I've bought my DREAM CAR!

čas přidán 18. 03. 2023
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I am buying my dream car. In this video I'll reveal what it is, and you can see me spec it up with almost £40,000 of options. However, the spec isn't fully locked in. I will need your advice on the colour scheme so make sure you comment!

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  • Let me know which colour and spec I should go for below. BTW you can find out more about my special driving glasses Transitions Drivewear here:

  • Only right I do a review on it and test the launch like you did with my Urus, see you in 3 months! I assume everyone agrees it’s only fair?

  • I can’t even describe how happy I am for Matt. Well deserved!!!

  • Definitely the python green Weissach with the gold wheels and green stitching and green seat belts. Looks amazing! I'd also recommend Acid Green but that's an expensive option.

  • 100% Go with the Python Green, the colour really pops compared to all the others and I think it'll make it a bit more unique on the road as a lot of poeple will be going for the other colour options, it's a bit like Matt Armstrong with the Purple GT3 he just started rebuilding.

  • The green with carbon looks mind blowing, it's definitely an eye catcher. So happy for you Mat.

  • Most of us have been watching Mat for many years now, shows how passion and effort and attitude really do make dreams become reality. He's become the face of carwow, whenever we hear carwow we don't think ceo or chairman or founder, we think of Mat. Very well deserved, and best spec for me would be green weissach package

  • So Happy for you Mat! Can't wait for the new videos!

  • i think you should definitely go for the green, GT silver is too common and the interior of the python green is so nice

  • I'm absolutely sure you'd enjoy the Weissach pack more, and you know it. Go with the dream spec and have no regrets. Congrats Mat!!

  • He deserves it, we’re all proud and happy for you Matt!

  • The VISA pack goes extremely well with the python green theme, along with the carbon stitching inside, combined with the light green touches….truly a masterpiece Mat, you deserve it! (The other two color schemes seem too classy for such a special car and such a special moment in your life!)

  • A month late to the party, but I'd have to go Weissach & Python Green - ticking absolutely every option.

  • definately the GT silver with gold wheels and black accents. Honestly tho, I kinda was digging the black calipers vs yellow. Otherwise nothing ties inside or outside to that yellow. Congrats either way, first video I’ve watched of yours and it was great, looking forward to seeing what you choose!

  • I personally love the ice grey metallic with the python red, although all of them look sick it's hard to decide. Either way, congrats on making it this far 👏

  • You deserve this! You are an example of a professional and a very polite lad! Cheers, Matt!

  • Congrats Matt, couldn't be happier for you mate, you absolutely deserve to treat yourself!

  • Let's go Mat! So deserved! Personally I would choose the green colorway as I feel that the GT3 RS is a car made to stand out and look fierce. Not only is it a statement when driving it, but so should its looks be aswell. The other 2 colourways look too similar to other Porsches.

  • Mat im so happy for you after all this hard work for years u can get for yourself this types of cars. i think u should go with the green!!! its such a classic good color for porsche and it will be even more beautiful as the years go by

  • Woow!!! What a car 😍 I’ll be watching very closely when that’s on track 😅