I Tried 911 Dispatch

čas přidán 9. 04. 2022
For National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week I trained with the @SouthMetroFireRescuePIO 911 Communications Center to see what it takes to be a 911 dispatcher.

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Special thanks to Eric Hurst at South Metro Fire Rescue for making this episode possible! Be sure to subscribe to the SMFR CS-tv channel to learn more about the amazing work they do.

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    • Do air force

    • Michelle this video is the best you're the best CS-tvr I ever seen in my whole entire life thank you for doing these I always think that I can do everything you are making me think I can do every single thing in the whole entire world

    • You have already done that alright it’s probably because it’s😊

    • 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

    • 😅

  • I came here for 911 dispatch and left knowing how to deliver a baby…I needed this

  • *As soon as she started to tear up, I started tearing up!! Insane how emotional this can get and that was only a pregnancy call. Imagine all of the different kind of calls they get other other MINUTE! So much respect for 911 dispatchers.*

    • @Sunny O aww well cleaned the eyes out.

    • @David McCoy II so someone stating the fact it was a fake call (It literally says "Actor" in the video) is a "Karen"?! 🤦🏻‍♂This is a perfect example of how the Karen meme has gotten so out of hand.

    • The most insane part is that the call was fake and you wasted tears over it 😭

  • This made me chuckle. My husband called 911 when our baby came quickly. 😄 The dispatcher also said, "The baby will be slippery."

    • @Tranquility Yeah, there are still books of cards that deal with specific coded scenarios.

    • @WolfGoddess521 well yes 911 responders have a lot of common scenarios "mapped out", if she forgets one of the steps, the emergency can become a lot worse.

    • ​@duck I imagine before computers they had some sort of quick reference manual for medical emergencies and such.

    • Ok i got the ba… I dropped the baby CRAP!

    • ​@Gerald Budd ???

  • Dispatchers deserve all the respect. They are every persons lifeline during emergencies. They always stay calm. They know how to handle a plethora of issues and they’re only a call away. I’m thankful for them.

    • @MrPaxio alright so let me get this straight you made a brain dead reply 3 months later? smooth

    • and they also know how to give you an attitude in any possible situation, its impressive tbh

  • My dad has been a dispatcher for over 20 years, I think reaching 30 soon. He’s taught rookies, gotten awards. He intentionally turned down any opportunities to work in the field for higher pay because of the chance of one day not coming home to me and my sister. I’ve always been grateful for that and never thought for one second that his job dispatching was small or lesser than those who go out to respond to the emergency calls. The stories he tells me stick with me and it amazes me how much of a bright optimistic person he remains but still teaches me how to stay safe, especially as a woman. I’m so proud of my dad and his recognition in his department. I have the utmost respect for anyone answering these stressful calls

    • @Angel Ship she meant reaching 30 as in 30 years as a dispatcher

    • no? why would you assume that?

    • He’s been a dispatcher since he was 10??

  • About a week ago, I was having a medical issue and called 911 for help. The dispatcher on the other side of the phone was not only professional, but her voice was very soothing and calming as well. Thank you, Dispatchers….for everything you do. You all kick ass.

  • when he said "sometimes we are the last voice a person hears" it really changed my prespective on what they do and how crazy it can be. thank you 911 dispatchers !

    • That sentence hit me hard

    • @glowingredtulip that’s cold 😂

    • @Brett that’s really sad to hear I hope he can get through it easier next time

    • It has always been my dream to be a police officer ,but come to think of it I don’t think I can do it. Shoutout to all the officers out there ❤

    • Of all the jobs she has tried ...I think she would be the best at this one .She's a natural.

  • I am in shock that dispatchers are considered “receptionist.” they should be considered first responders. This video made me so emotional, especially when Michelle cried during the call. The emotions, stress, and responsibility is a lot for dispatchers. This is so raw and in depth (I wish it was a longer video tho). I respect them more than ever. This video also opened more of my perspective of them. Thank you for sharing this. I’ve always wanted a glimpse of what 911 responders go through. You did an amazing job. you having the courage to accept and do these challenges is admiring.

    • I'm a dispatcher and where I live we are considered first responders, as we should be. In my center, since I work for a smaller county, we dispatch police, fire, and medics all from the same center. But there's also more to our job than just taking 911 calls. We are constantly on the radio communicating with officers as they do traffic stops and warrant services, as well as checking up on them while they are on a call. We also monitor fire department radio traffic while they are on a call. We document all the things that happen on a call. We keep an eye on how long responders have been on a call without being on the radio and check on them if we don't hear from them every few minutes. We run license plates and drivers licenses for officers while they are on stops to verify that the vehicle and driver are valid and not wanted. And we do it all while still taking 911 calls. It is definitely a stressful job, but it is a very important one. Every dispatcher deserves the title of first responder.

    • i wish my brain was so simple to get that emotional over a practice call

    • @Karla Portalatin keep up the fight! Not only by doing your job, but if you have a union, make sure to keep pushing these goals to the union leader ship, and attend local government sessions. Educate the councils and governing members. My state has law enforcement representatives backing dispatch and we just got dispatchers on the Law Enforcement Academy board. We also have these representatives proposing bills to the local government, and those bills routinely find themselves being debated, and they get pushed to the finish line. A lot of the governments locally have been pretty well educated on what it is that the dispatchers do, and as that happened, we were granted better and better benefits, recognition, and representation in law-enforcement.

    • @Aerin Gothyk Amen!! Where I’m at we are not considered first responders and don’t make nearly as much as police or fire fighters so I’m happy that you guys do! Hopefully we can get there also!

    • @Aerin Gothyk i definitely respect what all of you dispatchers do, I personally could never handle the pressure of the situation. Especially because you never know what’s coming for you before you pick up. Luckily i didn’t need to call emergency services before but i’m very thankful that we have dispatchers to help us through tough situations

  • She actually did so amazing, I know it was a mock call but dang.

    • @Merari Rodriguez bro

    • @Merari Rodriguez LMFAO

    • @Merari Rodriguez They literally said it was an actor.

    • We do mock calls before going live at the end of the training, it still feels real and you come out sweating with spiked adrenaline, very impressive for a single day's training

    • Agreed! She did so great! South Metro and plenty of other agencies are always hiring 😊

  • As a fellow Telecommunicator and training officer, I couldn't help but cover my mouth and laugh and cry throughout Michelle's pregnancy card training call. Thanks @MichelleKhare for bringing light to our profession.

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  • I definitely couldn't do this. My two main career choices are a Therapist and working as a Mortician. Both are draining mentally, but I feel like there's a difference between dealing with the dead and dealing with people that are not in life-threatening moments(in the session), and then dealing with someone that may be on the verge of death. I applaud everyone that can do this, I know you grow immune to it after a while but this is still crazy.

    • I also wouldn’t be able to be a 911 dispatcher mainly because of the anxiety it would cause, but also because I don’t have a very good working memory and I have some reading comprehension problems, both of which would make this job nearly impossible as you have to multitask, retain information at a rapid pace, and deal out instructions while filling in info. I also wouldn’t be able to cope if someone were to die before help got to them.

    • Being a mortician is actually a lot more similar to being a therapist that you would think. Even though you’re working with people who have passed away, you still have to be very in tune with your emotions. Part of the job is comforting and providing closure to the family or friends of the deceased person, not just the preparation of the body. Being able to understand and communicate well with people who are grieving or distressed is really important.

    • Haha I used to work in the funeral industry and now work as a SUD/BH case manager!

  • I’ve done 911 for 7 years, delivered 1 baby. I tell my rookies that it’s not our job to save anyone, our job is to manage the chaos until the responders get there. Great job with the delivery, you did fantastic!

  • As a firefighter, the dispatchers are the true lifeline. They're the first voice that a caller hears and they are the ones dealing with the worst moments of somebody's life, we've got a big respect for the dispatchers

  • I used to want to be a psychologist - did a lot of the schooling, but haven't gone back for grad school because a LOT of crazy stuff happened/changed in my life between college and now. So, I'm basically a stay-at-home mom at this point. And now I think I want to do dispatch, and this video kind of solidified that for me.

  • The way she comforted the father and mother and was just so smart and fast about it! Great job!!! 😁

  • I just got to say, this episode definitely brought me to tears. Dispatchers have it way harder than we think. They are strong, will powered, people that do this job everyday. I am truly grateful for those who take up this difficult challenge of a job.

  • As a firefighter, I really couldn’t do it without my dispatchers. Thank you guys so much! Your all rockstars!!

  • Can’t describe how emotional I became listening to her help instruct that man on the phone with helping deliver a baby. That experience was so raw… having that much responsibility over a phone to help this couple have a smooth delivery… wow.

  • I like how proud they are of their jobs. They're doing hard work that's probably stressful and sometimes traumatizing, but they know how important it is and seem so professional even in situations where most people would panic

    • @Michelle Khare didn’t you say in the paranormal investigation video in the theater that you WERNT going to fall asleep? YOU BROKE THE PROMISE.

    • I used to be a dispatcher, you don’t realize the suicide rate out of this career. No one talks about the trauma and ptsd the unseen hero’s have to endure every day. I am damn proud to say I did it, but in the end I gotta care for my mental health before anything else

    • @Michelle Khare amen

    • @Krystal Pen the average is like $15/hr. It's ridiculously underpaid

    • Jamie yes bc I'm assuming it varies by location and day.

  • Out of all the videos, this one hit hard. Thank you for what you do.

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  • I’m interviewing to be a 911 dispatcher tomorrow and I seriously started balling when he was talking about them sometimes being the last person someone talks to. This video put into perspective how important they are and really made me want to succeed just as much ❤

  • I just started my job as a 911 dispatcher, and it's definitely difficult at times. Thank you for the recognition!!

  • I volunteered as a suicide hotline responder for 2 years. This bring back a lot of memories. It was not as intense, as we did not have to juggle with many calls at the same time, but I fully understand how emotional these calls can make you feel. That was an amazing video. Keep going!

  • As an airline pilot, I want to say thank you for the very important role you guys play in my own job.

  • “Sometimes we are the last voice a person hears.” And the sound of that person’s final breath never leaves us.

    • Thank you for doing what you do everyday may god bless you

    • @Luca シ I am currently, and just hit 13 years of service. Thank you for your kind words.

    • As someone who just retired after 40 years on the line as everything from rookie firefighter to SWAT medic to Chief of the department, I can't agree more. That sound is something you never forget. But we only hear it on our shifts (24 on/48 off or some variant) while most dispatcher work a minimum of 40 hours a week. They probably hear that sound more than us. I once thought about being a dispatcher but I wasn't cut out for it. I went into Fire/EMS because it was less stressful. 9-1-1 Communications personnel are the real first responders. Fire Police and EMS are second responders.

    • @Szu🫡 You are an insult to Nathanael B's everywhere

    • 😔😔

  • I'm crying! I'm a former law enforcement officer, and you made me cry in a training video. This channel rocks! Shout out to all dispatchers.

  • We sometimes forget how without these people threats to daily life would not be contained by law enforcement and for them to be labeled as “receptionist” is a disgrace I really thank them for all they do

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  • being a 911 dispatcher is actualy terrifying but no one gives credit for them your heart has to be very strong for this

  • I’ve been a dispatcher for 1 month and honestly it’s been a lot. Mitchell you did awesome. And to all the first responders all over the USA my gratitude to you and your families 🫡

  • I am obviously here because I just applied for the 911 dispatch , wish me luck everyone 🙏🏻

  • My mom was a dispatching, she would come home crying some nights because of the stories they hear and the things she went through. One night we went to a awards ceremony and she had saved over 15 lives in her time working there for 3 years, and she had found 4 missing people. My mom is a hardworking woman, and I'm so proud of her!

  • Oh man, I wasn't expecting this one to get me in the feels the way it did.

  • 7 year dispatcher. I really love and appreciate this video. You did a wonderful job showing what it's like to be a 911 dispatcher. This is also a awesome agency as well. Good work.

  • these episodes are so entertaining!! all these jobs really look difficult so props to all these hardworking ppl

  • You had me crying here Michelle. They are true hero's and get way too little appreciation for their part. They are the start of a process, so if they weren't there, the process couldn't start. Thank you for showing us this

  • This series is making me appreciate the jobs that get overlooked and I appreciate you Michelle for allowing me to see into jobs like these where the day to day isn't shown commonly

  • “I’m so sorry to bother you”, that was so sad. No one should feel guilty for asking for help 🥺

    • @KAZ falling, for an elderly person, is always serious

    • @Zachary Swink Hi there. I refuse to call you guys even when I probably should. I've told my family that unless I'm down for more than a few minutes (I'm epileptic) or have an obvious head/spinal injury or an open fracture and I can't be moved by any other way, leave EMS out of it. Because I've been flagged as a "frequent flier" and treated poorly.

    • @daemynion I always give them the address then say "I'm so sorry about this but...." unless I physically can't talk.

    • I do and I'm used to it.

    • @Crystal L thanks for ur service u saved a lot of lives and did not notice but sometimes u know that u saved lifes

  • Hats off to every 911 dispatcher…those men and women have a stressful job…taking calls that are disturbing, heart wrenching, horrific…you gotta be tough to have a job like that. Thank you 🙏

  • As soon as she teared up i teared up and thought how one day that lady is going to be me and my husband will call the paramedics to rush me to the hospital and ill cry of joy. thank you 911 dispatchers,doctors,firefighters,police people and the rest of you guys. without you guys life would be really hard. my dream job is a dentist. i really hope you brave souls as the people i listed above will love forever and be a great role model for other kids and learn from you guys! thnk you

  • I am impressed with emergency call center service and I can't imagine how they managed to help millions of people who need help. They deserve great respect for their job. 🤯💜

  • When the lady that fell on her knee and elbow said, “sorry to bother you.” It broke my heart, I’m glad the dispatcher made her feel calm and everything! ❤️

    • ​@Ethan Smith hey what's up Ethan I'm Jay from NC What u doing now

    • Sorry to bother you?? Thats their job

    • no need to be sorry when youre the one whos gonna pay for it 🤣🤣🤣

    • @official lil uzi vert yea but it reflects real events and it's very common people feel that way. Many don't even call 911 when they get heart infarct they just drive to hospital themselves dangerin both their own and others' lives

    • Same

  • God I love this series. Just showing the humanity behind these important services and the work that is done is so incredible. Thank you for pulling back the curtain and showing people all that goes into this so we all have a better understanding, appreciation and confidence in our emergency service workers!

  • I actually cries from that, A plane crash to delivering a baby? Truly inspiring. Good job girl!!

  • i did this for less than a year. just didn’t have it in me, no shame. it’s the hardest thing i’ve ever done and Lord above it still has me shaken to this day. edit; i have also felt like crying during calls as well, to keep my voice level i bit my cheek towards the back and took a deep breath, focusing on the sting. it helped keep my inflection neutral… and then i broke down after the call ended. everyone has had a moment like that, more than once.

  • Been a 911 dispatcher for 25 years and you did excellent on your first go at it.

  • Hearing the them explain the school shooting call made me cry. It really made me respect the fact that what they do is crazy, and not just anybody can do it.

    • I'm not sure most of us could keep it together in that situation. I live across the street from a high school and hearing gunshots coming from there would probably make me panic which is time I could be using make the call in the first place.

  • These people are def not just receptionist. The amount of distress people can be in when they call 911 and they sit there listening in on people's worst moments and try to guide them through it until help arrives. Mad respect

    • In my PSAP, we answer 911’s and handle the dispatch work for the radio simultaneously. We are not only guiding victims through life or death scenarios over the phone but using investigative questioning to get crucial Intel for responders on the ground. As one of my officers says to us all of the time “You guys are our lifeline out there, we can’t do it without you.” We not only inform them where they’re needed, we are *hugely* responsible for them making it out ok. If we fail to gather the right info they can walk into a death trap and we can, and will, get sued and fired. We have immense legal liability due to how crucial our roles are. Making a mistake as a receptionist can get you written up, a mistake as a dispatcher can get you prison time. Not the same world at all. In my center we are all state certified and accredited with CPR and emergency dispatch; trained to administer accurate instructions for field triage and trauma care. Plugging bullet holes, applying tourniquets, using defibrillators etc we are certified in a wide array of first responder skills. Someone’s gotta keep the victim alive until the medics get there. You’d be surprised how many people would die if we weren’t there to walk them through treating a potentially fatal wound. 5 minute arrival time for meds is fast, but you can die in under 2 minutes with a bad bleed, esp since most people don’t really know how to stop one correctly.

    • @Delotrium that’s a cops job description too since they literally respond to calls to assist callers lol any job sounds basic and simple if you describe it with a low effort bare essentials sentence.

    • There is way more to learn before taking calls as a 911 operator then being a receptionist.

    • @DANK let me know how many people die if your receptionist friend doesn’t do their job well.

    • @DANK as a 911 operator I’ve taken calls from just a tree in a road to one of my officers being shot and dying. Day in and day out the calls we hear way on us, we can hear some of the best news and some of the worst news all in the span of 5 minutes. We are expected to deal with life and death situations, we can get off a domestic call that did not end well and be expected to take the next call without letting the previous bother us, cause if we do we can’t put our all in. We are trained to treat ever call like it is life or death because you never know when it will be.

  • I was getting super emotional watching this. It’s insane what these people do. They are incredible people.

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  • One of the toughest jobs out there. These heroes are not given the appreciation they deserve

  • imagine whats on her resume if she wants to get a job😳

    • Ik wow

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  • She’s gonna have the coolest story’s as a grandma

    • Absolutely

    • FR

    • Yeah fr

    • 🔝🔝🔝Special love and appreciation to you for making out your time to watch and also comment. You have been selected for my draw. Winners should send a message on Telegram to claim their prize🎁🎁

  • So I may or may be extremely empathetic and I totally cried during this so yea I am gonna take a shot in respect for all the people who sacrifice time with their loved ones and sometimes even their own mental health to be able to protect and help us each and every day. We love and appreciate you.

  • "Just a receptionist" is quite an understatement for 911 dispatchers.

    • The county I live in officially made the 9-1-1 dispatchers First Responders by unanimous proclamation of the county council. 'Bout time, I'd say. They now get full benifits and max respect.

    • @kesseret I'm obviously no Dispatcher. But I consider them as the Guides of the Emergency Teams. Like they have the highest responsibility.

    • They are so underrated and underappreciated

    • Yup, there’s some agencies that have finally got recognition but our agency is still classified as receptionists and clerical

    • My Jaw dropped when he said that

  • I was completely taken aback on ur composure helping deliver a baby over the phone truly amazing-i teared up with u--great job!-ur an amazing woman

  • the best piece of advice i've heard is its not your emergency. if you see something happen and you want to help you gotta make sure first that its safe to be there and you can find a safe path. i use the same saying for regular stressful situations in life because i cant help the situation if were both freaking out and not thinking straight. i can freak out and relax after its done. you did an amazing job keeping it together even when you got emotional!

  • It so sad to see how much stress dispatchers go through and seeing Michelle crying on her first call all though it was all apart of her training this also shows how much we should appreciate dispatcher’s

  • Since 3 years now, I am a german firefighter myself and what you did Michelle was great work, I already had burned skin and leftover legs in my hands, it is very difficult and intense to work that way but as long as we can safe the lifes of humans, we are the greates helper community in this world. I am proud of you, standing there and delivering a baby your emotions, the tears running down your face, it is okay to cry, I once carried a dead body but life needs to go on, I am proud of you.

  • Wow , that was absolutely incredible , Thank you all for those who devote themselves to help us all in the time of need 🤍 God bless you 💛💫🤲🏻

  • I just imagine this woman as a grandma telling her grandkids all the things shes done 😂😂 Its like Barbie with all her different jobs 😂

    • nah more like johnny sins

    • It's a nonsense of a video

    • @Pickle Wart yeah lol, how dare you make this insensitve comment that made 2.7k people laugh!

    • @Ihavenoideawhatiamdoing DeadInside Because the sheep who declared it so, is too sensitive.

    • @piper Wetzler how is the OPs comment insensitive??

  • As a previous 911 Dispatcher for 5 and a half years you did a great job at capturing some of the things we had to do on a daily basis and educating people on what being a 911 Dispatcher entails. There are a lot of emotions that come with this job good and bad. Thank you for taking the time to create this video and giving an insight to this job. You did a great job on taking the calls!! You received a subscribe from me =).

  • I think one of the hardest parts would be listening to something traumatic happening to someone on the phone and then never knowing what comes from that situation. I’m surprised this isn’t talked about more talk about an emotional job. Imagine having to go home with all that on your mind every night.

  • This woman was very good at helping and her voice was calming and understanding.👏🏽 BUT there are those dispatcher’s that are rude and clearly in the wrong line of employment. Respect to those who take this job to heart and realize the impact they have on someone’s most traumatic times. Wrote this before I heard you get your call Michelle and you did so good helping that man. Although at the end if I heard dispatch cry for me I would turn around and console them.

    • @Molly Larrivee Our town as 6 full time police dispatchers and usually 3 officers a 12 hour shift. I didn't know they had officers directly taking calls at some places.

    • Im a dispatcher and most towns have police do the dispatching so that might explain the rudeness

  • 14:32 this moment actually made me cry too I feel its ok to let ur emotions out!! You did a Great Job!!

  • It takes a really exceptional person to do that job!

  • I love how seriously she takes these trainings. As a nurse, her paramedic one had me in tears. She shows the world how truly taxing these professions are.

    • this is my kingdom come this is my kingdom come

  • HI, that was one real time episode, that have given an insight of what a 911 dispatcher goes through. This video also helped me, who always wanted to be a 911 dispatcher to help and save the community. i literally cried, when i hear the baby`s voice came through. RESPECT AND A BIG SALUTE TO THE POLICE, EMS AND FIRE DEPARTMENT and to you too

  • Aww. You did amazing Michelle. I am so proud of you for doing that! I just can’t believe that was your first call! But either way you did amazing! I love you videos! ❤

  • This was amazing to see what dispatchers actually do and how stressful and important their jobs really are! Thank you for sharing Michelle!

  • This was short but amazing. It’s honestly a job that not many people are equipped to do. I can’t believe that dispatchers weren’t considered first responders until recently. They are the first ones that respond by picking up the line for someone in need. This just shows how amazing the people who do this are, and that they’re truly heroes.

  • Coming from the perspective of a Sheriff Deputy. Dispatchers are the true first responders in emergency scenarios. It's more than taking notes from a call, but ensuring that the proper response is conducted. At an efficient speed for the immediate well being of an individual. Before me and other deputies can respond to one of the scariest moments in some ones life, its the dispatchers job to ensure that not only the caller is safe. But we are safe. And by god their good at it! Thank you dispatchers!

  • You represented us well. As a dispatcher myself I am elated you showed parts of how our job really is. And don't feel bad for crying for your first child birth, I did on mine also. Luv ya ❤

    • @MEL MELENA and thank you for your vital services as an intepreter

    • Im not a 911 dispatcher but I am an interpreter for 911 and my very first call was a birth... I was on that call for about 45 minutes because even though the paramedics got there quickly they still needed me to translate, I swear I felt like I had given birth myself that day. I'm not a colleague but I'm able to be on many of those calls in a daily basis, thank you for your service.

    • Thank you so much for your service - this experience was so eye opening.

  • Seriously I just watched this from Nigeria 🇳🇬 and I am so amazed at what you did,you literally put fit yourself into this job like you have been doing it before.wow!😲😳 Girl! You are da bomb💣.you deserve more than an award girl, perhaps you should start looking to start a career in this field.💯❤️

  • Это просто невероятные выдержка и нервы. Работники службы 911 огромные молодцы! Наблюдая за эмоциями Мишель, сама испытывала такие же и мне кажется, не смогла бы так быстро ориентироваться в ситуации, хотя и говорят, что в экстренных случаях организм работает на максимум и мы способны на всё.

  • I was a dispatcher for about a year before going back to school to become a mental health therapist. It was the most difficult job I have ever had in my life but it was also the most rewarding. The feeling of pride and accomplishment after having helped so many people at the end of the shift is difficult to convey. Prayers for all those who are the thin gold line.

  • This really changed my perspective on what an actual 911 operator is!! I used to overlook the actual importance they hold in helping people and protecting them in general. I got a little emotional when Michelle started crying, I could see how stressed and tense she was, and how overwhelmed she was. But she handled that like a champ!! I really don't know what I'd do if I was a 911 dispatcher, so I truly appreciate what they do and how they do it. Thank you for your service Dispatchers!!!

  • I work as an interpreter and I happened to get a lot of 911 calls, it's really nerve wracking, but at the end of the day u feel good when u know that u helped to break the language barrier.

  • im actually very happy they didnt let you do a real call. It's great you could do real stuff with the fire department and EMS and everything, but it makes me glad to know that the dispatchers understand just how important the brief time they have is. Being a paramedic means you still had other real medics with you, but any wasted time on a call could mean a death. So, massive respect to the office you went to for giving you this experience while respecting the gravity of their jobs. Thanks for doing this Michelle.

    • @Livia Martin hey. your post is many months old so idk if youre still around but i have a question. how do you train to take real calls? do you shadow for a while? do you take a call with a second person to jump in if needed? i cant think of hwo to transition from training to real calls

    • @Panic King Which dispatchers are your favorite?

    • Yup! The noises sounded so off with a weird timing ("oh where's the baby cry button?" 😂) but it's still a good experience! Definitely!

    • Yup. As a former dispatcher we were in training for months prior to taking live calls. I'm sure Michelle could succeed, but you need to put the training hours in first

    • @AnnyTheKettle oh my god I thought it was real.

  • it's absolutely insane to me that the federal government doesn't recognise emergency dispatchers as anything higher ranking than a receptionist. that one dispatcher is so right. there's nothing wrong with being a receptionist, but a dispatchers job is so much more than just answering a phone call and can mean the difference of saving someone's life.

  • Good job on your first commission. Not many people could actually bring out the confidence and composure to do that. I know I definitely couldn't. Great job 👏👏👏!

  • I’m going to school right now to be an EMT. No lie, I teared up on that part one. Lucky I know what to do if this happens.

  • This summer in my county there was a firefighter training camp and I was able to go in this room. It was so cool and it inspired me to have this job as top career opportunities. I do think it’s a really cool experience and do recommend if your county has the same kind of experience. Also love the video!

  • I love how much respect and care she takes with these videos. These people have really hard jobs Michelle does a great job highlighting that.

    • I love how much respect and care she takes with these videos. These people have really hard jobs Michelle does a great job highlighting that.

    • this was amazing and made me so grateful for these responders... interested in this kind of work, too!

    • @MuunMen thanks man that means a lot! I’m glad you enjoy the vids 😊

    • Couldn't agree more! Just checked out your channel by the way and you make some really interesting content as well can't believe I never heard of you.

  • I had to call 911 a year ago when my cousin had a seizure and the dispatcher was so helpful. I was so scared and she talked me through everything to keep me calm and my cousin from freaking out. I had training from the military but it was so nerve wrecking. She stayed on the line until the ambulance came so about 15 minutes. Felt like forever. I was so grateful for her.

  • I love how respectful your videos are.

  • I had to call 911 after a horrible car accident. I was in such shock and disbelief I couldn’t tell the dispatcher where I was. She was beyond professional and kept me calm because at one point I was just in tears saying I needed help and that the person was bleeding and the other guy wasn’t moving. She told me what to do and I just don’t think it’s a job I could handle.

  • this was intense, i have so much respect for these people.

  • DEAR MICHELLE I HOPE YOU READ MY COMMENT I wanna thank YOU so much for every videos that you do. You have no idea what kind of an impact that your contents bring to my life, as a college student who always worried, nervous, sometimes I even cried at night just because I have no idea how am I going to lead myself to a brighter future and your content gives me SO much hope what kind of job that I wanna do in the future. I’m in my 20s now some of my friends already graduated from college some already getting married have kids, etc. Watching your videos making me realize that there are so many things I can do in my life and I do not want to waste my youth lmaoo, Once again thank you so muchhh for the efforts going into this thing and that thing. I LOVE YOU ALL THE WAY FROM INDONESIA HAVE A GREAT DAY

  • Such an important story to tell. This must be such a stressful job.

    • wadwad

    • That phone number ranks in importance to the address and nature of the emergency. If you get cut off, the phone line goes down or you are calling from a location you're unfamiliar, give the dispatcher a good number and we WILL find you and send help. We ask the questions, you answer. Simple as that.

    • @Robert Lawler That's because if we get disconnected we can't call you back...we don't always get caller ID!!!

    • wwwowyes

    • So true....I don't think I could handle it. These people are super brave and kind

  • I swear when I think I watched all the good videos on CS-tv and can’t find something to watch I stumble upon this channel, I’m hooked these videos are so entertaining!

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  • I thought “man I think I might be able to apply to a position like this” and then the first test call happened and I started bawling 😂😂

  • You just gained a new subscriber from this one video. GREAT JOB. Thank you for showing the world how important this job is. I cried with you . 🙏🏾💚

  • As a 911 dispatcher THANK YOU! No one understands how every single call stays with us. From the lift assist to the cardiac arrest we care for and love every caller. Not a day goes by that I don't think about my worst calls. We are the voice in the dark, and we will always be here!

  • Damn I’m an EMT and I didn’t even get a badge yet! 😂 wow you are truly amazing at this! I don’t think I could be a dispatcher tbh. But I can be an EMT! We love dispatch ❤

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  • I’m married to a 911 dispatcher and friends with a lot of his coworkers. These people are absolutely amazing, strong and take pride in their job. The multitasking they have to do while trying to keep their emotions in check are truly works of heroes. I’m glad you covered that the government currently classes them as receptionists instead of first responders. It’s something that needs to change.

    • @dapushka 🙌🏽👏🏽

    • @Mel Like ghosts that no one can see. During Covid lockdown every Dispatcher was at work in position. Unrecognized and under appreciated only 1% of the population can do the job. There is an extreme shortage of Dispatchers nationwide. When we need help I can't think of anything more important than being able to call 911, and someone answering.

    • It’s kind of weird to me because they’re literally the first people to respond in situations of distress

    • @Mandy Ireson our governor is horrible, but at least he got that done. Someone told me it passed the House and Senate. Good god give us the title at least because it surely isn't giving us anything else.

    • Ironically we were trained to always remember we are the First first responders

  • Dispatchers are some of the strongest people ever. Lots of my close family members are dispatchers, and how strong they are is insane. Always remember to thank your dispatchers

  • This was really helpful. I have been looking into and wanting to do dispatch, and this is eye opening to everything that can go on in just a single minute

  • Its really sweet to see the elderly women in the beginning saying sorry to bother you while she is hurt its amazing

    • No. It says that she feels like a burden. Someone may be giving her that impression. Just saying.

  • There are so many hoops to jump through when applying: Criticall test, panel interviews, psych tests, polygraph, then the training which is always ongoing but usually is a minimum of 6 months. You will truly see what you are made of because there is so much mental pressure and quick decisions that have to be made throughout your shift. Your typing should be accurate and fast. You ear will be trained to listen for minute details on the radio and the phone. I've been doing this for 12.5 years and there is still soooooo much to learn.