"I Want to Rage" | GG's 0-100 Moments | Shahs of Sunset

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Relive all the times GG decided to go from 0-100!
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Reza finds himself at a crossroad in his personal life when he discovers that he and his husband Adam might not be on the same page about a major life decision. To add to this, as rumors questioning the stability of their relationship begin to swirl, Reza is shocked to find that his best friend of 30 years might be the one to blame for the hearsay and his journey to uncover the truth changes everything.
After nearly losing her life delivering her baby boy, Shams, Mercedes is left feeling abandoned by her friends who she claims did not visit her in the hospital. When the offended Reza decides to air his grievances on social media and takes it too far, Mercedes’ husband Tommy does the unthinkable.
Mike is on top of the world and convinced that he’s found “the one” in his Persian-Jewish girlfriend, Paulina. Looking to prove to his family that his former bad-boy ways are behind him, he pursues a potential multi-million-dollar real estate deal solo despite his parents’ reluctance to step back.
A more mature Golnesa is finally ready to transition into the next phase of her life, and she embarks on a journey to become a mother via IVF. When a health complication threatens to derail her dream, she attempts to manifest good karma with those around her - but it proves difficult as she continues to clash with Mercedes.
On the surface, Destiney is thriving in every aspect of her life: a growing business, healthy personal life and solid plans for her future. As she struggles to cope with her mother and sister moving out-of-state, she finds herself embroiled in a series of questionable circumstances that threaten her friendships within the group.
Newly-single Nema is ready to mingle but finds it difficult to let go of his past with former girlfriend - and current colleague - Erica. While his relationship with his parents remains an ongoing struggle, Nema attempts to help Reza and MJ confront their issues and inadvertently causes a rift of his own.
Reza’s friend Sara is new to the group and though she attempts stay above the fray, she struggles to find her footing amongst the rambunctious crew. When skeletons from her past and issues with her family come to light, the poised image she tries so hard to maintain starts to crack.
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  • She’s just an animal. A disgusting animal. Her child can’t be normal with a mom like this

  • GG is the spark that keeps this show lit.

  • I kinda love her I love crazy bitchs

  • This show is the best on bravo

  • She always went off near one of the guys so they could crab her and she would still look touch. What a loser gg is lol

  • Ewwww what a nasty woman

  • I feel bad for Jessica she was a good wife and Mike was terrible to her! So glad she now has a sweet baby boy!! I’m wondering about this girlfriend, how long before he cheats on her.

  • The only two sane women here are Jessica and ASA, all the rest like MJ and Lilly love pushing GG's buttons and then act all innocent. GG is hot headed but she is real. The others are fake. It gives me goose bumps thinking about the patience that Jessica has when GG's fighting with Mike, she could suspect that GG is right and Mike could potentially be cheating on her, but not a word. Props to you girl.

  • Thank you so much for posting this. In my quarantine, I can keep re-watching this. It's fun but I'd also say that if you have any form of intellect and you see this world, then it is absolutely normal to rage. Of course, if you're cunning and two faced, then you won't be raged ever no matter what one does to you.

  • Tell GG come see me, I feel like I could ‘slap’ her drama back into her.

  • I loveeeee GG. They do fck with her and get mad when she pops off.

  • I want her to get beat up sooooo bad

  • Why does the first part remind me of rush hour two

  • GG looks like a meth addict

  • A toothpick with a wig on lmao 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Another delusional delusional group of idiots ffs they boring asf....

  • But I love GG though.

  • She’s bipolar

  • GG bought boobs now.

  • Lol this show all them dude is pretty boys /fruit cake...lololol

  • This guy mike is a looser...busing a woman like he one...grown up steroid boy...

  • GG needs a reality check with people who are actually from the “hood”. She has been listening to too many rap songs and forgot she is from Bev Hills lolz

  • Low key MJ do be trying to stop GG sometime

  • Hurt people want to hurt people. It is obvious that GG was probably compared to all her life/bullied and now the history bleeds into adulthood.

  • Always selling wolf tickets one day someone is going to buy them

  • lmfaooo i LOVE glonessa

  • Bring it on I'd like to knock her out

  • better known as "lochnesa"

  • That woman is loca, always acting crazy, what in the world us wrong with her, Gigi to me seems to have a mental disorders

  • I actually love GG she makes me laugh and if I could have any celebrity hair client it would be her.

  • GG has issues and for what your life was basically perfect wtf do you have to be so angry for just because your parents enable you and spoil you DOESN’T mean everyone needs to sorry honey grow up.... I like her I think she’s gorgeous but the inside is awful

  • Gigi the loose cannon always bragging about being Persian but the way she behaves doesnt look good for her nationality and culture.

  • Imagine her vs the New York Housewives

  • GG is very relatable to me I just don't spazz out as often

  • What a trashy chihuahua

  • I would watch this show if it weren’t for the women. Just too much....

  • Lela sucks! She acts so snooty.

  • Lol Reza Return the dress.

  • I absolutely love you GG. My kind of girl!!!

    • Raqui M and I live for it

    • T Smith drunk and disorderly

  • Lol shes my rage side.

  • I think we all know Asa would have rocked Gigi.

  • She absolutely cannot fight lol

  • Shervyn we miss you. Take Destiny and Nema off the show. ASA the voice of reason.

  • One day GG will have to face the music for her behavior.

  • Gg is the wrost .

  • I miss Asa

  • yikes i feel bad the persians are being represented like this.

  • An embarrassment

  • Your Iranian!!!!Persia hasn't bin a empire in 100s of years !!

  • Lol I just found out that there is a reality show about persians in LA and I‘m so here for that Greetings from Germany🇩🇪❤️🇺🇸

  • I don’t find toothpick with a wig on insulting at all. I would’ve said thank you. 😉

    • Becky Meza toothpicks are easy to break 😐

  • I just Love GG 😝 that’s my bish!!

  • GG jumps when it's a bunch of people to hold her back. She ain't gon do nothing.

  • Who has an all white party and serves Red Velvet cake? You’re just asking for MF trouble.

  • Saintamonica BLVD and work the strip homegirl said your not a nice woman 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Wa wa WACK!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Look what money does to ppls maturity levels.. Smdh... They are all old enough to know better yet act like elementary students... They look stupid

  • I like her she is one of my favorites on the show. The show would be boring without her. She spices up the the show. Sometimes they do pick on her and then they get mad when she stands up for herself. She is great for TV rather she can fight or not.

  • She’s just insane

  • Go back to India GG. Grow up.

  • I miss Jessica. Homegirl got Mike to hush quick

  • This girls needs someone to smack the living shit out of her. Maybe then she’ll humble herself a little bit

  • Wack with a capital W 😂

  • She wouldn’t last in RHOA

  • At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="370">6:10</a> I heard someone yell “ *LETS GET THIS ON CAMERA* “

  • Park this idiot in the nearest trailer park.

  • I hope this baby will help her find calmness and peace.

  • Does GG watch herself on tv? Classless!

  • “Wha wha whack...” 😂

  • All the guys act like women and all the women act like men

  • I love GG


  • IDC.... I love GG, she's my fav. What's weird to me is that everyone likes "poke the bear" & get her riled up, ...and when she finally reacts & snaps, she's the crazy bad one?? Lmao... I don't get that. If u know she gon' get crazy, dont fuck wit her or get her started. Age dont mean shit.

  • GG is a bully , one day you will meet her match

  • Kinda of gross.

  • GG is absolute trash.

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="155">2:35</a> lmao That moment of silence 💀💀💀

  • ASA would have whipped GG's butt. ASA just stood unbothered there while G.G pulled her earrings & acted like a fool. "Toothpick with a wig on" had me floored. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • GG remained me of 1980’s Lower East Side NYC🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ AVE D 😂 I still love her Anyway

  • lmaoooo this is so embarrassing to watch and she's pregnant right now I hope and pray she grows as a woman because if not poor baby