I Tried Selling My Diamond Play Button **they really offered this**

čas přidán 16. 07. 2019
We took my 10 million subscriber diamond plaque to pawn shops to see how much they would buy it for... We also tested to see if it was real diamond!
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If you read this far down the description I love you


  • like & subscribe and you will get a 10 million diamond play button by the end of the year

  • CS-tv just showing you how cheap their company really is.

  • Best CS-tvr alive

  • Rug when you said "it's also bozli" you sounded & looked so happy and adorable

  • To the 1 percent who see this i am very poor id appreciate it if u could sub

  • Goes to different shops to see what diamond is real Me: Just Google it

  • The 500 bucks offer was just a big baller guess

  • Did I see rick from pawn stars

  • You can sell the play button then ask for a new one lol

  • The "Diamond" plaque is actually silver plated metal, which means it's not a diamond, nor is it gonna cost as much as an actual silver plated youtube plaque. You can get large crystals for 10-20 USD. - says some random website I clicked on

  • This is how many shops did not give a price of the diamond💎 play button ⬇️

  • At least 5’000

  • It would be at least worth 2,000,000

  • Can I have Bauzly

  • You could’ve just called the number on your play button first😂

  • X 10

  • 1000

  • $1 per subscriber

  • I love how your so friendly to everyone and your fans and your not arrogant and rude to people love you rug ❤️

  • There is 464 CS-tvrs with over 10,000,000

  • 1000$

  • Lol 10 million sub plague is worth 10 million subs

  • bro he be screaming around in the mall

  • so whats it actually worth

  • Oh this video is posted 5 days before my birthday

  • 500 bucks? More like 5mill

  • It is not worth $10'000'000 it is only worth $20

  • See this is why your IQ is lower than the possibility of me getting laid which is like 8%, the play button isn't actually made of diamonds, so the pawn shop, or jeweler wont give you crap

  • Never mind I’ve watched the video now it’s very priceless

  • Atleast he didnt rip off sniper wolf

  • Atleast a ten mill play button is worth 20,000 because there is only 15 or 20 people in the world that have one well the last time I checked

  • Actually 10000

  • 5000 to 8000

  • I’d sell my left kidney for that thing 😂

  • Honestly you could sell it on ebay for prolly a million

  • 100000000


  • If u want diamonds pLaY MiNEcRaFt

  • Faze my sis watches SSsniper 😂

  • Probably 500.

  • on ebay you can sell that on 3milions$

  • 3:22 back closed 4:53 its opened

  • *gets 200k anyway*

  • 1 pence

  • Faze rug can you share my CS-tv channel

  • I would take it the diamond ppay button like 100,000,000,000 money on it

  • You should do a prank on your mom that the world is going to end up

  • Omg SSSniperWolf i love her Like if You Too

  • 49 billion dollar company is not going to give a u a million dollar item (dude just think about it logically not casually)

    • I mean as you can see hes not being serious about there being a diamond actually in it smh. Just think about it logically not casually.

  • 10.000 subs=10.000dollars

  • Why didn't you go to ice box

  • 100 thousand dollars

  • Weird flex but ok

  • I think its 142,700 dollars

  • U sound homosexual

  • the diamond should be plated straight the the centre

  • ten million dollars do you even human

  • 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,

  • lol pewdiepie called u out, CRIIIINGE

  • Pls subscribe to me ☺

  • Bc I ain’t an actually real diamonds?

  • For that play button it’s worth the whole world

  • Who else is tired of seeing the dumb stadia commercials?

  • Use me as I am bored button

  • 100’000

  • I feel like rug is just flexing the entire video on his plaque

    • Ok I mean he deserves it it don't matter.

  • wow real diamond

  • Only 500

  • 34 000000000000000

  • My sister dude look like a girl😅😂🤣😂😅😂🤣

  • Put the diamond play button on eBay to see how much money someone would bid for it and then cancel the eBay bid.

  • That woman was buying a gun😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • $9000000000

  • These pawners never heard of youtube

  • Roses are red violets are blue I just got click bated so did u

  • i feel disgusted that i even gave you 1 second of watch time of course its not going to be real diamond

  • Nice diamond beauty diamond

  • Imagine how much money pewdiepies first diamond play button

  • I subscribe and turned on a bell slapped it booiiiiiiiiiii

  • That’s the reason you don’t buy ice from the mall lmao