I Said Yes to Every Email for a Month!

čas přidán 10. 06. 2023
I said yes to every review request I got for an entire month. I'm sorry? You're welcome?
MKBHD Merch: shop.MKBHD.com
Titan Orion Series Casket at geni.us/8fuN1
Retevis RB38V Long Range Walkie Talkie at geni.us/jrLzBFA
Gravastar Sirius P5 at geni.us/c6AjZ
Carpuride W707 Portable Car Stereo at geni.us/hfDBD
Conquest Pro Headphones at geni.us/ynocjAC
Wearable Air Conditioner at geni.us/eWww
Ranvoo NB1 Hand Warmer at geni.us/EcR7
Monduo Tri-Screen at geni.us/4LuP0Xz
Realme 10 Pro - Coca-Cola Editon at geni.us/10bB1
Casexy Memoji Case at geni.us/hAxzN
Tech I'm using right now: www.amazon.com/shop/MKBHD
Playlist of MKBHD Intro music: goo.gl/B3AWV5
Products provided by their manufacturers for this video.

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  • We need this segment every year but at random times so they don’t know when you’re saying yes to everyone.

    • his inbox probably being bombed rn by companies

    • Good idea

    • just send email every month

    • Then they will email him in every month. :D

    • They should have requested him to do onlyfans.

  • Plot twist: he's an alternate MKBHD who hibernates in the casket until next year when he awakens to say yes to all emails

  • It was hilarious to see Marques reacting to this stuff. It's awesome how much time he put into each of them and his takes were legit. The coca-cola phone had me cracking up.

  • THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SAYING YES TO GravaStar and find us special!!! We hope to bring futuristic design to more products in the future! Hope our products bring some smile to our customers and keep being creative! Thank you the whole MKBHD TEAM.

    • Your products are amazing!

    • @Cpt. MacTavish Thank you for loving us!!!

    • Get some over ear headphones and I'd consider buying a pair!

    • @Yikes In our pipeline!

  • Please do this regularly, this was hilarious! The Coca Cola phone was crazy, you gotta respect that dedication, going so far as making an icon pack and custom sound pack, they went HARD!

  • That portable car stereo is actually kinda neat. I could see that being useful if you aren't ready to let go of an older model year car that is otherwise perfect.

    • Just replace the stero with a touch screen. It's shit

  • Thank you so much for this wonderful coverage of our company and mission. Our small team works SO hard every day on behalf of our client/families (and we're up against some very LARGE competitors), and having you tell our story is so rewarding. What a thrill, and hopefully this knowledge will help thousands of US families know they have options in their funeral planning! - Josh

  • The casket was the most useful review lol. Thanks for shining the light on their company. Affordable caskets will help a lot of families.

    • Thank you so much. It’s a tough business, but incredibly rewarding for the reason you state. Marques’ support is so meaningful.

    • @Titan Casket Damn, how much cheaper are they compared to the one's bought from funeral homes?

    • @Luro ルロ on average, 50%. often much more (and sometimes less)

    • @Titan Casket that sound really good. Are the caskets only available in the US or also outside the US

    • @Luro ルロ Just US for now!

  • You need to do it more often man, it's great to see various products out here for ideas for gifts or just see cool stuff that ain't worth full episode for many reasons. Do it at random times so the companies don't know when to send products, but do it!

  • Please make this an ongoing series, maybe twice yearly or yearly. Giving quick thoughts and reviews on more niche tech products that otherwise wouldn’t see the light of day is fun!

  • We need more of these types of videos. They are really entertaining, because you get to see what ideas people are coming up with, and see if you consider buying the item or not. Definitely a 10/10 video from me, and we need more of this type of video!

  • Absolutely love this format , it gives light to potential gifts for loved ones while also giving a lot of variety of interest for many people

  • I can just imagine all these companies getting the email back from Marques saying yes to their offer and being like 'oh... uh... yes we definitely thought you'd say that'

  • THE LAST ONE WAS THE ABSOLUTE BEST. Also I think that he should’ve seen how far away you could go and if the walkie-talkies still worked. For example: around the block or from a grocery store.

    • I don't know. Doesn't make much sense to me. Laptop hinges aren't built to constantly support that weight and laptop chassis gonna get damaged if such product is used often. I don't quite get it why you must attach it to laptop. I get it that the main selling point here is portable screen space. Why not just make a portable screens that can stand on the table next to the laptop - considering the amount of plastic that goes into making the hooking mechanism I can imagine it is likely possible to make lighter and more compact version that simply stands on table.

  • Nice unusual segment, but what I loved most was his humility in acknowledging how fortunate he was to be in a position to say no to most things (which a lot of creators starting off aren't able to) and declining payment for them (which is again something I hate - paid endorsements) Keep up the great work!

  • This is hands down the best video I've seen of you!! You seem so relaxed and this didn't feel so structured!! Need more like this.

  • The Coco cola colab is extreme although it's a good idea (the extra cola icons & sounds is too much). The triple screen accessory attachment is fantastic it's something I can see myself using. And cutting out the middle man to supply a cheaper coffin is fabulous because it's significantly cheaper.

  • You should make this a series with 12 episodes, per year. You can be much more unbiased to different company sizes and avoid prejudgment if you give everyone a fair chance. :)

  • It's weird seeing you in something that's not matte black 😂

    • if it comes in matte, that's the brand that I would lie dead in.

    • @Suman Saraswat a comment on CS-tv from someone on CS-tv? NO??!!!

  • I’m glad small creator trends are finally happening to the big creators because I bet they have the actual craziest requests for products and I hope everyone at some point says yes to everything at lease once

  • That sounds like an interesting challenge! I wonder what kind of emails you received and what kind of tasks you agreed to do. Did you get any unusual or surprising requests? It must have been a busy month for you to respond to every single email, but it's impressive that you followed through with your commitment. I hope it was a positive and rewarding experience for you, and maybe even led to some new opportunities or connections. Keep up the adventurous spirit!

  • This video brings a lot of fun to me! Please do it as a series!😁

  • This was great, and I'd love to see you bring it back once every couple of years. Maybe more if it doesn't feel like too much.

  • by far one of your coolest videos bc it goes away from your usual style of videos and it’s refreshing

    • Sus

    • 100 sus

    • Quite an unexpected video from him 😂 but love the idea

    • @1 of a kind why you keep saying sus? It’s kinda ironic for me to say since I’ve made dozens of Among Us related videos but still

  • The hand warmer is actually useful for say for example old women that tend to get cold specifically on their hands, my auntie uses one for example and she absolutely adores it.

  • Loved this need to see you do more of this sort of thing to give the lesser known brands some airtime.

  • definitely need more of these. that was strangely super interesting, and it looks like I found my final resting home. Now to let everyone who will be footing the bill know where they can buy my casket. 🤣

  • Do this more often. I really enjoyed this. Short and to the point reviews are great en the casket was really informative and funny

  • Make this a part of your channel. Would definitely watch a review of random stuff again 😊

  • This should definitely be a series.

    • No, it shouldn't be. It will eat up time and effort that could've otherwise gone into creating useful content.

    • Yup! And we need an even weirder edit/video to fit the weird tech vibe. Lean into it!

    • Yes! The weird and wonderful and awful! Marques and team, trust your instincts and enthusiasm. Give it a try. See the feedback. You're a fully rounded person with lots of interests just like your audience are fully rounded people with lots of interests. We don't just live tech, neither do you, let's see what exciting stuff you show us. Good desktop speakers and hi-fi, Do you have a review set for this or recommendation? I'm using Marantz MCR-610 hi-fi amplifier with Q Acoustics 3010 speakers. Great sound, does almost everything but I'm looking for even better :-) What do you guys recommend? Marantz MCR610, 611 and 612 : WiFi, FM/DAB radio, global internet radio, music server from Windows/Android/Apple, USB, Analog, Digital, TV, 611 + 612 Bluetooth. Spotify, Apple AirPlay etc etc. It's about the size of a shoebox and can power 55 watts to 2 speakers. I can play music from Windows media on my laptop or PC through my Wi-Fi. What other desktop amplifier and good quality speakers or system do you recommend?

    • @FARAH NUROW useful content? Since when was his channel in need of useful content 🤣. All content is useful to some extent, my friend.

  • personally, I like how this one ended with Marques closing the casket on him. It set the bar too high for the next challenge, really hope they make this once a while and let others in the studio try it too and see the response

  • That was awesome. I wish you do more videos like this for random & cool gadgets every once in the while. Keep it up, brother.

  • I like how, even though he's been testing each product all month, there's still a kind of unboxing to introduce each one

  • That is actually a really nice looking casket for that price. I will definitely keep them in mind.

  • Love this series! Keep doing this series! It's really interesting to see so many types of products!!

  • Can’t imagine how happy these companies are when Marquees finally reviewed their products 😂

    • imagine a company sending a request every month and finally he accepts

    • @pulkit dhanraj Or imagine that company failed to send an email this month...

    • Imagine a s*x doll company contacted them in that time🤣

    • ikr 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Would love to see more reviews of such low-tech or non-tech products on a separate channel or once/twice a month on the Studio channel.

  • I still can't believe Marques hasn't dipped his toe into the world of car audio yet. The head unit and backup camera he reviewed is okay if you want to DIY it, but there are SO many better options, ways to make it look integrated without wires and to actually sound good.

  • You can't put a price on integrity. Love this dude.

  • the air con thingy can be super nice imo in snowy/winter conditions, you can basically cover it with your jacket/coat collar and have it filling your clothes with warm air while outside. price seems insane tho

  • I liked this, you should definitely try making this a series. Especially because you're one of the few reviews I trust.

  • You HAVE to do this more often..... so much fun. Its so much better than reviewing phones that are literally the Same as previous year.

    • yeah like 1 time a month could be brilliant.

    • agreed

    • that's like a roast for a moment but true

  • Pls never stop doing this. One of the best stuff review videos of all time, loved the Coca-Cola one.

  • Loved. Marques is an amazing reviewer, but he has a comfort zone when it comes to topics, so it's nice to see him reviewing other stuff.

  • Recently found you, I love how honest you are! Subbed!

  • everytime this guy slides the packages he gets, it sends me chills down my spines

  • The best series you need to start doing man! You out of all CS-tvrs can def get a good kick out of this with the viewers lol.

  • I strongly believe that @mkbhd has struck gold with this new format. If nothing else, this could easily be a start-of-the-month video; a hilarious, well-executed, witty buildup to more mainstream reviews. The synth and the dark humor was refreshing and energising, it felt like an extended embodiment of Marques persona, apart from the well-loved Intros and Music. Noice!

  • The infotainment thing is actually pretty neat but you'd need a pretty old car to make it worth it like he said and even then a lot of older cars have aftermarket infotainment radios for a similar price. Definitely a niche product but awesome for those people who can't find an infotainment radio.

  • I really like the way you nicely settled on the casket and did the review for it! You just proved that you are a great reviewer for both technical and non-technical products!

  • RE: The portable air-conditioner. When I went to Japan recently I managed to find a Sony Reon Pocket. It costs ~$100. Instead of blowing cold/hot air on you, it has a pad that presses against your upper back which is heated/cooled, I think via Peltier. I think the idea is that since you have a lot of circulation there, it should heat/cool your whole body. I haven't been able to use mine properly because I haven't yet found a good way to mount it to my back, but to me the idea seems more solid than something that blows conditioned air at your ears. And the price is a lot more reasonable. (Since it's only available in Japan, the mandatory app is only available in Japanese app stores. I had to sideload it on to my Android.)

  • I thought the tri-sceen product was genius. If it works well, it could be a game changer for some people. It would be nice to see a full review on it.

  • I’m just really watching videos from him for the first time in the last couple days.This guy is super humble even though I’m quite sure he is a millionaire by now the way he acts it’s like all a blessing to him

  • The editing direction taken here is quite refreshing actually. Very lighthearted and playful. I'm used to the consistent, steady editing I've seen before, but I'm liking this newer style as well!

    • Made think of the style that mrWhoseTheBoss uses in his videos

    • who asked?

    • Thank @Mariah

  • I like how these are products Marques would normally say no to but Lou has separate videos on his channel for some of them. Shows you who actually cares about product quality as opposed to who just wants to put out as many videos.

  • Lmaoo Marques is just naturally funny and entertaining!😂 I appreciate you bro💯

  • The “portable AC” is actually really nice if you have to work in the sun or in very hot spaces. It beats putting a wet cloth on your neck. Idk about cold tho but it’s probably a nice bonus. Idk about $250 tho I tried one my coworker had and I wish I have my own lol. It makes working on hot construction sites much more bearable imo I’m just worried about it’s durability for being so expensive and the battery life isn’t great, not gonna last more than one 8 hour shift.

  • This needs to be a regular thing. This was awesome

  • I really love the way you rate things that's what cause my attention, tbh I dont even know how I got here but that just shows you how you really hooked me! genuine and fair with $$ prices !

  • The information on the casket industry was actually incredibly helpful. I will definitely be looking into Titan and sharing with family and friends.

    • Thank you! Call us anytime. AMA :)

    • I agree 100%! Can't believe I haven't heard of this yet! I actually shared the link on FB just because "it's a thing"!

    • If I had the space I would get one just for decoration and the occasional afternoon nap!

    • ​@Titan Casket appreciate you

  • Let's see more videos like this! Love the more casual format!

  • The cool thing about this is people might find something for them. Some concepts are pretty cool and who knows, more than one person might be buying something from those companies. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • LOVE this, I'm so sick of Apple and Samsung taking all the conversation! Fun times with weird stuff is what I'm all about

  • Love it, this should be done a couple times a year! 👏👏😊

  • This was pretty cool! You should do this again. Its nice having quick short reviews

  • Probable the best video you’ve done in years. It’s not the normal boring products that another thousand reviewers are reviewing

    • lol😂 forreal

    • After this video it’s going to be a thing… and the cycle repeats itself.

    • He's black

    • innovation drives mutation across the notation

    • The first MKBD video I've watched in maybe 2 years (aside from the annual phone camera video)

  • It so inspirational to see provide great quality content for your viewers

  • THIS NEEDS TO BE A SEGMENT, at least 2 times a year :O. So cool, basic and fun

  • Marques! You’ve got to make a series out of this! I had so much fun watching this content! Series “I said yes to it”

  • I love how you manage to say no to everything even as you're saying yes! Very Zen. 🙂🎉💞

  • This man is a genius. He figured out a way to promote all the shit brands take their money and still keep his integrity 😂😂😂

  • Please do this type of video once a month, Or once a quarter it's a refreshing guilty pleasure type of video. Definitely very entertaining

  • I love how we are basically watching a massive ad and still finding it incredibly entertaining.

  • The portable heater / AC reminds me of the type of tech people envisioned us using like 50 years ago - but now that we're here, sure it exists, but as you pointed out, a scarf will pretty much do the trick. There's so much of our past tech that works well enough that replacing it with novelty just isn't / hasn't been enough to actually stick. When we look at imagined futures of yore, we see the world we thought we would live in, but the truth of it is that we still live in a world built on the bones of the past. And... that's fine. Heck, it's probably a good thing.

  • We need a video like this at least once a month lol love it!!

  • The fact you were impressed enough with the company, to give out TAYLOR'S discount code for the casket, is just great xD

  • One of your best videos in a long time. I've watched your stuff for nearly 10 years. The evolution of mkbh has been immaculate.

    • You forgot the D 😏

    • @Yusuf T-Deen 🤣🤣 my girl says that all the time

    • @Yusuf T-Deen Pause

    • @Adam Anderson yeah? Funny she didn't say that to me. 😆

  • This was entertaining. I would love to see an annual, random "yes to everything" video.

  • This is a super genius way to say yea to every suspect company’s cash grab review offer and not lose your credibility/respect

  • 7/10 from Marques is like 4/10 everywhere else but he knows he could absolutely tank a company if he dragged them too hard 😹 Also that triple screen is gonna seriously mess up a laptop’s hinge

  • the multi screen laptop accessory actually looks kinda good I cant lie. Great option for productivity and portability.

  • This concept of reviewing random items is a great idea. Your fans support your decision to do more of this!

    • Careful what you wish for, or you'll end up with another unbox therapy channel

    • The whole point of this video is that he prefers to filter out items.

    • this looks so mrwhosetheboss style, i hope he doesn't lose his style of reviewing stuff to appeal for a wider range of audience.

    • not exactly a new concept though, is it?

  • i love the coca cola phone and the car stereo thing! Why should creators not sign a contract that guarantees a video?

  • I have actually installed a Android head unit in my old car, but the one that integrates with the car middle console and it’s great! It has more features than some new cars, the experience of navigating through it is nice (if you get another launcher it will be even better)

  • Please do this 5 or 6 times a year, I loved the short reviews.

  • You can always put on more clothes when it's cold, but there's only so much you can do when it's hot. I want to see MKBHD test the air conditioning scarf somewhere where it's actually hot.

  • Man i been watching marques for years and your more then a tech reviewer to me your a tech god and an advisor that i would pay a alot of money

  • "So, I've been sleeping in this casket for a week now"

    • speeling

    • Sleeping

    • ​@Stux no, speeling.

    • 😂 😂

    • *using as my main driver for a couple of weeks

  • Had no idea about the caskets. I never would have heard about it unless I watched this. Getting ready to help a friend bury their loved one, and this information helped so much. Thank you.

  • This video was pretty fun and I wouldn't actually mind seeing more of this. As long as you don't turn into a "10 cheap tech I found on Wish" channel like MrWhosetheboss and some other tech youtubers.

  • I can see the heating/cooling gadget being helpful for somebody who travels all the time for help with the crazy temperatures in airplanes

  • I had no idea standalone head units existed. Now I need one. I have wanted to swap mine for years but did not want to loose the readout for my climate controls. This would solve all my problems but there are better ones than linked in this video. It seems like steering wheel controls might not work. The road top brand seems solid though.

  • I don’t know why but I love seeing you do something different. You already know about every technology 😅

  • Please make this a monthly or a quarterly series, MKBHD team! What a refreshing new concept!

    • monthly?... so he has to say yes forever? so I could email him and just send whatever I want? sounds like a great idea...

    • 🤓🤓🤓🤓

    • Monthly xD

    • How wild, the video is a huge AD Albiet done in a good way, but id bet he made well over a million this video alone. Wild lol

  • Even after saying "Yes" to all manufacturers for a time period of a month, you just opened a floodgate of offers coming from ALL manufacturers that will possibly SPAM you to showcase their products in your videos. And whether you give it a good or bad score out of 10, it won't matter as it will still drive traffic towards them, simply because you are the number 1 Tech CS-tvr on earth, and that will get their products sold.

  • I do hope marques actually do an in-depth review of the casket. all the things reviewed by him is just so interesting and informative i mean everyone does need a casket right? why not get the best one?

  • I don't particularly drink coca-cola but didn't think that phone looked too bad at all. Could be quite a collectors item in 100 years.

  • we gotta come together as fans and get him to review something totally ridiculous.

  • This was a very entertaining video 📹 🤣 I luv how Marques folded the casket over at the end of the video, he probably uses this as his bed now 😎

  • Please don't end this challenge. It's one of my favourite videos. In fact, I must admit that I was more interested by most of these products than the products that you tend to review. The mainstream smartphones and laptops become slightly tiresome to hear of since they mostly incrementally improve nowadays.

    • It's not possible for the team to sustain it once the word is out, they'll get too many requests for a lot of low quality uninteresting stuff

    • they have a serie in this channel when they review more unusual things, it's called "Dope Tech", but you're prolly aware of that tho

    • that's not the type of channel this is. You can check out mr whosetheboss he reviews stuff like this

    • This is what I was looking for. So refreshing to see him expand his clear sense of judgement to other products. We're tried of hearing about mainstream stuff. Loved this @mkbhd

    • NO! we dont need another unbox therapy or whatever....Marques videos should feel Christmas morning and they still do