I Think I’m Done with the Pixel Watch

čas přidán 17. 10. 2022
Marques, Andrew, and David were all able to try out the Pixel Watch for a week so they sit down to discuss all of the pros and cons! Is it an Apple Watch competitor or a better Fitbit?
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  • The google fit / Fitbit/ Health stuff is exactly what google faced with Hangouts, chat, duo, meet, etc. When you try to maintain multiple "similar" apps in the same ecosystem, people will just get confused or frustrated and choose to use something else. Google either needs to figure this out, or they're going to end up ruining the perception of Fitbit in the flailing.

    • Knowing Google's history, my guess is they're gonna screw it up. Good luck

    • I was going to say the exact same thing about all the messaging apps. It's so confusing and it's not a good thing 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Well said

    • True, they need to get this right if they are serious about the watch/fitness. But they aren't, so they will do this half-assed. In reality, does the fitbit name really carry that much value? I want google fit with better/more features, currently my main fitness app(s) is adidas running/trainning (that came to be with adidas purchase of runtastic) and I love their UI and the way you can drill into the stats and compare arbitrary timespans to check your progress. One of the reasons i don't use google fit as my main fitness app is because it does not support BLE HR monitors, neither does fitbit, and with just the phone app you can only track like 2 kinds of activities and the fitbit app UI is bad.

    • The CEO needs to take harsh decision and just merge the team, cut off, and continue... Stop trying to make everyone happy

  • I think I'll go all in on Google's ecosystem if the Pixel 8 and Watch 2 are good Google has utterly impressed me on the software side, hardware is the only place I feel they're lacking

  • I had the same experience at first with the terrible battery life. After messing around with it for a while I discovered that it was constantly trying to update all the apps. I had to update them all one by one. After everything was updated the battery seems to last a lot longer. I went from charging it twice a day to just once. I'll throw it on the charger for like an hour before I go to bed and it lasts pretty much all day.

    • Things like that are keeping me out of android world XD

    • @awdadw adwad booo.. weak

    • @DuHWeeZ lmao

    • Same, much better now

    • I'm getting more than a day out of a charge now. I'm getting about a day and a half. I haven't even worried about charging it and haven't even gotten close to draining the thing.

  • Personally, I love this watch! It's super nice on my wrist compared to my apple watch or Samsung watch. Luckily for me, by 4pm my battery is at 74 percent 😃 My day starts at 5AM. But, yeah, it does check the heart rate extremely often. Also, I REALLY love the talk to text feature- it always gets my messages correct (which is not something I can say for my apple or Samsung). Luckily, my watch connected to my Pixel 7 Pro quickly and easily 🤷

  • I have a speculation that poor battery life is due to poor app management. I discovered that you cannot disable phone notification right now, and some of the setting options are still unfinished. This is something I like/hate about Pixel product line in general. Often times, especially with their later iterations, have minimal issue during the launch, then it have some insane amount of bug/error after few month, then they resolve it gradually. I like the size because my daily driver before pixel watch was Garmin Fenix 6x.

  • I was really looking forward to the Pixel Watch, but it didn't release in Norway. Looking at this I'm kinda glad it didn't, but I really hope there will be a gen. 2 with more built-in features (rather than borrowing from Fitbit Premium), as well as fixing the battery. Question though, when can we realistically expect a gen. 2? I'm new to smart watches, and was mainly looking forward to this because of the integration with other Pixel/Google Home devices.

  • On my Pixel 6 Pro it was seamless. I took it out of the box and it just turned on and my phone saw that I had one and installed everything. Cellular features at this size is insane; it gives me assistant from the wrist to deal with all my home automation crap. Coming from a Garmin, I'm happy af. I usually do 1st and 3rd gen stuff... 1st gen is fun, plus it helps product dev. 2nd gen is iterative refinement that usually doesn't help much, 3rd gen (for google anyway) is usually a little cheaper and heavily refined by deleting features that didn't work well in 1st and 3rd, plus all the software and power saving is dialed in. Like, the 6 pro is interesting and tweaky... but the 3a was perfect daily driver. Then you can hack the 1st gen with custom roms for weirder uses, and fi lets you keep the sim active just for data. It's comfy now, things aren't priced too unreasonably.

  • Several of these issues (connectivity, overpulling heart rate, battery life) have also been present in the Fitbit Ionic and Versa series. Fitbit's brand name is much stronger than its recent offerings generally, and if Google wants to be successful I imagine some reorganization of Fitbit's hardware team is required.

    • why does google keep failing is products? why would they put such a small battery in a 2023 watch?

  • The connectivity issues sound exactly like the issues I had with the Pixel Buds when they first dropped. It was so infuriating that I returned them. Sad to hear Google still can't get it right when it comes to hardware.

  • Thanks for covering this product, I've been considering getting one as earlier this year I'd gotten the Pixel 6. I may wait for updates to the software or the next iteration now. Unsure. We will see what the future holds, I hope!

  • This is the most attractive-looking smartwatch that I've seen so far. As for the size, I think they picked a medium size that would work for most women and men, and I appreciate that. Many smartwatches are so large (e.g. Apple Watch Ultra) and don't work as well for women.

  • If they'll do similar optimizations as Samsung did with GW4. It can be pretty nice watch. I mean the battery on GW4 was terrible at the beginning and now it's literally 1,5 day watch with AoD and sleeptracking in use.

  • Mine connected perfectly and stayed connect till this day. Lucky to say I'm one of the people who have 0 problems with the watch, i also prefeer the allways on display off and use use the "wiggle to wake" feature. I track sleeping and use pretty much every feature it has to offer. The fast charge time is the only thing that kinda counteracts the low battery life. I charge it every day after waking up when i get ready, and it lasts me trough the day and night until the next day with sometimes 20% left to spare. The fitbit stuff is kinda rough, I'll agree, i knew it came with Fitbit but I'm also a bit on the fence if I'm gonna stay subscribed to Fitbit after the 6 months,maybe if they give you a discount for it because I feel 10dollars a month is a bit pricy after you already paid almost 400bucks for a watch, 120 dollars a year just for some premium features that shouldn't be that expensive is just too much for me. The watch and the watch faces are gorgeous, aside of battery and the wierd Fitbit integration, this watch is almost perfect

    • ☝️ My experience precisely.

    • Are they charging for standard fitbit features that come for free with the other fitbits? I just ordered a pixel and will return it if so.

  • They probably can't combine fitbit and google stuff so easily b/c of health data. They might have to put users through a new NUX / consent flow to get them to agree to share health data with Google, which might freak people out more than simply rolling out fitbit as a watch on the pixel watch with no additional work. There is also probably data storage requirements for health data that the rest of the google services might not be able to support? I bet they merge it, but it will take time.

  • I just bought a Pixel Watch. I can't state enough that so far I'm really happy with it. It's an amazing smartwatch for the money. The design and features are amazing!! Battery life lasts one day easily. To be honest, I put it on Battery Saver mode similar to my pixel phone besides turning off Adaptive Brightness. I am fine with turning those off. I have noticed that Marques always nitpicks on little and irrelevant things when it comes to Pixel products. So I take his reviews with a grain of salt. His reviews are biased towards Apple, which has had major shortcomings over many of its products.

  • a cool setting would be to see your total battery life listed as a time and see it changing when you change a setting like frequency of heart rate monitoring etc.

  • That "1st gen" thing is making me crazy. They had years to develop it, they sat around and saw what everyone else was doing, and they own Fitbit. It's good but it just should be better.

    • Doing it for the first time has a lot of things that need to be done. Finding ways to literally make it negotiating manufacturing contracts all these things take years which is why it's a bit outdated. But now the fundamentals are set just have to negotiate with Samsung or LG about a more futuristic display and a better chip and there you have 2nd gen. Compare Apple watch 1 to 2 and especially 3. Night and day in 2 years.

    • @Eruptic But Apple was on the bleeding edge. Google has been sitting around watching. Not the same.

    • @GWINE There's something called patents. Doesn't matter if everyone has made a watch today. It's just as hard to start from scratch as it was for Apple with the first Apple watch. If not harder since you have to try to keep up with the way better watches out there today compared to 2013.

    • @Eruptic Extremely stupid to compare the Pixel Watch 1 to the first Apple Watch. When Apple launched the Apple Watch, there were basically no other good Smartwatches so they HAD to figure out a lot. Google on the other hand? They have to figure out NOTHING because everyone else has done that over the last almost ten years and Google also literally owns Fitbit.

  • Enjoying the watch so far. I do wish the bezel was slimmer but I believe it will be on next year's watch. I'm not a sleep tracker or what you would call a heavy user. My battery had been lasting me until I go to sleep easily with at least 30% left. I've only had it a few days ago maybe that will go down as I use it more. I think that this is a good first volley from Google. Gen 2 will be a serious contender if Googs can make the same improvement like the 6 to 7 series phones did.

  • I use it since 3 days and for me it does everything I want pretty fine, EXCEPT there seems to be problems with the synchronization between the watch and the Fitbit app. But that will be fixed by updates I think. Other than that, the watch seems fine to me. I get a day of battery life just like with the apple watch so that's no concern for me

  • They should just release a software update that allows the heart rate to not track every second. Maybe something like every 30 seconds that would significantly increase the battery life. Or just only have it scanning that frequently when you're physically on a workout, but the rest of the time it's not as frequent.

    • Basically just do it like everyone else or like Apple... the Apple Watch measures the heart rate like every 2-6 minutes normally and when you do workout it then is tracking it every 5 seconds. And that works perfectly fine when you look what Apple has done over the last years, how many lives it saved etc. Google is measuring even single second but I think they don't even have something like notifications when you have a way too high heart rate while resting or whatever.

    • The issue here is that the Pixel Watch does not have Auto Start/Stop Workout detection

    • @Landen A what?!

    • @Kisha ikr. Everyone other competitive smartwatch does. This could be used to enable the 1 second heart rate pings and just have it be once every 10 seconds for normal use. Nope, it's all the time sadly

    • @Landen A even hybrids with near to no computing power like the Steel HR have that, wth ? O_o

  • I don't think I really heard MKB say why he's "done" with it. Did I miss something? Sounded more like just more first-impression reviews. That said, here's hoping an update will allow for settings to improve battery life. Frankly, I want the smart features more than the Fitbit features. If I want to know my heart rate, I'll ask for it. As simple as it was, I really miss my Pebble Time Steel in a lot of ways.

    • Kinda Clickbaity

    • actually his video on the matter does explain why he'd be done with it hah

  • As a very active person (swim, bike, hike, CrossFit, etc) I appreciate the active heart rate monitoring. It helps dial in my training and recovery. It's very close in accuracy with my chest strap monitor. If 1 second updates bother you, don't look at your watch every 1 second. Google definitely has a track record for making things confusing, but I think they did a great job for gen1. Had my watch for a week, no battery issues. 24hrs is on the weak side but as noted plug it in for 20 min and you'll grab 40% +/- battery life

  • After a couple of days it really grew on me. Let's see when the software comes where it needs to be. Battery is not really an issue after it recognises your usage. AOD with tilt to wake and after 24 hours it's still at 30 percent. The first two days where horrible. But now it really is smart.

  • Glad to hear you mention the fact that the android wear OS watches randomly disconnect and you need to factory reset the watch and setup again - it's an issue I've been having and I wasn't sure if it was just my watch but it sounds more like a platform issue

  • on my fossil gen 6 which finally got wear os 3, in the wellness app there's an option to disable continuous heart rate monitoring and it made a huge difference in battery life, ending the day with 30% more in most cases with it off vs on. i actually had better battery life on wear os 2 but 3 looks so much nicer and feels a lot more fluid

  • Hopefully the next gen will fix most of the issues with the google pixel watch, it has great potential and I can't wait to see what they do with it next!

    • My sentiments exactly. I was on the edge of buying this first gen, but i think waiting won't be a bad idea. If the 2nd gen addresses most of the cons, then I'm going for it, if not, Galaxy watch 5 pro it is.

  • I have an older ticwatch 3 pro and it has a dual screen solution to save battery by having a more traditional basic time display on top when it goes to sleep. Plus when it goes into essential mode, it can go like 3+ days before being completely dead, so atleast you have a functioning time keeper until you remember to plug it in

  • Coming from a Galaxy Watch 4, I have been extremely pleased with my Pixel Watch. I have had 0 issues. The GPS connects 10x quicker than my Galaxy Watch before a run and no hiccups with my earbuds connection during my run. The UI is soooo much smoother than the Galaxy Watch. I charge during my morning and nighttime shower and battery life has not been an issue. I HATE auto workout tracking so I am happy this watch does not have this feature. Fitbit integration does not feel disjointed in my opinion...seems like many reviewers are just getting caught up in the name??? Overall I am extremely pleased with the watch. I love MKBHD and have been watching for years but man...I've never disagreed more.

  • I'm shocked that the Pixel and Galaxy watch primarily focuses on integration on stock apps and not third party apps like the Apple watch, which does both. I've got all three watches and I'm trying to warm up to the Galaxy and Pixel watches.

  • I do agree with 36-48 hours convo but the extra power will always be nice :)

  • 10:47 I was waiting for someone to mention Health Sync. I've got a Garmin watch and a Samsung phone. I like to keep the Garmin stuff stored in Samsung Health because I've been planning to move to a Galaxy Watch soon. It works nice, syncs every morning (or any time I open the app). I would recommend trying the 7 (or 14) day trial, then spending the $3.99 for the full version.

  • I think I'll stick with my Fitbit sense 2 and wait till gen 2/3. Also the 1s heartbeat polling is probably to feed their ML models, basically data to optimise.

  • I was so excited for Google to finally release a watch. When I finally put it on my wrist, I was so disappointed. It was miniscule. They should have absolutely released two sizes. The charger was horrible with how weak the magnet was. A gentle nudge knocks it off. I ended up returning it and finding a TicWatchPro 3 ultra on sale for almost half the price of the Pixel. This watch is the size of what I want in a smartwatch and its still going to get WearOS 3. Lastly, the battery life is incredible.

  • I have a fitbit on its last legs and was really interested in the prospect of the pixel. But now I'm not so sure. The battery is just a killer if you want to sleep track.

  • It is SO SO expensive for what it is though. After 6 months, you start to pay for the Fitbit subscription. For people who keeps it around for 3 or 4 years, it is $650-$700, or $770 or $820 depending on if you get the LTE. It can be even more expensive than the Apple Watch ultra for something that is inferior to even the regular Apple Watch.

    • You don’t need Fitbit premium. The subscription is no different than Apple Fitness plus. I’ve used both AW and Fitbit before and imo Fitbit premium gives you more bang for your buck than Apple Fitness plus.

    • @Dustin Truong yeah but is apple fitness plus required for most features of apple watch?

    • @Dustin Truong more bang for the buck because the "extra" features are in Apple's free tier?

    • @Alyx premium isn't required to use the Fitbit features of the watch.

    • premium not required and i'd even argue that the features it would add are useless for normies anyway.

  • Great and honest review. Thanks for sharing I never plan to buy it but still curious to learn about it.

  • i knew the first gen was going to be experimental. the battery drainage is the biggest problem for me. Also a smartwatch doesn't need to be a phone on your wrist. GOogle needs to realise what they want to emphasize, and optimize for what their users need the most, not for what they 'think' they might want.

  • I hadn't heard of the disconnect issue yet! 😱 I've developed on a gen 1 Apple watch and this feels the same but a bit more current gen (which I would hope so). I have no context as to where the new apple watches are at, but the current features and battery life seems good enough for now for Android's first non-ugly watch. I hope they improve the software and gen 2, but I also hope I continue to enjoy it.

  • I've had my Pixel Watch for a while. And have had a good experience. It's been great for paying using Google Pay, checking notifications, and making calls/replying back quickly.

  • Battery has been good for me. I guess I just don't use the watch that much over the day. I charge every night, like my phone, which is no problem for me. I love the design of the Pixel Watch, so I'll keep on using it.

  • Tried it for myself. I wasn't impressed. Rocking the Galaxy Watch5 44mm BT and loving it. Better battery and bigger watch face. Once I install the Google stuff I like including Gboard, Assistant, and wallet - it's an overall better experience in my opinion.

  • Thoroughly enjoyed this .. some really good insight about the pixel watch! Also the ending had me geeking 😂

  • I was really looking forward to this, but it does feel very first gen. I've been using my Fossil Gen 5 since release, and was hoping to upgrade to this, but I think I'm going to hold off for something else. The idea is there, the execution just needs more work.

  • I had a Asus ZenWatch2 back in the day. It suffered from the random disconnects and refusing to reconnect. That was a while ago but definitely sounds like a WearOS issue.

  • The disconnect thing! It's so frustrating... It leaves you kind of afraid to spend the time setting up all your apps.

  • I think aside from the battery life obviously, I was most dissapointed by the somewhat mediocre sensor performance testing results uncovered by The Quantified Scientist (who very thoroughly tests fitness devices against professional equipment + other devices, for anyone not familiar). I'm sure it could improve a bit, being brand new, but for a device with Fitbit smarts/algorithms already baked in... from a company that's owned Fitbit now for several years.... I actually expected better. It's not bad by any means, just not as good as I thought it would be either. You would be doing no worse buying a cheap Mi band/Xiaomi watch, Amazfit watch, Charge 5, something like that. I'm just keeping my Honor Magic 2 for still.

  • I was going to go for the Pixel Watch but ended up choosing the Pixel Buds Pro as my free gift. I'm so glad because of what's been coming out about the battery life of this and it's a glorified Fitbit and that it's first gen so it has problems. Yeah the Pixel Watch gift was worth more but I'd rather get something that's great at half the price than something that's okay for double the price

  • I'm highly skeptical that the heart rate monitor is the issue for the battery life, simply because that is a Fitbit feature, and Fitbits don't have this battery life problem. The newest Fitbit models, that have the same sensors + more sensors, have 6 or more days of battery life (I can get more than 5 days with always on display on + all sensors on at all times on my Fitbit Sense 2). It's not the heart rate monitor that kills the battery, it's the smart features, it has always been the smart features. That's the reason why most fitness trackers have decent battery while most smart watches don't. The battery life is a Google issue, not a Fitbit issue.

    • Can't agree more, if Fitbit, Garmin, Huawei, Xiaomi fitness bands can deliver far better battery life with similar sets of features. Its other aspects of the OS/hardware that's the problem

    • The actual issue might be the old chip they put in it. I've used a Skagen Falster 2, which got released in late 2018 and it had a similar battery life.

    • That’s true. I’ve been saying the same thing for some time. Fitness devices, even the Garmins, have a weak SoC, because even though it may seem otherwise, but sports computations need very little computing power, not much more than a calculator. The screens tend to be poor as well. Many use E-Ink screens, which are reflective, and use little power, but don’t look great, and need a sidelight with a button to use it.

    • The Fitbit watches have a waaaaay lighter and simpler os on them, that's the only reason why they have a better battery life.

    • I'm guessing it's bc those fitness watches aren't running the os or background usage smart watches do. I wouldn't know tho I've never used a fitness watch only Apple/Samsung watches

  • I've just recently bought a refurbished Google Pixel 6, and was considering getting a Pixel watch to go with it.......but I've heard lots of mixed reviews about it ....with quite a few people saying dint bother getting one, and the fact it's not as good as you expect it to be. Which is why I'm not going to get a Pixel watch, but will probably get either a Polar Ignite or a Garmin equivalent instead. Both sync perfectly with a Pixel phone, and both can do their respective jobs better than the Pixel watch. Plus Polar and Garmin both make seriously good smart watches. Google clearly has a lot to learn from these two companies....and plenty of catching up to do. It's rival is Fitbit rather than Garmin. Now I just can't decide whether to opt for Polar or Garmin. Hmmm 🤔

  • I got the galaxy watch 4 back in May and i was kinda sad once they announced the pixel watch because i had been holding on for it. Honestly the galaxy watch is amazing and im glad I didnt wait, I may end up swapping from a pixel to a galaxy because my pixel 6 has been buggy as hell

  • I think a pixel watch A series would be good. Like the Apple watch SE.

  • I got one... The charging is killing me 🤣 I'm likely going to have to get a few extra chargers to have in a few locations

  • I'm really wondering why Google haven't delivered the watch in two different variants, one of which would obviously have a bigger battery, and be a bit more practical as a result. The other thing I don't really understand is that Pixel Watch, considering how much know-how Google could've pulled out of what Samsung have done with WearOS, experiences all this connectivity issues. When it comes to Fitbit, however, it'd make me furious that I need to pay an extra amount of money to utilize some of the fitness features offered by the wearable. I'm aware that basic health functionality is still there after the premium subscription expires, but nonetheless, it feels like Google's - for the lack of a better expression - extorting money from their customers. To be honest, I was really excited about the Pixel Watch when the very first renders started popping up around the Web, and had considerably high hopes in terms of Fitbit integration into the Google ecosystem, but at the same time, I didn't expect that the latter would resort to financially piggybacking on Fitbit's amazing achievements.

  • I've had my pixel watch for 4 days. It connected without any issue to my Samsung 20 note ultra. Have to charge it twice a day if you are sleep tracking and keeping always on display on. It does charge quickly.

    • Twice a day is unacceptable

    • Wow. Twice a day? I rarely charge the watch. AoD on. and I get around 30% charge left after 24h.

  • It still feels much more seamless than the galaxy watches. The battery life is pretty bad, but only if you're doing sleep too. I charged my apple watch every night too. Otherwise I actually quite love it. The build is nice. The audio and haptics are nicer than the galaxy watch. It really is the closest you can get to an apple watch with the android ecosystem. The heart rate tracking is much better than others even if it's tracking all the time. It's very very accurate. Also, the premium features of the Fitbit thing are really not necessary. You can still see all your workout metrics. It's just some junk addons like recipes.

  • My watch lasts around 32-35 hours with everything turned on. It's a shame people rushed their reviews out and bashed the hell out of the battery. It improves massively after a week of use. Not to mention it fully charges from zero in less than an hour and a half.

  • 1st gen was referenced a lot which doesake a lot of sense. This might be the first pixel watch but they have been making the OS for years now. Most of the issues seem to be software related. Have they learned nothing working with thier partners all these years? It's not like they are a start up or something. These are not 1st gen issues

  • So far loving my Pixel Watch. Battery life is fine, you can charge it to full in less than an hour. Haven't had any connection issues thankfully.

  • I think the disconnecting is definitely an android issue. I had to reset my galaxy watch 5 a lot for disconnecting after i change from galaxy s22 to pixel 7 pro.

  • I have the P6 and am interested in this watch, the Wi-Fi version of course. Truly, I do want to experience the watch but am watching reviews. Honestly, I think I'll give it a go.

    • if you end up buying it, have always-on screen and tilt-to-wake disabled, so battery lasts more than 24h.

    • Battery is the biggest downside so far, but I love everything else. The design, bands, fluidity of the OS, animations, haptics, and the heart rate tracking are all excellent so far. I'm a long time Galaxy Watch user and personally I like the Pixel Watch more.

    • I bought the P7 but I am returning it. Didnt see the value in it as much as I wanted to. Decided to keep the watch and it is the Wi-Fi version to pair with my P6.

    • @Ioannis Lazaridis I'll be sure to do so. I'm certain another video had this advice too.

    • @Rob Lacy never been a power use w/ any device I have owned. I don't really utilize the full potential of a device. The battery, for me, will not impact my daily use much at all. Much like the one guy, I won't care much for the sleep tracking aspect. I will take the watch off before bed b/c I sleep hard & more likely to crack the display. When I'm ready for bed, the watch will charge. 😂

  • I had about 92% left after bedtime mode. I also cut down a LOT of battery stuff, so that might be why mine didn't go down all that much

  • Just picked up the pro and the watch today and so far I'm loving them, the band barely fits but I'll get a new one sooner or later, don't know what the battery life is like but seeing some of the comments I'll take their advice to make it last as long as possible

    • I also found the band too small, my wrist is 8' in circumference. I have bought a couple of third party bands all of which were the same size as the original. If you have found anything bigger, please let me know!

    • @SJF15 just bought one online I'm hoping will be better, still waiting for it to come

  • 18:00 I think a really important thing to think about is, that the battery life goes down in time so the 36h of the AW would be nicer in the future

  • I'm charging about once every 2 days. That's with 'always on display' off and a couple other power saving options. Zero connectivity issues. My biggest complaint is that I cannot power share with my Pixel phone using Qi

    • That's weird, I can power share with my pixel 7 and the pixel watch just fine

  • Every issue that was spoken about all sound like they're a software update away from being fixed. Definitely sucks they're still problems the watch is facing as it comes out but there is still hope this first Gen can be fixed.

  • You would think Google could have learned with their partners on previous android watches.

  • I wanted a Google Fit compatible fitness tracker, and the Pixel watch is little more than a glorified Fitbit Sense 5. So I got a Charge 5 because (1) it was free because I pre-ordered the Pixel 7 pro, and (2) it did everything I needed with way better battery life.

  • I got a smartwatch last year and told myself I'm not switching until I've worn it for some 4 years, which seems reasonable to me. Bought a Ticwatch Pro 3 secondhand but in good condition from someone who had it 6 months but needed the money, such that this thing has 18 months now. Average duration of battery life from a full charge is still 3 days. I do not have it on always-on mode, of course, I use the FTSN screen which is the secret behind it, but I do allow it to wake up to show me notifications, which it does just fine. It auto-detects when my heart-rate is up so I can go into a workout mode if I forget to start it manually, and tracks me through the night. I have no doubt the Pixel's sensors are more accurate, but the difference is nowhere near enough to justify the price difference to a watch that has 3 times the battery life. So, thanks for the video! I was really concerned that when I got this watch I might be shooting myself in the foot since something better might come out soon, but I've felt vindicated, so be assured to even someone with no intention of buying the watch like me, your video has been useful.

  • My pixel watch experience has been great just like my pixel 6a experience has been great. pixel watch connected to the phone On the first try I never get disconnecting problems I just had problems updating I had to update as soon as I connected my pixel watch it said I needed a update and I had to restart it a couple times for it to finally update.

  • It's so genius to cut clips from the podcast and post them separately! I really enjoy this format, because I can choose what I want to listen about while I am eating.

  • I have to be honest, the review on main channel is not doing justice to the audience. It's more like a first impression video. There are lots issues not mentioned in the review and this video, and it wasn't even compared to its competiton, which is crucial for a portion of viewers that watch the review video before making purchase.

    • Yeah, this really feels like a "rushed out" video.

    • Agreed. Maybe would be nice a sequel of that video.

    • Don't watch mkbhd if you want actually useful reviews

    • @Amirhosein For real. One of the worst tech youtubers if you actually want to know how it performs. I noticed his Pixel 7 review didn’t even have any low light pictures.

    • This isn't the review channel dude. Honestly baffles me how mfs want reviews out of his podcast. They cover multiple topics per episode. The mkbhd channel is where his reviews go

  • I love that some watches give you a live heart rate. My Garmin shows a graph for the last 4 hours with the live heart rate

  • Disconnect seems to be a wear os issue because the galaxy watch does it too

  • I dunno. I love mine. Charges fast too. Love the aesthetic as well. Apps do drain it, but what apps do really need at the end of the day? Out the box, I charged once a day. And it lasted all night

  • I was originally want to buy one but change my mind because Google translator app has been removed since Wear OS 4 released. I believe they plan to remove Google Assistant in the future too. I think they want to preserve those premiuem app for future products like google glasses 2 for example. So, smart watch will be getting more and more useless.

  • Honestly one of my biggest issues is curved glass is just inherently more fragile. I am outdoors hiking or cycling on gravel. I just don't trust the design long-term.

  • The battery life doesn't bother me at all....I won't sleep track with it and I had no plans on it either. I use my Oura Gen 3 for sleep tracking and I can go for almost a week without charging it so pretty moot for me worry about a watch doing it too. I will say it is annoying (and stupid) to have to use a Pixel Watch app and Fitbit app to manage the watch but whatever. Pairing was mega easy and I've had 0 disconnect issues, except for getting the damn thing activated. Verizon's services obviously were not ready and they botched the hell out of my activation to the point where I had to get passed onto L2 tech support to have them re-provision both lines (I got the LTE model, so that and my phone) since they were missing features when the check was run.

  • I'm loving my watch and have no issues. I don't need Fitbit subscription and I'm happy with the basic fitness. I'm using the Ringke metal ring to protect the edge, so no issues with cracking the edge. Battery life isn't as bad as everyone complains about. Software updates most likely will fix most problems.

    • What they don't mentioned is that you get the same battery life from an apple watch.

    • They sell screen protectors already?

    • @LoneWolf510 nice ty ill take a look

    • Is there another way to access the apps on the watch without having to firmly press the big side button? I find you have to press the button firmly and gets annoying if you have to click it frequently. I was hoping there was a way to change one of the swipe functions to get to apps that way? If you know or figure it out please let me know 🙏🤗

  • Would the pixel watch work with the samsung wireless charging pads? And I wanted the pixel for Google fit because that's the app that syncs with pokemon go. So I think I'd need the fitbit to fit syncing app.

  • I've had multiple Garmin watches on Android and never had a disconnection issue. I have had some weird connection issues with my ear buds though

  • My main issue with the "battery hot take" about anything longer than one day but not quite 2 days being pointless is... I don't replace a smartwatch every year / 2 years. I need the battery to last a full day even after the battery has deteriorated a bit. If after 2 years I never make it to the end of the day anymore, it's a no from me.

  • We have no idea how internaly the company works to design something like this, on my Fitbit Versa 3 a single charge lasts me 5 days. Google now owns FitBit you'd think they would be able to release a watch that can last longer on a single charge.

  • I actually like this watch but I have used Fitbit for years so it's just a new Fitbit for me. I did get a huge scratch on my screen today though which disappointed me as I have never scratched a Fitbit.

  • *I wish it was 50$ cheaper & slightly bigger, but overall I like it. With AOD enabled (with the 5G version) I'm easily getting through the day (charging overnight), losing 3-5%/hr without using the fitness tracking complications.* I did the same thing with all of my previous cellular-connected Wear devices & had similar battery life.

    • If this goes on sale during Black Friday I will probably purchase it.

  • Looking into the developer options leads me to believe that per app battery optimizations a la pixel phone will likely be drip fed now that it's out in the wild. That seems to be their jam over time.

  • Haven't had any issues with mine and only need to charge once a day. Loving it

  • I've been using mine for a week now, and honestly, the battery life is incredible! I charge it while getting ready for work, and by 8-9 am I have it at 100% and I often go the entire day wearing it, and have about 25-35% when I go to bed, and wake up with the closer to 15-20%. It charges super quick. I know at least 4 other guys with the Pixel watch and they all have the same experience, only one of them does prefer to charge his before bed, but it lasts all day.

  • In terms of the connectivity issue and staying connected, I think it's wearOS issue. I have a Huawei smartwatch connected to a Huawei with no GMS and a Samsung S20FE and experience no connectivity issues whatsoever with either phone, only time being when I disconnect it manually and try to connect with a data orr wifi connection.

  • What watch would you recommend for the Pixel 7 Pro? Would the Pixel watch be best even tho it. Has the "1st Gen" problems or should I go with something else?

  • That's so crazy, I've literally had no issues whatsoever with my pixel watch. I'm absolutely in love with it, I wish it was bigger, I have big wrists so that's primarily the reason, I am somewhat sad at its limited functionality, also lack of adaptable bands, but other than that it's actually pretty perfect. I do see that the battery life doesn't last nearly as long as I would like it, I get anywhere from 18 to 19 hours before it hits about 30%, I refuse to wear it at night obviously because I need it charged by the morning, so yes, definitely charge every night situation

  • Just got mine yesterday. Used it today for the first time. Only lost 30% battery from 6:30 AM-4 PM. I love it.

    • The device doesn't have any issues with battery. This dude just like to trash anything that's not apple. But he walks on a egg shell when it comes to apple

    • @Nova Don I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed this

    • @Nova Don having a wristwatch with 24 hour best case batterylife with a fresh new battery and takes 1 hour 20 of those 24 hours to charge is a huge fundamental flaw. Having to take off and charge a watch every single day gets very old very fast. I'm getting one free with my pixel 7 Pro and is a flawed concept.

    • ​@Nick so long as I can get through the day with a watch, I could always charge it while I'm sleeping. But my galaxy watch 5 pro is giving me a consistent 2.5 days battery. You should check it out or the Garmin

    • that's power hungry considering its a small oled screen. my apple watch goes down to 15% all day with 45 mins cardio and 30 mins strength training

  • The VR ending - loving it.

  • I've had mine since Saturday, getting as much as 30 hrs till I needed a charge once-- but having had the Moto 360 In feeling the first Gen situation HARD. There's no excuse that there's no schedule for bedtime mode or a way to mimic your phone's settings 🤡. I'm going to do a work out test the next few days and hoping it's not quite as bad as I'm hearing. Looking forward to that fibit/ Google software merge, too.

  • I'm waiting for either black firday for a nice sale or wait for a bigger one which will definitely come next year.

  • I think Google made a good starting point for their watch. I know people have been complaining about the processor that they have been using. I'm curious how much of the bad battery is down to the processor or the software.

  • I have a samsung watch 5 40mm that I've set to constantly check for my heart rate and it lasts me about 36 hours. I'm never using cellular on it, to be fair, but if I'm getting that great of results I don't see why Google can't do something similar.

    • Samsung went out of their way to reengineer motherboard components to put a bigger battery in the watch 5, google did none of that. In fact if you look at teardowns of the pixel watch it looks like one of those chinese knock off devices. They spent years making this watch too 😂

  • Do you think the new W5+ chipset will finally fix WearOS watches?

  • Oddly, similar story with the tizen based Galaxy watch on iOS and Android with the connectivity. So many times have had to reset the watch and it's odd to see this from Google. Maybe a Samsung thing. Superb hardware but just having to reset every other week was a pain.

  • The Pixel is more of a Fitbit Pixel than a Google one - they even sell it on the Fitbit site. Compared to the others, it's just $50 more than their Versa, which supposedly will get Google Assistant 'soon'.

  • I absolutely love mine. 🤷 charging while I shower and get ready for bed is a non issue for me.