If NERF Fights Had Zombies

čas přidán 15. 12. 2022
Nerf battle in real life 😎 What's your favorite Nerf blaster and are there Nerf Mods you'd like to see us do? Comment below!

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  • We hope you like the video! Comment if there’s a Nerf video you’d like to see us do 😁

    • i'd like to see a new water bottles of water bottles were like battle Royale 4

    • ​@Th0m4s575 Me too!

    • Can you do a nerf hunger games. That would be sick.

    • I think you should do a play park and a barn need war

    • Roblox nerf war

  • Let's just take our time to appreciate how well made this is, and the hard work they put into this. I loved it so much!

    • Lol

    • There the real one I found a bot who stole yours lol

    • i also love it

    • I can’t see what the hell is going on. I don’t know what to do that Adam BOWIE Endo bowl ha halssownhhudhg

    • SUQHFRB🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉😂😂😂🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉😂😂😂😂😮

  • I literally love how this channel does anything to entertain us. For something this channel is just satisfying, relaxing and comforting.

  • Just the time and effort you guys put into this is amazing! Great works guys and keep it up.

  • 2:00 Justin & Josiah 2:38 Zoe 3:15 Robin 4:37 Britney 6:33 Micah 8:21 Mary 9:24 Judah 11:21 Daniel 11:27 Shiloh 11:52 Michelle

    • What is the point of this anyway

    • why do you waste your time on doing this? do you anything else to do? instead of this? When I get bored stare at a wall

  • My favorite thing about this channel; they can go from serious to hilarious in an instant

    • @Jeray Koo yes thanks for the reminder

    • @User w forgot about 6:06?

    • Yes!😂😂😂

    • Yep yeah that’s true

    • Bos

  • My favourite scenes: 0:46 I really like that they used halo in the video :D 2:01 Not that kind of zombie 😂😂 5:00 IS THAT A TENNIS BALL!? 6:03 I just really have to poop 😂 6:39 FETCH ME THEIR SOULS! That was too much lol 10:15 to 11:52 Really like the music used for the scene 12:58 I like the way that a lot of people convince Josiah to trust them by saying that he is strong, handsome and they like his suit

    • The music's name is rise up now

    • @Dragnoss Soleil

    • @Ink Bendy who’s it by

    • ​​​​​​​​​@xanthus_ye And the music they used at 2:22 is "Break Me Down by Catiso" And 6:13 is "Everything We Had by Greard Franklin" 8:58 is "Age of Men by Jo Wandrini" 9:34 is "Destiny Rising by FormantX and 5:38 is "Sumo by STRLGHT"

    • @xanthus_ye you're welcome! Edit: i used Shazam that's why i know most of the music they use

  • This is a nice blend of action, drama, and humor! Thanks for sharing this with us! I've never had a chance to take part in a Nerf battle, but you guys make it look incredibly fun.

    • Can we please have a Brawl Stars Irl vid??

    • Omg hi Shiloh and bros thank you so much for making these videos for us and spending your free time to make us happy! 😊 loved the video!

  • 5:05 I literally laughed so much.. This channel never disappoints us

  • Their channel always has me cracking up and smiling😂😁

  • 9:13 I love Judah’s sacrifice and the reference to a movie😂

  • I’m so happy that they finally made a video with everyone in the group!

  • I love when Shiloh used the go to sleep line from Avengers age of Ultron.

  • 5:07 Micah just took Joe’s ability to have kids😂

  • I’ve always loved your videos. Keep making wholesome, funny content!🎉🎉 Edit: Ty for 18 likes!

  • This was awesome! Just when i thought it would follow typical story lines, you guys surprised me with greats twists and turns! What a great story line, great acting, great camera and effect work.. this was better then any movie ive seen in the past 5 years. Well done team.

  • Can we just appreciate how absolutely excellent Josiah played his role?? Great performance from all of you as always!!

  • I remember watching their videos in the lockdown and they really really make me laugh 😂

  • judah never fails to make me laugh

  • 1:53 Justin and Josiah 2:36 Zoe 3:14 Robin 3:32 Cole 4:37 Britney 6:32 Micah 8:19 Mary 9:23 Judah 9:53 Ivy 11:21 Daniel 11:26 Shiloh 11:51 Michelle (Alpha)

  • I remember when my cousin introduced me to this channel ( now I watch it every day :) I love all your videos ❤

  • This video was so awesome. The music, Judah's sacrifice, the twist at the end; it was a masterpiece. Earned a sub from me.

  • “Almost heaven.” -Judah,2022

  • HUGE respect to Shiloh and Bros

  • 10:40 is no one going to mention how it says stay off the wall but Elijah just watches his friends die from the wall

  • 0:00 Intro 0:16 Judah stepping away from Britney 0:40 Judah choosing all of the Nerf weapons 1:09 Melee weapon additions 1:24 Judah scared 1:41 Alpha revealed 2:02 Not the kind of zombies 2:12 Which kind of zombies? 2:28 Zoe taking too long 2:44 Apparently we had different plans 2:59 Robin’s brilliant idea 3:23 Cole pretending to be dead 3:45 Judah zoned out 3:56 Mary believing to be in the invisible wall 4:20 Britney on top 4:40 Daniel zip lining 5:00 Tennis ball 5:23 Oh yeah 5:38 The real game has started 6:30 Micah infected 6:38 Michelle’s change of voice 6:53 Out of ammo 7:03 Cole caught a grenade 7:19 Daniel marking amount of zombies down 7:38 Micah bribing Elijah 8:15 Mary infected and thought she lost her legs 8:43 Kingsman 2 reference 9:27 Nice shot (failed) 9:51 Where’s Ivy? 10:03 Ultimate moment 10:35 Elijah and Daniel breaking in 11:04 Daniel attempting to throw the gun to Elijah until Daniel and Shiloh got infected 11:36 Elijah’s final weapon 11:52 The REAL fight 12:47 Victory

  • This is such an amazing video I really wish this will be in Netflix and called this "infected game" or something but I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!❤

  • wow, i could just imagine the time it would of taken to film this let alone edit it! It's just a masterpeice.

  • When I saw Judah step away from Brittany I broke down laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • J

    • Yeah, and then also, if you look at it again, he got closer to the alpha

  • I love your videos so muchhh Literally just randomly remembered that i used to watch u I remember when u had 600k subscribers Now you've come so far You deserve all of it, your content is definitely the best and most entertaining

  • Josiah is the real goat for taking a tennis ball to the nuts and doing all he could to make the infected win and not to mention him not being a simp at the end. Perfection.

  • Thanks for the laugh. Had a blah type of week! Judah never fails to make me laugh hard, I'm sure my neighbors hate me 😂

    • He is funny🤣

    • You’re so right 😂😂

    • @Animation Creation or a video of him following Brittany around saying “red is sus” to everything she does. 😂😂😂

    • @Cedar and Sage Or even better, a video with 1 Imposter and that imp is Judah and he Wins because everyone is also the Engineer role so it would be WILD!!! LOL

    • @Animation Creation I think I'd be extremely entertained if he had a whole video of himself. bahahaha

  • 8:42 the acting here is AMAZING the terror in Judah's face and the shaky sadness in his voice MASTERPIECE


  • I actually thought that the zombies would win, but then Elijah came in with the nerf-made axe. I totally forgot that he had that😄. Like I said, Elijah is my favorite character in the series.

  • I like how Juda is using the overpowered blaster

  • Yo the last zombie recovering montage was ssly amazing!!! Especially the elijah josiah Climax 😎😎.. Well done all of You Guys !!!

  • My favorite part of this video is when Judah is just screaming and laughing while fighting the infected

  • This is probably one of the best videos ive ever seen. Keep it up!

  • A masterpiece, truly brilliant

  • 2:00 Justin and Josiah 2:38 Zoe 3:15 Robin 3:33 Cole 4:37 Brittney 6:33 Micah 8:21 Mary 9:24 Judah 9:56 Ivy 11:21 Daniel 11:27 Shiloh 11:52 Michelle Survivors: Elijah

    • Elijah is the only one who didn’t get infected

    • Nice

  • Juda always has the emotional moment I love it

  • 'i will pay you 20 dollars to open that door' IMAO Micah isnt even acting like a zombie🤣🤣

  • This has to be the most action packed video you guys have made! I can't believe you managed to pull of some of those angle shots and stunts in this one, amazing! I especially liked how Elijah took out the Alpha Zombie in style, and rose up to be the hero of this undead war! Thanks again for bringing such fun to out days, keep it up!

  • 9:49 this was my favourite part😂😂😂

  • I can't wait for Shiloh and bros new video!!! You guys have amazing content!!!

  • The fact that Judah and everyone was so dramatic when Judah had to make a distraction and it’s funny how it was a rubber chicken when taken so seriously Edit: this is the most likes I’ve ever gotten/ I’ve only gotten 1 which is me every comment but I finally got more 😁

  • Can we just say that Elijah and Shiloh win like every single match of among us😂

    • Elijah won 2/9 matches of if everything was like among us

  • I really like it when they walk in slow motion it honestly looks cool😎

  • The amount of time and effort y’all put into these videos is amazing! It’s so well done, and I was on the edge of my seat to see how it would end. Continue to make fantastic content, my friends. I’ll be here to watch.


    • U ain't getting pinned/hearted

    • Bro trying to get hearted 💀

  • I don't know how but your content always puts a smile on my face 😄🙂

  • Nice. I like it how much effort they put to make this video. I loved it!

  • The fact that Judah got hit in the nuts😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I can’t stop laughing 😂

  • Here's an idea for Neslon boys, a non-scripted nerf war with a loadout limit of one close-range blaster, one mid-ranged, one long- ranged, one melee (can be swoaped for a short-ranged if prafered), and three consumables (nerfnades, traps, ect.). Please do this, I would love it, and it would satisfy my craving for nerf wars.I love this video, and please make more nerf content!

  • Your friends are always make me laugh 😂

  • We all know the grudge of Britney and Judah will never end 😂

  • 3:00 Robin’s part was definitely my favorite 😂

  • Shiloh and bros can never disappoint us

  • We love Judah because he is so funny we love him🥰

  • I love your videos, please keep doing what you do best!😍

  • judah has grown up so much from saying RED IS SUS to saving everyone

  • Their videos just keep getting better and better each time they post another one.

  • And Micah's face when he first turn into a zombie looks pretty funny.

  • Could you please make some more content like this(nerf) it’s really good, btw great vid!

  • This is like an action movie! Actually pretty nice. If there wasn't comedy scenes, it would be a full-on action movie! But I do think the comedy makes it better, pretty nice video.

  • More please!! I've watched every video your channel has made! I love them so much!!

  • I love how they have a halo and flood reference

  • Finally another infection zombie mode who else wants part 2? 👇🏼

  • This is like one of the best videos they’ve made

  • Judah’s last speech brings a tear to my eye😢

  • Who Is Infected: Who Is Defeated: Who Wins: 1:54 Josiah & Justin 11:52 Michelle Shiloh/ Elijah/ Micah 2:37 Zoe Mary/ Zoe/ Robin 3:14 Robin Josiah/ Justin/ Judah 3:32 Cole Brittany/ Cole/ Ivy/ Daniel 4:37 Brittany 6:32 Micah 8:20 Mary 9:23 Judah 9:54 Ivy 11:21 Daniel 11:27 Shiloh

  • I love what it said “the alpha has been taking down the infected another vulnerable” Elijah’s face was just “this! is! Sparta!!!!” Also the fright Scene between Elijah and the undead was amazing.

  • Micah and judah are always the funniest

  • Shiloh and Bros are probably one of the best CS-tvrs on CS-tv right now they never fail to keep us entertained

  • Idea: Same premise but with different types (literally just the special infected from l4d) Smoker (grabs people in with a frail grapple or "tongue") Hordes (a ton of base zombies) Charger (fast zombie that pins you down for the sacrifice of a left arm) Tank (extremely powerful zombie that walks on their legs and knuckles that can lob big objects and destroy with one punch) Witch (stationary zombie that needs to be triggered before targeting, downs in one hit and continues to hit until target is destroyed, crying is optional) Jockey (small zombie that jumps on to peoples backs and controls them) Hunter (medium sized zombie that leaps and pins people down, clawing at them until they die) Spitter (makes an AoE that deals immense amounts of damage) Boomer (fat zombie that can vomit on someone to call a horde, extremely low health but can explode on people to give same effect as vomit)

    • this is just a wall of ideas make certain guns deal more damage to special infected (shotguns is more up close damage, minigun is low damage but very fast RoF. Sniper is insta kill except for tank hits when pointed at the head.)

    • + players can collect boomer "bile" to call a horde to attract base zombies to said location

  • Please turn this into a mini movie I really want to see this! Or at least a part 2!

  • I love the vids you guys make great videos good work ❤

  • Congrats Elijah you survived for the whole video duration

  • The funniest part in my opinion is when Judah said "wesvejeniah" before dying 🤣

  • This is one of my favourite videos as I just got super addicted to zombie apocalypse type of videos. Keep the great work up Shiloh!❤️

  • I love it when Micha hits Josiah with the tennis ball

  • This is amazing, you’ve inspired me a lot.

  • This always Mack me happy when I’m in a bad mood

  • I love when Elijah is the one to save the day

  • You guys are the best! I really love your videos. You guys are one of my favourite CS-tvrs!

  • Can we just appreciate how shiloh and everyone else make video's that are funny, comedic, action-packed, INSANELY entertaining, and very dramatic all at the same time?

    • I’ve been there a lot of times urban air

    • yeah

    • I watch their videos from 🇫🇷 with my brother they are so cool 😎🤩

    • That's true

    • honestly, these guys are absolute legends. the jokes and the action never get old and never will

  • 9:12 what a great cinematic moment, my dude sacrificing himself for the mission

  • The fact that Shiloh was carrying a speaker made me die laughing🤣🤣🤣

  • Imagine if they would use the shibidi bop bop song to lure all the zombies toward them😂😂😂

  • I’m loving this channel🎃

  • The video was amazing that I wish the same lines were in a WHOLE movie and the videos NEVER disappointed me or basically anyone And at 12:02 The smirk on Eli/Elijah made me had the moment of the avengers endgame when cap had thors hammer. And the music was AMAZING GREAT wish I knew the music was.

  • From 5:33 to 5:40 Judah was having the time of his life😂!

    • That scene made me laugh so hard bro brought the big guns to the fight 🤣

  • I’m back to watching these after 2 years 😂🎉

  • Guys let’s prieciate how much they have tried you are rocking this ! 🎉

  • Judah going God mode: 5:33

  • Man I love these videos! Juda is my favourite!!

  • That looks fun 😃 4:39

  • Judah being the NVP of the scene 5:33-5:37

  • A great video!!! Could you at some point make doors in real life?

  • The video makes my mega happy😊😊😊 i love the videos big respect❤❤❤