I Spent $100,000 On Facebook Marketplace!

čas přidán 26. 12. 2021
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  • 2,500,000 likes and we spend $1,000,000 😈

  • I’ve never seen another CS-tvr literally BUY land for his viewers. You sir are a really remarkable human being

    • Theres another person who bought land and called it "Rickroll Island"

    • @LightinBlitz true

    • @LightinBlitz saw that

    • i know right

    • @LightinBlitz You mean the tekkit realm?

  • Can we all agree that Tyler constantly passing out was the best thing ever😂😂😂😂

  • I love how margarita is always chill and relaxed. She is so funny and so comfy around you guys even you said some crazy stuffs to her lol. 😂

    • Yeah I think she is a comedian

  • Seeing fedias happy for some reason is always heart warming,He has the energy I had as a kid doing anything new

    • I know it’s so sweet how much stuff Airrak introduces to fedias . It’s so cute

  • the mafia is an amazing thing for the youtube community and the vids this guy makes there unreal thanks so mutch Airrack you have completed life

  • The firefighter just skipped work to drive you guys around? What about the fires

    • Hey,Nick I request pls Make a Mafia Cake!..And give it to Airrack😂

    • i mean, this vid is absolute fire. Think he was doing his job

    • There are plenty more vehicles and people on shift for it I believe

    • you are my favorite CS-tvr don't tell airack

  • Can we just appreciate him for the effort he puts in his videos, and the hard work he does in each of his videos to make them amazing. He is awesome!

  • Wow. Buying land and being so open to let people use it if it helps them, coolest move of the decade. More giving back like this!

  • Tyler passing out and cursing and the same time was so funny 😂😂😂😂

  • Zacks face made my day, thank you Airrack. You are a great person to everyone, we love you.

  • Good Job Airrack for buying the land. It definitely could help some people in the future. BTW awesome video, loved it.

  • One of the best video's I've watched on CS-tv this year

    • Ayyy Brandonn. Keep up the great content. :)

    • *Wait listen, I post the most realistic drawings you’ll ever see..* 😳

  • I would love to see Jack in more of your videos, you seem to feel much happier when he’s around you. So do what makes you happy.

  • I actually love how you do your ads and brand deals. Most unique. Thanks for making brand deals not boring.

  • i gotta love how he found a former east german pilot and got tyler to ride the cold war jet with him

    • You go to sleep :)

    • A Cold War jet really

    • It was an L39

    • @Charliezard 006 my bad it looked like an old SU or a Mig

    • @DaMetroSD Na I make mistakes all the time, but speaking of Migs, I think i saw a Mig-21 in the backround.

  • I swear if airrack started making vids like 5 years ago with this smart ideas ,he would have been probably part of the best creators on the platform which he already is to me

  • we should thank you for this original and entertaining content, glad to see you've come this far

  • The way Airrack let his friends experience everything and let them enjoy is so pure. I hope you hit 69 mil in the future.

    • 100 mil*

    • @Famiglia Mahmood when it says translate to English it says 100thlusand

    • Hi I am grape!

    • 69 lol

    • @Grape hello grape

  • I wish I lived in USA. You guys do not get enough attention for what you do. You've put so much dedication from going in a line across the US, to buying 17 acres in land, to buying a jet and so much more. Hope you see this, I love your content 💕 💖 💗 ❤ I mean, bro, you tried eating pizza in space! P.S I love your channel ❤

  • Pure energy! I can literally brag that I’ve got 17 acres of land in America lol. It was so heartwarming to see Eric see his brother again ❤️

  • Es increíble que la cerveza pacifico anda hasta esos rumbos, orgullo mexicano

  • On every video when it’s sneaking into events to spending money on stupid stuff he always makes us all entertained😊Keep making the best videos

  • Thank you man!!* Seriously, he puts everything he has into every job for the team. Numerous times they show him on the sidelines. Keep it up and now I got access back into my account successfully!.

  • mad respect on offering the land to your fans, i just did a lap around australia in a bus and the more people that do what you have just done makes travelling more free again

    • Hilarious, entertaining, and inspiring! Thanks, Mafia!

    • Imagine if someone did this in Oz, would be sooo good. Like a completely free Hipcamp type thing

    • just find the biggest emptiest spot, purchase 10% of it and sell each 1% piece off to 'owning land' ; sure its a scam.

    • @Theserules AreSuperUnfair 😐

  • This man is a legend. He wanted to reach 3 mil before the end of the year and made it a fourth of the way to 4 mil. The growth of this channel is insane and I’m glad to say I’m part of the mafia!

  • I have started watching Airrack after covid pandemic, and ever since i have been watching his videos non-stop. Thanks for the amazing effort you put in these videos.

  • Whatever type of investment you decide to get into, I think the key message here or for me rather is to start investing no matter how small. When you invest, you're buying a day that you don't have to work.. I pray everyone reading this become successful

    • You are right, so many people don't know this..!!

    • Cypto is risky as many would say but I think the actual risk in it the fear of not Investing!!

    • Cypto is lucrative, people are just confused because of it's volatility

    • @suzanne craig🌹 Without risk you can't be successful in life. Most millionaires you see today took risk to become who they are today

    • Cypto trading is one of the easiest way to get out of poverty if you know your way around it

  • Airrack is a genius! While other some other youtubers are stressing out because they need professionally made intros in after effects, he and his friends come out of a dumpster in singlets and banana suits and its the best intro ever! Keep up the good work Airrack!

  • i love all the wholesome energy 😄💜💜 what a sweet ending :)

  • Buying Land for the Mafia is such a baller move! If i was out in america i'd drive there right now and shoot a video building the 2nd structure. Thank you Airrack team for all the content this year you guys are the GOATS

  • Literally one of the best content creators out there! Keep up the good work man 👍

  • This video has the plot development and resolution of a legitimate movie, lol. The quality of these videos is fantastic and infinitely entertaining. Some of the best content on CS-tv in my opinion.

  • When Mack flew in a plane I couldn’t stop laughing 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Fidas is like a little kid I love it

  • The amount of dedication this guy puts into his videos are insane

  • I love your videos. They are always really fun to watch and it's kinda just a break from everything going on in the world right now

  • Your content is so amazing. It never disappoints. Thankyou for Mafialands.

  • I’ve never seen someone buy a plot of land just for a video for his subscribers that is a big brain big Baller move and I love it

  • Fidias brings comedy to a whole new level 😂😂

  • No freaking way you really are better than other CS-tvrs some people do giveaways but bro bought an entire plot of land for the mafia.

  • Let’s just appreciate the fact that Airrack and his team makes us laugh and makes our day!❤️😊

  • 300 million views in 2 years... Wild! Keep it up my guy, You're killing it love seeing you strive and you deserve it all.

  • I loooove your content Airrack it brings me joy to watch keep it up

  • I wish I had friends like these guys

  • living a life as productive as airrack would be amazing and to die for

  • Imagine airrack and his team buys Cyprus, that would be epic!

  • Airrack NEVER ceases to amaze us !!

  • All of you but especially fidias are hilarious and I love the content keep it up boys!

  • This man is wanted in half of the states because of his determination

  • Buying that land for the mafia is sick but what about the liability issues?? Did you ask a lawyer about this?😂

  • I love the crazy videos that airrack does.

  • Bro jack was so happy bro the wholesomeness just made my day

  • Dude really bought 17 acres of land, turned to 3.15 million people and said "it's yours. Go crazy"😂😂 Legend

    • such a good guy.

    • Good Guy

    • jokes on him i’m gonna fill it with radioactive substances and render everything in a quarter mile radius contaminated with uranium

    • @Runioxy 💀

    • @bhaloo yes that is what they look like after major radiation poisoning

  • You don't only use your money to help yourself. You bought ACRES for your community and give them free rain to build literal HOUSES on it. You're a good man and if this pizza party doesnt happen...

  • Can't stop binge watching these videos!!! Thank you Airrack and CS-tv Recommendations!

  • Imagine allowing people to build a house on your land.. Such a legend.. Team mafia👈👉

  • Fidias is hilarious he has the best reactions for everything

  • Tyler is actually my favorite part of this channel now

  • These guys exude pure energy, I love every second of this one! 🤩

  • you're such a goat!! buying land for your fans to visit and enjoy! love you man

  • You guys might have the best life. Having Love, Freedom, and Money. I’m super happy some average joes with a positive attitude get to experience the good life.

  • This might be the funniest Airrack video of all time. The Russian spy as a personal assistance, the professional cuddler, and Tyler passing out uncontrollable mid flight might’ve been the highlight of the whole channel. Took me 5 minutes to type this comment because I’m still laughing. Thank you airrack, continue to be out of your mind until the end of time.

  • Im in love with all the nice things you do for your subscribers thank you for sharing your life and love with all of us watching and see what we can do in life ❤ ♥

  • When you can just waste 10,000 on a scam is the Definition of completing life

  • Hilarious, entertaining, and inspiring! Thanks, Mafia!

  • This dude better start getting 10m+ for each video cause his content is gold

  • eric is the body of this channel but mack is the soul of it fedias is the energy

  • every day fidias spends with you is the best day of his life

  • Next Facebook video will be them spending $1,000,000 😂

  • The cuddle expert part had me dying in laughter XD. The fact that such a thing exists just blows my mind! Nice vid Airrack, keep up the great vids! Hope you have a great rest of 2021!

    • There are millions of things you think don't exist but do...

    • Hi I am grape!

    • bro some bot stole your comment and it has more likes than you have.

    • @MemerCow me?

    • @Grape nah not you man, Bronco.

  • You are one of the most dedicated CS-tvrs I know just to give us one of the best 10 to 20 videos I’ve ever seen

  • This channel is awesome it has the craziness the wholesomeness and a bit of swears to finish it off

  • i love how fully aware Tyler was that he was passing out, like "Were back" *Passes out again*

  • U never fail entertaining us airrack

  • 6:17 that transition was clean great job Mack

  • Airrack literally has the most entertaining content on CS-tv 🏆

  • every video you make leave me smiling or crying, keep it up man

  • When he was on that jet I almost peed myself laughing 😂

  • man u deserve all the success youtube can give you

  • I like how Tyler was in the jet and was just going to sleep.

    • G-Loc.

    • He's in a G loc which means a lot of force is put on his head, making him blackout.

    • OK thanks for the facts. I didn't know that.

    • How many g forces you think he was in?

    • I don't know?

  • This guys brother and his friends are so frickin wholesome. The reunion was so insane. Hats off to you

  • Man you could really really change lives love your content man keep it up

  • You are the coolest guy I’ve EVER meant and I just want to say you have guts of steel for being so brave

  • Margarita is a simple woman. Her service description is just straight up 'i will assistant'.

  • Imagine going behind a building and seeing Airrack,Mack,Tyler,and Fididas in white tank tops smacking the floor😂😂

    • FIDIDAS☠☠☠☠

  • No way they can spend that much but I believe in you arrick

    • ⬆️🎉Hello fan⬆️. Thanks for the love and support.💯 Congratulations* you have been randomly selected as a prize winner🏅, send me a direct message on my above telegram to acknowledge your gifts

  • The fact Eric and his friends spend so much time and money to entertain a lot of people they have never met is crazy.

    • I wouldnt say its crazy its expected in any entertainment industry based jobtitle. You spend money to make money. Hes good at playing the youtube game very well but this method is far from crazy, its almost expected.

    • Hi I am grape!😀

  • "You only live once" is the definition of this man.

  • this man bought an entire plot of LAND FOR HIS SUBSCRIBERS, this guy is insane. I love you Airrrrrrrack B)

  • Airrack: uses NordVPN Also Airrack: leaks the ip location in the description

  • Tyler in the jet just passes out and is just like “oh shit”

  • i wouldnt trust the storage unit ones unless it was sold from the storage company itself im willing to bet he bought it from the storage company and picked the valuable stuff out and sold it at a price you would still make money from

  • I love Fidias energy every time lol he is so passionate about everything!

    • Hi I am grape!😀

  • finally, someone like Mr. Beast that ISNT boring!!!

  • Fidias makes me think of child being really excited to do anything and everything. Makes me happy to see that

  • Y’all are all so funny and make my day

  • When Tyler was in the jet, I have never laughed more

  • fdias is a cool guy u should keep him around

  • Eric is literally so nice everytime he in a video like this with Fidias, Fidias always screams that this is the best day of his life

    • *Wait listen, I post the most realistic drawings you’ll ever see..* 😳

    • Nah