I Tried a Secret Google Project!

čas přidán 16. 05. 2023
An exclusive first look and footage of Google Project Starline!
The Studio reactions: • Google I/O 2023 Travel...
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  • As always, the adult entertainment industry will pave the way for tech such as this.

  • Incredible tech. Well balanced presentation MB. thank you

  • And that is why I subscribe to this channel. Nothing but the best, nothing but cutting edge 💪

  • I can see this being super useful for telemedicine. A medical-specialist-doctor-expert person can be a world away, but if they can "meet" with you using Starline, you can show them the weird rash on your elbow or your crushed hand or whatever, and they would be able to see it so well, the only thing missing would be touch. That's important too, especially for orthopedic and internal injuries, but you'd be at a hospital that had a Starline booth anyway, so a local RN or doctor could follow the expert's instructions WHILE THE EXPERT WATCHED AND COACHED... I think this will have huge benefits for telemedicine.

  • Using your position as a CS-tvr to learn about and share things like this is exactly what you should do. We all appreciate you bringing us along!

  • Wow, this was probably the closest to getting the feeling of a 3D effect through a 2D screen and video I've seen. Great capture!

  • My fiancé is a psychologist. Pre-pandemic she said that a practice like hers would never go remote. Obviously it did and we were able to move from Washington, DC to Vermont. That said, she still spends a week or two in person because so much is lost when remote. I can see a scenario where she sets up a system like this in her DC office giving her clients the opportunity to have a near-match to an in-person experience. The same is true for other areas of healthcare where the meetings are 1:1 and there is a massive value to creating a more intimate human connection.

  • IMAGINE this keeping the 3D scans of people after they use it. You could be age fifty and tell it to present you at eighteen 😮

  • Some part of me really values the little glitching or geometric shimmer around the edges of the models. There's something deeply charming about a not-quite-perfect simulacrum of the participants that is just weirdly compelling. A perfect version would indeed be futuristic, but the little scuffs around the edges of tech like this makes it

  • Honestly this would be amazing for deployed military personnel to see their families. For kids to actually see their parents in 3D and not a flat image… my only concern is young kids being confused and getting upset that they can’t actually touch mom or dad…

  • This is really neat. One thing that strikes me interesting is that this is a very hardware intensive piece of tech, and feels more like something that Apple would be developing, probably in secret, rather than Google. It’s interesting how far Google has come in terms of hardware, and where they might be going…

  • Very interesting! I can see the comeback of "phone booths", so people can make realistic meetings; think of long distance relationships, families living far or abroad, etc. Not for homes or domestic use, but yes for scheduling calls or meetings.

  • I freaking love watching you grow from cellphone reviews to being trusted by google Devs. Keep it up!

  • Very interesting! I could see the next version being wrapped up as a Google 3D TV. Could have the cameras and sensors in the bezel but watch 3D content without glasses would be really cool then have a 3D Google Duo feature. Although I think the 1 person perspective limit would be a tough sell.

  • This could be used to work on 3D models or something like that. You know, instead of displaying an actual person on the screen, you could display a 3D model that you want to edit or visualize, and when you move your head, it actually rotates reallistically. That plus a hand control (the thing that looks at your hand in the air and identifies the position of your fingers) to move it and zoom would be so good. I think that would be a whole other level of 3D modeling compared to nowadays. I mean, just imagine it.

  • You got Google devs to trust your representation of Google Starline, and it actually translated the experience pretty well! Well done.

  • It is rare to see Marques geeking out over technology. He sees so many new products, and to know this one made him giddy tells me how impressive it really was.

  • I actually think this would make me hate virtual meetings significantly less! I can't stand the lack of human connection over Zoom or Teams and would love to feel more like I'm actually talking face to face on the rare occasion that I can't. Of course I can see the possibility of this backfiring; if it gets so good that there's no need to meet face to face, why do it? Indeed some people already lean that direction with today's software, but like most tech it could be incredibly helpful!

  • I’ve never seen Marquess been blown away like that with a tech demo. First few seconds you can clearly see him trying to figure out how they were doing this. That’s impressive

  • That's awesome. I fully agree with you on the fidelity argument, I think the only way this would become mainstream is if there were public video call rooms that could be reserved for specific applications. Like imagine scheduling a call with your spouse who's currently away for work, so you go to your public library because they have a conference room with a Starline-type video setup. Or you schedule a business meeting and go into the office to use your company's conference room.