I Spent $865 on a Liquid Damaged 2018 MacBook Pro - Can I Fix It? Did I Just Waste my Money?

čas přidán 14. 02. 2020
Liquid Damaged MacBook Pro - Can I Fix It? I'm not a Mac Repair Technician but I love getting out of my comfort zone and trying to fix things I haven't tried before... which is why I spent $865 on a 2018 MacBook Pro from eBay. The person I bought it from said they took the MacBook Pro to the Apple Store and they said it was not fixable because of liquid damage on the motherboard. But that's the type of challenge I like so I removed the motherboard and gave it a good cleaning with IPA and also used my ultrasonic cleaner. The motherboard was looking good after that... but that doesn't mean it worked.

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About This Video:
I had to do more testing and research to figure out what the issue was. I finally determined the main problem was a shorted out GPU. Well, at least I learned a lot on this one.


  • Do you think all hope is lost on this MBP? Also, here's the affiliate link to the ultrasonic cleaner: amzn.to/2uDmcJT

    • 10:00 I think the GPU is NOT shorted. It just has a big power consumption, hence low resistance. I think this MBP is worth try fixing.

    • Can u tell me where u get the fuses and chips and all that that u replace in all you're videos

    • Send the motherboard to Louis Rossmann

    • well, you got dead tps51980, adesto flash and some graphics memory rails(i've just took a look on the board at1.21). 51980 and pp3v3_s5 are fixable. if you have broken adesto flash, whole board should be replaced.

    • Steve I have a ps4 that the disc drive makes a grinding noise and sometimes won't spin also it won't render in graphics for every single game mostly Fortnite but it still happens and it's bad and the ps4 sometimes freezes then will become unfrozen then the fan sounds like a bearing is bad but it's not that bad then when I go on grand theft auto 5 and go in sertant places in the map the game will freeze then crash 4 minutes later but 14 days ago it was fine with rendering I don't know what's wrong do you know what might be wrong with it. Btw I've had to replace the hard drive 2 years ago and if I have to replace it again then I need one for $80

  • all you can do is try

  • Put it in a bag of rice

  • so basically you paid $865 for a class on how to fix a macbook, just for the class to tell you its pretty hard to find out what you even need to fix if its water damaged, sounds pretty reasonable

  • I love that you don't clickbait. You allow us to see the natural, linear progression of the fixes with little to no spoilers, but you also include what happens in the description so that we can find out what happens if we want to know before watching the whole video through. I'm not watching just to find the answer poised in the title, I'm watching because you've made a genuinely informative and entertaining video, and I really like that I'm able to make the choice based off how I feel that day. What a great solution. :)

  • Can’t put a price on knowledge!

  • Hey TronicsFix! Can you fix my life?

  • It's should be less 100$ if it's broke

  • Your videos have gotten me into electronic learning and repair. I have fixed a few basic items so far and it's tons of fun but my question that I hardly see any CS-tvr mention is static electric discharge. I don't see you or anyone having any wristbands or anything to address static. Am I missing something or is it not that big of a deal or is your entire work bench grounded? Thanks for all of these videos are they are always so pleasant to watch and learn from.

  • Lol even easy fixes they say they cant do it and you need to get a new one ive heard of loose cables that they say is un fixable

  • $1600 gone :d

  • Why does it cost so much it's old and broken 💔

  • Oof

  • Hi there, i was wondering if you could help me out with a Macbook pro late 2011. I recently purchased 16gb Ram and Samsung SSD , i've erased the original HDD and i tried to ReInstall the OS X LION, but when i get to Start the Installation , it says that the product is temporarily unavailable, is there any other way to Install the OS?(I've tried to Install it with the new SSD as well , but i get the same message) any advice ? Thanks.

  • I kinda spilled liquid on my laptop and I'm just praying that it doesn't break 😩🙏

  • What’s the outcome?? Did you resell it?

  • I like this channel so satisfying 😄

  • And offcourse the perfect amount of thermal paste always funny every time lol

  • What about coffee spilled on my 2016 pink macbook :(

  • Hi I have a similar problem, MacBook Pro touchbar with liquid Damage, the computer turns on and works well connected, while on battery it works until 58% then error. Also the fingerprint reader doesn't work. what do you think could be damaged, I just need that battery works more time

  • Honestly, I think your “bad decisions” are beautiful!

  • Steve, please do not call yourself an idiot. An idiot would not be able to do the things you do.

  • Try sending it to Louis rossmann, I'd really like to see his reaction and if he can fix it lol

  • The Inductors to GPU and CPU are between 8-28 ohms so they are not shorted it is just low resistence lines. Litteraly have a working A1990 in front of me that works and is reading the same at the GPU inductors 24 ohms and yours were 23 ohm.

  • When the hell did MacBooks start looking like the inside of iPhones? Jesus apple what are you doing?

  • What I hate the most is why Apple changed the port every single time UwU

  • Is there a chance you could order a mother board separately and just install it into this

  • Would buying a replacement motherboard from Ifixit and swap it out, solve the problem ?

  • I was laughing at some vid and drooled about a drop or something of saliva on my MacBook air m1 chip near the F3 and F4 function keys. Should I be worried?

  • No wonder it broke Its made by apple...

  • damn, wish he would have bought my broken MacBook Pro

  • Dude where did you learn to put on thermal paste? That was enough for 8 chips.

  • If they think its not fixable, who in thwir right mind would sell it for $900 ?

  • You're not an idiot for wanting to fix water damaged equipment. You're a masochist. Just like people like me who want to be surgeons and not just that but go into Cardiothoracic and trauma which are the hardest areas to both get into and heck just complete in general. We are called gluttons for punishment and so are you. Welcome to the club

  • The most real CS-tvr here. He shows his failures and he is not ashamed of it. You have gained a new sub.

  • 865 for liquid damage dam

  • you mad lad? why you spend 900 freedom bucks for a broken laptop?? everyone on ebay gonna think they can get a fortune for their mac junk..

  • How can you get $865 for a drowned computer?

  • I wouldn't even spend 800 on that new, screw apple.


  • Thanx for the tip for I fix it I’m trying to start learning repairing devices

  • You put your charging cable on the wrong side, you should charge it on the top left side of mac book

  • Ugh. You put in the time and effort only to find the T2 chip has Activation Lock applied.

  • I used to work fixing these kind of mobos. It seems the short is caused by some capacitors. Remove the corroted capacitor that apears in minute 3:55 e measure it again. Maybe it could be the problem.

  • Just give Hunter back his laptop before the FedEx guy shows up. . . . ...only partially kidding...

  • It's Logic Board!!!

  • Send the board to luis. R. He has the machine to r/r the glue chip and it looks like the back light circuit is bad

  • send it to louis rossman he will fix it

  • You definately knows stuff more than I do. But I need to ask you about thermal paste amount. All guys that mounts PC over YT they do a little drop. Linus says "Less is more" . You are pretty generous with that paste. What are your thoughts on subject?

  • Did you try putting it in Rice??

  • Bro go easy on the thermal paste holy moly

  • Ppbus g3 hot

  • check for the various power supplies and hot components around the board.

  • Call louis rossman and do an aprentice master video him learning you how to fix this

  • Never buy anything apple, well unless your brain dead and happy to put up with their cons.

  • Is there a way of removing the corrosion without having a ultrasonic cleaner?

  • Did you check ppbus3gh. Or the buck converters to u71 chip. Just other things with the power.

  • I there, were did you find that blue base celicone.

  • доброго дня. подскажите пожалуйста. аккумулятор 100% ошибка VDH002 . аккумулятор 80% запускается и работает нормально. сбрасывали smc. нам заменили аккумулятор ошибка осталась.

  • Steve:i fix consoles this is going to be a little bit harder Me:stop the🧢

  • Wow even broken apple products are grossly overpriced

  • My ps4 got water damage wouldn’t take power anymore my cousin gave it an isopropyl bath completely submerged it and the HDD after a day it worked again isopropyl alcohol aborbs the water and evaporates leaving no residue

  • You could get a motherboard from another similar cheap one with a smashed screen or other problem that has an undamaged motherboard and swap it out?

  • lol. you probably made all that money back + more with this vid alone

  • What tool does it take to open the pc?

  • Is it just me or does that look like too much thermal paste?

  • Since Louis Rossman himself gave his 2 cents , is there a part2 for this video with a happy ending?

  • Hey where can I buy your screw driver ? It so cool

  • I love how everytime you put thermal paste on you say "Perfect" haha trolling all the thermal paste gurus haha

    • Somebody had to do something, lol!

  • Lol, Luis Rossman come to mind.

  • I don’t know why but these videos give me a sense of calm, idk why but it just does.

  • $1k lesson

  • The only time a Macbook should be denied repair if it’s bent in half or was filled with gross biohazard liquids. Otherwise it just costs 1000+ to have it repaired.

  • Wow those are some anemic heat sinks for the cpu and gpu

  • it's been six months. any news on that MBP? and, yeah, louis rossmann and paul daniels, jessa jones, tim (TCRS Circuit, Lancaster, California), they're all savant-guru status, to me. i'm constantly amazed by what they do.

  • The amount of thermal paste he used made me rage

  • I just repaired a hp laptop with liquid "wine" damage cleaned the whole motherboard with isopropyl alcohol replaced the keyboard for $6 bucks backdoored through the bios and a thumb drive works perfect love your videos I love knowledge I've fixed pcs and game consoles if ya dont try your not successful

  • Bro You Can Use Shortkiller To Remove Shorts From Chips

  • I can't imagine how you feel during this type of operations! Just by watching you doing this, I feel nerve-wracking! But, its always entertaining watching you do something alike! Props to you!

  • 865$ for new experience ouch

  • I like his attitude....

  • Do you have any more ps4?

  • You'll waste money on mac in general

  • Louis rossman is the man

  • or gudwil

  • eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeebay

  • If you want a challenge I will send you a rc esc

  • Fan spin !

  • You are legend

  • Don't always assume its a short. Some GPUs have a low impedance path to ground so a rail would measure 2.0ohms, or 3ohms and if your DMM of choice is on continuity check, you will think its a short. If you have a thermal imager, you can look at the circuit board and see if it powers up and down. Some power supplies will pulse on and off when a short is there (built-in protection) so a decent thermal imager would give you some good direction.

  • Lmao GPU and suppose to have 20 ish ohms.. it’s not a short. You can’t use continuity to test gpu power delivery 😂

  • You just turned a Mac into a PC...

  • This is the prove that apple technician is good as shi* :)

  • I have a macbook air that got drenched in milk in 2013. Is it still fixable?

    • Yes contact cyclone_hack on insta and he would tell you how

  • 1:09 You are NOT an idiot, Steve!

  • I know that this video is old but I also know that modern gpu have a low resistance so It could be gpu but also it would be something else

  • Hi Steve love the video. Can you do a video to show us how you use to the ultrasonic video to clean motherboards.

  • Any updates? Did ya ever get this guy going again?

  • Do you know how i fix my laptop 🧨🧨🧨🧨

  • Get a replacement mb.