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  • Do you talk with a weird voice on purpose? Or is that an accent? Because sometimes your voice sounds very American, and other times it sounds like you're doing a funny voice on purpose for some reason.

  • Amy broke Netflix. They literally changed the whole rating system just for her and her stank ass.

  • watching the ellen clip hurt

  • Name the Jew.

  • "sorry, I was just busy laughing at Amy's jokes"....

  • Never thought that some kid screaming at video games and a web cam would be pretty level headed and down to earth. Amy Schumar suuuuuuuuuucks

  • I’m a new subscriber, it’s amazing that someone with such a large audience is covering this bullshit.

  • 9:44 "Saudi Arabia" *shows Swedish flag* 10/10


  • “Sensible person” is the end of the title

  • Amy Schumer is humorless. If anything she embarrasses women.

  • Who tf is that guy you keep showing when you say Dave Chappell, because that's not Dave Chappell

  • My eyes.... :o

  • 8:37 ---- 8:40 i just had to go over that like 10 times, it's simple comedy, but it's so good !

  • Play us some guitar!

  • Why is she still here? I thought she was moving to Spain? Darn it.

  • Idk pewds she kinda funny quirky doe 😜

  • 3:30 "Before she blew up... that's right she really took on a lot of weight in 2014...."

  • Pet female tip of the day: keep them inline or they might start to think they have rights

  • Amy Schumer’s best joke, is that she is a comedian.

  • Ok honestly LOL'd at 8:37

  • She looks forever pregnant/

  • Lily Singh now

  • I understand Amy Schumer. She thinks because she's a woman we have to laugh at her unfunny jokes.

  • Bud light supports equal pay? The equal pay act was in the 60s it’s literally against the law to pay someone less based on race and sex. If you get paid less it’s usually because you worked less hours, not because of sexism

  • Hunter Avallone 🚨

  • A normal human being

  • why does your voice sounds sexier while sick, wtf

  • Where is the whamen merch??We want the whamen merch.The whamen bit is good I want a shirt with it on it

  • Your End Of Evangelion poster just made me love you more. If that were possible...

  • Nobody is laughing now lol :D

  • Hunter you made it

  • He should charge women a higher price than men for his chair. At least Amy could complain without lying. Seriously Pew, make a whamen edition for double the price.

  • That Amy was worth a Video on this Channel... wow...

  • I just lost a lot of respect for Seth Rogen smh

  • I watch PewDiePie's videos to get redpills.

  • Crispy

  • overall YEAH cheers to u felix but 11:46 well feminine items cost more than they should it just be like that - it's why i buy men's razors instead of women's. idk if men's tampon's cost less, haven't looked into it yet, but i have my fingers crossed that their boxes of cotton don't cost $9

  • Nobody is laughing now ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Amy Schumer is human garbage ...

  • I miss PewDiePie's beard and office.

  • She is so unfunny

  • Yuck e VAGINA

  • Amy Scummer.

  • The Dave chappelle and chris rock pics have me dying 😂😂😂

  • People like Amy Schumer seem to think things are worse than they actually are.

  • -Amy Schumer is horrible- I hate wahmen

  • ...normal person

  • i love how when pewds doesnt know what to say he just screams

  • I cringed so hard with everyone of these clips of her

  • Hunter avallone

  • There was a time when Amy was just pretty. Now she’s just pretty fat and ugly.

  • schumer is a whamen just like silvermann. respect them cause they are not funny.

  • Twitch thots have more personality than she does.

  • Hey there's Steven crowder

  • Steven Crowder is literally the best

  • Actually, each stupid pink coloured toiletries costs more than men's care products - razors for example. Just wanted to point that out, but I wouldn't use it as an argument for "Women are victims" like Amy Schumer does...

  • I'm glad pewdiepie shaved the beard and lost the white hair. He looks a lot more professional now. I also like that he got rid of all the flashy and distracting stuff in the background. Good job pewds!

  • Weeeeee whooooo weeee whoooo I’m the gender discrimination police and ur under arrest for not respecting Amy’s vagina. 69 years in prison

  • nope, some stuff does cost more like women-specific products cost more for no reason usually.

  • No one cares about her anymore shes has become irrelevant

  • I know that this is an older video, but women's products are generally more expensive than male intended products. Deoderent is just one example, but we also have to spend hundreds of dollars a year foe feminine hygiene products. Also clothes are more expensive as well.

  • We have our own Amy Schumer in Australia Her name is Hannah Gadsby and she is a man hating egotist who isn't funny but she is being propped up by the hyper leftist media

  • she steals jokes, and she got a pass because shes a woman. plain and simple.

  • 2:58 who else noticed send nudes written above him lol

  • Chris Rock was my favorite president

  • So that's why Crowder hates her so much xD

  • Oh god, that "I've seen some shit" felt palpable. Like, WW 2 veteran levels of thousand yard stare palpable.

  • Amy sounds like a narcissist

  • what is this sick music at the beginning? XD

  • 11,000 cucks disliked this video

  • If you dont like any Schumer you are a .... Rational normal person?

  • Amy Schumer looks like a human miss piggy

  • I hate her because of Netflix stars being gone. HATE

  • are you sick

  • Someone show this video to ||superwoman|| Lilly Singh

  • I used to like being a woman until i heard her jokes

  • That is literally the opposite of humour its anti funny.

  • javla fint

  • spot on

  • I almost fell out of chair at 7:46 when you said chchchchcachachacha

  • Wahmen aren't funny

  • "Hahaha hilarious" god that sarcasm made me die laughing

  • I am level 99 in the Alt-Right and I can confirm that we are definitely meddling with the IRS and we are making male salaries higher than female salaries.

  • Ugly whore

  • Mooooo!

  • I'm so glad I hate Bud Light and it's not something delicious like Honey Brown running this add.

  • These whale feminists are the worse.

  • LMAO this is so true, pewds is so genuine!

  • 9:00 COMMUNISM

  • ....

  • I spy your Evangelion poster

  • I love your $2 Ebay Mic Diffuser. I have the same one.

  • If she moved to saudi arabia, no one would touch her. Its not allowed to hurt insane people in the koran.

    • Yeah, and pork is forbidden.

  • *VAGINA*

  • Personally I really don’t like crude humor. Even though I’m a member of the 9 year old army

  • Viewed more times than the Netflix special

  • Lol pewds women do pay more for clothes shampoo razors underwear lol everything. Cars tho..? Idk what she meant about cars....

  • if female hygiene products cost more than make hygiene products why don't you just buy the male shit oh wait because they're not the same product

  • anyone elses recommended?