If Dogs Acted Like People - Funny Ways to Sneak PETS at SCHOOL | Relatable Situations by La La Life

čas přidán 19. 08. 2021
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You love your DOG very much and don`t want to part with it for a second🐶 But what if pets are not allowed at school?😏 How to hide a friend from a TEACHER and PRINCIPAL?😅 What happens if the dog is still noticed? And will your pet help you get to know your CRUSH💔 better? Find out about it in our new video!

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00:00 Just a Dream
00:33 Dogs
00:57 Sneak Pets
01:27 School
02:08 Prank
03:04 Ooooops!
04:36 Crush
05:03 Principal
05:31 FOOD
06:32 Detention
07:45 Song
08:28 Keys
09:24 Dogs VS Cats
10:18 Shower
11:04 Morning
12:38 Dog FOOD
13:44 Surprise
14:53 MOM
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