I Survived 100 Days in ANCIENT CHINA in Hardcore Minecraft

čas přidán 2. 12. 2021
I Survived 100 Days in ANCIENT CHINA in Hardcore Minecraft
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Credits :
@Dr Duke


And special thanks to Kdriiq, Arcticu, and T0xic for helping out!

0:00 100 Days in ANCIENT CHINA in Hardcore Minecraft


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  • The Sensei sounds familiar 🤔😄 Great video!!

  • I feel like everyone who makes a 100 days in minecraft is connected somehow

    • @legion yes, you got it bro

    • @Dio Brando I think he means that each 100 days connect to each like what forrestbono does.

    • @Andrew Lih what??

    • @Andrew Lih I don't get it...

    • by that you mean 100d 2 100d

  • I love how the massive sword with Chinese writing suddenly became a netherite sword.

  • "it did some serious damage!" *The damage: 0.0001*

  • I like how the sidekick aka Jhonny get to atleast get in the action before being defeated.....but the netherite sword really caught me off guard 😂

  • I can’t believe how balanced this video was like he was able to destroy the normal troops but he was still able to get overrun and it was genuinely difficult for him to take out the bosses

    • The blue guards did more damage then monkey king

    • @Help me reach 5K with 0 videos wait wait , go to 11:30 and watch it in 0.25x speed from there . the original sword he has is a remodelled netherite sword . the video was still great though and I'm not hating or anything

    • @Internet Voyager no it doesn’t?

    • 1:55 it says netherite sword lol

  • Thank you for giving our culture more representation

  • This man speaks in solid text format with no spacing or indents.

  • I love how that all of these bosses could one shot you and pummel you through the earth and the final boss took 7 days almost an hour

    • @probader1 no its 30

    • @Mason Nisbett L Bozo we all know its 20

    • @probader1 I AM CORECT

    • @Mason Nisbett fun fact: you are wrong: every day is 10 mintues and every night is 10 mintues therefore its 20 Lol

    • fun fact about minecraft every day in minecraft is 30 minute

  • The finale…IT WAS INSANE!

  • I make a pretty good God of War 😂♥️ great vid dude !

  • Honestly mate, all the bosses that were fought was good people, that was so depressing to watch as all the characters I really liked, but anyways, an absolute great idea for the mod though! Love it!

  • At 1:48 I love how the Chinese writing turns into netherite sword? Coincidence? I think not

  • I love how he gets resistance effect when he’s “raging”

    • Absorption from the golden apple

    • its absorption he got it from golden apple

  • i love it when he makes it sound like a story! make more videos like these pleas

  • Fun fact: China has thier own version of zombies, they're called Jiangshi and they hop around due to rigor mortis making it hard to move.

    • @TotallyNotTubular Thanks. Did you know that cats are one of the few species on earth that kill for fun.

    • Congratulations on 100 subs I gave you the 100th

    • I’ll just sit here and see your adorable guys realizing that we have different types on zombies in China

    • Yup its ture

    • @Renz Michael Tacda Because Qiqi is a jiangshi.

  • I love how he eats a golden carrot when he loses 2 hearts and 1 hunger bar LOL

  • this guy is insane in buildings and challenges

  • Great content Flaps, but saw this video and I'm chinese, and just wanted to point out that 'sword', or '剑' might be a better name for the sword at the start of the video.

  • Day 4-5, you could just have stayed inside the hideout and attacked the guards by making a hole with your dirt.

  • Yoooooo this was AWESOME!!

  • The very first weapon u got AKA as “道” it’s actually a chinese sword or Katana made from hard and sharp steel

  • Um, I’m Chinese, so I know a lot of stuff that happens in the video, like wukong, he is actually a God, and immortal to all weapons and he is practically invincible, yep, no weaknesses! I know this is a video, that fight was epic although a bit depressing since he is a really good person in the original novel, which is called journey to the west.

  • The giant red soldier was a stone warrior and the small ones were just regular the Chinese samurai battled and battled then they drove them under the earth legend says there still there and there bound to return to take back there kingdom

  • Anyone realize his sword durability never really fell😂


  • 3:18 "he did some serious damage" He just got to 9 an a half hearts

  • (loses half a heart) “It did some SERIOUS damage”

  • Hi mud flaps, I’m Chinese and the Chinese writing on the helmet meant ‘helmet’ and the map meant ‘monkey’s kingdom’

  • "i swinged my sword and it did a lot of damage" he taking half a heart

  • As a Chinese fellow, I really appreciate mudflaps making all kinds of content

  • Amazing vid cant wait for the next part

  • Mud Flaps: This ends now!!! First my home and now my only friend. I didn't want war, but war is coming to all those who dare to cross paths with me. A Small Family: *takes his spot in the line to the mall 1 minute before it opens on Black Friday* Mud Flaps: PREPARE TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Edit: I was typing and had typo *didnt realize*

  • “I took the raw mutton, And ate it!” He took his sword, And Swung it!

  • I love how he says I'll save the panda but it suffocated to death in the background

  • Cool video! I really love everything, and especially Zuzu

  • Fun fact: the words on the helmet translated into English is actually means helmet.

  • So day 3 love how he finds the helmet says it gived him a lot of armor and it gived him 1.5 bars😂😂

  • It did some serious damage: *proceeds to be full hp the whole time*

  • A story worthy of a cinematic film! Though some notes: Sensei is a Japanese word. XD Very easy mistake to make. Also I think you should invest in Epic Fight Mod as it would give you the ability to time-block hits and combo over relying one big critical hit which is less effective on bosses like these it seems. Sequence attackers I always find are easier with ranged Magic Mod of some sort too but Epic Fight is 10 for 10 the best for it. Also Elenai Doge 2 would augment dodging to anime levels in exchange for some stamina.

    • @こくしぼう I literally said it, my guy... I'm literally half Japanese and half Chinese

    • 中国新年🇨🇳🇯🇵✨🎆🎇🎉🎊🌟🥰⛩🌸🎎🐉🏯☃️❄𝙃𝙖𝙥𝙥𝙮 𝙉𝙚𝙬 𝙔𝙚𝙖𝙧❄☃️🏯🐉🎎🌸⛩🥰🌟🎊🎉🎇🎆✨🇯🇵🇨🇳中国新年

    • @希夏团子猫 sensei in in Japanese means Teacher

    • sensei in Chinese is xiansheng, which… Is actually quite close. And we do say something similar to sensei in some local slangs so it’s understandable

    • Is it si fu or sensei

  • hey guys did you noticed something? in his upload date that appears at the end of his videos its not the upload date actually is date of a week ago like in ocean video he said that space video will release on 12 november but it came on 19 means 7 days later and in space video he said 26 november but ancient china video came after 7 days on 3 december can anyone explain me why its 7 days late?

  • great vid made, just that the bosses in the mod are cursed: Wukong as the monkey king stage doesn't have eyes to shout fire Yang wang (which is supposed to be Yan wang) can basically one-shot you by writing your full name on a paper Guan Yu would not open his eyes before a fight, and the weapon is not correct either.

  • Mudflaps: the creatures did a lot of damage His health : 99-100%

  • Not even 2 months and this dude is defeating gods..

  • Johnny is a honorable survivor until days 93-99. He died with honor even though he was not the brightest bulb of the bunch.

  • This video is so amazing, the best parts are the aninations, you deserve 200M Subscriber's

  • "i Saw an Giant stone creture" literally does almost 0 dmg

  • every 100 days video is great all the youtubers that do them

  • “A lot” of damage (literally only takes half a heart of damage)

  • MudFlaps: I'm taking a lot of damage. Also him: Taking half a heart every time.

    • He always does this to make it look like the mobs are difficult

    • lmao! nice comment jasss!

  • (Half a heart) "It did some serious damage! "

  • Here's a good tip that Chinese helmet you found at the beginning idk how you got that into Minecraft but PUT IT BACK!!

  • You did a great job but Guan yu or 关羽 was not a god he was a real person in the battle of three kingdoms but you did an insane job

  • little fun facts: the reason why Wu Kong can shoot fire from his eyes is because he once was captured by God and burned in a furnace to make diamonds, but he hid behind the wind fans in the furnace all the time, so he only got his eyes burned. Yang Wang is the name of underworld king, but technically, Wang means king in Chinese, but Yang King sounds weird... so... I guess Yang Wang sounds better

  • Buries baby panda, hears him suffocating. "OMG im naming him zoozoo!' I laughed way to hard at that

    • Him: Stay safe! Zuzu: I'm suffocating

    • Don't forget about "stay safe" 🤣🤣😂😂

    • Lmao

    • same i was looking for someone to comment on it

    • @Lijana Johnson same here I laughed so hard xD

  • "it did some serius damage" him losing half a heart. (3:13)

  • the sword u named actually is wrong, it should be 刀。 And the map you found in the chest is actually named "monkey kingdom" lol

  • The first sword you got was a netherite sword

  • when the moss thing attacked him he said serious damage but it was half a heart and the venom stuff did nothing

  • This channel is, and always been, one of the most wholesome 100 days CS-tvrs I’ve ever seen Edit: could you ever do ancient Germany?

  • This is so hype and epic 😍

  • So um Why was the sword named 'path'(道) in chinese. Isn't it supposed to be 剑 not 道? And this video was more like mythical China, not ancient china and wukong was the first boss... It would be more accurate if he was the last. I mean, he is immortal. The only being that could defeat him was Buddha and wukong doing a "tribal dance" lmao He literally is a god he wouldn't be doing some tribal dance He would use his 金箍棒 to attack which can change to any size and the words for boots... 靴子 Well, they mean boots, but more like UGG boots worn for fashion instead of what you would use in battle and sensei is japanese which means teacher. Teacher (or master) in mandarin chinese is shifu(师傅) if you didn't know and the magma troll LMAO It isn't even chinese. Trolls from norse mythology man... Not chinese. and the god of the underworld... The pinyin for it is yan wang not yang wang lol Why was the bow named 沉北?Literally translated that means sinking north. What does penglaitis mean and Guanyu-the god of war i mean, he isn't a actual god it's more like a nickname for him and his minions lol they were named slaves (奴隶) and hoto the windlord? what?? What does that have to do with ancient china? I kinda expected something like the three kingdoms to be in this video but nah... but yeah... apart from all of that Great video!!

    • @Aarya Deshmukh I’m Asian and they never called us weird?Don’t assume

    • Man ur the first one who called out these stereotypical ass westerns bruh thxx I'm indian but I still studied a bit about Chinese history and language, and yeah I had the same complaints. I hope they learn more about us asin countries cuz we ain't all weirdos.

  • mud flap says "first my home, and now my only friend" you know how lonely that sounds? time stamp:13:14

  • Great vid but how did the god of the underworld die to lava when he is surrounded by it ?

  • Dang Mud Flaps you have a lot of amazing friends that help make the most outstanding maps and gameplays for Minecraft.

  • I really like the animation nice job

  • Soooo, how exactly did day 1 turn to day 2, and how did day 2 turn into day 3? Like it seems like every so often you just changed the day counter at the top

  • Just started watching i wonder is there's a cultivation arc lmao

  • His voice is so fitting for these kinds of videos

  • "After trial and error i figured out" 'litterally pressed one lever and it opened'

  • This is so good better than other 100 days hardcore series'

  • Imagine missing a giant hole LOL

  • Ruan away after taking SOO much damage... bro u took like half a heart and u healed almost instantly

  • Don't mind me just lurking.

    • Don't mind me just scrolling around the comment XD

    • Welcomex7

    • Yooo nice acting man,ur the best 🔥🤘🏼💚

    • @Mud Flaps hy mudflaps

    • @Mud Flaps maybe for the next one do 100 days in a volcano like guilty but with custome lava and stone bosses that drop op gear, next 100 days in a custome swamp, 100 days in the witherlands

  • My grandfather was from china btw (in ww2 he escaped for being an soldier)

  • lol at day one when he held the sword, it literally said “Netherite sword” LOL

  • I love how "Chineses villagers" Speak English 😁😂

  • As an asian myself, I love the house

  • Man this was amazing, the story, the animation, and the gameplay!! But I have a few questions. Why was Wukong the first boss, he seems like the kind of being that would be a final boss. Why is Hoto called the windlord if he breathes fire? 😂😂 And will you be getting any powers like the bosses have in the next episodes?

    • Compared to everything/one else Wukong appears simple.

    • Hoto is probably a dragon that rules the skies think before you say dude

  • bro i love the content. came here from forge labs originally, but you can’t just read the whole thing off like a book 😂 show us your in game voice/ideas too. i get the whole narrative aspect and all but atp it’ll feel like an audiobook.

  • Little didnt he know zoo zoo was already dead when he trapped zoo zoo in that hole

  • 3:37 Dont worry ma dude, it literally means “helmet”

  • At the vary end Johny came back and was secretly the god of death

  • This one will give Mud Flaps an immense amount of social credit

  • Dragons are very sacred in chinese mythology, so slaying a dragon is VERY bad.

  • Rip for jhonny he helped low down the dragon's health :(

  • The only thing I’m not happy about is the bosses is not quite accurate but it’s is a good quality video

  • That did so much damage and doesn’t even lose 1 heart

  • Great video! Only one small tiny mix-up with call the teacher Sensai at 21:21 and 22:21, Sensei is a Japanese term for teacher. While lâoshī is a Chinese term for teacher. You could have also used shīfù which means master in Chinese. But overall, great vid! Keep up the great work!!

    • @Bomberanian Your totally right! I edited the comment.

    • Sensai is also spelled sensei

    • @001 Lol, I knew something felt off.

    • Very minor correction, it is sensei not sensai.

  • did u know: china made the first compass 2,000 years a go

  • how do u pick items so quick from the chests

  • Yo I just noticed in day 3 he said "i took a lot of damage and "I was tired of running even though he had full hearts and hunger. 3:54

  • So serious damage is half a heart?

  • Not gonna lie, I half expected Johnny to clutch the fight with hoto and just kick his ass or suddenly reveal himself as a divine being, but eh, can’t get the generic plot twists we all think of

  • For some reason the whole video I was imagining “thunder breathing first form: thunder clap and flash”

  • The deserter looks like a stone warrior from Ninjago and even the big one looks like the big stone warrior from ninjago

  • 20:48 I can't believe he called a Chinese shifu Sensie 🤣

  • When you hid the baby panda and put dirt above it I heard it screaming and taking damage 2:27

  • Had the pleasure making some of the mobs on the video! My favorite video so far 😍