I Survived 100 Days in Ancient Rome on Minecraft.. Here's What Happened..

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I Survived 100 Days in Ancient Rome.. Here's What Happened..
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We had 3 objectives in this "100 Days of Hardcore Minecraft in Ancient Rome" video. Objective 1: Craft a Stage 3 Roman Mansion. Objective 2: Defeat Vulcan the God of Weaponry. Objective 3: Eliminate Pluto the God of War.

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All our models in the video made incredibly by Ycar, MexBot, Ticxo, TheAnonim , Enderdude, V11, Anthony, LittleRoomDev, 宵閣玖鑰, JoWekker, TheLoungeMC!


  • Do we go to Ancient Greece next?!

  • Mars: Am I a joke to you?

  • A gapple? What update is that in?

  • Mars is the god of war

  • Hiiiii

  • This is a great video but Mars is actually the God of war

  • Uhm mars is actually the gid of war pluto is the god of death

  • PLOTO IS THE GOD OF THE UNDERWORLD! mars is the god of war

  • I love your vids so Mitch

  • which mod is this?

  • ar u happy

  • fun game forrestbono

  • What is the name of the mod?

  • DUDE Pluto is the god of death

  • The god of war in Rome is Mars Rome version of ares

  • Pluto is hades

  • Just thought you should know

  • Sorry but you have your mythology wrong

  • Hi

  • Ur too good at building

  • Do you mean Anglo Saxons

  • pluto is the god of death and mars is the god of war

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  • Mars is the God of war

  • I thought pluto was the god of thw underworld and mars is the god of war?

  • Good job on the intro

  • Done

  • Can u guys do a 100 days but u guys will not be splitted

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  • nice armor

  • Isn’t Pluto the Roman version of hades? The god of the underworld?

  • im so addicted to these videos now

  • Hi

  • And next Viking Forrest

  • Me want to have your thing here boss is that you defeat in your videos tell us how you you ge

  • Wait a min Kratos is god of war right ?

  • You. 124555. Waaaw

  • Popped a gapple a original by forestbono

  • Pluto's the God of the Underworld and wealth....... Mars is the God of War...........

  • The intro is wrong bruh mars is the god of war Pluto is the god of the dead


  • God of War is mars

  • Nice pfp

  • 14:08 by

  • pluto is actually the god of the underworld and riches, not war

  • pluto god of war??? i thought pluto was the god of the dead / underworld not the war i thought the god of war is mars

  • mars is the god of war and plutpo is the god of the underworld

  • I love the video's of 100 days

  • Forrest: I'm stranded in ancient rom- oh not all of you are subed?

  • Your good

  • Actually it's Mars, god of war

  • pluto us the roman god of the underworld and riches.... and vulcan is sorta right

  • Isnt vulcan just the god of fire

  • Pluto is not the God of war he is the God of dead people

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  • Pluto is the god of the under world

  • Where do I download the mod?

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  • God bless who found this comment

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  • Pls play normal minecraft with no mods

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  • Pluto isn’t the god of war. He is the god of the underworld and riches. Mars is the god of war

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  • And how do you download the map

  • Is the kape is Free

  • Its staged but has an amazing storyline for a mode.

  • Do you know u can enchant flint and steel, shield, and ELYTRA with mending and unbreaking

  • Isn’t Ares god of war

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  • He needs to do an Ancient Egypt 100day video

  • Are we not gonna say rip to all of his animals that blew up when his first house got destroyed?

  • Forest Pluto is hades in Roman form

  • forrest: pluto the god of war me: ...you mean aries!

  • Op🥰😆!

  • Nice house

  • The narrating bothers me he always acts like he doesn't know whats going on XD

  • I love you so much

  • pluto is not the god of war he is the god of the underworld and precious metals. MARS IS THE ROMAN GOD OF WAR!!! GET UR FACTS STRAIGHT

  • vulcan makes weapons but he usually doesnt use them

  • It's just Greece and roman people they say that somebody is Poseidon because they are good at swimming like i could call donoldtrump a god because he is rich or the president

  • If you don't know there is only one god and that is god pluto fake Poseidon fake all gods are fake except god, Zeus, and the spirit which are all one spirit

  • Why don’t you keep all the stuff you make because you know this happens to you guys a ton

  • In roman history Pluto is God of death not war and Vulcan is the god of the forge

  • Pluto is roman from of hades not mars the god of war

  • 10:40 he’s pluto look at the top of your screen

  • Tooo underated


  • Lestgo baby

  • Pluto isn’t the god of war Mars is

  • Do a two player survive like Titanic version

  • He is nuts keep up the good work

  • OH come on this mythology don't make Sense

  • Normal Pepole: There Is A Portal im Not Going In There Painful: Lets Jump In 3