čas přidán 3. 11. 2021
You got my attention buddy! 👌


  • It's terrifying knowing there are drivers like these out there, like the person that spent three minutes backing out of a parking spot, like WTF?

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  • The door fight one is hilarious! The 217 point turn in the snow was painful to watch.

  • If I were in the crew pouring concrete, I'd make Mr. Moped fix his track. What a jerk.

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  • I felt bad for the person living there for having two crashes within four days. Second, the last clip, the driver is clear on their phone as you could clearly see the phone in hand. 😂🤣🤣😅

  • 4 days later... 😂😂 I never laughed so much for so long!

  • The wheelbarrow at

  • 9:23

  • We have ice driving tests here in Sweden that you have to pass before you can get your license.

  • Did that wheel loader actually roll-start in the first clip? The way it lurched, and then continued forward at a consistent speed made it seem like it was driving under its own power.

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  • Scary to think these people are on the road.

  • In the military they always told us to leave the diesel trucks in neutral when parked otherwise if they got hit they might start. While accepting that abstractly, I never really believed one would be ready enough to start that it would just fire up at a tap like that. Having seen this first clip, I have become a believer. I apologize Sgt Davidson, wherever you are.

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  • Door battle was so funny!

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