I Tried Planning My Wedding In A Week

čas přidán 3. 12. 2022
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PART 2 - • I Tried 100 Wedding Dr... (Finding my dress)
PART 3 - • Our Wedding | Michelle... (The Wedding)
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    • Congrats on your marriage!

    • Congratulations on the wedding

    • Gimme a link to da site, plssss

    • Why is the vineyard chair on your CS-tv Home Screen?

    • My sincerest condolences, Michelle. You should have married a woman

  • The genius thing here is that she just made her whole wedding a tax write off, because it was a business expense.

    • hahahaha

    • Work Smarter not Harder

    • DAAAMN... hahahaha haven't seen that way... really genius move

    • People often think tax write off means free…

    • @Alexis Charest no one said that? But it does save like 49% by writing it off as a business expense (not sure about the exact numbers in america so using numbers from my country I assume its simular) so yeah really smart.

  • She literally put her entire wedding on line just for content and entertainment for us

    • I'm glad she did. Wedding is so stressful. She escaped that long months of worries.😛

    • It’s also how content creators make money let’s not forget that

    • And people watch it because weddings are popular especially with people planning their own weddings. Plus they get the videos documenting the whole thing for themselves as well.

    • @Jennifer Thomson all that goodness and on top of that the wedding is a business expense

    • Not to mention everything is tax exempt.

  • No, but when I heard Garrett say "Avenger's Theme Song" I kind of rolled my eyes and laughed. But then I thought about it and it's so perfect. All the superhero videos and training she's done, them working on those all together, how she always wanted to be the first Indian female superhero, and how Garrett sees her because I'm sure he sees her as his superhero. I started crying so hard as soon as the song started and I'm still crying. Help.

    • Aw that’s a beautiful way to look at it.

    • That was a very beautiful way to put it

    • u still cryingg

    • Cringe

    • same omg

  • When that Avengers theme hit... I lost it... It encompasses so much of who you are and what you've brought to all of us with your amazing dedication to your content and viewers over the years. Literally couldn't stop the tears ;-; Been following you since the buzzfeed days and damn, one of the best content creators of all time on CS-tv. Thank you, Michelle!!

    • Right? In literally no other context have I ever become remotely emotional from the Avenger's theme song. Then the first two notes played and I started choking up. I love the implication that Garrett sees her as a super hero.

    • Ohhh i lost it here too😭

  • "will you ever remember a good chair at a wedding, no....HOWEVER, you will never forget a bad chair." the mans not wrong 😂😂

    • OMG Garrett's right! One of the worst weddings I attended years ago had such hard benches at the reception, my butt cheeks were numb.

    • @Sandra Sealy YES! especially since the guests are there for x amount of hours. That comfortable chair makes all the difference

    • He’s got a good point 😂

    • Yes, 7 years ago I sat on a hard wood stool with loose nails I can never forget the pain and how good it felt after those 2 hours and I could stand

  • The way your father said "the cake" like he has had a lot of bad wedding cakes was hilarious.

    • He actually has, he said they were usually dry 😅

    • He just said it immediately, I love his priorities

    • So true. One wedding I went to had this big red velvet cake. Looked tasty, but it was so crumbly and dry. Granted I was a little kid but I can’t seem to forget how bad it was 😭

  • Man I started sobbing when I heard the Avengers theme song. Not because I'd never heard it or anything but it such an honest representation of who Michelle is, to Garrett and her community. She is kind and strong and resilient, and to see a woman that you love walk down the aisle to a song that represents all those things, I simply wouldn't hold it together.

    • 1.3k and no comments let me fix that rq

    • ​@Nazi_Dor1.3k and one comment lemme fix that

  • honestly this was a smart way to get google to pay for part of the wedding- as they should 😌

  • Garette is so cuteeeee! with his D&D wedding model, the goblin Michelle,the secret pinterest chairs, checking on michelles dad for cake opinions and then michelles wedding walk song!!!

  • I got literal goosebumps when they transitioned from traditional brid party music to the Avengers theme and that's as someone who isn't the biggest fan of those types of movies. But man something about the geeling behind the music and how special it was that the 2 things that were most important to him were good chairs and seeing Michelle walk down the aisle to a song that he felt (rightfully) truly encapsulates who she is, is so heartwarming. And seeing him cry just at hearing it I already know he's gonna cry when she walks down the aisle! 💕

  • I really like Garrett. He seems so calm and collected yet invested and caring about the whole process. He built a mini version of the venue?! He chose the wedding song?! He stuck to his guns about the chairs but was flexible about the cake?! Yesssss!

    • you should fly to Britain and try and become a Queens guard

    • Congratulations on your engagement.

    • Romans 10:9-10, 13 (KJV) That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. John 3:16 (KJV) For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

    • The queen is dead so she’d be a kings guard 💂‍♀️

    • the dude plays dnd to. I think i want to be be friends LOL

  • The avengers theme song is so different from the light and airy romantic music I’m so used to but it’s SO SO PERFECT! it really embodies the exciting moment when two people are about to declare how much they love each other and start the next stage in their lives! It’s so strong, confident and striking, love it!!

  • Not me crying to the Avengers theme song 🤧 You’re a superhero Michelle! Congrats to you and Garrett and I cannot WAIT to see the dress!

  • I think it would really help couples who are planning their own wedding to see you post a video with a rundown on how to plan a wedding. If wedding planning was an olympic sport, yall just took the gold.

    • True

    • Don't be fooled they had an expensive wedding planner who's time was not included into the timely calculation

  • I cannot BELIEVE that I was almost in tears when the quartet played the theme. They made it majestic and beautiful and powerful and not campy (which was a fear) and I think it soooo greatly represents Michelle and her endless badassery and I love that Garrett sees that in her and wanted everyone else to see it too😍🤩🥰😍🤩🥰

  • I'm a 31 year old male, the reaction of Garret to the song made me tear up, that was crazy wholesome!

    • Instant tears 😭

    • it really was...

    • E‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎

    • im a 87 year old male.

    • @hydraulics im a 99 year old female.

  • Hearing that theme song almsot brought me to tears, Michelle is most definitely a hero. Her videos are some of the most unique and hardworking/difficult videos. Love you guys!!!!

  • I was a bridesmaid at my friend's wedding earlier this year, and she and her fiance also chose for her to walk down to the Avengers Theme song. It was a beautiful violin and piano rendition and almost brought me to tears. This was awesome! Thank you for sharing this experience with us

  • This proves just how much the Avengers theme song, and also the Justice League animated theme song, can truly impact so many people in so many versions of instrumental playing. That violin group playing in the video for the Avengers theme song made me tear up, it was beautiful

    • The “Justice league” sounds hilarious. Didn’t know it had a theme.

  • I love how Garret used his D&D stuff to map everything out. Garret, your choice for the song that Michelle would walk down too was absolutely perfect for her. Especially with all she does.

    • I laughed so hard at the tiny goblin

    • E‎ ‎

    • OMG I didn't think of that, makes perfect sense now omg makes my heart teary

    • @Brenda Bee if you dont lightly roast your SO is it even worth it LOL

    • The moment he said that I was 10000% rooting for Michelle and Garret.

  • We had 2 years to plan our wedding and it was actually pretty easy and fun. We knew what we wanted and we agreed on most things-- but the only BIG challenge we had was getting responses from vendors! Sometimes they took weeks to answer our questions and they often canceled or rescheduled Zoom meetings or deliveries at last minute. You being able to meet in person with them REALLY seemed to help speed the process along. (I walked down the aisle to a live rendition of cinematic music, too! I love it!)

  • I saw the wedding dress video first and got emotional. Quickly clicked on this video and got excited to watch the planning progression until you guys got to the wedding song. I cried so much and still am. Can't wait for the wedding video ❤️

  • The chair discussion was so funny and showed their relationship so sweetly 🥰

  • Garrett is the sweetest! So happy for you Michelle. You deserve every crumb of happiness this world has to offer

  • This is awesome. Your dad was a childhood friend back in BR. Great to see him in your video. Congratulations on your engagement and wedding.

  • I still can’t get over the secret wedding Pinterest, that is the cutest thing I’ve ever heard

  • Making the decisions is the easy part of planning a wedding, it's the hours of researching, finding someone that is available and in your price range that was hard! I feel like the planner did all the work here... 😅

  • Can we get a style list of all of your mom’s outfits and dresses that she wore in the series? She looked amazing!

  • This was perfect. Kudos to the wedding organiser who knows her stuff inside out; don't think it would've been a smooth process without her. The ending sequence seeing everything come together from Garrett's action figures was a tear-jerker for sure!

  • Okay I also cried during the music arrangement. It’s really beautiful

  • Ok the wedding song gave me chills. I need to write this down for my wedding one day because holy crap. I love marvel 😭

  • That Marvel theme song... so impactful, I would have never believed this would matched, but it did! Props on the idea and the ladies for playing it.

    • It was perfect for them

    • The marvel theme song brings back so much nostalgia.

    • *women hahah. True though

    • I know!I was a skeptic...then couldn't believe how perfect it was for her!

    • Such an emotional moment, even I was tearing up!

  • Speaking as something who worked in the wedding industry: The big IF is IF you can actually have get any vendors that late notice. Vendors can book out a year in advance. This would be BRUTAL on Vendors. Ordering would be a nightmare especially because of supply chain issues. Tbh this is a full reminder as to why I left working in the wedding industry.

    • Do we know that they were planning it one week before the wedding, or is it that they gave themselves just a one-week timeframe to complete all of the planning (perhaps a year in advance)?

    • I'm pretty sure they just did all the planning within a week, not planned everything a week before the wedding ;)

  • This was an AMAZING video Michelle! The wedding was low key, and I hope you two stay together a long time ❤️ Love is the greatest gift anyone could EVER have. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Your husband must be so proud of everything you’ve trained for and done!

  • Seeing Garrett's and Michelle's mom's reaction made me cry. I am also emotionally tied to music, and I'm just really sensitive in general, so that was a really touching moment. This video was amazing! I'm happy for the both of you and wish you all the best.

  • I loved this, loved seeing your parents ❤ what a wonderful video! Even longer would be cool 😊

  • We only have 1 week to plan everything, let's not waste any time! Garrett: ok so I built a scale model of the entire venue using my dungeon and dragons miniatures. Gotta love the dedication!😅 Also Congratulations!!!❤

    • Nerds FTW!

    • Petition for Garrett to make a Dnd channel!

    • I’m not sure they actually counted all that in the final calculation of “1 week.” 😂

  • I dont cry at much, I'm not even a big Marvel fan, but that quartet made me shed tears. Absolutely beautiful!

  • Frankly, just owning it and not trying to hide it is a partially why I watch you. It's the honorable thing to do and it make the rest of jobs much more believe when you are call out of the spots like that, so thank you *Team Usespy online* for making me see target phone Activities.

  • THIS WAS WORTH WATCHING! it was so emotionally impacting & I loved it

  • Your mom is absolutely beautiful, kind and sweet🤍


  • i never would've thought the avengers theme song would work but IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL!! michelle's dad really summed it up!!

  • 14:56 why am i crying??? This couple is just so beautiful and full of life and love

  • This was so wholesome. I started crying at the end there. Seems like the wedding is in the upcoming episodes? Can't wait!

  • lmao having just planned a wedding I was cackling at the chair debate.. really does seem like such an important decision in the moment! we ended up giving our head tables the farm chairs and the rest of our guests the folding chairs (literally exact same ones in your video too lmao) because we couldn't decide!

  • The look on Garrett's face when they sit down on the chairs that he pick out is priceless

  • The Avengers theme song got me sobbing. It was perfect to represent this power couple! Perfect to represent how much you inspire people. Brave, epic, vulnerable, kind and strong! Loved it. What a beautiful moment 🥹🥰

  • Wow, I actually cried, when that arrangement of Avengers started. Props to Garrett and the amazing musicians

  • my wife and i fast tracked our wedding when we found out we were expecting my first down to three months, and that was a degree of hell of its own. i can’t even begin to imagine this herculean nightmare!

  • Her dad talking about the Avengers theme song… BEAUTIFUL I’m sobbing. Congrats 🎉

  • fun fact: Michelle's family got emotional over the avengers theme song without wasting 14 freaking years. what a legend they are.

  • The Avengers theme song was perfect. this video was amazing and truly a learning curve that you don't have to super stress yourself and prolong the decisions, as long as you make them together and that you know what you really want. Wishing the happy couple all the best and a fruitful and Happy life together:)

  • Michelle, your videos are really inspiring, and the multitude of skills you showcase that are generally considered „talent” show that anyone can really do anything if they actually try enough. I have been checking most of your videos, and was thinking of a few additional Challenges for you to (hopefully) accept. - Programming - Create something original. Whether it's a website, a mobile app or a PC program, make something original from scratch using any programming / scripting languages you want. - Languages - Learn any language outside your comfort zone at a basic conversational level, and test it in the native country. If you were to choose Romanian or Estonian, I would feel really proud of that :D - Dancing - Learn any kind of dance style (preferably with a partner, preferably with Garrett :D ) that you have never attempted before. I hope you get to see this comment :D Thank you for making such quality content, we are looking forward to more!

  • Michelle walking down the isle to the avengers theme song is SO fitting for her. After doing all these challenges she is a real life superhero. It sounded BEAUTIFUL on the strings it gave me chills. So happy for them and hope they have a lovely wedding ❤

  • Amazing, amazing, amazing. I love you guys and how you put this together, it made me cry when you were crying at the music. It's all so beautiful and wholesome, congratulations 💖💖

  • I didn't expect to cry this morning but holy cow, here I am. I'm so excited for your union and can't wait to see what else you come up with for the channel together 🤍

  • Just discovered your channel and I’m obsessed, loving everything you do ❤ may I recommend for a video idea you learning how to street dance then doing a live performance( either by yourself or with a crew) just and idea for you, keep up the amazing work you do, you’re an inspiration 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  • Wow tht marvel wedding theme music piece played by the talented ladies is just marvelous ❤

  • I'm getting married in a few weeks and this video encompass everything that I've been through in these past months. Thanks for posting Michelle

  • If you are stressed while planning your wedding please know that it is completely normal especially if you have no support from family. Definitely having a wedding planner is a game changer. Doing it all yourself is a large source of the stress. I started comparing my experience and realized that I didn't have a wedding planner so of course I was stressed. And family was not involved and caused issues throughout.

    • Eh I think a large source of the stress is wanting everything to be perfect and nothing is ever going to live up to what you want I mean it's normal but I think people put too much pressure on it.

    • It's really stress put on yourself, the only necessary thing is registering the marriage with a witness, everything else is extra based on wants and tradition. I feel like if it's overwhelming then that's a sign to downsize and refocus.

    • E‎

    • I can relate to this experience. I had a very similar experience to yours. I’m sorry you didn’t feel supported. You deserved to have support. You are valid in your need of a support system. We can’t always do everything alone, and I know how it feels like sometimes we have to because we don’t feel supported by people we wish we did. Hope you’re doing well. ❤

    • I dnt have a huge fam actually ither and it’s jus me and my dad so it’s gnna be extremely hard bc I am not even close to getting married and time is ticking my dad is getting older and it’s really really hard!! I was engaged once before but unfortunately it didn’t wrk out and we didn’t even start planning at all! But I wld like to marry someone who I can spend the rest of my life w/ before my dad and nana pass away! My nana is 98. And she is the only mother figure I have ! So I wish she can be there but looking at everything now I dnt kno if she will. But I will def hire a planner and I will higher a the proper people I need to get it done! As soon as I find that one person!!!

  • You should make more sports based videos as apart of Challenge Accepted Love what you are doing Michelle.

  • what garret said about how we remember bad chairs... IS SO TRUE! We still remember the bad chairs of an amazing wedding, we were so uncomfortable, that it didn't matter the two Michelin star food or the amazing view, the chairs ruined a lot of the experience.

  • I love how Garrett was on the brink of tears! I let my husband pick out the song i walked down the asile too and it was PERFECT! Cloud Atlas theme song "sexet".. its breath taking!

  • I love how your videos feel like an actual reality show

  • Michelle is the absolute most inspirational person ever!🫶❤️

  • garrett explaining the wedding layout is like the great british bake off when they describe the cake that all the contestants have to make

  • *The efficiency of this spy site usespy online is next level.* To juggle walk throughs of various angles on the topic delivered to-camera, different content per topic from various folks underneath the umbrella of the track list of the larger big band concert itself is engaging and refined. To make a dense access like this so digestible is really something. Awesome work Baron!!!

  • Nnnnooooooo, this is the very first video of yours I've seen. I was so enraptured and shocked when it ended!!! I want more. I literally yelled "NO!" at my phone and rushed to see if there was another video. I subscribed, hopefully it comes soon! A huge congratulations to you both.🥰🥰🥰

  • i just got engaged and when you said cookie table i started crying. legit can’t wait to plan the wedding. idk if i will do it in a week tho 😅❤

  • Honestly. Thank you for making the work environment so friendly and taking your responsibility seriously and completing the track and spy work gracefully! You deserve so much. He does what he says he is going to do and his ethics are of the highest quality. *Team Usespy online* needs to be known Internationally.......

  • Michelle walking the aisle to the avenger’s theme song is the single most perfect thing ever. It just makes so much sense and yes I might have laughed at it when I first heard garret say it BUTTTT I may have shed a tear or two when the ladies played it for them live

  • Congrats Michelle and Garrett 🎉 I love the way you put the photo of chair above your profile picture!🫶🏻🫶🏻

  • I love how Michelle and Garrett decided to make a challenge accepted video about their wedding. It’s the most important once in a lifetime event and they are “sacrificing” it just to make videos for us. Love their dedication in making us quality videos! 💗

    • Helps that's it's all likely a business write off too 🤣😋

    • @Ren Wtrue!!! very smart

    • i think it also helped them so they didnt take to long picking everything out

    • I'm sure the venue and vendors gave them discounts too . The way Michelle referred to Premiere Party Rents when discussing chairs made me wonder what deal they were getting.

    • Like proposal, like wedding

  • Can we talk about how well they played the avengers theme , literally got emotional too!

  • I always wondered how it would go to plan a wedding in a week!!

  • 😂 I can't get over that fact that Garrett put Michelle as a goblin in his little diorama of the wedding

  • This is why I was glad to win my wedding. We had 10 days from winning to walking down the aisle and it was a whirlwind, but some of the stuff was already planned and booked for me, like the food, venue and vendors.

  • I did my wedding in a week! Given i came to my mom and told her i was going to the courthouse lol! she said give me 6 days and i’ll pull it together. And she did. Venue, bridesmaids dresses, catering, officiant. It looked like we spent a year planning.

  • Garrett: I really want our wedding to be something people can look back on as a source of happiness for them. Michelle: *I'm worried about **_money_* awkward silence... 😂

    • Honestly relatable

    • I'm with Michelle on this one haha

    • @Effel Mendoza me too. I'm broke af

    • sums up their personalities 🤣

    • She's so real for that 😂😭

  • As much as I like planning things in general and I’ve been always looking forward to planning my wedding, it was a full year of being very stressed and overwhelmed. I often didn’t have mental energy left over to do things I like. I’m so happy with how my wedding came out but the planning time was very stressful for me. Happy I did it but I’m glad it’s something I’m looking back on

  • I’m planning my wedding rn and I have loved watching wedding content, I hope mine goes as smooth as yours! So beautiful im so happy for you guys i teared up ❤️❤️

  • The misleading title is such a relief. Finding all your potential vendors months ahead and having them all meet you in the same week is actually genius! Then you don't have to worry about "we don't know if flowers will conflict with the table choice bc we're meeting them for another 5 weeks" you have all the decisions made in the same week. Totally gonna try to do this for my wedding

  • Part 2 the wedding looks sooo pretty

  • What the heck, Danielle from Orange Blossom did a CRAZY good job to make Michelle's process as easy as possible. Yes it's impressive that Michelle and Garrett made these decisions in one week but Danielle got the vendors and found all of the choices they had to make. Like I can only imagine if the bride and groom had to do the sourcing themselves, this wouldn't be remotely possible

    • Hard agree

    • Organisors are invaluable it seems.

    • That’s my aunt! She’s absolutely amazing!!!!!!

    • Exactly what I thought

    • This is what I was thinking too. It's like trying to hike Mt Everest on your own vs with a guide. Still challenging, but one is giving you the support of an expert.

  • Garrett is a gem.

  • Congrats yall thats true talent to plan a wedding inn a week can wait to see the wedding video

  • Very well done on all your challenges thus far!! I am greatful to you for shining a light on all the brave men and women in various places and jobs of this world! It really gives me hope in our generation. I challenge you to keep it up! :)

  • Watched it over 10 times now and am still not getting tired of this video. Can’t wait to see the next video. 😭Thank you for sharing this emotional day with us!

  • Omg I love your fiancé! He definitely understood the assignment.

  • I was shocked and so happy that Michelle got proposed and now it's her wedding! They both are the perfect combo!

    • how were you shocked, she had been pressuring the guy for ages and also he took much longer than expected

    • @Miss Breally? how do you know?😮

    • @Jeu Glz way before he proposed she had been having moments on her videos where she would make hypothetical marriage situations while he was present and then look at him like "c'mon propose" it was cringy af. If someone loves you shouldn't need to pressure them to propose.

    • @Miss B I guess he preferred to take it slow 😊

    • @blake. I don't remember the exact time, but I have 6 years on my mind. That's more than slow. Again, not that I matter whatsoever but I'm taking my comments to my opinion and it's a big yikes for both of them lol

  • CONGRATULATIONS!!! I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU! Also maybe from this point on everyone will start planning their weddings in a week! P.S. The marvel theme song was LEGENDARY!!

  • How and why do you not have your own netflix series? This is insane quality.

  • I call a red flag on the chairs. I want people up, dancing, and mingling all night. So we only had limited seating at our wedding, haha. Congrats y'all!

    • did you not serve your guests dinner??

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE 😍 It’s amazing that you want to share your personal moment with us! ✨ The delicacy of tradition and culture with new items that have a personal meaning, I mean wow!! Can’t wait for the next video, congratulations!!! 💍🌼

  • Your mom made me cry! Can't wait to see part 2.

  • The secret Pinterest, The D&D model, The Avengers song and sticking to the cross back chairs Garrett you truly do bring balance to Michelle. Michelle your unwavering determination to always go above and beyond what people expect. You and Garret are the perfect match! As a man seeing all of what you both accomplish I wish I could find a woman that brings me so much happiness and levels me out! Congrats on your wedding I cant wait to see more of your content! Best wishes to you both and stay awesome....Ps Garret the song brought tears to my eyes it truly was a beautiful arrangement!

    • E‎ ‎ ‎

  • i'm planning a wedding for next year, and if i had the funds, I would definitely plan it in a week. it's way more complicated than it needs to be!