If Steve Jobs Built a Honda Prelude | Bumper 2 Bumper

čas přidán 16. 07. 2019
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The Honda Prelude usually does not come to mind when you think of an EPIC car build, but Big Mike used this Prelude as a canvas for his vision of THE perfect Honda Prelude … We’re talking Steve Jobs would be proud of this build. We are going fully one-off custom front bumper to asymmetrically perfect rear bumper.
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  • What’s your favorite car that never got the recognition it deserved? 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Nice build, but how much did it cost?

  • BABY FEET @11:15

  • Trailblazer SS

  • If only it were a third gen...

  • My spare tire is centered in the trunk. Big Mike is full of 💩

  • im not a big fan of honda but when i see that car...oh boy

  • The only thing I woulda changed is the taillights

  • Music?

  • What are the headlights called

  • If steve jobs built a car it would be way overpriced and have no good features

  • not related with neither steve jobs or apple #clickbait

  • This guy probably voted for Hilary.

  • I hate how he talks in third person

  • This thing is baddddd af

  • If Steve Jobs had his Chinese child slaves build him a car. *

  • They should fucking add this car to NFS

  • If Steve jobs made a car, it would explode of overheating and have no exhaust.

  • Can Big Mike be my Dad

  • the taillights look like the ek civic hatchback's taillights

  • F20B😎

  • The music choice is awesome

  • Imagine putting this much time into a project car for it to just look like this lmao.. 🤢

  • Put this on Gran Turismo Sport 😎 Please 🏎🤗💨💨💨💨💨

  • It looks great and all but....4:52 am I tripping? It looks like it's tilted even farther back than normal....

  • Oh, Mein Gosh! I need this build. I love my prelude, but I want it to go so much faster.

  • So it does have windows...

  • Is it ios too?

  • If Steve Jobs built a car, you Will be only be able to put gas at apple's authorize gas stations. Ps. You have to bring ur own apple exclusive hose to pump gas 🤣🤣

  • My dad has an older 88 4ws prelude that was a blast to drive, ever since I was exposed to them they kinda took a soft part of me. This is great to see

  • I wish someone would hook up my 5th gen like that.

  • Just found your channel, nee subscriber now , great content 👍

  • This reminds me of a themed pc build

  • so its overpriced

  • It would be a disaster. It would be so micromanaged by him that you wouldn't even be able to open the hood yourself to check the oil. It would be ridiculously expensive and would not even be a Honda anymore. Apple and Honda are like the complete opposite when it comes to everything they do.

  • That god damn “if” I though my boy Steve was a Jdm boy

  • “Smells like High School...” 😂😂😂

  • No, it would look like a apple driver less car, and a civic put together

  • If apple made a car would it have an aux port, and would the screen run on iPad os

  • The car looks f👀king clean!