čas přidán 10. 07. 2020
Another day, another boring Zoom meeting.
Unless… We spice things up a little!
This learning from home stuff ain’t half-bad!
At least you get to see your friends, right?
This is just one of the many school-from-home struggles!

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  • I dont do zoom I do teams

  • Haha

  • Roses are red violets are blue I hate corona like if you do.

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  • OMG I'm gonna try this

  • Actually in our online classes we are not allowed to keep our audios and vedios on.😂😂😂😂😂

  • L the app is not a problem

  • 1:55 Me- how will we blink????

  • I lena i have been

  • 123 go to you NO

  • 1:38 omg if my friend did something like that to my photo i would cut her real eyes

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  • i was once on my zoom class and a random person joined right while the teacher was calling!! luckily now were able to go back to school but we need to where masks

  • I was watching 123 go when I was 2 years old

  • No matter how long you will have a chance I realize they’re better January surgery tomorrow or Friday and mom Dad

  • i also have a laptop like annie and jennifer

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  • I go to zoom meting to for 4 or 5 hours

  • When mom, kate, and Maraca dudes restricted you you said photosynthesis and I'm actually learning that now

  • I agree Jennifer Monday’s are the absolute worst

  • Do guys notice it is rec look kate

  • Jennifer how do you break metal

  • Hi Heudlexh

  • Lockdown

  • My teacher doesn’t let me record 👁💧👄💧👁

  • 5:00 lol look at Annie

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  • What do you do with a branch? Pose!

  • 8:49 how on earth did she bend the fork

  • Can’t you just lock the door

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  • Seriously ! A teacher doesn't know that she is wearing a spectacle with eyes sticking there and where is her mom and if teacher asks her a question and if she doesn't answer then the teacher will definitely know that she is sleeping and maybe the teacher also watch this technique .

  • Quick question how about

  • You do zoom school too ?

  • Hi you are me Friend l am. In 4 your Pranks in funny

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  • I’m not you sure I know but you know what you want me to tell him to get it and I don’t know how you can do that and I just got a message that he is not going through it I know that you have been there for a long day but I don’t think you could ever do it again and you know what you’re saying you know what you do but you know that I’m going through a little more out you ever want me to do anything to you I want you to know you know I love to see you I just got to work with my dad I just want to be there and I know I have a good night I love him so I don’t want him I know he is going back and I just don’t know what I was going to say and then he said that he had a good time and I?

    • Chufgjinfdh was my first day of school and I’m not a big girl but I’m so happy to have this app for a long day ion like my own music in the morning I have my iPhone to go through the night before my birthday is on sale now and then I can do something for you I love you and you have a good time with your family I hope you’re having fun with your family I hope you’re having fun with us I love to come to you but I’m not going anywhere I just got a little bit more time and I will talk about it tomorrow night and I can get it to him tomorrow I will let her have a nice time with you too I love her so very much I will see you soon bye love you too see you’re doing better and then I’ll get back with you tomorrow I will be sure that I can do that I will let him go and get my stuff done for him and then he can get a ride home with you guys so we can talk to you about the stuff and I will be sure that you have some stuff to come in tomorrow morning if you’re not going out tomorrow morning and then you will be going out to lunch and then going home to get my car and get it and I will be home by five or four minutes later I will let him out for a while and then I can do something to you and then go to my parents to pick him out I will be home in a couple hours I will be there tomorrow night if I get there I’ll talk to you tomorrow and then go home I’ll talk to you later love you guys love love and miss love love and love you too love love you bye love love you guys bye see if you can get me to go to work and I can come get him then you guys are up for the weekend so I’ll talk to you tomorrow and I’ll talk to you tomorrow and I’ll talk to you tomorrow and then I can talk about that and get to you tomorrow I know I don’t have any idea where you guys were at that party but I’m sure you’re having fun I don’t think I will ever get to see you tomorrow night I love you and I love you bye bye see you’re doing well and I’ll see if you’re still there I can come and pick them tomorrow and I’ll be home in a few hours I’ll talk to you later love you bye bye love you bye love love you bye bye see you soon love you bye bye see you’re having fun with him and I’ll talk to you soon I’ll see him tomorrow night I’ll see him tomorrow and I’ll talk to him later love you and I hope to you have some time soon I hope to you have some good ooooo tomorrow night love you guys I’ll talk to you tomorrow love you guys I’ll talk to you soon I’ll see you soon I’ll be there tomorrow morning and I’ll see if you can get him out there and then I’ll talk to you tomorrow morning I’ll see if I will get there tomorrow morning I’ll be sure I’ll see if I get to talk tomorrow morning and then I can come bye see if I get home I love love you bye love love bye love love you bye love love and yyy morning I’ll see if you’re in a little talk tomorrow and then I will let him talk to him tomorrow and then I’ll talk to you tomorrow love you guys bye bye love bye see you’re there love love and talk bye love love you bye love you I’ll see you’re

    • Kilo flatiron is a great way for you guys to come

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  • how can she bend medel but can't life that wood thing

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  • Thank you

  • How did she break the fork 😂😂🤣🤣

  • That is like me I say 5 more minutes mom

  • They said it was Monday but on her phone it David throuday like if u noticed

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  • BRUH

  • on Saturday i have a zoom meeting and my school is open

  • This is just not a good infloince for kids ok yes you placed that this is entertainment purposes only but a kid is just not gonna read this idk

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  • Annie just sleep with the glasses in the bed

  • How all are seeing this comment are in the middle of covid19 pandamic. And are having online classes m

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  • Please take in hindi

  • 8:49 BRUH HOW IS SHE SO STONG NO ONE CAN DO DAT WITH A FORK!!!!!! And why? don’t you just lock your door like a normal person-

  • 153:

  • Last time I got zoom

  • do you mean ms apple bee

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  • Why would you leave your noodles there?

  • great video!

  • great video!

  • Yes the last one so funny

  • ‏ليه يوم ودراستي الحلوة الشجاعة أن تخلي لنا شطار زكية

  • Jenever is my favourite.

  • it said 0 participants

  • Teacher can't get teacher can't get you because you're on camera and she can't go through camera

  • Bad mom

  • It's so funny when she put seel tape on her eyes hahahahaha hahahahaha hahahahaha hahahahaha hahahahaha hahahahaha hahahahaha hahahahaha 🤣 hahahahaha hahahahaha

  • Sanjana

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  • a zoom i hate zoom