I Transformed Minecraft Into The ULTIMATE Survival World! | Full Movie [6000+ HOURS]

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After 1.5 years of transforming Minecraft, The Ultimate Survival World is now COMPLETE! If you're looking to download, please read all of the guidance carefully, and be patient - we are still early in the release phase!
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Chapter 1 - The Plains: 3:01
Chapter 2 - The Mushroom-Swamp: 10:18
Chapter 3 - The Desert: 12:34
Chapter 4 - The Dark Forest: 22:33
Chapter 5 - The Jungle: 38:04
Chapter 6 - The Mesa: 52:55
Chapter 7 - The Savanna: 1:04:46
Chapter 8 - The Deep Dark: 1:24:13
Chapter 9 - The Ocean: 1:39:05
Chapter 10 - The Taiga: 1:53:35
Chapter 11 - The Snowy Mountains: 2:08:58
Chapter 12 - The Nether & End: 2:31:14
Chapter 13 - Finishing Touches: 2:52:31
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Soundtrack by Jake Rivers 🎵:
Spotify: open.spotify.com/user/jakeriv...
CS-tv: / jakerivers
Instagram: jakelondonr...
SoundCloud: / jakeriversmusic
The Official USW Soundtrack
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The Bakery Builders 🍞 (built some of the USW interiors in 3 villages/areas):
Paintergigi: paintergigi?igs...
Claire1593: clairel593?igsh...
AnimalMace: animalmace?igsh...
Dave_m.c: dave_m.c?igshid...
DaPuffin: dapuffinmc?igsh...
Strumboo: strumboo_?igshi...
AchillesArisen: achillesarisen?...
Graysun.builds: graysun.builds?...
Airtugmc: airtugmc?igshid...
DavdiBuilds: / @davdibuilds
Robella_mc: robella_mc?igsh...
Snarple: snarple_?h...
Shovel241builds.mc: shovel241builds...
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  • The ULTIMATE Survival World is OUT NOW ⚔ - Download HERE: www.patreon.com/TrixyBlox Listen to the OFFICIAL Ultimate Survival World Soundtrack HERE: shorturl.at/quAUY This movie is a compilation of our entire journey in The Ultimate Survival World, re-rendered & edited to create 1 seamless video! Don't miss the Finishing Touches Chapter at the end, & the FINAL cinematic! 🎥⛏ It's a bit surreal to finish this build, but I hope you all enjoy playing in it as much as Steph & I had creating it! 💙

    • My guy posts a 3 hour video. I guess i'll be here a while to watch the whole journey all over again.

    • it looks amazing now go to a huge nap

    • I cant wait to get this

    • Hey, where will the mod at texture packs be?

    • how can i download onto xbox?

  • If Minecraft ever needed a proper story mode, you've just created it from scratch, my friend. May this be the most popular survival map ever. You and the team deserve it

    • 100% man's really made both a high quality and unique map from nothing

    • @MathematicalGamerthere💀

    • @MathematicalGamer so? This map took hundreds of hours to make and is one of if not *the* biggest project he's ever made. It would be stupid if it was free

    • @MathematicalGamer he spent a while on this. Of course he would charge you for it. He can't pay his bills with air

  • Here is the time The planes 3:04 Mushroom Island 10:20 The dessert 12:39 Dark forrest 22:36 Jungle 38:08 Mesa 53:00 Savanna 1:04:50 Deep Dark 1:24:18 Ocean 1:39:09 Taiga 1:53:39 Snowy mountains 2:09:00 Nether and the end 2:31:30 Finishing touches 2:56:36

    • "Planes" 💀

    • ​@Lolz don't be rude

    • ​@Lolz""planes"" u need to stop being plain. "Furry_reaper" to plain be more non plain miss plane.

    • @♡TAKO♡ Whatever you said makes literally zero sense

  • As someone who just clicked on this video cuz it looked cool and I haven’t seen anything from this creator before I REALLY appreciate all the hard work they put into this and the thought behind all the lore and including such diverse cultures/religions from around the real world and it’s so interesting to see as well

  • As a Norseman, the way you transformed the Viking village was absolutely stunning and so much more than just architecture. Actually putting that much time and energy into researching our culture and religion was amazing to see. So few know the story Fafnir so seeing that be the main focus was amazing.

  • You and Steph are geniuses. Taking inspiration from real world cultures and actually basing the villages and entire area off of those is amazing, the amount of dedication and research that was put into this is incredible. I can’t even find any more fancy words for amazing to describe this, let’s see, incredible, superb, inhumane, beautiful, I think I can’t find any more.

  • A year and a half? My goodness! This would take me years at least. I can't put it into words how amazing this is, really truly a massive work of art.

  • This is absolutely incredible. At the amount of work and time and craft put into each detail. Bro truly made the ultimate survival Minecraft seed. ABSOLUTE CHAD 🤟

  • THIS IS SO INCLUSIVE! Very happy to see all the nods to different cultures, including places of worship, building style, and even the SOUNDTRACK. Just got a ton of inspiration for my own world from this video, absolutely loved this! It's insane the amount of work you and Steph put into this

    • glad you like the soundtrack :)

    • bro ive seen your videos 😭

    • @hellothere1685 bro thought he ate 💀👎🏼

    • ​@hellothere1685plz don't tell me this is how you act irl

  • My brother this is absolutely gorgeous, you really know how to work both big and small and it’s very impressive. Big kudos to you and anyone who helped because this is absolutely a rich world with passion made clear. Keep up the breathtaking work!

    • im actually new to minecraft, can i ask, does all of this is built with like a special mod/software or just straight up built it by hand?

    • @Akira yup, I’m pretty sure he uses a software to generate the shape and general terrain of the map, then he uses a mod called world edit to better shape the terrain and help him build structures.

  • I love rewatching this every few months! It’s so relaxing and beautiful to see just how much detail went into this build!

  • Your worlds are pure art through and through. I got almost teary eyed just by the beauty and magnificence of the jungle. The absolute talent and devotion to such big projects is truly inspiring

  • Wow. I mean, I don't think there are words to describe this project. It's a testament to the absurdity and sheer awe of this thing that for 3 straight HOURS I was completely engaged and consistently blown away by the builds. I can't even comprehend the scale of this.

  • This is not a Minecraft world, it is a work of art. Remarkable work.

    • Ik:)

    • is not

    • @joseph michael no is

    • Agreed!!

    • Well... I mean... It _is_ a Minecraft world... but under no circumstances does that mean that it isn't a work of art, because it absolutely is. It's definitely remarkable.

  • i love how much research you put into this whole thing, and the desert temple is absolutely to die for, not to mention the railroad in the mesa is so cool, along with the skull for the bone tribe, and the glow of the stars in the end are just beautiful

  • I am so interested in this, that I have watched this about 4 times. The whole thing all the way through! Love this and the time you and your friend took to do all of this, and added all whole story behind, easter eggs. And even thinking of history and different tribes and religions! You and your friend did GOOD!

  • quite brilliant. the backstory explaining the world is also wonderful

  • Thank you so much for including us Native Americans! It’s so cool to see some of the Natives culture be put into this game especially since most tribes are forgotten❤️

    • You’re a Native American?! That’s. So. Cool!

    • I mean like if you’re not… sorry😅

    • @Hi Thanks!! (Btw your ok😅 I am cherokee)

    • I am also a native American(Pottawattomie) and I was thinking why didn't he put the native village in the plains. Or why are there teepee s in a permanent village. Teepees were temporary. Also why is there a mini camp for kids? The kids wouldn't go have a mini village they would help with work on the real village.

    • @Collin Rezac this guy put in 6000+ hours into this and you’re still expecting more

  • As a beginner builder, I am actually starting a sort of abandoned kingdom and this gave me so many ideas as well as an insight as to what I can accomplish! Even though I can’t really see it all (bc I’m on Switch) I still admire the dedication to this beautiful project!

  • A bittersweet moment, yes, but it's incredible to see this series come to a close. Well done, Trixy. 👏

    • Pin him

    • It's not over, I won't be surprised if trixy does a survival series

    • @HedgeGoblin that will spoil the map tho?

    • @SomeRandomDude ッ Agreed. Trixy will want to make money off the USW for as long as possible, and considering how much time he's spent on this project, it's understandable that he wants to lock it behind a paywall. A survival series would totally detract from the potential profit, and it's likely Trixy will probably take a break after this massive endeavor anyways.

    • Idk maybe it'll be in like a year, after the hype dies down. If he wants to make money, it'll be by reviving the series.

  • In 3 hours, 3 minutes, and 26 seconds, this guy has made all of my builds look like a splinter in a tree.

  • I absolutely LOVE the fact that you represented so many religions, it adds a whole new layer of beauty to this world

  • Absolutely loved the creativity, thought, and attention to detail across this project! I know it took a long time to create, and really do appreciate your sharing the results. This is a late comment, but if you are still contemplating additional cultures to weave in for future projects, a thought for ya: Sudano-Sahelian architecture, and generally contrasting castles/armor/weapons from different parts of the world against one another. As I’ve gotten older, it’s been a huge source of wonder for me learning that these things existed in so many different regions. Eastern and Western Europe, the Middle East, East/South/Southeast Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, the Incan/Mayan/Aztec civilizations, etc… the idea that all of these had their own palaces, strongholds, arms and armor-I just find that insanely cool. In this setup you’re doing, I think you have a unique opportunity to directly compare these various approaches in ways accessible to players and keep sparking a sense of wonder at human ingenuity.

  • I got recommended this today and I ended up literally binged all three hours in one sitting. Love how the world turned out.

  • Mojang needs to hire this man and have him on an insane payroll. This is most creative minecraft related content I have seen in a long time

  • @TrixyBlox Have you ever thought about updating this project to have features from the new 1.20 update? Such as the Cherry Blossom biome, Trail and Ocean Ruins, or Smithing Templates added to chests? Also, where in the Nether Fortress are the Blaze Spawners?

  • I've watched this entire video.... Holy sweet cheese on a holy cracker... I've actually cried from the entire beauty of these builds... You and your team are some of the best I have seen and you have created the most beautiful backstory for it. Honestly you all should apply to make a second Minecraft story mode. Mojang should honestly hire all of you because this is the best world generation building I have ever seen.

  • I found a way to make wind in minecraft. This really helps with tree areas or even living up those grassy areas. Spore blossom has the ability to shed leaves, making that wind like aroura it even goes through walls if you put this plant inside your walls that are thick in the middle layer, which is hard to notice the near by areawill suddenly have wind because the leaves go through hard surfaces

  • I don’t see why you can’t just create the whole game again… BECAUSE YOU JUST DID!!!! This is literally it’s own game at this point. The fact that it gives me SO much inspiration, just makes it better. And the cherry on top: THE WORK! I can NOT imagine myself working for 6000+ hours for other people’s entertainment and happiness. Once again, you should make your own game. 🔥🔥😃🤩🤩

  • This is so inspirting. You guys did a phenomenal job and I will 100% be downloading this. It makes me want to take on a massive project like this and see my own ideas come to life. Words cannot describe how amazing this project is.

  • Dude, I'm flabbergasted on so many levels: As a human, I have mad respect for you; this is truly a masterpiece. As a casual mincraft player, I absolutely love your dedication and I wish I was this inspired. As a Dungeon Master, I worship you. It's like every DM's dream came true.

    • As a very amateur DM I agree, this worldbuilding is super cool

    • the world building and lore put into this is amazing

    • I could and have done better

    • I just started DM’ing, and I totally agree this is by far the most insane Minecraft build I have ever seen

    • ​@egglow lets see you try then!

  • Timestamp: 0:00 Intro 3:05 Chapter 1: The Plains 10:21 Chapter 2: The Mushroom-Swamp 12:38 Chapter 3: The Desert 22:37 Chapter 4: The Dark Forest 38:07 Chapter 5: The Jungle 52:59 Chapter 6: The Mesa 1:04:49 Chapter 7: The Savanna 1:24:16 Chapter 8: The Deep Dark 1:39:08 Chapter 9: The Ocean 1:53:39 Chapter 10: The Taiga 2:09:02 Chapter 11: The Snowy Mountain 2:31:17 Chapter 12: The Nether & End 2:52:50 Outro

  • This just goes to show how much dedication this man has. Respect

  • The taiga biome reminds me of How To Train Your Dragon along with the whole viking theme. Over a year of hard work and effort put into making this world,if you think about it is kind of crazy. You showed Mad Dedication making and building the World. Respect to you man.

  • This man is absolutely insane--- and we all live to reap the rewards-- incredible job, you do amazing work, trixy

  • You might as well create your own entire game and sell it at this rate-- an epic fantasy adventure! I can't believe how beautifully you've crafted the lore, as well; most people don't think about how mer-people might have evolved over time. This entire project is absolutely stunning in every detail. I'm glad I stumbled across your channel :)

  • I don't think anyone would or could disagree that this is the most impressive Minecraft build of all time. The architecture, the creativity, the small details, the lore, the sheer amount of time involved. Absolutely legendary.

    • I mean, one could argue that PippenFTS' Earth replica is more impressive because of scale. But something original and complete with this amount of detail and polish takes it for me. The USW is brilliant.

    • This world is one of a kind and an incredible project but there’s some other builds that can definitely compete. Like said above PippenFTS has made an insane project with the world replica. Also it may not be as big but the uncensored library is an excellent example of a build that may not be as big as this world for example but the actual purpose behind it is un-comparable. Other builds to consider are some of the insane red stone builds recently, at that point of complexity, you might as well have an engineering degree. But regardless all of these builds serve completely different purposes. Like I said, I don’t want to seem as if I don’t think the USW is absolutely unbelievable project. This build is hard to compare to others. I think this build will pick up much more traction than other mega projects before it, simply due to fact that this is survival orientated and includes an entire backstory/lore. Do I think this is the most impressive build in Minecraft? it’s hard to say. But do I think this is most impressive survival oriented world? Absolutely, with no question about it. It’s hard to think that anything will match this in the future.

    • Although this is definitely up there, I feel like the minecraft in minecraft redstone machine is the most impressive considering it works with no command blocks

    • I think drehmal’s primordial and apotheosis maps are also certainly up there! I think the worlds have some pretty excellent terraforming, and natural while fantastic biomes. It’s an amazing map to play!

    • insane, do you think my lets play does it justice?

  • You and Steph are beyond talented, congratulations on finishing this magnificent project :)

  • Can we just appreciate the effort he put into this build and the AMZING result

  • I have been to real life mines and cabins in the Mojave desert, and i couldn’t help but notice that all of the platforms that the structures are built on in the mesa biome are built on logs and stilts. This is fine for the railway, but most buildings would be made on rocks fitted tightly together. Wood is usually very hard to get in the deserts, as most supplies were shipped in from faraway places from either cars or mules. Also, there are some buildings that were essential to the miners, such as a crusher, water storage tanks, and houses. Houses were sometimes made entirely out of rocks. I know this is a fantasy game and all, and I’m not accusing you at anything, it just kind of bothers me

  • I'm not a hardcore minecraft player but this is fantastic/epic. I'm really blown away by all the time and dedication it took from all the creators and subscribers to build this world. If @neebsgaming was to visit minecraft one more time this would be THE WORLD to adventure in.

  • This blew my mind. 😮. It's so cool because it draws inspiration from so many other things to make it feel familiar, but also with unique twists on it. I've never felt more inspired to be creative with Minecraft. I planned to skip through this and wound up watching it all the way through. Really cool content. Thank you and your team for putting so much effort into this. It's truly the coolest thing I've ever seen in Minecraft.

  • Damn. I want to see some creators do a play through of this crazy map. Would be an awesome series.

  • The fact that a human being did this is insane! The builds are so good, and there are so many of them. RESPECT

  • Considering I’ve never seen anything from this creator and this video was just meant to put me to sleep I’ve had to rewatch this is amazing he is so respectful of all cultures, the attention to detail is amazing

  • Dude, props for the dedication, this video is insane! I could never keep up with something for this long. Mad respect.

  • you honestly deserved to be hired as a game designer for Hypixel. You're going places, man.

  • It feels like Ori and the Blind Forest-each biome has to be explored to discover a story which has many visual effects, beautiful biomes, dynamic and beautiful details. Great job and dedication for creating such a world!!!

  • I believe this easily has the potential to become the most popular survival map ever made. The world is unimaginably gorgeous and so infinitely intricate- a true masterpiece. I am excited to delve into the lore and secrets and loot that awaits- I applaud all who have worked on this massive project.

  • Literally SPEECHLESS. I have no words. This is one of the most glorious things I have seen in my life.

  • Can we just stop to appreciate how much work they put into this amazing build?!

  • this would be really cool if there was a modded version as well with things like the witchs magic, the bone armor and the jungle curses to name a few.

  • I’m so glad I found this! You are very well educated with your builds! I’m an inuk young man and you have a great knowledge for my people! Loved this video in every way, subscribing for sure to this great channel

  • How is dedication and passion like this even possible?? This is just absolutely incredible

  • The showcase segments are like a movie trailer, while the development segments are like a documentary. Lovely work.

    • Agreed I love your work if only I could play I don't have enough money

  • I just have a couple things to say. The ending of this video is a banger. And after the release of Tears of the Kingdom, I think a part missing from this world now would be a sky biome.

  • Absolutely amazing. All of the work that you put in is out of this world!!

  • man i love those breath of the wild references, the gerudo town, the master sword in the lost woods , all the other references, you’re so talented, the map feels alive, i love your work, keep it up.

  • I'm currently building my own desert temple to live in while playing in my minecraft world. I'm watching this amazing video both for the entertainment, the story, and inspiration on my build. Thank you 🙏

  • this is absolutely fucking incredible man, the passion and dedication this must have taken is such an inspiration for me, kudos to you good sir.

  • got this video completely randomly on my recommended, and 3 hours of sheer beauty later i am now a patreon subscriber. this is beyond fucking fantastic. the lore, the layout of the world, hell even the architecture inside shows how much you studied real life buildings and cities. i am absolutely blown away by this!!

    • Wow, thanks so much! Glad that you discovered the channel & enjoy the content! 🙌

    • SAME

    • @TrixyBlox thank you for the reply!! playing the world and actually seeing it ingame is a whole new experience on its own!!! i’ve been playing minecraft since 2011 and nothing could bring me back to that initial excitement when the game first released, until i found this world. this is serious art, keep up the amazing work!!

    • SAME X2

    • SAME X3

  • This is honestly so beautiful and so fun to watch. I only have bedrock so I cant actually play this world but if I get Java I'm definitely trying this world out!! it brings me back to Aphmau's Minecraft Diaries Days and just overall reminds me of old Minecraft roleplay!! Love it!!!

  • 1. I love this 2. you are great at building. 3. This is the only thing I will point out (heavily inspired by Rick Riordan's books, I have always loved mythology, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Norse) The eye on the left of the pyramid is indeed the Eye of Ra, the sun god, but the eye on the left, is the Eye of Horus, the war god. Khonsu is the moon god, his symbol is the moon disk I think it's called. sorry for pointing that out, I couldn't help but noticing. 🤓

  • This is insanity in the best way possible, the creativity is insane, the effort is insane, the passion is insane, everything is insanely great

  • Everything you built seems so incredible, I think if you got on the construction rating, you would be on the 1st line. You're a cool brother!

  • 2:14:05 fun fact. Snow is a great insulation if it is kept together. Igloos are pretty warm on the inside, but you should still wear boots. I'm from Canada so I know this well

  • I loved watching this world slowly grow and become polished! Infinite respect

    • Awesome

    • I have followed this from the start, Very Impressive work! Congratulation on finishing and completing this adventure. I am looking forward in playing it.

    • Unlimited F!

  • Imagine if every Minecraft world generation was all like this. That would be so cool.

  • if you ever do another one, you should incorporate mormon temples into one of the areas. every one that’s is built is extremely beautiful and represents the area that it’s in uniquely while also keeping a general style among all of them.

  • Hooooly guacamole you really put your soul into this build! I am now subscribed and hope that you continue these awesome beacons for inspiration. Love the work you and Steph did!

  • I love the entire storyline and how realistic it looks. ❤😍 SO SO COOL! And I can’t believe you took the time to plan all of this. It’s so amazing. If anyone ever wants a realistic world but doesn’t have the imagination/time to build it this is the best. SO AWESOME! 😱🎉

  • 10 minutes and I already have mad respect for this guy. Instant sub!

  • I love how instead of just telling us what was built, you gave a whole storyline too! It’s so creative and I cannot wait to explore myself!

  • Holy shit, that’s all I can say, holy shit, you transformed an entire barren island and took so long just for your fans, I truly respect you man.

  • this is beautiful and impressive art work, I can't believe I watched the whole 3 hours. Absolutely stellar job

  • Love the stories he created for each structure.

  • Man, congratulations, you just created a whole history, worked very Hard for this incredible minecraft world with minimal details, hope you do more things like that.🎉🎉😊

  • Thank you so much for all the hard work and effort you put into this! If I could buy it I would!

  • I love the fact that u decided to incorporate many other cultures and not just that but research and respect architecture. It makes many people happy that they are being represented in a mega build like this, Thank u!!

  • Love it so much! This is just like a whole new game itself. Great job. This is what Minecraft should have been.

  • I love this map! You’ve put in so much work!

  • I love how the music slightly changes with each biome to compliment it

  • i absolutely love this it was so entertaining to watch and the lore you came up with is so creative ong

  • someone give the man an Oscar he deserves it👏👏👏 🌟⭐🌟

  • Honestly this is one of the best worlds ever,it would be breathtaking exploring this world with shaders and raytracing

    • imagine how ur pc would set in fire tho lol

    • @Oona Vuorio my pc would become a atomic bomb if i downloaded this map without shaders 😂

    • too bad my computer can't handle any of that

    • What is raytracing?

    • @Quinn and Lauren! its like, vanilla shaders

  • I really hope they get the revenue they deserve from this fonderful peice of work.

  • man i really admire the kind of people who have enough patience to do stuff like this

  • This was crazy and insane and creative. I could never make this and you have my support and I can't wait to play it. Don't stop ceasing to amaze me just keep up the hard work. I want to see more of your content of remastering. 🙂🙂

  • Exploring this in vr with Ryan Clifford's modpack would be so crazy! I'm definitely interested in looking at this world!

  • you transformed a whole world in Minecraft, and here I am, leaving my base roofless because I'm too lazy to do it. Amazing work and dedications!

  • From a artist/story writer to another, this is gorgeous! Incredibly creative, well planned out, and unique! The way that not just each biome, but every building has its own backstory and purpose behind its design is incredible. You are incredibly talented and I'm very glad I ran into this at 4AM on one of my usual insomnia induced sleepless nights. Continue creating dear friend!

  • OMG!!! 😮This is AMAZING! 🎉The buildings... the story... the map... This is incredible!!!❤

  • I haven't played this game for like 7 years, or watched any of it's content since, and i literally just binged this entire vid, that's how impressed i am. Jesus Christ, good work 🤣

  • Wow I love this man. The way you add a whole story and all and the builds are amazing

  • Great! Happy to discever your work. This world wins the Tales & Trails Award :)

  • Absolutely loved the lore and village design of the Savanna

  • This is not just a Minecraft seed, this IS Minecraft. You have created the epitome, the whole sole point, purpose and reason of the game. The lore, the stories, the buildings, the effort- This world captured the beauty of Minecraft, the experience, the whole game. This truly brings it all to life, and shows that you really can build brilliant things that you can’t in the human experience, explore infinity. Minecraft is a bright, big adventure and you expressed it. IMMENSE respect for you man. That’s what Minecraft is all about.

    • Calm down.

    • ​@LandscapeAhoy nah he speaking facts let him keep this energy

    • ​@LandscapeAhoycheer up

    • 1:40:00

  • Since 1.20 is coming, how about you add a sacred cherry blossom forest? It would be a great addition to the map. Storyline: The residents of the town in the cherry biome were known for their archaeology. Villagers from all around the map came to their famous museum. They purchased and sold artifacts and made tons of gold, as transported from the mesa. However, the pharaoh's spirit attacked the large archaeology site and all the artifacts disappeared without a trace. This was all because of the pharaoh's greed and desire for treasure, even if he was gone. Apparently, legend says there was a village with a statue representing the fifth and unknown element, which is darkness from the end. The village was destroyed because the darkness gem went missing, so a large storm broke out, and now the once beautiful Cherry Village is known as Darkness Town. People have been trying to uncover the mystery of the unknown element for centuries since the incident occurred, because the myth was found in 1964 in the library located in the plains biome, the book hidden in a secret room. A villager found this and tried to uncover the mystery of this powerful element, but he died when he found the statue because of his greed. This biome's dark past is connected to the desert's past (af this is really long)

    • Bro really wrote an entire English Essay💀

  • absolutely incredible - cant wait to try it out