If I Run Faster Than KSI, I Win $20,000

čas přidán 11. 07. 2020
Can I run faster than KSI in 1 month?
SHOES, COMING SOON - instagram.com/notwoways
Special thanks to these lot, without them i wouldn't have been able to do it.
Ben (pacemaker) - instagram.com/bennotbenjaming/
Joe (personal trainer) - instagram.com/thetalltrainer/
Adam Gemili - instagram.com/adamgemili/


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If you see this comment saying ' SHOES SHOES SHOES '

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  • This guy is an alpha male

  • That gb athlete is the best hype man

  • Its not often u see a youtuber work for his money. But hot damn, that took guts.

  • You are really amazing Cal!!!!

  • Bruh this guy brace to be in a London park at night

  • 20:40 speaking straight facts. Let others do as they do; you focus on what needs to be done 👏🏾

  • Damn this click bait bro what happen to 20 k

  • Everyone's talking about the pacemaker and other people who helped him along the journey. That's true, those guys deserve a lot of credit, but so does KSI. Without him this whole thing might have not happened. Some people need someone to shit on them, it's what gives them motivation, what makes them stronger.

  • The thing is KSI thinks he his actually unbeateable so when he gets beat he cant even believe it 😂😂

  • My father got 15 minutes and 47 sec

  • Wait only 22:29? I’m 13 and I can do a 21:05

  • Ok CS-tv I'll finally watched it, u happy now 🥴

  • What a fucking INCREDIBLE coach his pacemaker is- he’s a legend and I love him

  • Mate, you just earned my sub with this vid! Great effort💪🏻 Congratulations🎉

  • His pacemaker is such a fuckin g! MAD respect he’s such a good guy no lies🔥❤️❤️



  • Made me cry xx

  • Is 19:30 for a 5k good for a 13 year old

  • I don’t know why you wore black trackies but well done anyway!

  • This is such a good video

  • Why is this like a mike Boyd video

  • Well done bro you smashed it

  • I was running 5 km in 25 minutes when I was 7

    • Damn that's crazy bro But did I ask?

  • 29:46 Everyone realizing CS-tv has to make CS-tv Rewind for 2020

  • Anyone here from "Curb your bet" meme?

  • we all know JJ cant run a sub 6 minute kilometre

  • 10K not 20K?

  • This Peacemaker guy is a fucking G, what a legend. I was getting goosebumps watching it

  • tbh, I thought this would be some dumb video, but I enjoyed every minute of it. It was quite a banger. Great tension through the whole video

  • What was the app called

    • Ziyad Patel Strava

  • Who came here from NEON Man You and me are noob who clicked on Read more and I am biggest noob who wrote this comment.

  • Ben the pacemaker was truly the hero!!

  • This was kinda very emotional, good job cal!!

  • Tell me why I cried

  • I'm just wondering why he fell at the end instead of walking around.

  • Pacemaker aka Mr Fenerbahce killed it. Highly motivating and great person to push you

  • hey

  • Lol I did 36 in kindergarten

  • ''fuck this town'' Me: i live there :(

  • Mad respect

  • I expected a jokes vid but it was so serious lol

  • yo... why did it cut right after he asked about the drugs?

  • 1-11 36mins for 5k that sounds amazing 5-25 bruh you can die if you maintain max heartrate for long period oof 27-46 hahahhaa man didnt know 30-20 lmfaooo Also pacemaker guys a true G

  • what a banger of a video

  • Well done lad

  • well done CAL you should be so proud of yourself brother that takes some bollocks and the end was good bants too :D

  • What were his shoes called

  • What was the name of his shoes, would like to start running

  • I still cant understand why did he wrote 20 bags

  • Big fan

  • My record is 21:32, I worked hard and was happy with it but I never knew it was such a strong tim until I watched this video

  • Was this by any chance box hill he did this on

  • My man got baited real hard

  • i want Lux to cover the songs Gentlemen by SL he literally sounds like the person rapping it like this so he sees please

  • Ight let's check how many monthly listeners he has

  • W

  • jjs fat u beat him any day 😂

  • Why's it say 20k when it's 10k ???????

  • man ran faster than jj in sweat pants

  • JJ’s face after realization that Callux beat him😂

  • FENERBAHCE 19:40

  • 25:48 You’re welcome

  • Really tried beating JJ’s record in jeans


  • its fake

  • What was the name of the song at the end?

  • I got respect for him but he did not beat JJ time at all 😂😂😂

  • So man's decided that doing the actual run that was planned wouldn't work out for him, understandable

  • jj raving about his 22 minute time is so funny for some reason

  • Amazing video

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  • imagine the shin splints this man got

  • Is this sam sadlers uglier brother

  • outro song??

  • im so proud of you man. so much hard work and desperation. mad respect to u and your pacemaker

  • Mate I know it's a old vib but I ran 5 km in 17 minutes and I was 14 and now I em 15 I ran another van I 16 minutes

  • Cal: I BEAT YOUR TIME!! JJ: well... uh... have you seen my monthly listeners

  • does anyone know what watch he is using

  • could anyone tell me the song at the end?

  • Bare respect for you Cal bro ❤️

  • WTF is that TN

  • The fact that Callux was literally outside my house for his work out days makes me mad😭😭😭

  • Anyone else a runner and cringes when they see him wearing next % going 7 min k pace

  • Funniest part is the coach asking "where are you going to find 3 miles of downhill road?"

  • This gave me motivation. Thank you Callux!

  • The fact ksi is flexing a 22:29 5k like it’s world class😂

  • F

  • I genuinely cried watching this and felt to emotional- what an achievement

  • Is that a Toyota Corona at 23:36?

  • that bell at the end gave cal some flash backs to his cancer days

  • Soo your a piss pot

  • That's 3 minutes from my house I recognised box hill and then saw him by dembies and was like oh mad

  • Best video of 2020. FACTS.

  • did you consider your breathing, I don't think you were breathing right that's why your heart rate was so high

  • This video is ao good. Ive been getting fit recently and this has inspired me to push myself more and set some challenges. Nice one 👌

  • I’m confident I could do it

  • For once JJ loses (sorry if i spoiled it for u :[ )

  • JJ: what’s his monthly listeners

  • Cal had an advantage going into this, he's more aero dynamic, jjs has the air resistance hitting his body making him slower, whilst Cal has a hole in his chest which the air passes through