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  • I swear she doesn't belong to us women. We are giving her to the aliens.

  • As a Saudi Arabian citizen, we don’t want her here

  • *j o k e*


  • DuckDuckGo ad?

  • she is my hero, she is adopting Male patriarchy concepts, I think... is that good or bad now? idk what's going on ever. I hope we all get along soon.

  • No it’s because we’re bigots

  • Feminism does not equal acting like a victim. True feminism is fighting for the equal rights of both men and women.

  • I didn't know land whales could talk

  • 2017/early 2018 pewdiepie is the best

  • I would never talk about my.....puss-

  • Amy Schumer admitted that she raped a man (she said in like a podcast that she forced her taxi drivers hand into her vagina) which is disgusting and hypocritical since she "supports" the #metoo movement. It's just disgusting and makes me upset

  • No joke pewds said buy my chair it’s 399 and then my internet went down

  • If you're going to steal jokes, the least you can do is steal the funny ones.

  • I'm surprised she even has show 😂

  • Is Amy you ex man?

  • That thumbnail tho 👍

  • 13:19 Is that Steven Crowder?

  • *She is the reason women get paid less* !

  • I shit you not right, Amy Schumer looks like my algebra teacher

  • hmmmmmmm

  • She used to be skinny??

  • i mean i do hate myself and amy schumer so i guess i do hate waaaaaameeeen

  • I thought you was just a Fortnite douche.. Your actually funny as hell #goodvibes

  • 5:15 mrbeast and morgz

  • just wanna say she’s gotten increasingly fatter over her episodes

  • I'm glad I became red-pilled.

  • dat phat sweden is arabia joke ernd you the biggest like. polarn

  • PewDiePie: I can’t fathom someone stealing jokes. Entire fan base: 👏meme👏review. LWIAY.

  • The comments of this video is funnier than her "Jokes"

  • Wtf happens to keanu in the title

  • Will Farrel in the budlight add with Amy is a disgrace!!!


  • Trump is NOT "Alt Right". So normie Pewdz.

  • This is how many times Amy Schumer says vagina 👇🏾

  • I'm level 5 on respekting wamen

  • Seth just lost my respect

  • Which is more ok to say? Donald Trump is not that bad. Or Amy Schumer is not that bad. Like for trump! Comment for Schumer!

  • Soooooo has she moved to Spain yet?

  • Amy Schumer: they don't find me funny, cause they hate women. A girl who hates Amy schumer, who is also a lesbian: *confusion*

  • i thought that the left was crazy just in my country but now i know that's in all the world 😂😂

  • Well I guess people hate me according to Amy.

  • *Pushie*

  • she didnt even move. all those people all talk no walk. kick em all out. including trump. America would be a lot better off

  • she wrote a book and included that she raped an unconscious/intoxicated man. she raped him. a hypocritical disgusting criminal excuse of a person.

  • She BOMBED SO BAD SHE BROKE NETFLIX's SCORING SYSTEM now THAT WAS EPIC! LOL Now this vid mentions this same time I just posted this haha 6:20 Amy Schumer for a women who speaks about Vaginas she is a butthole

  • Then you are A... Live?

  • At least when Felix steals a joke it remains funny

  • Dave Chappell

  • Theres no way someone actually things a whoman pays more for the same products. Please, anyone tell me this was a joke, jajaja so funny... thanks God it was just a punchline not relatable at all with people irl

  • You're not funny either though, most of the time

  • amy, people don't like you because they hate women, they don't like you because you aren't funny.

  • “That’s not a joke” no it’s not Felix no it’s not

  • 8:32 you should get paid less because you are a comedian with those photos

  • I don't know what to write 😊

  • Ya

  • People are afraid to criticise Amy Schumer because she is a Jewish,they are afraid of being accused of Anti-Semitism.

  • She makes me want to change my gender

  • Everybody laughed when Amy said she wanted to be a comedian when she grew up, but nobody's laughing now... Dang, I didnt think they would notice I stole their joke

  • She should be in pornography movies.

    • Imagine hearing her jokes during seX...

    • the porn studio would go bankrupt if they even tried hiring her

  • Amy. We dont want you. - this post was made by women worldwide.

  • Hey I have a funny joke that she wont steal. Why do women have smaller feet than men? So they can stand closer to the sink to wash the dishes. Lol jk she's like the despicable me 1 Gru of joke stealing.

  • 🖐😐 *Ah cha cha cha cha* 👌☺ *Now **_THAT_** is comedic genius.*

  • She aged really bad.

  • When Amy Schumer was growing up and she said she wanted to be a comedian everyone laughed, but no one is laughing now

  • Hmm Amy is a way less funny version of pewdiepie because when pewdiepie was faced with criticism he blamed other people

  • My older sister always preached over this “comedian” I, I don’t see it. She’s not funny. At all...

  • I love her!! I think she is hilarious!!

  • ur editor did another oopsie, that wasn't dave chappelle lmao

  • Halfway through Amy Shumer's joke an ad about meditation came up. First line was "close your eyes" I really needed that

  • I just burped at exactly the same time as pewds. So weird

  • You make a better comedian.

  • Pewds looked rlly mature with his beard

  • Amy Schumer is my Favorite Ms. Piggy Lookalike

  • I saw Hunter Avallone and I'm really surprised lol

  • Just realized hunter avallone is in the intro😂

  • I hate it when wamen use sexism to fight off haters even when the haters don’t disrespect wamen they just don’t like the one specific wamen.

  • Fun fact : *Amy Schumer is said to be pope of progressives*

  • Amy Schumer made 12,000 accounts for CS-tv

  • ....... She’s great❤️

  • If she doesn’t like this video she hates women

  • me: *incoherent inaudible raptor noises* Amy schumer: *HOLD MY BEER*

  • 11:57 As opposed to any other beer, obviously.

  • XD

  • When I look at every comment section I’m wondering why some people don’t be comedians I’ve been laughing so hard I annoyed my family for laughing at a joke for too long.

  • Amy Schumer is trash

  • 0:22 when the joke fails but no one noticed so you just pretend it wasn't a joke

  • im sure most women are ashamed of her. *damn it*

  • Pewdiepie should get a Netflix special

  • that first part of the assumption that she's pretty killed me😂😂😂

  • wait I don’t like Amy, and I’m a women. So do I hate myself? the answer is inevitably yes

  • Amy shummer is awful

  • No one: Literally no one: Amy schumer: muaeh

  • Why are you guys reacting like women are supposed to be funny


  • The most unfunny woman I’ve ever seen help

  • 10:56 "Thats not a joke."

  • That meme at the end was funnier than her whole career hahahah

  • If I was that guy who was getting talked to by Amy, I would’ve roasted her so bad that she would’ve put a restraining order on me, and she would tell everyone to harass me for the rest of my life. And the sad thing is that they would listen to her.

  • I understand her comedy.... she's just not funny.