I spent a day with FAMOUS BEAUTY GURUS (James Charles, Glam&Gore, Patrick Starrr)

čas přidán 2. 04. 2020
I spent a day with famous beauty gurus to learn the truth about this elusive lifestyle.
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  • NOTE: this video was shot *before* the very necessary quarantine. please stay home and stay safe. i am currently shooting episodes remotely with *CORONAVIRUS SURVIVORS* and many other important topics. updates soon. -ps: shoutout to everyone who has turned on notifications 🔔 and directly support me in continuing this series.

    • Anthony u should of got the girl u where hitting on number

    • Omg I didn't know

    • Plea cut hair

    • If there was no corona virus id ask u to spend a day with prodigies. Actually spend a day with prodigies plz. which might be me lol.

    • AnthonyPadilla how did I JUST find out you and Mykie were a couple?!

  • Why does James look like he's saying "I would NEVER do that to Stacy!" in the thumbnail?

  • Mykie looks so fucking cool

  • Hi

  • I feel like Anthony has a crush on the blonde girl

  • That laugh

  • Relating to Nail Art? Simply Nailogical is a beauty guru. I knew it!😂

  • My biggest take away from this is that make up is artistry. It is another form of expression. Just like painting and pottery it has its own personal touch depending on the artist. Which is why it can feel so easy to abuse it for clout. Art can be open to interpretation. I think that's why it becomes easy to pick on makeup in particular, because it is like a literal mask on a person.

    • Just to add to that, I also think with the uproar of ig and it's connection with makeup people forget that there is a difference between wearing makeup to appear more flawless and wearing makeup as a way of showcasing your art. The lines tend to get blurred. That's my 2 cents

  • I heavily disliked James Charles for a while. I'd never seen any of his videos but I'd heard a lot about him and read some stuff about him. Seeing this video put into perspective that he's an actual person...and honestly I feel shitty for having thought what I did. Hate is not the answer my dudes...hate is not the answer.

  • Lol my lie and Anthony are like the power couple

  • Anthony and Mykie are so cute 🥺


  • i cant believe anthony be hitting on glam and gore like how rude tf

  • anthony has a crush on mykie lmao

  • normally in this series i dont know who the people are but it worries me that i know all the beauty gurus, ngl im kinda proud

  • “i just wanted to tell you that you’re beautiful, and so are all my guests today... especially one in particular ;)” him acting like his girlfriend wasn’t his girlfriend for 22 minutes :,)


  • my fucking heart. that was so sweet there at then wtf :')

  • Why are we STILL sleeping on “beautubers” C’MON GUYS!!!

  • lol pretending to be flirting for the first time but secretly they do be dating

  • I wish I was Mykie

  • Hello Im from Nebraska and we watch CS-tv okaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • mykie: are you hitting on me anthony: No never Me: BUT YALL ARE DATING!!!!!!!! LOL

  • In think that it is funny that mykie and Anthony are dating

  • anthony and mykie are purely the cutest youtube couple

  • 5 seconds to promote whatever you want: James: mushushushsushsushsishsishsish

  • Cutest couple ever

  • The moment when you’re not subbed and gasp

  • padilido.com? XD

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="445">7:25</a> "No. No. I look like a *foot* "

  • "are you hitting on me?" ... "i would never..."

  • I’m glad I watched this, I realized I don’t actually hate James Charles

  • Love how he just HAD to put his girlfriends Mykie over at glam and gore, subscribe to her🤐😉 Channel/video in the rabbit hole screen

  • Glam&Gore is a pick me girl

  • Need to know where Mykie got those shoes

  • That is absolutely Anthony's color

  • I love how he put jeffree star while talking about unnecessary shows of wealth and toxic behavior

  • Patrick: I'm a potato Me: the hottest potato in the land!

  • I want to see Anthony, Mykie, and James on escape the night.

  • I gonna be honest I just came for James Charles

  • "I look like a foot" I'm dead😂

  • Anthony was definitely hitting on all of them

  • James’ outfit looks like if steve jobs became a dictator

  • Who else wants mykie and Anthony to do more videos together????

  • Im glad o found this vid, so romantic

  • was this before or after the '' Taking Off My BOYFRIEND'S ..... Makeup'' by Glam&Gore??

  • I’m so confused if they are actually dating or just really good at acting and not afraid to do anything


  • Mykie: “are you hitting on me!?” Anthony: “I would never!” Me: *teehee*

  • “we’re dating? are you asking me out rn?” “maybe” *both mykie and anthony* :😏

  • anthony made this video to just be cute with mykie

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="524">8:44</a> "it's an addition and not a necessity" so true, that's a healthy relationship with make up.

  • the fact that i saw miranda sings in the beginning ...

  • I live in Nebraska and I am slightly offended

  • OooOOO

  • Anthony should 100% do a "I spent a day with cancelled CS-tvrs"

  • Love you Anthony ❤️. been watching you since 2008.

    • @astro vlogs what is that supposed to mean? Have you thought I might have another account or something that I use to watch videos ? Huh. Lol

    • Been watching since 2008 and only has 2 comments on the channel...

  • anthony and mykie flirting on set is the cutest thing eveeer

  • if people didnt know that Mykie and Anthony were already boyfriend and girlfriend then that would be so weird to see them flirting.

  • Is Antony simping??!!

  • "what kind of lipstick?" *"RED"*

  • Am I the only one who really wants Mykie's shoes?

  • Can you PLEASE spend a day with people who play D&D. They could decide what your character would be!

  • That kiss with anthony and his gf is such a coming of age movie moment lol

  • The way my heart did a happy jump when she kissed him, plus his reaction 🥺❤️

  • Mykie’s laugh at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1247">20:47</a> is the cutest most sweetest thing I’ve ever heard

  • Love your channel ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • "What do you consider yourself as?" Jenna Marbles: "BEAU-TUBER!"

  • AHHHHH Anthony and his gf are the cutest thing ive seen all dayyyy

  • Who else watched this for Anthony flirting with Mykie

  • “I’m gonna tie a piece of fabric up here and I’m gonna inspire you” 😂

  • can we all just take a moment to appreciate anthony? like here he is taking time out of his day(s) to sit and chit-chat with friends and friendly strangers, HE'S OUT HERE LEARNING NEW SHIT, asking valid and actually amazing questions. this is quality content that we need. ME more specifically but you get it. this is fucking (pardon my french) golden stuff. amazing. we stan this channel. ps. anthony, your curls just bounced me into a good mood.

  • IDK if anyone knows at this point that Mykie and Anthony are dating at this point but like they are trying so hard not to like each other. I STAN

  • SLOW DOWN TO <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="25">0:25</a> AND WATCH FROM THE BEGINNING... WHY IS MIRANDA SINGS THERE??

  • Dunno why I'm watching this when I don't even like make up

  • Anthony and Mykie are OTP goals

  • Mykie(to her boyfriend): aRe y0u HiTtiNg 0n mE?

  • Anthony: *hits on Mykie none stop* Mykie: Are you hitting on me? Anthony: I would never. *is also her boyfriend*

  • I’m actually thinking of starting to do sfx cause of mykie :D FACC. SNEEZING SUCKS.

  • How is James sitting gay lol 😂