 1 minute

  • I can't believe we are in season 13 going through all that crazy stuff. It was all insane, all the season gave different vibes.

  • Season 7 is the most underrated season. It was the season that got me playing again and season 9 was the one that got me to quit again

  • In my personal opinion season 9, season 4, season 10 were my all time favorites.

  • Season 13: Godly Season 14: Decent Season 15: Not Great Season 16: Never Again Season 17: Amazing

  • I wish they had a update where you can buy stuff in the item shop, that you can buy the back bling, Separately

    • Da boy 2k yh

    • No because all people that want to buy both will have to pay extra (no hate)

    • No

    • @ur mum yeah like with the red knight you could just buy it’s shield

    • Same

  • Season 9 could've been higher because of 14 days of summer. New modes, guns every day and was really interesting. There was the stranger things collab. Season 7, you should've mentioned creative. That was a big part of fortnite for content creators! =)

  • My favourite seasons are 4 and 5. I just can't decide which season I like more and I just wanna go back to these days.

  • In my opinion Season 2-8 were the best times in fortnite and the time when everyone was playing I really do miss those days.

    • Although Chapter 2 Season 2 for me was really fun but now I have not been playing much.

  • Played since the first Halloween update so there wasn’t even any seasons back then. Best season for me is and always will be season 3 by a long shot.


  • People keep forgetting about the small meteor showers that destroys your builds on season 3

    • He did me and my friends would play with them and we would always get stuck in place because we would always get hit by them

  • I want the dual pistols back I think they were balanced really well

  • I loved season 10 the poi’s were cool the guns were cool but the thing that ruined the whole season was mechs

  • Honestly Season 11 wasn’t that great because towards the end my favorite skin’s cloak physics weren’t as great anymore


  • I loved how he called aerial assault trooper the helmet man

  • I love alia. He even admits his memes he made. Been watching since black ops 3 and Pokemon Go days. ❤️

  • Let's be honest any season in chapter 1 was waaaaaaay better than any season in chapter 2.

  • Season 4 was my all time fave but I just played season 13 for the first time and I’m in love with the theme 🤩

  • My top 3 favorite seasons: 1: Season 4 2: Season 8 and 3: Season 5

  • I loved every season but season x was my favorite.

  • Also we should have Sunny steps but they should add aswell Shadow Steps

  • Lachlan: every season ranked from my opinion Alia: oh thanks man!

    • @xxtdyxdryxtyxtdyxytd yes he did look at the description

    • Your not wrong

    • didnt even credit lachy

    • Creator with the most subs own the idea

    • Lachlan didn’t make the idea. PlayStationGrenade made it and then Lachlan stole it, without credit.

  • I loved season seven personally and it kind of makes me sad to find out everyone hates it

  • Season 8 was the best season in my opinion. I started playing in Chapter 1 Season 2 and I would play some times but then when I started playing season 8, I got addicted to playing the game.

  • Chapter 1 season 5-8 were my favorite seasons (i also like chapter2Season2) When i say favorite seasons i compare seasons to the map/scenery that season 8 battle pass was terrible😂

  • In my opinion, season 9 was my all time favourite. I miss it so much! 😥

  • My favs are season 5 and chapter two season 1 because I started playing in season 5 and chapter 2 season 1 was just so cool (The beginning of the new adventure!) Honorable mentions? Season 7 and 9 because I loved the tropical theme of 7 and I also loved the high-tech stuff of Neo-Tilted and Mega Mall.

    • You must watch a lot of t5g that u had to say honorable mentions lol (there’s nothing wrong with them infact im a fan of them

  • They need to update the backtracker back bling, it still shows the old map 3 seasons later

    • Ikr I checked my locker to see if it updated and it hasn’t

    • That's the point

  • They should bring back the proximity grenade launcher

  • You know what they should add...bring back the old mech, make a new mech and make it so you can fuse the two mechs into one big mech and it's a squads only thing because it'll take four players to drive it

  • Who else loved season 8

  • You forgot about the guided missile that was fun af

  • Yeah back in the OG days. Can you believe that they made a BIG update every thursday

  • Did anyone notice that "season" on the rank list was spelt "saison"

  • Imagine to telling season 1 how famous the game would be

    • English who

    • Guys He's saying Imagine if you told epic games it would be extremely famous in season 1

    • Come again?

  • although the ice king isn't very practical, its a GREAT looking skin, i think its underrated

  • Season 5 was lowkey the best. Especially because it was summer and everyone was on.

  • The seasons for me got worse and worse but the events got better and better

  • 3:52 that combo would always reck me

  • The face u made for the thumbnail was amazing 😂❤️

  • i think there should be an event which for a limited time, we got time travelled back to the og season 1-3 map, with og gungs and original traps

  • So fun and weird to see all the seasons i have missed. Played mostly during season 2-4

  • I wonder what he thinks about Chapter 2 Season 3, 4, and 5

  • Thank you for entertaining me you are AMAZING

  • 8:39 I love it cause I got my first solo win that season but it counted as a LTM

  • I started season 1 and personal thought it was the best season I’m very happy I bought Aerial Assault Trooper and very happy at how far the game has gotten even with all the haters on the game it’s still very fun to play today

    • It came out Season 2 because if you watch any clips of when it came out there is no Season 3 battle pass skins in any CS-tv’s reaction videos

    • DarkFruitZ _ season 3 was released in January 2018

    • DarkFruitZ _ cooorect.

    • @Jax Henderson no because if u look at lachlan video of when he played on it that video was made in January but season 3 was released in february

    • @Jax Henderson no. it. didn't. SEASON 2 MATE

  • it is most sad that nobody even knew that the season x event was the last time they would ever experience that map :(

  • Season 8 was my favorite season to watch streamers play. 6 was great, 9 was great, chap. 2 season 2 also great.

  • I am shook that he didn’t put season 12 in godly.

  • 26:29 Dang No One Gonna Talk About how those shots timed up with the Music, that was sick

  • The one thing they should add is when you going to chapter 2 season seven they should let you choose a battle pass that you haven’t finished that would be godly

  • Did anyone else see when the blue AR did 88 damage!

    • more importantly legendary maybe even purple scar did 96( purple) and 98!( legendary) and most people didnt have shield prior to the minis update so u could 2 tap anyone

    • @DangerousGoods ye

    • @moneyhustle only 32

    • 98 actually

    • 2.5 headshot multiplier back then

  • Man there was just something special about season 7.... BEST SEASON

    • Yeah season 7 was great.😁

  • I think epic should add a menu that you can play on any season you want

  • I think the ice king was perfect fit for tier 100 skin I mean he looks SICK

  • I personally loved season 7 but I think that's because that's when I started to actually care about fn

  • Let’s be real season one was amazing and season 2-9 we’re godly

  • Alia: gets more views in a minute than I’ve gotten in my life

  • Ali A: Chapter 2: Season 1 made it so hard to get around. Boats: Am I a joke to you?

    • @NinjaDuckyGaming don’t be mean

    • @Aceplayz every one is hating on morter cars

    • Wolfa But that’s is true

  • Season four was the best season because there were so many new stuff it was a crazy amazing season Ps the first battle pass I bought was season 4 so it was really the best season

  • I would put season 1 on decent or something because I have heard it was kinda empty but season 2 in my opinion straight to godly

    • Chapter 1 or Chapter 2? I hate it when people don't say the Chapter

  • Season 9 was definitely the ABSOLUTE best!

  • People say the sword was op but nobody remembers thanos

  • U should do a challenge where you go back to the old school build controls and try to win

    • He should

    • Ur Curry Daddy definitely an original idea

    • @Elfboy 4124 I never switched to builder pro, combat pro for life

    • I changed it coz I didn’t specify what type to use first and that’s why it says edited on the comment

    • @Elfboy 4124 no one said something about combat pro he said old school

  • I feel like right after we’re done with the battle pass and getting all the levels we need a reason to actually play the game instead of just playing and getting no reward

  • season 10 for me was the best season ever and i would put it at the top of godly tier even if it was the hardest one

  • Luxe was the first and only tier 100 female skin in Fortnite, Season 7, 8, 10, and 13 are my favorite seasons in my opinion.

  • Fun fact:Midas has the drum gun because it got unvalted

  • Who misses alia daily uploads and constant fornite updates!

  • Don’t know if anyone remembers in season 8 when rockets would do splash damage through walls

    • It was like me mechs but not unlimited ammo

    • Yeah

    • That was so cancerous I was so confused as to why I was getting hit even though i was boxed up

    • For like a day tho wasn’t it?

    • That was season 6

  • For all those who are saying that he didn't give credit to Lachlan, he did in the description of the video, and he linked that video as well so don't jump to conclusions.

    • And also Lachy copies ideas like the random youtuber challenge

    • Thank you someone who understandsin the fortnite community

  • When we asked for a new map we thought it would be better than the one we had and also please buff the pump.

  • I loved season 5 mostly because it was the first season I played

  • My favourite season was and always will be either season 6 and 7

  • My absolute favourite season was chapter 2 season 2 i loved it i miss it so much😢

  • Season 4 is also my fav season.....i felt that nostalgic feeling when he started talking about seson 4

  • Season 5 and 6 are godly bc drift and Calamity looked insane

  • Season 7 would go godly for me because of Creative mode alone.

  • You forgot that season 7 was the season that introduced wraps