I spectated a BRONZE ANA But instead of Roasting I was COACHING, kinda?

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  • Honestly the fix to the problem of feeling overwhelmed all the time is to literally keep playing the game. If you keep playing and playing you will eventually get used to the game, and your reaction speed and game sense will improve. If you wanna get better you gotta put in the time.

    • @Michael G the new blog post about the matchmaking would state there is allot of things seeing as new players are worse then silver and they have a 40% winrate in bronze 5. And that includes people who have played other fps games.

    • @Michael G uhm the speed of the game, the visual indicators, the multitude of different abilities every hero has, the sounds, the fact that people can be 360 degrees around you because of the fact some heroes can fly or have blinks/dash or wall climb or double jumps. All of this can happen in about 3 second.

    • @Michael G many things actually lmao

    • it's a video game... whats there to be overwhelmed about

    • as you play more, you do things in the game that are going to happen unconsciously, so you don’t have to think about as many things

  • Honestly the "Stop reloading after two shots" thing is incredibly useful because I used to be the person who would reload when I still had like half a magazine because I got one kill but the fight was on going. Incidentally what helped me stop that habit was playing Borderlands 2 as Gaige who has a mechanic where reloading early will just make you lose all your built up DPS boosting stacks.

    • you just brought back some traumatic memories of losing some MASSIVE anarchy stacks. NOT MY ANARCHY!

    • I know I'm really late to this video, but when I played Gaige I found out you can unequip and reequip your weapons to reload them without losing stacks 😈

    • That mechanic did the same thing for me!

    • This is exactly how I fixed that problem too! It definitely helps that Anarchy Gaige is so entertaining

    • I’m working on fixing this now, I noticed this habit is left over from my COD days

  • Re: the confidence issue, it seems like the fear of messing up (and especially “letting teammates down”) is a really common issue for players who are new to the game or new to the ranked mode. IMO, this is pretty heavily reinforced by other players in-game, who are much more likely to give negative feedback than positive, and crowd-sourced advice (e.g. on Reddit), which often focuses on “mistakes” to avoid. “Don’t waste your ult”, “don’t overextend”, “don’t be a healbot”, “stop DPS-ing”, “don’t feed”, “don’t commit to lost fights”, “unbind Charge”, etc. But those pieces of advice all encourage inaction of some kind, and if you never try to take that action and experience success or failure, you’ll never actually learn how to find balance and use your abilities effectively.

    • Yeah, Overwatch community is toxic as hell. Similar to Leage of Legends and Counter Strike.

    • @Clara Bennett yeah, might be one step ahead

    • @Frederica Bernkastel Yeah, I just think it works better to talk about what you _should_ be doing, and how to think about your role in the composition.

    • It's tricky. The mistakes to avoid is supposed to encourage ACTIVE THINKING midgame and midfights, but I totally get why it sounds like it's encouraging inaction. Thinking actively midgame to balance dps/heal, when to ult etc is important.

  • Confirmation Nano has saved me from nano'ing the Mercy or Lucio that darts in front of me so many times. Also, yeah, ML7 uses it. He has a video on why it's useful- the main one is cornering. It's extremely helpful with Genji's. Start the confirmation before they dart towards the team and then nano when blade goes off.

    • Yes i can confirm, confirmation nano is amazing to have.

    • @Samurai Pipotchi It does, but it's really not that much of a problem. You just have to get used to right-clicking if you need to cancel it.

    • Does it still use primary fire for ukt confirmation? The main reason I turned it off was because it kept blocking me from shooting when I needed to heal someone.

    • @Siks7Ate9 it is gold. Oh yeah, I've seen the determination of tanks to suicide into the enemy team.

    • @zadinal is that gold or below? Because I can tell you this, you can't always save your tank, some are quite literally just determined to walk with a 400 hp barrier into hog zen rein without a zarya bubble being available because she died

  • I like these nicer more educational vod reviews because I can learn something from them too (even though i don't play ana, I still learn things about the game). Bronze games are cool and all but it would be cool to also see some higher sr games like plat cuz that's where I mostly play.

    • He’s not doing it to be helpful he wants content an yelling at bronzes are the content he wants to make

    • @GallonTheGreat I would agree with you it's indeed just a game and for fun except for the unless it's comp part. I refuse to play orisa like at all. I play the game for fun, I find it legit so mindnumbing to play orisa I will rather lose then play her. I'll play every other hero but not orisa. If we need a orisa, the other tank can play it or if he also doesn't want to ppl can make swaps for a different comp. You don't need a orisa to win in high plat lol. I played her once in the past 3 seasons in comp because we got thrown against a smurfing stack that wasn't that much better but immensely toxic. We won lol

    • I enjoy the shitstorm that flats does more but that's prob cause I am already kinda done with the learning faze

    • @Glitchym101 it is just a game and for fun unless it's comp That mode is for people who want to play at higher casual level eventually having it's just for fun mindset in comp is not ideal.

    • @Glitchym101 that's fine:) I feel the exact same way. Rank or SR I really don't care about except that the high plat games are more fun to play imo then in low gold games because of the level of play/coordination is better. Even if I would be playing in bronze as long as the gameplay is not frustrating then I'd be fine with playing in bronze.

  • love the more supportive flats in this video, especially for support mains they deserve it

  • Ana is the best and toughest hero in OW to master. She can shutdown every other player while making plays at the same time. Still trying to master it myself. This was informative for me too, great video.

    • Yea I just started playing her now that OW1 is basically over and it doesn't matter as much and its so much fun when you're playing good. "good" for silver I mean lol

    • @Marco seems we agree to disagree for now:) that's absolutely fine we don't have to agree:P we gave out arguments and listened to what we had to say:)

    • @Siks7Ate9 you know what, you might be right. I don't know, we're talking from previous experiences and it seems like your teams actually managed to find the smurf in the first place. I'm around your same SR and my team likes to split and pop their heads out for widows to snipe so nothing can ever be done. That's my experience, I don't think I've actually ran into more than two diamond+ smurf Ana's in my lifetime. Widows though, fuck. But I do see what your saying though, and although I can't agree with you right now, I see where you're coming from

    • @Marco 2800-2900 tank, 2600 support (on 2 accounts) 1 account 2600 dps the other account 2300 dps). And it's not only me saying it, my brother says the exact same thing and he's diamond on every single rank. 3400 tank, 3100 dps and 3100 support. The games I'm talking about is around 2700-2900 sr. And it's the same when I play dps in 2300 sr range. In the 2300 games the ana smurf will always beat the amount of impact the widow has purely because tanks (or other players) won't feed, in the 2800 games the widow might have the same impact but if they are continuously harassed their impact will drop.

    • @Siks7Ate9 😭😭😭😭😭💀💀💀 there's no way you're real bro, what's your rank dawg? There's no way you've actually ever fought against an actual diamond+ widowmaker smurf. I get it if you're already a diamond player or better, but if you're not, you're already wrong

  • I fucking died at the Winston jumping off the map 💀💀💀

    • i did the exact same thing just a couple of weeks ago and had to check that it wasnt my nametag

    • 15:21 for the beauty

    • he died too

  • The confirmation nano has a line of sight mechanic that allows nanos to go through walls. For instance, you can choose your Winston, he jumps way out of sight, and then you can confirm the nano while you're in cover. I believe the distance is increased as well, so you can pick your Hammond on Junkertown pt 1 and confirm the nano all the way down the map as long as you have LOS.

  • I wish owl would do a bronze league hahaha i would seriously pay to watch it lol.

    • @ozy locz then your watching casters to masters xD

    • You can’t really do that because there’s no real way to tell who’s REALLY bronze. Also if they improve while playing together and get to silver then what happens? Lol

    • Well you will get hours of content if they both play wrecking ball in ow2 they will be immortal lol. The objective will be stalled forever xD

  • At 17:08 the Rein sleep was such a perfect set up I was on the edge of my seat desperately hoping for it and when he came through my soul was making the same sound that Flats made. God tier moment for this newbie.

  • The fact there was a counter pin at 800 sr is impressive honestly

  • I really do enjoy your reviews on bronze players, Flats. You were very informative and lovely to this player. Keep up the amazing content!

  • 2:00 They say hind sight is 20/20 but you still missed that they were healing themselves 😅 Keep up the good work Flats ❤️

  • There's absolutely hope for this one, so long as they get the experience and grow more aware of their surroundings and teammates!

  • For some reason this is one of the most wholesome vids on the channel, just like the bronze dad, you can see that they're trying their best.

  • Thank you Flats for being kind to this guy and giving helpful basic advice

  • As someone who reloads a million times for no reason I’m gonna say it, it’s reflexive XD I wish I could stop BUT I CANT😭😭

    • @Siks7Ate9 Yea it's such a good thing to do also because Tanks often don't have the luxury of looking around to see the uptime status of their supports or count how many shots the Ana has fired. Good tanks in higher elos will be able to estimate based on how long the fight has progressed etc but lower rank tanks will not account for any type of consistency like this to influence their gamesense. It might not be a massive step towards ranking up, but it can certainly offer more consistency overall and is a good habit to build early even if teams don't always make good use of those calls.

    • @MISTER SIR I always do this, aswell as when I play tank and am about to drop my shield or I call out I'll be dropping my shield soon, be aware of that. If we are playing rush I sometimes call out where I'll be recharging my shield if it's needed so that Lucio won't amp speed and then we either waste that amp or someone walks around the corner or whatever and dies because my shield breaks mid way through the crossing If I place my sigma shield for example for my widow I'll let her know when I'm about to drop it. That way she still has time to reload safely, reposition or try and get a nasty angle while still being shielded. I started to call out my reloads because I noticed tanks in the rank I played support in just seemed to expect infinite heals xD. It really helped me to keep them alive by calling the reloads out. If they are not in voice I ask them to join voice so they can hear me call it out if they are dying due to not hearing it. Most of the time they join in, I just tell them u can mute everyone else it you like I don't care:P

    • I second this

    • I find that a useful tip is to build the habit of calling out to your team when you're getting low on ammo and about to reload so they know they should seek cover/not take much dmg (like Rein telling his team when his shield hp is getting low). It forces you to actively think about your reload timings and by doing that you also realize if you're reloading too early. Idk if this works for ya

    • @Krista Campbell legit same thing for me

  • Watching a top 500 player of the heroes you play is probably a good way to improve with that hero. I know this because watching emmong and flats play tanks has helped me get closer to getting out of bronze. Also watching your own replays helps too. Confidence is also my biggest problem as well

    • I agree with you, but to learn from them you will need a understanding of why/what they are doing. I don't think this person is there yet. Also check out yeatles unranked to gm tank series. I was hardstuck silver on tank, I watched those till like masters. Same season I went to 2450, next season i was high plat. (Been there for past 10 seasons) From personal experience playing dps in gold/silver the most important thing in that elo as a tank is to help secure key positions for your dps like highground. Sometimes all you need to do as tank is go dva and keep your squishy's alive in that rank or to give them a good position to pop off. If enemy plays phara mercy, concider swapping to dva and matrix the hitscan on your team or shoot the mercy once every second so she cannot regen health. The reason I mention this is because in this rank ppl die on cooldown, not only your teammates but enemies aswell. if you keep yours from dying less you win more teamfights.

  • I love the energy in this video, so wholesome and it gave me Gordon Ramsay with kid chefs vibes 😂 we love supportive flats

  • On 2nd point, it's important to remember high ground let's you shoot over shields and very often gives you a different angle. You can use your nade aggressively or your sleep. If you see a low hp target you can finish them off. You can heal but you are not a healer. Dps is a dps, a tank is a tank, and a support is a support. Never be afraid to pop someone who is in a bad position because you might force them out of the fight and give your team the advantage.

  • This video is amazing. I hope you make some more like this! The reloading tip is great. I used to do this, but I’ve been much more aware of how many I have left and if it’s a good time to reload. Makes a huge difference

  • The APM thing is something that got me a full rank back when I was trying to get out of gold. Just doing more and forcing myself to move faster - even if I was making the wrong choices - meant I was outpacing the enemy and I was helping my team more often, despite also making mistakes more often. With a little bit of time, you get used to the pacing as well and just start making less mistakes over time.

  • I feel like one thing I'm noticing with this ana is that she just doesnt use cooldowns, offensively or defensively. The other bronze ana will actually be proactive and toss anti nade every time the tanks start bashing their heads into each other, while the one we're watching doesn't do anything until the other team is already at a big advantage on the frontline

  • On the mouse stuff, Jayne put out a good video that I like. A full movement from left to right on your mouse should turn you 180. I found that's a really nice amount of movement that might be helpful to you.

  • yo Ana person, huge respect for you reaching out wanting to get better, keep it up!

  • This helped me out a lot on my own game. Please do more like this.

  • this guys looked so confused. And yes i believe he's overwhelmed by all the actions around him. I was lucky to pick up OW back in 2016 when it first launched, where everyone was new and learning. we forged our senses day by day since then by playing more.

  • 21:36 This taught me to be proactive after a fight. Now since I usually play tank once we end a team fight I move forward to take up a defensive position to poke and my team usually follows. Low Rank Tanks! Get confident and become leaders! Don’t force your supports to lead the team!

  • I think it would be great to have more videos from the other ranks.

  • I've played Ana for years and never knew about confirmation Nano....I must experiment with this! As for this Ana, try to save the nade more for playmaking or necessary burst healing and you'll become more impactful. With Nano, look for tips from Ana/support mains like mL7 and KarQ. They have videos that detail good targets to nano in aggressive pushes and what situations are good for saving nano to save your teammate.

  • At 11:13 I feel sorry for genji for once because it looked like he was shot where the sun don't shine by Ana's sleep dart xD

  • Speaking on being overwhelmed it’s the sole reason I slept on OW for the first year it was out. I played a couple qp games on my brother acc back then and there was so much going on that I didn’t want to play. Now, ironically, the chaos of the game and the huge team fights are why I love OW. OW is amazing.

  • You should work on quick scoping. When you see the outline of your scope on your screen before the scope actually comes up you can fire a scoped round. This is useful because unscoped shots are projectiles and your scoped shots are hitscan. It makes it a bit easier to hit your shots and when you need to duel someone your scoped rounds do more damage than unscoped ones.

  • I would also add in that ana's hipfire shots are projectile and scope is hitscan. A lot of newer players don't know that.

  • Btw nano confirm can allow nano through walls for about 2ish seconds, you don't need to look at them to nano, can save missclicks/ nanoin wrong person and allows a pre lock when ya trying to lock in a nano on maybe a nano blade to make sure its not fkd up. Same thing with echo ult

  • A trick for Nanos is tap tab and check ults for your team before your team gets into a fight and pick 1 person and watch for them to ult or if they don't ult you can force them at lower elos to ult by just nanoing them. The only way you can learn to trust your choices on who to nano and when is to make mistakes and examine why it was a mistake. Sometimes you nanoed the right target and your teammate just panicked. That won't be the reason everytime but you do have to be aware that sometimes it happens. I use to nano Cass, hog, rein. Those were my main 3 targets I looked for climbing. High charge zarya is a good one too. Those 4 with nano so long as they are popping already will carry a fight. Your rein is being aggro all game, you can make his feeding turn into a big play but you will only learn to read how a fight is going by adding your input and seeing how things happen afterwards so take a chance on your own decision making skills and they will start to improve. Also the only time I let my teammates call my nano is if it's like a genji going to blade and I need to know when he is going to dash. That's still me calling I want to nano him for blade, we are just working out timing together. BTW don't nano tanks before they are actually engaged. It heals so you can bait the other rein into a fight with your rein and nano him and heal all the damage he just took and he will roll the other rein. If you nano before the fight actually kicks off people will just back away and cc the hell out of him.

  • ML uses nano confirmation and did a whole video about why you should use it and it reduces whiffed nanos. He still whiffs them sometimes and it makes it 100% funnier lol

  • Been relearning Overwatch and the reloading problem is just a case of conditioning, in almost every other fps it's kind of an education by trauma thing to reload constantly, then you come to overwatch and it just flips all the rules. Baptiste has been my lesson in "don't reload until you HAVE to reload" because if I'm reloading I am not healing or shooting

  • The nade is a fight winner if used correctly. In lower ranks Anas miss their shots so hit the panic heal nade when it's not needed taking the anti out of the equation.

  • Reloading after a bullet is a clear sign of a Call of Duty player. I did that when I moved from CoD to OW when the game released and I'd always reload after a shot or two.

  • The way I learned when to nano with Ana was moving with my team into the fight

  • Heeeey, this is me. I didn't realize that it was so noticeable that my mousepad was Tiny until you pointed it out. I actually started playing Overwatch on my girlfriend's computer and when I got the game myself ported her sensitivity/keybinds to my game. The only thing is my girlfriend has a big desktop mousepad and aims with her arm and I have a tiny mousepad and aim with more of my wrist. As for my positioning and whatnot, I didn't know any of the maps which is why I tried not to wander too much from where I initially start playing at but also why I do stupid shit like get confused. BUT! Recently, my friends have been hopping into custom games with me and walking me around the map so I know what kind of jumps/positions Ana can do and where all the health packs are which has made me feel better about decision making. Thanks a lot for the review and the advice!!! (Also, in the beginning, the Orisa hadn't picked yet and so I was waiting for her, but then she just materialized in the front and I was left looking like the fool I am.)

    • Hi! Just wanna say that you're showing a lot of potential. Just keep playing!

  • Another thing this ana needs to work on is his vertical aim. He focuses so much on horizontal that he ignores anything that's too high above him. I don't think he ever tries to locate the genji anytime he jumps up around him. This might be due to his small mouse pad or slower sensitivity, but it's definitely something that needs work.

  • Great Ana tip: Set yourself up in doorways and hallways. Then you can duck down away into cover and if an enemy comes from you then you force them into a window you can sleep dart them easily.

  • I use Confirm to Nano because on console my aim is so bad I would nano the wrong person so often when they're in a group. It helps me so much being more consistent, in addition to the "nano around corners" tech

  • VOD reviewing with your other low rank friend can still be beneficial imo. 1st off, some people simply might not have any high rank friends to ask. Besides that, having someone else look at your VOD and give feed back or even watching your own VODs is going to help you improve a lot faster than not at all. A lot of players get tunnel vision in the game, they get overwhelmed and everything becomes a blur etc, and some people might have good tactical knowledge and game sense but bad aim/mechanics or whatever it is and in the context of a VOD review where they can pause and slow down rewind etc they might actually give decent advice. Just my 0.02

  • 1:22 just waiting for the team to regroup. A bit confused, but she got the spirit!

  • I had a teammate Ana once, in gold, who did not know that they could shoot to heal. They thought shooting can only do damage and only nade heals. There is definitely hope for this player lol

  • Ana with Rein is a natural synergy. Let him take damage and go aggro, get the nano first and let the Rein break open the point.

  • Could part of the aiming issue be holding the button down to keep firing instead of choosing when to fire each shot?

  • Unscoped = projectile Scoped = hitscan ^ the biggest reason to scope more

  • i love these videos, they allways make me laugh and smile, it s soo funny :) your comments are the best 🙃

  • You literally so casual funny I love your roast bronze players your just cool to chill laugh and watch thanks keep up the great work/subscribe too 👍

  • This is much better to watch for me. But that Doomfist standing still behind the wall that Ana here really wanted to heal, I could just see them standing there and in a panic and either on or off mic going "Heal me heal me heal me!" but not getting the concept that you need line of sight to a support to get those heals.

  • I’d really love it if I could buy Flats for half a day as a coach

  • Obviously this person needs to just play more until they get used to the game, and definitely hit up an aim trainer. As an ana or zen, good mechanics can definitely get you far. Also watching an unranked to gm, just the first hour or two, definitely helps understand what you have to do in the game. Finally the most important thing is gaining more confidence. Lowering you nano sens and knowing who good targets to nano are is essential, and having the confidence that you can nano the right target, and at higher ranks having the confidence that you can fight off a dive or a flanking dps (which requires mechanics) will get you to rise

  • 1:44 Flats makes a Bastion noise right after he says "everyone's gone".

  • If you took every top 500 player, and had them queue each with 6 people from the metal ranks, where people don't understand things... you could have like... 2500 new players learning to get better at the same time. Almost impossible to do that, or try to organize, I know. But it'd be interesting to watch

  • With more time playing, this person can get into gold, just a bit of aim improvement, which will come by itself through playing and environmental awareness will help tons

  • I don't play support that often and whenever I do I am usually playing Moira with my duo on Lucio, Hence this video wasn't so good for me to use to improve my gameplay. Though, it was still a good video and I enjoy watching these types of videos

  • 4:20 Obviously the fix to overwhelming/panicking is just to play more, but for supports in particular, I'd actually look a bit at FFA. It seems counterintuitive (you obviously don't have to care about teammates) but the sheer chaos of FFA forces you to start learning 1v1 matchups, start aiming under heavy pressure, start finishing off your fights quick, picking out easy targets to take out... etc. More than that, it gets you used to high stress, which is kind of the hallmark of playing support most of the time. Disclaimer, you still need to learn things like positioning, coordination, and literally everything to do with healing by just... playing the game. But it's a lot easier to focus on those things when you don't panic and die the second you start getting flanked or focused. It's also a lot easier to balance damage and healing when you're confident enough in your mechanics to, you know, do some damage.

  • This is legit better than the fake raging at bronzes videos. "WHY ARE YOU MISSING FIRESTRIKES THEYRE HUGE" *Goes to Flats main videos* *Misses tons of Firestrikes*

  • Tbh a way to stop the sim problem is to know what you should aim for in the first place, like what are the superior targets, for example a low rein and a low dva, who is superior to heal? If rein is save and dva isn’t, then dva, if both are low, rein since dva has a „second life“ and rein could possibly save dva with his shield, and the first example vice versa, you gotta know who to heal or when to do damage in certain situations, of course sometimes you do the wrong decision, but that way you learn

  • I clicked on this video so fast because I also hold nano forever even though I know I shouldn't. I'm just too scared to waste it, but by not using it I'm wasting it lmao

  • the biggest advice for a support.. keep doing something useful. if everyone is fairly high health, shoot enemies, if they're low, heal. if there's a small lull in the fighting, find a better vantage point. keyword in that phrase is useful. always be thinking, is this helping the team, only me, or no one.

  • Pretty much all ana players use this, it helps from hitting the wrong person but there is a weird learning curve

  • Jayne used to say "You don't use Nades to make up for your bad aim...aim better don't waste your nades"

  • "I know youre new because you fire two bullets then reload!" me, playing since launch, reloading after 2 shots: 💀

  • 17:08 The teammate Rein had to pause and contemplate if he just lived after being shattered And the Doomfist didn't deserve all those deaths.

  • When u play ana I have nano conformation on but double tap on targets that I know I'm hitting with it. Also that last sleep dart was unfortunate. Aiming for the genji but dies and the zen is just perfectly on the other side of the wall.

  • 17:05 Wholesome moment where Flats is proud of them

  • "Just nano someone. NANO THEM. Just send them in." Me who hasn't played competitively since OW year 1 and am learning Moira in OW2: Why TF did you nano me?!!!!

  • They really got the potential to be out of bronze , just need to use more ults and position themselves better

  • I used to hold onto nanos, but now im out here handing them out like candy at halloween

  • Ana is my most played and this hurts to watch. I usually get 1 nano out before my Genji has blade, then I will almost always have the 2nd nano ready for my Genji when he gets it.

  • Love you’re stuff flats I’m always watching and every vid is a absolute banger

  • i know im not the best at overwatch but even watching this kinda hurt me and your advice is exactly the same as what i would have said

  • Hey flats, been a fan for a while now and you have inspired me to stream more and climb out of bronze and now silver, I also main rein a lot now and have gotten as good as a mid gold can do on rein. But how could i get a vod review partner? I have 2 friends who play ow still but they are plat and also gold, and I like watching streamers to learn but I want someone who knows what their doing. What do you think I should do?

  • I wonder if there is an Orisa video out there where they reload every 2 shots... Maybe a bastion? Cause you know even with 150-300 bullets you gotta reload right?

  • I use confirm nano and i'm in diamond. If i don't have it on i am always the guy who has a lucio jump in front to steal the nano. Also on console it can be annoying at times trying to pick the right target out of a crowd, so you can select before the engage.

  • honestly the constant reloading feels like a tick from TF2 I used to have myself, especially since in TF2 you had auto-reload available

  • When they shot their dead Rein, I lost it. 🤣

  • I notice how when he’s not in a fight he hits shots well, it’s definitely being overwhelmed I think

  • It's these spectating bronze videos and kings row that give me a reason to keep going

  • I came to this game as a destiny 2 player and my main gun was hawkmoon, so reloading has always been a no go

  • Watching him holding nano for that long made me anxious. As an Ana main in silver, gold tops; this video hurt me.

  • Flats: Nano! Minhnhie: Nah. No.

  • The best thing you can do is unbind your reload button, in fact I rebound R to primary attack. now everytime muscle memory forces me to reload I just shoot some more.

  • Flats is like gordon ramsey, he tempers his roast depending on the subject

  • wholesome flats, I'm here for it

  • I use confirmation nano as well 🤣🤣🤣 do you know how many times I've nano'd a mercy flying to heal my nano target?!

  • “Why are you on a leisurely stroll?” @14:09 I literally fucking cried laughing

  • I think this was their the first time they got this map. If not the 1st either the 2nd or 3rd time they got this map. It'd explain why they'd look back on the garden map

  • “I spectated a bronze Ana who uses hacks on their sleep dart but nothing else”

  • Personally I think this ana needs to realize how unaware her enemies and teammates are by watching the kill cam. They’re playing crazy scared

  • I love spectating bronze so much

  • Me being aggressive with nade is the single reason why I can solo q to almost diamond with her. However I’m not quite there with when to use it aggressive and defensive

  • The current comp season and the last comp season was the only two seasons I have finished my placements after playing only qp and arcade for the past 677 levels. Every one of those placements I got high bronze. Lowest was 1100 sr for this seasons dps (last season I got 1300 dps after not playing ow in months so I did worse) highest was approximately 1400 I believe. I grew frustrated this season because I won more games but in some roles I placed lower. I am a console player but I play with crossplay so I play with pc, ps4/5, switch and I am beginning to wonder if I will have an easier time playing with typical overwatch xbox server and not crossplay but idk if that even matters. Does anyone know if crossplay has any impact for console overwatch players or if the sr system function the same for all platforms?

    • @Yyyy Yyyy so xbox players cant play with pc on crossplay? Ok then i guess I just need to improve over time...

    • Only ps and Xbox players can play ranked together pc is not in ranked pool

  • I like the balanced Flats better. Sure do the calling out silly stuff, but also explain why or what you see. Most bronze players I see( Im down here mostly due to being a functioning adult that has maybe 6 hours a week to play) try to imitate streamers and YT personality without knowing the why and how to apply. It's almost immediate in first half of matches who they watch. How they respond both in the fight and responses to creative observations. Its why I call them Twitch rats.