I Survived 100 Days as a PENGUIN in Minecraft

čas přidán 2. 12. 2022
It turns out Eskimo is considered an offensive term, so while we cannot adjust what was said in the video, we want to educate people on why it is offensive to the Inuit people.
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Komentáře: 1 600

  • Just to let you know: the name Eskimo isn’t a great thing to call them anymore.😅 they prefer the name Inuit.

  • the penguin base tour on day 63 was immaculate 😆 i'd never leave!

  • for the suspicious stew, what you put into it actually determines what effect you get out of it. For example, if you put a dandelion in, you are guaranteed to get saturation.

  • We've been waiting for this moment for years, but it feels like the first episodes only came out yesterday, time flew by very quickly. I can't even imagine how much effort and love was put into this project. I was glad to catch the beginning of this story and all its development. I have no words to describe all the admiration and respect I have for the author.

  • Hey! These videos are looking interesting so far. I think it’d be cool to see you guys playing as one of the creatures of your videos each and competing to see who can get the most kills by day 100. Keep up the good work.

  • im impressed on how you are able to make a full mod video in a week its very impressive and also i like the concept of the penguin that you have to go to get the battle upgrade

  • Thank to the team that made this!

  • Maybe do a turtle or golem? Both could gain resistance and slowness, though the turtle would have less in exchange for mobility in water. The golem on the other hand could focus on durability and strength, making your opponents fast but weak and frail in comparison.

  • Hey Ryguy just wanted to let you know that you can also get an illager banner that hang from the top of the pillager tower. You can find two on each side of the tower instead of killing the pillager with the banner. Hope this helps. Love your videos!😊❤

  • Just a thought, give the hunters some better abilities? I know it's 3 v 1, but if they cant survive to do damage to you it doesnt matter. They won't ever win unless they do a world ending trap or you mess up. Kinda hoping to see the hunters win sometimes tho.

  • Suggestions for the hunters:

  • Aqua Affinity isn't a longer breathing enchantment, the enchantment he was thinking about was Respiration. Aqua Affinity is a helmet enchantment in Minecraft that removes the penalty for mining underwater

  • You mostly never have to wait for a pillager holding a banner to spawn because most of the time they spawn at the top of stronghold

  • Hey Ry, I just looked it up and Macaroni Penguins do have the yellow feathers. The Rockhopper is just smaller and has more yellow and some black on the crest

  • Giants of the Penguin World

  • this video is amazing, from the characters to the plot, I hope you can make more videos like this, have a good day

  • Since you have the reinforced beak you could mine some ancient debris and then place it down and then mine it again to get a lot more you can double it a lot of times

  • I do miss thế prison videos but these have been more fun than I thought it would be

  • Amazing video! I love all your 100 days videos! I wish you a happy Christmas!❤

  • Hi Ryguy! Just an idea:) for another prison video maybe you could have 2 friends act as guards/keepers ect. Wishing you all the best ! 💙