I Solved Fortnite's BIGGEST Mystery!

čas přidán 23. 12. 2022
7 UNSOLVED Fortnite Mysteries
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  • Claim your “here within an hour” ticket right here🏆

  • Midas teasers are obviously intentional, since the sprays and his crew's hideout are very recent additions to the game. And even Jules not wanting to get pulled into any schemes implies there ARE schemes to be pulled into.

  • Can't wait for what else Chapter 4 has for us! Wondering what the "Rift Warden" is especially!

  • Really interested into what this "Rift Warden" will be all about as we continue through this Chapter

  • To back up that a mothership tried to abduct the zero point, the Paradigm says this during the fracture live event, "Either these coordinates are wrong or we are far from home." This proves that Epic had deleted some of the live event, maybe due to parts that were unfinished or bugged last minute.

  • I think what happened with the live event was that they seriously overestimated how much they could do so they just put something together really quickly

  • Tbh, I wouldn’t be surprised if Midas turns out to be the Rift Warden. Maybe Old Geno pulled Midas out of the loop, so now he’s having Midas continuing his research on the doomsday device. I would even go as far as to say maybe the Reality Warriors are our true enemies this entire time. And, Geno and the IO were actually there to defend us against The Last Reality and The Seven (agents of the Reality Warriors)

  • I hope Midas makes a return and actually has a role in this chapter because I think he was supposed to be in, and have a role in Chapter 3

  • Didn’t chrome heal? When the herald attacked the tree, she completely covered it in chrome. My guess is that the chrome she enveloped the tree with is what is keeping her alive.

  • Also i have a theory that every chapter is before the last, making chapter 1 the real end. In that chapter the zero point was actually destroyed, unlike the other end events and also this might explain why it is so confusing even though it shouldn't be. Midas is mentioned in later seasons because they are building the loopbreaker project and that loopbreaker project is actually after the latest two chapters and is finally done by the doomsday device event.

  • theory : geno was also part of the reality warriors but then he betrayed them so the foundation wanted to deal with it by himself

  • That’s what I was thinking. The real geno could come back through the portal and I was thinking the Paradigm could be in the zero point protecting it.

  • The fact that the Herald is made but wood and is still alive and constantly suffocating, and having to breath through that hole is terrifying 😳

  • The Fortnite storyline just gets deeper and deeper and deeper. This makes the Fortnite storyline really good but sometimes gets weird

  • So intresting! Chapter 4 has been very intresting to say the least, but you're helping me figure it out

  • These are very interesting mysteries,but i like the reality warriors mystery which can explain mabye where foundation originates from if thats the case, then we know 5 member origins out of 7🔥 Also im interested about the fates of The Foundation, The Order and also The Paradigm. Paradigm most likely protecting the zero point T5G said ,but we dont know where The Order and Foundation were, so we need so story about it

  • We need more customisable vehicle options and items especially with missiles or turrets

  • What if Brutal Bastion is from the Ice Moon? The only inhabitants are the ice snapshots of characters we know. Could the ice king return?

  • There’s two new groups, theories are everywhere, and a new battle may ensue soon. I’m very curious to see what will happen on Asteria in the future seasons.

  • We can't forget Midas Rex and how his armor matches this season's theme.