I Strapped A GoPro To A Fish!

čas přidán 27. 02. 2024
they are really strapping go pros to everything lol
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  • want to know how we got the camera on the eagle? we just asked nicely 😎

  • Whoever gave jimmy the hand slapper needs a award

  • 0:19 Jimmy just now realized that birds can fly.

  • Гараж 54?

  • Jimmy is simply incapable of disappointing viewers

  • I love the jimmy jimmy when he spoils it😂

  • chandler we trust

  • I love how even though Jimmy is a millionaire he still plays with the hand slapping thing😂

    • He is a future billionaire🔥

    • noice

    • To be fair, the hand slapping thing is hella fun to play with 😂

    • Yes

    • He isn’t a millionaire, he spends all the money he gets from videos ON other videos.

  • Jimmy is the kinda person who can make anything and everything interesting.

  • Look at jimmy’s face in the end of the clip….bro is saying “bruh” through his facial expressions

  • Джимми, ты невероятный человечек, я из России, сижу сейчас дома (требуеться уход за отцом), случайно посмотрел твой ролик и теперь смотрю все твои ролики, почти всегда плачу, а мне 40 лет:))) хочу сказать что мне твой позитив очень сильно помогает психологически справиться в ситуации с онкологией отца, спасибо тебе большое мистер бист.

    • Мне тебя жаль 😢😢😢

  • 0:07 the bird: what's up guys, welcome to my first-ever blog. Today we will be exploring the mountains.

    • Мистер бист lamborghini было без мотора когда ты её кидал Шредер

  • Ever since Jimmy got his little flappy hands he's been obsessed with them and it cracks me up lol

  • I love how Chris litterally just said "overneath the cliff" lol 😆

  • Corridor made it here with the canon gopro, even if for a couple seconds, that's lit!

  • Yes!!! Day made, thank you!!! You're reactions make this hilarious!!

  • А как потом камеры возвращали что бы достать от туда видос?

  • 2:18 this is the best of the beasts😂

  • 1:34 I can feel the nostalgia radiating off those slappy hands

  • I love Jimmy’s slappy hand toy. Its so iconic.

  • Anyone wonder how they got the go pro off the fish? Cool thanks!

  • When you can buy whatever you want but a hand clapper is what fascinates you lol, got to love Jimmy.

  • Exelente sus videos y que Dios le de mucha vida y salud Saludos desde Zapopan Jalisco México

  • 6:32 That’s a remora btw if you were wondering. Also known as the shark sucker!

  • I love Jimmy's obsession with the slap hand thing 😂

  • Keep it up, Jimmy, the guy that gives all. Hes money to people that need it😮

  • Please come to Bangladesh and make some videos and teach some people in some boroughs of Bangladesh.

  • I love how Jimmy still plays with the hand-slappy thing even though hes a multi-millionaire.

    • hes just as poor as a avarage joe, he spends all his money on his videos then charitys, etc etc. he hardly ever makes money / a profit

  • Hello Mr. Best, I am one of your biggest fans. I am from Egypt. I hope to go on one of your wonderful adventures with you. I really love you and your challenges. Keep going for the best.

  • This is looks so amazing and enjoyable , thanks Jimmy .

  • 30 seconds in and he goes "birds can just.... fly"🤣

  • Dude I Love how Enthusiast Jimmy is in All his Videos

  • Jimmy is the kinda person who can make

  • That's why the cameraman always survives, it's a lion behind it the whole time😂

  • I’ve been watching your videos for the past 10 years

  • 0:10 Beautiful scenery 😍

  • Jimmy could make staring at a wall entertaining. He is truly a legend 🔥

  • Fr the most npc comment: Can we just appreciate how Jimmy never disappoints? 😭

  • scientific fact: if a shark attacks you, wait for it to swim up, push it away from you and the shark will fall behind

  • 0:25 chris being able to fly means you get oneshotted by everything

  • Eu gosto so de escutar ele falando e a parte mas legal na minha opinião

  • Missed opportunity to say “Hey what up guys, today we’re doing monkey business” lol 1:54

  • That dog one was so cool the dedication to go for a swim haha

  • 6:47: I’ve always wanted to go paragliding. That’s on my to-do list!

  • Vc tem os melhores vídeos do mundo mr Best

  • That clappy hand toy thingy is still Jimmy's fav 😂😂

  • 7:38 respect to the editor

  • 6:02 cat-sassins creed

  • For the lion one, the editor could have just flipped the camera angle 😂

  • I've learned that Chris would be a great dog (5:26)

  • Vatini memu kalekayalu antam..e foreign valla blue berry kante yekkuva anti oxidents vunna kayalu Avi...miru super engineer asalu .. copyrights patents anni mike Andi😄..mi vedio yeppudu upload chestaro time table iste appudu fix avutamu..ueduru chudalekapotunnam..😄

  • I could watch your videos for hours and never get bored❤

  • Muito interessante, doida pra comprar uma gopro!

  • Jimmy crazy ideas always works 😂

  • Jimmy never disappoints he always seems to impress me and make me even more interested on his vids

  • 3:26. Chris's face looks hilarious. such a funny filter

  • Can We just appreciate the effort he puts into his videos?

  • i want to see mr. beast travel to every state and host challenges in stadiums.

  • 1:13 that gave me a good scare

  • 1:37 the pure joy in jimmys face 😅

  • I love how Jimmy's still using the hand clapper from a few videos ago

  • I'm a huge fan of your channel! ❤

  • Chris and jimmy are the type of people that would do anything to have a pet monkey

  • Finding nemo the right way 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Yo mr beast you should fill a corn silo with popcorn and let er pop away!!!!

  • 4:36 do fish think we're aliens?

  • Their reactions are just genuinely entertaining

  • We need to put respect on Walt he's a legend

  • 2:51 idaman gua 👍

  • It would be interesting to see jimmy go to space. On his main channel.

  • How they back that go pro

  • 3:01 Human cannonball simulator.😂

  • This man is gonna have great stories to tell to his grandchildren. What a legend🏆

  • chris's fashion has changed a lot over the years

  • want to know how the lion fliped the camrea around it was trained to

  • This man somehow makes the weirdest ideas entertaining

  • Crisis says jimmy is short but he is standing on a box 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 👇

  • bro picked the camera and now became the camera man😂

  • Jimmy, I just gotta say, some of your videos are REdoables! lol meaning I've watched them over and over and over cuz they were funny to me. At my age I need all the laughs I can get!!! And you guys do that for me! Thank yoU!

  • i’m obsessed with jimmy’s clapping hands 😭 i’m getting one now

  • 7:09 se parece a bryan

  • The bird is gotta be brian from stuck in middle of ocean for 7days

  • Do y’all remember when they use to react to “life hacks” ✨NOSTALGIA✨

  • That lion should be a CS-tvr had me dying😂

  • I just know he would be the greatest grandfather ever

  • 4:24 saben quien es el actor d doblaje? Me suena

  • jimmy is just the coolist guy on the planet

  • 6:10 that was funny ngl

  • 3:29 yeah Good Time to skydive

  • Who ever gave jimmy a hand slapper is dope

  • The there’s no escape dolphins background legit got me cracking up so hard 4:09

  • Видос про поезд вышел буквально месяц назад , а снимали это видео больше 7 месяцев назад

  • Love how they pass over the fact the fish swims right past a golf club 😂

  • میرا عشق اورں جیسا نہیں ہے😊اکیلے ہی رہیں گے پر تیرے ہی رہیں گے🖇️🍒♥️🔐

  • 5:53 catsassins creed...

  • I love how jimmy still plays with the hand-slappy thing even though he's a multi-millionaire.😆

  • watching Chris and Jimmy will always change my mood to good instantly.

  • Hen I think I have ygbb on my laptop and it jdb

  • this man finds the most incredible ways to use money

  • Oye el como se llama y porque tiene las uñas largas

  • 7:06 I was subscribed back then so I know what vid that is, still subbed