I spent a day with DREAM

čas přidán 8. 06. 2021
I spent a day w/ Dream to learn the truth about being the fastest growing Minecraft creator on the Internet.
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  • this was a lot of fun!! such an amazing interviewer

  • DReam needs to do a face revel but ik if he doesnt want to .

  • Ha! I love how he's miming listening to an actual person sitting across him but in reality is just talking to dream through his airpods!

  • This video has more views that your subscriber count bro

  • This a real Dream I thought….but the animations are awesome!

  • nice knowing he still makes good content

  • Bro dream looks animated and he hasn’t moved not one but in 8 minutes of the video

  • wait so anthony padilla knows the face of dream?

  • Is dream just drawn on or what I'm confused

  • omg hi dream can you 1v1 me cuz im a big fan

  • wathe is dream nubernnnnfor caling dream

  • fakefakefakefakefake stop doing fake

  • I knew this human bieng is crazy intelligent🙋🙋 20:02

  • This is fack

  • Aye dat not him it fake

  • Classic dream 6:40

  • I LIKE TOMMY MOR THAN YOU DREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I STILL THINK YOU ARE OK...

  • Can I join you in Minecraft p!s

  • I LIKE TOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MORE THAN YOU DREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please reply BC I still like you...

  • “Hannah Montana” 😂

  • Yeah dream sound real but why the face ls not real?

  • Faaaaakkkkeeee

  • So.. dream here is animated right?

  • Cool mask dream you can do eye brow work (or something) while using mask

  • So much fun !

  • why dream is drawing

  • Please interview Pewds

  • Just realised he is from smosh

  • ,👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎200000000

  • this looks fake a little the dream it looks like its animated

  • Ok now tell us is he fat

  • I spent a day with Technoblade I hungry for Techno content Lmao 🤣🤣😅

  • I can relate to the pill situation dream talked about and how it affected me so overall yeah

  • the mask is edited

  • does dream know that george likes him?

  • hes not really there

  • What the f dream you gust tipped in chat. Could you do a face Reveal pls 🥺🥺

  • nice screen dream

  • I miss the old anthony

  • Imagine if dreams mask fell down and editor didn't even cut it

  • but wait dream already did a face reavel

  • Why does dreams mask even blind

  • Did he really come to you?

  • that feeling when you are from Russia, while you do not know English well, but you still watch this video and enjoy.

    • @KovaLev да я русская :)

    • @Maria ты тож русский ?

    • what the.. did i just meet the same person as me

  • How does dreams mask moves its eyes?!?

    • It’s not a real mask it is animated

  • Faceless youtuber ahah

  • Woh

  • The dream is fake, the face is also fake, you will see that behind the mask, his neck is animated, maybe dream was taking the interview from discord and he put the animation and put the voice there. I have no problem with this and I am not saying that this is fake, this is not good, So, just telling. DREAM IS THE BEST!

    • This has to be ironic

  • 1 hour = 1 min. According to the vid.!

  • Fake dream

  • Looked so fake somehow holy mate

  • @dream we all know ur next vid although was bleeped out wont come out for another week so we now are suffering

  • Look how big his shoe's is

  • Wait I didint know dreams mask could blink-

  • BRO did you see his eyes and face

  • Correction..(12:00) the internet will break when dream does a face rev in a mr beast x dream collab..

  • Dream still wearing his jacket/hoodie with his precious Smile😂

  • ayo what the frick look at his eyes change the mask is hella weird 0:40

  • Dream Is CGI POG?

  • 🥰

  • My dumbass thought that was actually dreams body

  • The thumbnail looks like tommy😂

  • Dream could write a single letter and get 10k hearts on twitter

  • Bruh

  • the hands look so real tho he probably drew the upper part of his body so as tom not give any hints

  • Idk why, but I swear I recognize Anthony

  • I cant tell if he is really there or not

  • Yow he meet real dream!,!:

  • I feel stupid for asking this but is dream actually there

  • if my guy actually went there in person he woulda ate the chair

  • OmG hIs MaSk CaN MoVe

  • Dream cheats and he looks like Jabba the Hut lmao 🤣 bye dream stans lmao

  • he has seen dreams face because of the mask

  • I like that he was talking to nothing

  • Is real??????

  • Wow how come dream why is your mask make you allow to blink sooo cool

  • Stop the clickbait

  • woah!!! i love his eyes when his happy OH MY GOD!.

  • It looks edited

  • Watch dreams videos a lot

  • I can’t believe that

  • Thanks for making me remember Smosh again u made my childhood back 😊


  • fake

  • Damn this is a good video

  • thats not the real him sitting on the chair

  • Awsome video! Super well made and I love the collab!!!

  • Dream has a fake face on this

  • This animated dream was very uncomfortable to look at

  • Someday. Somedayy. We are gonna type in the comments "who is here after the face reveal"

  • Is dream behind the camera?

  • That's fake bc it's edited

    • @JayJ_YT ❤️ be educated on youtube more gacha kid

    • @JayJ_YT ❤️ it has a verification mark, so its not, also click the pfp

    • @Allen GONZALES it can be fake lol

    • @JayJ_YT ❤️ its the real dream

    • @JayJ_YT ❤️ look at the pinned comment lmfao

  • ok

  • This real?

  • he gained a mil 10 days after .-.

  • Yes

  • Dream yh body no move.

  • bruh this guy knows who dream is


  • I liked the interview but the animation creeped me out ngl with behind the mask and the mask