I tested the CHEAPEST Gadgets on the Internet.

čas přidán 10. 06. 2023
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  • Did anyone notice the room slowly deteriorating over the course of the video? 😂 To check out my past gadgets episodes: cs-tv.org/tv/video-GCmiKaLnd7M.html Check out dbrand here: dbrand.com/boss

  • Arun, the quality of your videos has gone through the roof lately. It’s almost ridiculous how content like this is free, and I can’t even imagine what amazing projects you’re going to do in the future! Thanks for bringing us world class content BOSS!❤️💯

    • Ikr they have been amazing!

    • I feel like he’s becoming more fake now tbh

    • It isn't really free from the ads and tracking that YT is serving you 😂

    • If you are interested in quality youtube content and like cars i can recommend hagerty videos with jason camissa.Its absolute gold ! 😊

    • @Ken Paxton Lim he’s not in control of that so yeah

  • That "stapler" though, such an impressive little bit of engineering and being sold for such a small price, I feel someone could make a killing upselling those

    • yes it is relly cool

    • Photocopiers have an Eco Staple option which does a similar thing to this

    • In Japan this is Normal, many people have it

    • @Hello kitty America is woefully behind the times. 😔 I'm thoroughly embarrassed by how my country has regressed in the last 20 years.

    • Yep one thing I desperately need out of those. The led shower head I also wouldn't mind having xD.

  • Arun: tests cheap tech gadgets Also Arun: accidently weaponizes carrots

  • This was so much fun to watch. Lots of humour that got me laughing throughout the video. I even went on to watch it twice. Excellent work Arun. Would've loved to try out that bubble gun but they probably won't ship to my country. Anxiously waiting for your next video ☺

  • Ahhh every product tested by you makes me laugh so much 😂 you’re hilarious! I hope we can see more of this ❤️❤️❤️

  • I love these sort of gadget videos. They are affordable as well as amazing.

  • This man never dissapoints...been following since he had 200K subs...now he's among the best creators...You have been Theboss all along...

  • Not only his videos are great quality, but he himself radiates a lot of positive vibes.

  • The magic fire is so nostalgic for me. I used to go camping every summer with mine and a few other families, and we would always sit around a fire at night, talking and eating and having fun. Sometimes, if we were lucky, one of the moms would pull out the magic fire dust, and we would watch the flames glow amazing colors. That's one of my core memories.

    • Damn, 0 likes even after 4 months…well that’s not the point here- Btw amazing story ❤

  • i love the positive energy vibes coming from the videos he makes even if its a fail there is still positivity from Arun

  • This man never fails to entertain us

  • If pricing of Passionfruit phones were reasonable, they would have a place in this list...🙂👍

  • Arun, you are a fantastic communicator. You should be a teacher. You are gifted, man! I can also imagine the thoughts, planning, efforts and hard work that go into making each of your small video segments, although you manage to hide all these well. Thank you.

    • If he was a teacher he would be ignored bro

  • Arun, the content and effort you put into your videos are outstanding. It is unbelievable how this amazing content is free. You make me really happy.

  • I love how your videos involve science but also are super entertaining

  • I have a similar popcorn machine. It's even better when you leave the measuring cup in the hole on the hood. You're meant to put butter in there while the machine is popping the corn and it melts the butter. They're really cool!

    • @Tool Time Yeah, people do that.... People who didn't realize that they could just toss one of those little condiment cups in its place, or a rocks glass, or a measuring cup...

    • One part of me is saying “oooh popcorn”. The other is saying “ooh fire hazard “

    • @Lord Inquisitor Nostalgia comes with risk, buddy!

    • @Chris Williams the real nostalgia is the fact that I have that same “popcorn vs fire hazard” debate with myself, every time I see one of this cheap popcorn machines… and then buy microwave popcorn…

    • @Lord Inquisitor HAHAHA! Hard same, my guy! The time I've spent staring into the abyss from a Goodwill electronics aisle is pretty dang sad.

  • The apple peeler is just a plastic version of cast iron apple peelers that have been around since at least the 18th Century, maybe longer. Same thing with the Corn Planer. The Finger Blade definitely looks phalic.

  • 6:20 I can see how the hanger can be used somewhere like a clothing store where the owners of the store could highlight a shirt that is on sale or something. As cool as it looks already, people might notice it better as well.

    • And yet it still doesn’t fit on the hanger rack 💀💀

  • This is amazing all you have done! I loooooovee your channel, thank you for brightening my mood every time I watch you! I espessially love this series so pleaaase keep it up you’re doing great! 😁👍👏👏

  • That thumb blade is for caring for tomato plants^^ it is supposed to make it easier to cut off the small stems in-between other stems wich makes the plant stronger:) That's why it's so short ^^

  • As a US viewer, I find it funny how much he loves that apple peeler. Everyone I know has one in the US.

    • That's not surprising since the healthiest part of an apple is the skin.

    • @Hugh M lmao true


    • ​@Hugh Mthat's why they won't have them

  • Thank you for this video, you and your team break through none limits and your production value and fun has increased since 5 years ago, now we are upgrading but backwards lol. Keep innovating your videos Arun!

    • Dude the person commented u abt the give away is fake....Mrwhosetheboss would ask u to message on telegram lol

    • @Ibrahim Khan 🅥 yeah lmao!

    • @Ibrahim Khan 🅥 lol, I already know. The real Arun wouldn't message on an alternative acc!

  • Love the vids as always! However, sometimes I feel like a product showcase is cut way too short, and we barely get 5 seconds of seeing what it actually is (the first metals thing, the car light...etc.). Maybe something to keep in mind. Anyway, you're the boss!

    • Zzzzyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy

  • You look like you had a lot of fun making this video. Thanks for the content over the years. I really dig the reviews you provide.

  • Milo being so curious about what he's doing is so cute omg

  • Tbh, the fire gadget is pretty cool. Different metals make different colours of fire, and copper is one of the metals. Pretty sure copper makes fire green (I think).

    • Yes and magnesium makes white

  • I enioy so much watching your content! Yours amazing! ❤️❤️

  • I've always admired the attention to detail in your content... Whether its quality or editing... everything great. And if someone didn't notice, the slight thing in the right corner while the tea gadget was being tested.. it wasn't necessary but it added so much more value overall.. it just great.

  • cried with laughter whilst watching this video. your enthusiasm for some of those gadgets was hilarious. fantastic video. 🤣

  • I have an apple peeler like that, but it also cores and spiral cuts it, depending on the settings. It's real "classic" looking being all metal, no plastic like that. Got it for like a few bucks at a flea market.

  • How the hell is a popcorn machine blowing his mind in 2022? I've had one that looks almost exactly like that for 20+ years.

  • Appreciate the effort 👏👏 Really nice video and content. You never run out of content.. Well made.

  • Arun keep up the great the vids. Also the gadgets are actually really helpful so if you could put the links in the description that would be great! :) Or if anyone else has the links to it, it would be great! P.S. Don't rickroll me pls

  • The real question about the heat mugs is what happens when your cup dries up. Typically, the cheap ones will get hotter and hotter, and become a fire source. Which is why they are banned from use in most American offices.

  • The staple free stapler is often used in areas where you cant have metal clips. Like any food processing company.

  • the funny thing is that we don't need to skip the sponsored content because it's just like the normal unsponsored content; great job Mrwhosetheboss keep up the good work.

  • Arun: * gets a gun * Everyone: « is that a good id- » Arun: * instantly points it at himself for no reason * Everyone: 😮

  • You can see the amount of effort he put in this video, is new content is AMAZING and his ideas keep getting better, Over all this man is a LEGEND 😎

    • Hello Samuel, I just wanted to know what did you get for replying to the message about the giveaway

    • @Amith Ettigi You talkin' about the first reply on this thread? It's a scam, or probably someone just tryin' to get clout off of Arun. You may wish to ignore it at the present moment.

    • L pfp

    • @Nishyanth Kumar that's what I thought.... I'm never that lucky to begin with!!

    • Tommy?

  • Bro literally you’re super blessed with talent and voice.❤

  • I am going to show this video to my wife in future, she would love these gadgets... And I love the video everything was well cooked / well done. Thank you Arun for making a gadget video that's not only informative, not only entertaining, not only surprising, not only well managed, not only well edited, not only well presented but also it seems like watching Some highly professional gadget testers from a Lab. Amazing Works! A deep heartened Thank You for your work🌹

    • @Basil ah yes bc that's all women do? Tf are you talking about

    • @Basil tf?

    • @Sofie Björkheim yessss Lucky me, that Arun tested cheapest gadgets that are also associated with daily life and Women🤪

  • I'm not even joking MrWhosetheBoss is one of the best goddamn content creators on this platform. Wildly entertaining but also informative and interesting.

  • Wish you would make more videos about useful products lol. Lots of people enjoy watching you discover random stuff but it would be nice if you could figure out what these things would aid you with in your day to day

  • I am completely addicted to your videos. I love your videos.

  • The way that Aron make such cheap products sound sooo professional! :)

  • That finger blade could have revolutionized the 90s CD industry.

  • Bro, i have to say this, as a fellow brit. You have completely REPRESENTED on the world stage. I'm proud of you and your team for all you accomplishments so far. This channel is great. I am so happy I followed you. Keep up the good work.

  • Yeah, those apple peelers have been around for well over 100 years. There are kitchen companies that make steel versions that will also slice your apple. I have one, it's awesome for baking.

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  • You are my absolutely FAVOURITE CS-tvr,Arun🥰

  • His laughter is being held back by some serious force btw, every video is the same, he looks like he’s gonna burst into laughter.. amazing tbh 👍🏻

  • Never a dull moment with Arun. The videos are always entertaining and fun to watch!

  • I'm gonna be honest, I just recently bought one of those apple peeler/slicer/corer things (similar, but not the same as the one in the video) because I like to make dehydrated fruit myself, and it's honestly so much quicker and more convenient than doing it the manual way (i.e. with just a knife). I don't know if it's worth it if you just eat, like, an apple every so often, but for bulk processing it's really handy to have.

  • Unlike other tech CS-tvrs this guy is so fun 😂💯💯

  • Arun makes even the cheapest items look so cool

  • With the magic fire, in my family there is an inside joke about that. It would often be sold at gas stations near camping places. One friend managed to convince another friend that putting ferns in the fire would make those colours lol.

  • I'm amazed that this grown man has never seen an electric popcorn popper.

  • Man you took the concept of being a tech youtuber to the whole next level. Each video brings something special and fascinating.

  • Love the unique style of your videos. Not only unboxing and reviewing 170000 dollar phone but also reviews about cheap gadgets. This channel is amazing.

  • I nearly peed myself laughing at your super big pink gloves with the 'Smoke Bubble Fish" gadget/toy... That's brilliant actually, the gadget not the gloves.. The ketchup gun...more like a ketchup squirter, that was most probably the funniest thing I've seen in a long time

  • "Have you ever wished that your eggs were more uniform in shape" That's what she said 😭

  • This was definitely one of the best videos from this channel. Hope it goes over from here on.

  • That staple free stapler, a friend gave it to me. Seems its quite a normal thing in Japan

  • Even though some of the products were junk, I am surprised at how many actually worked.

  • This GPU is amazing really. To me it's more than enough for gaming and creative workflow. Although, I am considering the 3070 lately hehe

  • I love this guy he is so cool and entertaining.

  • I’ve always wanted to know where you can find those bubble Gatling guns! I need IT

  • The quality of this video is epic. But one suggestion is that you give a little more time in showing us what each gadget can do in a little more detail. That would make the video a little more lengthy but it's worth the entertainment.

  • Really good videos....your spirit is really good...I forgot u make these videos alone or with a camera man lol 🤣❤ all your subscribers are here tho bro u got it

  • Damn, you guys are ALWAYS on point with your content👌, and we never have to wait 2 months for a new video either!😄

    • The fire one had probably just a bit of zinc and the some random blue powder

    • @Xavier WOW 😲. Chemist is talking

  • Congrats Arun, hope you achieve even greater things.. ❤️

  • Props to you and your team mate. Spectacular content feels very much premium

  • Lmao the mug warmer is basically just a budget hotstove for chemistry

  • All I wanna say is that You and you team are very good at choosing a topic for a video

    • Hey bro little Lego don’t believe him please

  • Sometimes I really have to wonder what on earth is going on in Arun's head... that ketchup "gun" had absolutely NO means of propulsion -- no spring, no motor, no NOTHING -- yet he seemed absolutely shocked that it wasn't able to shoot several feet horizontally; then, in the popcorn scene, he turned it completely vertically and, again, seemed absolutely shocked that (now *aided* by gravity rather than being impeded by it) "it works now" 🤔🙄🤦🏻‍♂️🤣

  • My man Arun is one of the most consistent youtubers to bring out these high quality content

  • these videos are great quality keep up the good work!!

  • “It’s made of PP material, apparently, comfortable to grasp” my MAN 😂😂😂😂😂 that was incredible

  • “They’re shaped in a way that improves the natural clickynesss” is the best line ever 🤣🤣

  • That amount of bubbles looks so cool under the studio lighting

  • love these videos man love em not just a phone laptop centric channel

  • Arun:"The Video is gonna get cheaper as we go" Also him: Does god level editing

    • I think he meant the lighting and the background he’s using

    • That would ruin the experience of viewer, just like a bad camera would have, why would you want that

    • he doesnt edit

    • @Spin I think his friend does

    • @Spin ikr

  • I just wanted to add that I had that popcorn machine as a child and if I'm correct there's a scoop which sits in the top of the machine that you are supposed to put butter in so it can melt and you can have lovely warm buttery popcorn

  • We've had the apple peeler ever since I was born. It was used to quickly peel apples for canning. It's NOT a new invention. Thanks for sharing such a cool video, mate.

  • This guy is addicting to watch😂😂

  • As someone with sharp nails and uses them all the time i think the finger knife is more suited for opening packages or something like that

  • No one can complain about the name, Arun does what he says. But I don't understand who complains about his voice? It's perfect!

  • Can we appreciate the amount of effort he puts into these videos for us?

  • The neon coathanger is meant to be for a shop window, like a dry cleaners or something

  • I can't believe you can find such quality items online for less than 10 bucks

  • I got an ad on this video for something called "one wheel". It looks like a one wheel version of something you've covered on the channel before: the Segway. And this one seems to aim for more speed and adventure. Maybe it would be interesting to try it out and review?

  • Imagine waiting all year and on Christmas you get a neon clothes hanger!🤣

  • The Ultra Wide Car View mirror, they used to put those on cars a long time ago. They used to put them on before they changed the mirrors to be more magnified.

  • God level editing and great energy and content By Arun. Just imagine the research he had done. Great video

    • Dude the person commented u abt the give away is fake....Mrwhosetheboss would ask u to message on telegram lol

  • I just love the pace you go through these items. I use a much cheaper device for my butter. I use a one-dollar cheese slicer to cut a thin slice of butter. I think it is even faster compared to the knife too.

  • Rich content and thoroughly entertaining!

  • i bet the first gadget he would be looking for is the rick roll gadget🤣😂😅

  • All of these are actually astounding.

  • i have a popcorn thing just like that! it only uses air, no oil! so, if you have allergies its perfect

  • This was absolutely hilarious 😆 Keep up the good work!

  • I thought the sauce gun would shoot over the table but it did the exact opposite 😂