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  • Excuse me? It's COLORED Knight!

  • I lost it at 5:07

  • Any sales career is more successful than her comedy career

  • M Y V A G I N A

  • One of my favorite actors, Bill Hader, was in Train wreck. In an interview he "accidentally" called her a train wreck. I think the crack was showing a bit.

  • so. much. cringe.

  • She means vegana

  • Hahahaha “Dave Shapel and Chris Rock” hahahahha

  • I have a suspicion that Amy Schumer wakes up a lot and thinks, “Man, what am I?” Like when you wake up and realize you’re not cool for something you think makes you cool, but then she goes on twitter and a bunch of people are praising her and she thinks she’s cool.

  • the best thing about amy schumer is that she said confessed to raping a dude and nobody cares

  • This is more scary than to watch horror movie

  • Pewds I agree with most of this shit but about the unequal pay- its really a thing, its called pink tax. Look it up, there are products for women which are the same and cost more (razors, shampoos etc.)

  • Im a chameleon 🦎🦎🦎🦎🦎

  • Every time I watch Amy Schumar I lose brain cells.

  • Lol his wheel spun the wrong way. Yes that’s all I have to say... and laugh about.

  • Btw, the guy she was trying to show up towards the end is Steven Crowder. He’s basically the opposite of Amy. Where she had a career handed to her despite having limited talent, Crowder has been on the gate keepers shit list pretty much from the word go. He now produces his own daily show through his privately owned business (meaning CS-tv can’t just take away his livelihood) as well as doing live shows and some undercover investigations, one of which ended up assisting in a criminal investigation. And just as Amy seems to have gotten less funny the more recognition she’s given, Steven Crowder seems to get a better sense of humor the more is thrown at him. He’s worth checking out if you don’t already know about him.

  • Pewdiepie posted this

  • When you’re a “comedian,” but actually you’re the joke 🙄🙄🙄

  • "If you're a wamen, get this: This chair costs three ninety nine...dot zeroooooo"

  • I wish everyone was like pewdiepie

  • She’s reached a new level of comedy shes even funnier than lele pons

  • Remember when Amy Schumer looked good? I don't either

  • Do JRE brah

  • Should make more vids like this pewds

  • Amy Schumer is not a comedian, shes a joke

  • Im a wahmen and im homeless...but why arent I making as much as a male CEO. THIS IS REPULSIVE

  • Amy needs the Ranch.

  • now I need to do a "B!tch Vagina" song..(u can use the same music tho, she doesn't deserve her own tunes!!)

  • She is a joke within a joke and does resemble miss piggy but that's an insult to miss piggy she is a washed up has been just like Her uncle Chuckie Schumer.

  • 12:45 is that steven crowder????

  • Im a woman and i hate Amy Schumer


  • I love Pewds for making this video. Thank you.

  • So you are multiclassing as a level 12 white knight and a level 6 wahman respecter, huh? How in the world do you have the level 10 spell “meme review”? It immediately destroys any unfunny thing!

  • alien isolation remastered 1:28

  • bruh ion know who amy schumer is but she lookin kinda fye yuh know im sayin 😂

  • Chuck Schumer has more comic timing than his moronic daughter and that's not a compliment

  • Amy Schumer's best joke is that she thinks she's funny

  • She likes to lie to herself alot

  • Honestly if her uncle wasn't a U.S. Senator she would never have had a chance to make it. That's the saddest part about all of this.

  • Amy Schumer is disgustingly bad. and is the worst. ever.

  • Waaaaamen

  • “Sales? And how’s that working out for you?” better than your career lmao

  • She has lost many things, but somehow not the weight...

    • Also let me say its about time someone finally offered a chair to both men and woman at the same price, because the chair gap is a huge problem we have in the western world. Subbed for being such a shining beacon of equality in these dark, sexist times.

  • Ugh...she’s easily the worst comedian ever.

  • How can you not adore the Pew!

  • 10:37 hol up that boi look like my daddy jeff goldblum

  • She lost weight

  • Amy schumer is the dane cook of female comics

  • dude her shoulder is massive

  • It almost sounds like she's trying to entertain childre- wait...

  • i don’t find amy schumer funny at all and i’m a waman, maybe i don’t respect myself then

  • Ive had panic attacks more enjoyable than Amy Schumar

  • Back when pewdiepie comments weren't plagued with t-series hate

  • Yeeeeeeeesssssssssssee, thank you puwdupuyyyyy for putting hunter avallone in the video's 👌😄

  • She stole Ellen’s joke right in front of her, that takes balls!

  • Team Amy

  • she was kinda hot back in the day, but now shes just fat. She was never funny though

  • Just kill the Wahmen

  • Send her to the ranch Send her to the ranch Send her to the ranch Send her to the ranch Send her to the ranch Send her to the ranch Send her to the ranch Send her to the ranch


  • Petition to send Amy Schumer to Dr. Phil

  • She likes cats?

  • Pewds you nailed it bro ✌️🔥

  • music at 0:50?

  • its me amy

  • This reminds me of when we see old pictures of Lindsay Lohan. What happened to these two lol.

  • As much as I don't like Amy Schumer & how she's not the greatest of role models. There is some truth in the 'Bud Light' advert clip shown with Seth Green. They weren't saying that when a woman buys a general item the price is increased but in certain areas of retail such as hair, skin care & beauty women are charged more & taken advantage of. Here's an example: in the same store a men's Gillette razor costs £5 & the women's Gillette razor which is the exact same in every way apart from the colour (pink) yet it costs £7!

  • Anyone know the name of the guy at 0:54 I can't remember but he seems familiar

  • Who’s allowing this chunky 12 year old little girl say things like this?

  • U no like ramen

  • That’s right, the Alt right!

  • You sound sick are you ok

  • Wait, what does hating women have to do with Amy Schumer?

  • There are two types of feminists, the chill ones who want equality for all genders and know where it’s at, and then there is Amy Schumer.

  • Amy pls don't move to Spain we don't want you here


  • When it comes to comedy, Harley Quinn wins Amy Schumer and she's fictional.

  • Just a small comment, about the whole women paying more for the same stuff, I think that mainly applies to some products labeled "specifically for women" can be up charged like body wash, razors, etc. Carry on cuz I agree she's being too much in other respects

  • it is known your sexist, complexes complexes

  • Pewds looks like younger and handsomer version of Dan harmond

  • Did you guys know that Lele Pons is actually Amy Schumer's younger sister. And SHE IS LATINA!

  • Saudi Arabia...lol

  • Vagina......she must really like Saskatchewan.

  • Her life is joke how could she not notice that.

  • Jewish writers for this tele tubby 12 million jews world wide ,feels more like 120 million there everywhere. They always push an agenda.

  • Amy Schumer could have made a hilarious joke and say that he looks like he manages a strip club but no, she had to gat him kicked out

  • I donno about you but shampoo is just something you can get for £1 in asda and you can use it for a month

  • We need more Dr. Phil...

  • HHHHHMMMMMMM 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 XD lol Love you Pewdiepie!!!

  • I can't stand her so much, I can't even watch videos making fun of her. Her voice alone is enough to make me want to gouge my ears with an icepick.

  • schumer is the first human being to not have an upper lip. literally non existent

  • I’m level two white knight

  • Quite right. I have never found her funny (looks aside...)

  • my biggest problem with amy schumer, is amy schumer

  • But I like Amy Schumer... NOT!

  • Simple thing about comedy.... If it funny u laugh, if not just don't, each people have thier on mouth.... Simple....

  • 12K whamen disliked the video😂😂😂😂

  • 2:55 channeling his inner J Jonah Jameson.

  • She used to be pretty